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2021-11-22 02:00:03


Hey Deedee, Daddy was gone again, this time for three days. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. That left Mommy and me together at home in the evenings. You remember that we know quite well how to have fun by ourselves and also with each other. When she came home from work on Monday night, she had this idea that we ought to take a bath together and then watch some porn and then see what happens. Okay, to make a long story short, after we did this and had a good time together in front of the computer in her and Daddy’s room, we both had this real neat idea from something we saw on one of the porn sites. We would make a “play” for when Daddy got home, and it would star myself as a hot young chick (he likes to call me that) and my Mommy. I know he’d love to watch something like that. Just think of it – a 13-year-old just developing my curves and boobs and I even have a little start of pubic hair, which they don’t want me to shave off like Mommy does, and the other part of the act is a 42-year-old with 36B tits and a shaved pussy and a real hot sex drive!

When he came in the front door and said, like he always does, “Honey, I’m home!” , I was there to greet him. He hugged me like usual, with his hands on my butt and pulling me tight to him, and I lifted up my face like always and let him kiss the hell out of me. He always slips me the tongue. Then I stopped him and said hey go sit on the couch coz we’ve got something special for you…and I pulled myself away from Daddy although I certainly didn’t want to coz he smelled so neat like always and you know, Deedee, I like it when he has his hands all over me. He dropped everything and did like I said. I think he knew something special was up.

I pulled a blanket out of nowhere and laid down on it in the middle of the living room. Then in about thirty seconds, Mommy appeared with three bottles of Bud Lite on a tray. She was dressed in Daddy’s black suit, complete with tie and wingtip shoes, looking like a real businessman (or should I say businesswoman, Deedee?). She just walked up toward him and set the tray down and said drink up, buddy, coz you are gonna see the best fucking show in the land right now. Well, Daddy just smiled at her coz he knew what was up, took a beer and drank off about half of it right then and there while Mommy came over to me and stood there, looking down at me.

We had scripted this already, like a play for Daddy. I said, “Oooh, Cassie Lee, you are one hot chick. Why don’t we do something special?” And she responded, “Oh Janice, your body has always turned me on. Thank you for letting me be your special girl tonite.” And then she fell right down on me and started kissing me. We knew Daddy would like this – he likes to see us kissing and having sex, you know. I stuck my tongue right out so Mommy could lick it all around and then start sucking on it. I looked over at him while Mommy was kissing my neck and cheeks and he was drinking and winked at me, and I winked back. Daddy likes to see Mommy or me from the back, you know, with our pussies hanging out, so that’s one thing we were gonna work towards. Deedee – it’s not like this is the first time we’ve done this! Mommy and me practiced this last night, for gosh sakes! I can’t tell you how many times since I’ve become a Real Woman that we’ve done stuff like this, and I enjoy it so freakin’ much. I love my mommy’s taste, and her smell, and how terrific she makes me feel when she’s naked on top of me, and when her mouth is on my cunt just eating me out to beat the band!

So….she’s all dressed and stuff, laying on top of me and kissing me like Real Women do when they do it with each other, like real lovers or something, and I’m doing the same thing shoving my tongue in her mouth and making sure Daddy can see it all, and I’m humping my hips into Mommy. I know Daddy is getting off on this coz he likes seeing me and Mommy get it on. I’ve seen the porn videos now and I know this is what’s called Voyeurism, Deedee. That means somebody who likes to watch sex. And yeah, Mommy told me it’s illegal if you creep up in somebody’s window to see stuff like this. But then why do they have it on the computer when anybody can watch anything like this? That’s what I’d like to know. Does that make you a criminal? I think I still have a lot to learn.

Okay, so anyway, Mommy starts undressing me and kissing every bit of my skin as she’s doing this. I love it, I absolutely freaking love it coz she’s the best ever, and she is turning me on – that’s what they call it, Deedee. When she gets to my panties and I lift up my hips for her, she whips ‘em off and tosses them to Daddy and of course he’s smelling them. He likes my smells just as much as she does. She starts down between my legs and I stop her and say, Cassie Lee! You know this is the end of Act One, don’t you? And Mommy pretends to pout and look sad. We stand up then and bow, me being real naked, of course, and scamper off the stage while Daddy claps.

A few minutes later I enter again, hand Daddy a beer, and I’m wearing his outfit now. It’s all baggy on me, of course, and he’s already laughing. Mommy comes on stage and she’s all naked and I say as I hold her hands and face her, “Janice, I’m finally home from work -- you are so much prettier naked, let me make you feel good,” and I hug her real close and it’s funny coz I got these floppy clothes on and she’s practically humping me standing up. I tell her lay down, pretty woman, and then I flop on top of her and pretend I’m the one doing the humping. I slide down her body kissing all the way, trying to leave hickies (I told you what this was already, Deedee), and she’s kinda moving around all squiggly. Just as I start in with my mouth right down on her pussy, she scoots back and says WAIT !! IT’S NOT ACT THREE YET! And we both stand up and bow although this time it’s Mommy who’s the naked one and I’m the dressed up Daddy.

When we come back a few minutes later and give Daddy another Heineken in that pretty green bottle, we both are naked and Daddy starts clapping already. We both know that when he’s had four beers, he gets funnier and giggly. He really enjoys us when we’re both naked together. So we plop down on the blanket and Janice is at my backdoor licking, spreading my cheeks and having a good show for Daddy….and then it’s my turn and I’m just as good at it now. I lick all around there and have my hand underneath rubbing her clit, too. Mommy helps by reaching back and spreading her own cheeks for me. I look over at Daddy and by this time he’s got his cock out and stroking himself while he watches us Real Women play with each other. We thought he’d do this, so I whisper to Mommy that it’s time and she rolls over on her back and I climb on her and we’re rubbing our pussies together. Janice says to Daddy, “Honey, now it’s your turn, come fuck us – you’re Act Three.” And he pops off the couch, his pants already off. Our feet are the closest to him coz we wanted him to be watching our pussies. I deliberately stay on top of Mommy, sucking her breasts, so Daddy just moves in behind me and I say “fuck Mommy first, then me,” and I can feel her breath squeeze out when he enters her and I can feel his lower stomach bumping up against my ass every time he drives into her. It’s almost like Daddy is fucking Janice and me at the same time, Deedee! How cool is that?!!

So he’s putting it to her and then he rides a little higher and gives it to me and it’s just as great as every time he fucks me making me so full of him, and every time he strokes in deep, it pushes my pubic bone on Mommy’s clit coz she’s going OH OH OH each time and that’s how I know. “Do it, Daddy, do it,” I keep saying, and he gets going faster and really ramming me into Mommy and before I half know it, she’s coming and then I am too and the neatest part is I feel Daddy letting loose inside me with his hot swimmers, just plowing the fuck away inside me.

It sure is hard not telling my BFF Sherry about all this. You know, being a Real Woman and all and she’s not. And what it’s like. I just wish she could feel what it’s like to be between Daddy and Mommy when he’s got his boner pushed all the way inside me and coming, and Mommy’s coming too underneath me. WOW!