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Posing for pictures

2023-01-22 00:19:50

The initial advert for models had returned a few promising emails complete with pictures. Advertising in the local community website kept the cost down, when travelling to meet those prospective models.
19 year old blonde haired Sharon replied with a photo taken with her camera phone. The usual picture taken with the arm stretched above her head showing blonde shoulder length hair, and overly large breasts in her 5’4 slim frame. Not the prettiest girl, but the photograph showing her breasts in the almost too small bra had me hooked.
When she mentioned her prettier friend Claire also wanted ‘to be a model’ it was a bonus the shoot may not be a waste of time.
Sharon arrived at the cafe with a large holdall and wearing a bright loose top; her light blue denims encapsulated her bottom perfectly, and would surely feature in my future fantasies.
Within 10 minutes we were each drinking coffee and waiting for her ‘always a little late’ dark haired friend. Boy, I would have waited a lifetime to meet this 18 year old beauty. Claire was a little taller than her blonde workmate, wearing similarly fitting denims, but a smaller and tighter bottom, her skin tight tee-shirt displaying the top of her modest breasts through a mesh panel.
What the waitress thought of this 44 year old man with 2 teenagers as company was anyone’s guess.
We travelled the 20 minute journey to the shoot location in my old car with Sharon sitting next to me and Claire becoming a distraction in my rear view mirror. Throughout the journey both girls flirted with me, Claire being the main culprit.
At the location, a municipal park with secluded woods at the furthest point from the car park, the flirting carried on whilst we carried our respective bags towards the grassy area just short of the woods.
With a couple of test shots taken to check light levels etc, both girls discussed the clothing that they had brought, and we settled on denim shirts and denim shorts. Sharon opted to wear a short denim skirt, and proceeded to remove her top showing a pink bra, while I lay a blanket on the grass, and organised my tripod, and lenses on my cameras. I looked up when Sharon asked which colour of bra to wear under the shirt. With the option of showing her underwear in the shoot I then asked what colours she had and proceeded to look through her lingerie, picking a black lacy see through bra. 36D the label said, and within a moment Claire was at my side offering a choice of 2 black bras for her to wear.
“Not that I need them with my A cup tits “she proclaimed.
I picked the fancier of the 2, a half cup with padding and Claire promptly removed her tee-shirt before asking me to turn round.
When the girls were dressed I proceeded to shoot both girls in various poses and then asked Sharon to follow me towards the woods where I continued to shoot Sharon eventually removing the shirt with her tits almost bursting out the almost too tight bra.
At one point I was crouched down and Sharon lifted her skirt and flashed her black panties and laughed, “Hope you didn’t get that, it’s not for the camera”. When I replied that I had missed, she done it again pulling her flared skirt up this time with both hands, for several seconds, thus giving me a lovely view of her pussy wrapped around the crotch of her black panties. I snapped away capturing perhaps 5 or 6 frames before she asked me “is that for wanking over later?”
“Yes, I replied”
The next couple of shots consisted of Sharon holding her tits and me moving towards her finally standing in front of her about 18 inches away. When I changed cameras, and proceeded to picture only her head and shoulders I suddenly felt her hand on my cock, for a brief moment. “I knew you’d get horny looking at my tits”
Suddenly Claire appeared and asked me if she should change, interrupting the atmosphere that Sharon had created. Sharon said she had done everything she could and would now move over for Claire.
Claire needed more direction, and the few times we stopped to show her the recently taken pictures she snuggled close to me to view the screen on the camera. Claire was less keen on removing her shirt than Sharon, but agreed to unbutton her shirt and denim shorts and lower the zipper on the shorts for that sexy shot. I found it unusual when she offered to lower the shorts a little and show her panties, and commented that her boyfriend would love these pictures she commented “It’s for you, I’ve not got a boyfriend” within seconds Claire had stood up and pulled her shorts down showing me her panties, and proceeded to pull her black panties down to the top of her young slit, displaying a little line if hair almost 1 inch broad.
“Hurry up I don’t want Sharon to know anything about these”
“OK, turn around and I’ll get your nice bum as well” I replied.
Within 2 minutes Claire had pulled her panties and short up and then asked if I could shoot her tits as well without Sharon knowing about it.
“Sure I’ll send her back to the car, if you want”
When Sharon next appeared she had a bright red bikini top on with tracksuit bottoms on and an unfastened top. Her tits looked amazing and both Claire and I watched her in awe.
Sharon was dispatched to the car for a nonexistent make-up bag and suddenly Claire removed her bra, showing me a pair of A cup tits with puffy nipples.
“Quick before Sharon comes,” and I promptly snapped away, changing between my 2 cameras for different effects.
“You probably don’t like them after seeing her big boobs” Claire remarked and I replied that they were lovely.
“You can feel them if you want, that’s what you photographers do. Isn’t it? Touch up models.” she remarked, and I was there instantly.
Cupping her left tit with my right hand, my thumb naturally rubbed at her puffy nipple and found it hard. I reached down with my head and kissed her nipple and sucked it into my mouth. I could hear Claire encouraging me to suck it harder and felt a hand on my head.
I found her other tit with my left hand and played with the nipple while reaching down into her open shorts to cup her pussy, struggling to get my fingers into her panties, I suddenly realised her panties were wet and hot. I now concentrated on Claire’s hot pussy, grinding my index finger into the widening gap between her lips.
Suddenly Claire screamed in my ear and pushed my hand from her pussy.
“That’s the first time someone else has made me come” she said gasping.
Within seconds Claire had her bra covering her small tits and was asking me to fasten her up.
Sharon arrived very shortly and Claire followed her discussing their bikinis.
When I arrived at the spot where the clothes were sitting, I found Claire removing her bra and telling me to
“Turn round pervert” and promptly removed her bra.
Sharon stood in front of Claire between us and the opportunity to watch the young girl that had climaxed on my hand less than 5 minutes earlier was gone.
I wandered away from the girls and sat and studied the pictures of Claire before removing the memory card.
“We’re ready pervert, you can come now” I heard Claire shout, before laughing with Sharon.
When I approached the girls, they had matching red bikinis on, however only the tops were different sizes, with both girls wearing little more than small triangles barely covering the flesh where pubic hair would normally cover. The girls turned around and their bum cheeks were covered more decently, yet still showing more than hidden.
2 bamboo mats were placed where the blanket had previously lain, and the girls promptly gathered some props including sun lotion. Within minutes the girls were rubbing lotion onto their young bodies, and my cock again returned to semi-erect.
Shooting the Claire rubbing lotion into Sharon’s back while both girls sat up was somewhat arousing, and suddenly Claire’s hands were inside the triangles of her blonde friend’s bikini. This carried on for perhaps 2 or 3 minutes before Sharon commented that her bikini would soon be see-through.
When Claire asked why, Sharon returned
“Because you’re making me horny again stupid” “I rubbed myself off in the car, that’s why I took so long”
“You should have asked Gary, I’m sure he would have done it for you” Claire laughed teasingly, “he’s been staring at your tits all day” she continued before pulling the bikini top up and over Sharon’s large tits exposing large dark areolas and inch long nipples. Her large tits moved slightly without drooping, and I approached the girls cautiously.
“Don’t take pictures of this” Sharon told me, but let me continue towards them.
“I want his cock first” shouted Sharon, “you’re a virgin, another 10 minutes waiting won’t hurt” she laughed at her now embarrassed dark haired friend.
“Put the cameras away, and then we can have fun, but I want to see you lock your case” Sharon shouted almost aggressively.
Within 2 minutes my cameras were locked away in their aluminium case and the numbered dials were spun.
Claire was first to grab at me as I sat down, and locked her lips upon mine, with her tongue forcing its way into my mouth.
I felt the zipper of my denims being undone and a warm hand tugging at my semi aroused cock, forcing my foreskin back sharply. Breaking my kiss with Claire, I looked down to find Sharon with the buckle of my belt in her mouth, pulling at it severely. Meanwhile it was Claire that had her hand in my underwear, grasping my quickly growing cock. I had wrongly thought it was the more experienced Sharon.
I reached again for Claire and continued our erotic kissing, enjoying sucking her full bottom lip into my mouth with my teeth before feeling her tongue thrusting into my mouth.
Our kissing was disrupted by Sharon, asking me to tie her hands together with my belt.
“Tie my hands together, make me struggle and fuck me. Claire, you help him holding me down”
I was taken aback, I had never considered coercion in my love making before, but before I knew it Claire had tied Sharon’s hands together and had promptly sat upon her friend’s arms which were now stretched out above her head.
I removed my denims and underpants, and reached towards Sharon’s bikini covered pussy when suddenly she started kicking her legs wildly. At this point Claire grabbed one of Sharon’s legs and pulled it towards the struggling girl’s chest. I grabbed the other and held it down with my left hand and leg, using my right hand to reach for the bikini bottom.
“Just tear them off, I’ll give her mine” said Claire
I tried tearing at them and they refused to break, however they had released her almost clean shaven pussy to my eyes, and holding them to the side seemed an easy compromise. After licking several fingers, I pierced Sharon’s pussy with 2 for a minute or two and returned the fingers to my mouth, enjoying the sweet tasting juice.
I returned my fingers again into Sharon, spreading the thickening lips before aiming my solid cock into the hot wet pussy. After forcing my cockhead into the girl, I suddenly felt the tightness of her and realised that I would have to force myself several times before entering her fully. At my second thrust Sharon bit my shoulder and realised that her right leg was curled around my waist. She released her mouth from my shoulder and pounced at my mouth and forcing her tongue towards my gritted teeth.
I was confused for a few seconds, until I heard Claire encouraging me,
“Fuck her harder, she loves it”
I thrust in and out continuously, eventually leaving just the head in before thrusting back in again fully with my balls becoming wetter from both my sweat and juices from Sharon’s pussy. After a full 10 minutes of fucking this young blonde, I was close to coming when a Sharon again sank her teeth into my shoulder and shuddered through an orgasm. The pain I felt pushed me over the edge, and I climaxed into this young girl, thrusting several times before my cock wilted.
Feeling weak, I proceeded to lift myself from Sharon, and sat and smiled at Claire.
Claire immediately grabbed at my cock and squealed when she discovered her friend’s juices on her hands.
Returning with make-up wipes Claire started to clean my flaccid cock, pulling back my foreskin and tickling my sensitive head, and with delight encouraged the blood to flood to my recovering cock.
Sharon crawled around me and kissed me lightly on the lips and thanked me for fulfilling her fantasy.
Although scorned me for not being rough enough, and Claire for not sitting on her face.
Claire was immediately embarrassed, and continued wiping my cock delicately.
Sharon recognised Claire’s embarrassment and explained it away as a joke. I wasn’t so sure, but said nothing.
When Sharon asked Claire if she was ready to lose her cherry, Claire asked Sharon for privacy, and suddenly wrapped her legs around my waist and told me to continue where we left off, forcing her lips again onto my mouth and thrusting her tongue into my mouth.
I reached around Claire untying the bikini top, and reached again for the puffy nipples that I had earlier suckled. Twisting and pulling at the nipples brought my cock to its full size, and I felt the throb of blood vessels as Claire grabbed at me with both hands. I felt the legs remove themselves fully from my waist and Claire was now on her knees facing towards me, with her head inches from my throbbing cock. I knelt up, and suddenly the head of my cock was tickled by Claire’s wet tongue.
“I’ve never done this before, but I’ve watched it on the internet” she proclaimed.
I felt a sudden tightness on my cock as Claire tried her best to place the head in her throat. Suddenly, Sharon was at my side, with a hand under my balls.
“Press here Claire; it’ll stop him coming too soon”
Suddenly the mouth had been removed from my cock and I had 3 hands reaching and probing around my balls, resulting in my cock losing some of its hardness.
Sharon disappeared as quickly as she had appeared and soon my balls were being licked by Claire. Both my balls entered Claire’s warm mouth individually and soon my cock was in the tight mouth again. Claire continued to suck both my balls and my cock for 5 minutes before asking me to go easy on her.
I lay Claire on her back and removed her bikini bottoms which by now were tucked up between her large swollen pussy lips and into her soaking pussy. As I reached forward to lap the sweet juices, a heard Claire ask me to make her come again. Her swollen darkened lips were pulled into my mouth one at a time and also together as Claire gripped my short hair and thrust her pussy into my face. I struggled to reach her clitoris and felt a flood of juices when my tongue tucked under the little hood protecting the delicate bud.
Not only was I struggling for breath, with Claire’s thighs round my neck, I was nearing climax myself. I heard muffled cries when my head was released and suddenly Claire was pulling at me torso.
“You’ve got to fuck me, please”
I had no reason to refuse and asked Claire to crawl over me as I lay on my back. Claire reached between her legs and grabbed my cock; I meanwhile had opened her delicate lips and probed with 2 fingers, thrusting several times before I felt my cock rub along Claire’s thigh. The initial thrust into Claire was surprisingly easy, and I somehow expected to bump into a hymen, when Claire informed me
“Don’t worry, I found my mum’s vibrator a couple of months back, I’m not a little girl”
Although tighter than her friend, there was plenty of natural lubrication in Claire’s pussy to maintain an even thrusting action, as I forced Claire back and forth whilst holding onto her shoulder and also her bum cheek. As my hand gripped her bum cheek Claire leaned onto my shoulder with her head and asked me to play with her bum hole, grabbing my hand and helping me aim a finger into her tight sphincter. My dry finger forced a squeal and as I brought my hand up mouth to lubricate my finger, Claire reached out with her tongue and I placed my index and middle fingers into her mouth.
On the 2nd attempt my middle finger was enveloped in the tight hole and Claire orgasmed loudly thrusting herself down and back on my cock several times before showering kisses on my neck and then my mouth.
When she asked if I had also come, and hearing I had not she immediately climbed off turned round placing us into a 69 positing and placed my cock in her mouth. I came almost instantly when I felt the tightness of her throat against my cock head.
Claire flinched when I place a finger into her pussy, complaining of tenderness.
Within a couple of minutes Sharon was helping Claire clean herself with make-up wipes and the dressing in the clothing she had arrived to the photoshoot in.
The girl’s clothing was packed away by the time I had found my clothing and dressed and we made our way to my parked car.
In the car, Claire asked to sit next to me and placed her hand on my thigh, almost all of the way home. Sharon confessed to having a crush on Claire, and Claire admitted being envious of Sharon’s large tits, but didn’t want her first sexual experience to be with a girl. When I mentioned our fun when Sharon disappeared, Sharon admitted watching for a minute or two before letting us finish.
I met Claire a week later at her home to pass on the DVD with ALL the pictures I had taken on the photoshoot and Claire pounced on my cock with her mouth before letting me fuck her doggy style and coming in her tight pussy, while fingering her bum hole.
She confessed that Sharon had been visiting her pussy daily, and a strap on cock had been ordered on line.
I have promised to return and capture their strap on fun, when Claire’s parents disappear on holiday, when Claire reckons she’ll be pliable enough to take me and the strap on for a DP.