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Jaya Caught in a Water Fight

2023-01-19 02:37:04

Jaya Caught in a Water Fight
Written By Mr. Mongo

(Notice: all the characters in this story are eighteen or over.)

While taking walk to a local shopping center Jaya notice a group of twelve teen boys around age eighteen dousing three girls of the same age with two-liter plastic soda bottles filled with water. The boys had the girls pinned against a wall as they pour water all over them. The girls looked like couple of drowned rats. They all were wearing high school uniforms. Jaya ran over to the girls to do he best to get the boys to leave them alone.

“Leave those girls alone, what’s wrong with you,” asked Jaya.

“Mind your business, miss,” screamed an eighteen year old.

“Come over here and make us stop,” bellowed another eighteen-year-old student.

“You ain’t the boss of me,” yelled a nerdy teen boy.

Not to be someone yelled at by her juniors. Jaya ran over to the eighteen year old nerd and knocks the water bottle out of his hand, knocking him to the ground.

“He didn’t hit you, what are you doing,” screamed an adult female passerby.

“You need to be arrested! Let those kids have their fun! They just graduated from high school!” an old man yelled as shook his head in disgust.

Jaya turned her head to give the adults a peace of her mind; a teen boy poured a bottle of water over Lara’s breasts. Jaya was wearing a strapless white cotton dress. She might ass well have wore nothing at all. Jaya could not believe she was being humiliated at the hands of teen boys. When Jaya turned her head to yell at the punk who poured the water over breasts, one of the teen girls dumped a bucket of water over Jaya’s head. The force of the water caused Jaya’s top to slide down to her belly. Lara let out a shriek as the shoppers and the bystander adults laughed at Jaya’s beautiful exposed breasts. Her dark pink nipples were erect from the cold water. Now the girls are helping the boys to embarrass Jaya. None the adults lifted a finger to help Jaya as the high school students are humiliating her. Some adults seemed like they enjoyed themselves when they watched Jaya become more and more embarrassed. They were even video recording her predicament.

When Jaya made an attempt to hide her shame but a skinny eighteen-year-old teen held her top down. As Jaya struggled with him, one of the girls she helped, let the zipper in the back of the dress down. It caused the wet dress to fall around her ankles. It left Jaya in her white panties and white garter belt. The crowd of adults laughed hysterically at Jaya’s surprised look on her face. Her humiliation was extreme, never has Jaya faced such an embarrassment. When Jaya saw how the crowd on onlookers grew she was mortified as they video reordered her shame.

“Get her panties,” yelled a housewife holding groceries.

Two teen girls who were getting drenched each grabbed hold of Jaya’s panties. They tugged for all they were worth. Jaya had to uncover her breasts to save her panties from being torn off her. Jaya’s legs went weak and her belly trembled as she fought for her dignity.

Her panties were not ripped off, they were just sort of stretch to the limit. The panties sort of hung there exposing Jaya’s well-trimmed black bush and ass. The straps from the hose still connected to the garter belt kept them from falling off. Jaya started to sob while the teens all rubbed her pubic hair or slapped her bare behind.

“Please! Someone help me. Please give me a blanket or something,” screamed a hysterical Jaya.

“That’s what you get for aggravating little kids,” yelled an old man.

“I hope they fuck you silly,” laughed a well-dressed woman.

After the kids heard that, they began trying to stick a finger in Jaya’s ass or pussy. Jaya did her best to block their attempts to penetrate her orifices.

“Grab hold of her arms! She can’t stop you if you pin her arms down,” laughed a construction worker who was video recording Jaya’s predicament.

The eighteen year olds went for Jaya’s arms. She was able to avoid them getting hold of her wrists until an obese woman reached over to hold Jaya’s arms until the teens were able to immobilize them.

“Thanks miss,” yelled an eighteen-year-old boy.

“No problem! I’m glad to help you boys out,” laughed the obese woman.

“You fat fucking bitch,” screamed Jaya as she squirmed, trying to escape.

The crowd began to laugh as fat teen boy pulled out his erection he had hidden in pants. He slipped his four-inch cock into Jaya’s pussy. Jaya begged for help but she was met with jeers and laughter. No one was going to come to her aid.

A tall teen grabbed Jaya by her leg and lifted up so he could fuck her asshole. Jaya screeched when the boy forced his cock up Jaya’s tight asshole. The crowd went wild applauding the teen’s action and Jaya’s pain and humiliation.

Jaya continued to beg the crowd for help until another teen popped his cock into Jaya’s screaming mouth. Jaya at first gagged on it, but then relaxed. Jaya started to suck the teen boy off. People walk up to her so they could get a close up of a dick going into Jaya’s mouth with their cell phones. Tears and black eyeliner run down Jaya’s cheeks.

“So do teen boys taste better then fully grown men,” asked a woman video recording with her cell phone.

“I can’t wait to put this on Face Book,” laughed another person video recording Jaya’s humiliation.

Two teen boys grabbed one of the girls they sprayed with water. They dragged the screaming teen girl who wore her hair in pigtails over to Jaya. When they got her close to Jaya they lifted up the front of her dress and pulled down her white panties exposing her pussy. A boy fucking Lara in her ass forced her head into the teen girl’s shaved pussy.

“Lick it whore,” screamed one of the teen boys. The teen girl screamed and did her best to escape. Jaya did as she was told and began to lick and suck on the teen girl’s clit. The teen girl squirmed as she tried not to enjoy Jaya eating her pussy. The crowd went wild as the Jaya and the teen girl were humiliated publicly. After the girl came, the boys used her dress to wipe off Jaya’s chin to clean the pussy juices off.

The embarrassed teen girl quickly pulled up her panties then ran off crying. The crowd laughed hysterically at the teen girl’s humiliation. The crowd squeezed her breasts or ass as she forced her way through the crowd.

Another teen boy latched onto Jaya’s erect nipple and began sucking as hard as he could. Jaya hated how good it all felt. She felt like such a slut as she got off on what the little boys were doing to her. An older woman showed the nerdy teen boy how to lick Jaya’s clit. When he started doing it, Jaya lost control. Jaya began gyrating her pelvis and moaning uncontrollably. Jaya could not believe she was loosing control of her body.

“Look at the stupid slut go, she’s about to take off like a rocket,” cackled an old man as he played with his cock.

“I never saw anyone cum like this before,” said a bookish looking woman.

“I wish I was a slut so I can let those boys disgrace me like that in public,” laughed a mother as she hid her little girl’s eyes.

The boy Jaya was sucking off nearly drowned her when he ejaculated down her throat. A teen boy who was not even part of the water fight stood in front of Jaya so she could suck his hard on. He looked around eighteen. As soon as Jaya stopped choking he slipped his cock in her mouth. The teen boy’s mother snapped pictures with her cell phone for him to put on his face book page.

Jaya was beyond tears her body was running on autopilot. The boy fucking her ass came all over Jaya’s side. Another teen boy slid his cock into Jaya’s asshole before her sphincter even had time to close.

The boy fucking Jaya’s fuzzy pussy came inside of Jaya. “Oh shit,” thought Jaya. Another eighteen year old took his place in Jaya’s pussy. He had no rhythm as he fucked Jaya. He just kept jamming it in.

“They just keep coming. I doubt that slut has the stamina to survive this,” said a worried woman on her lunch break.

“Man, is her pussy and asshole going to be stretched out after this,” laughed an office worker.

“Oh no, I’m starting to cum,” thought Jaya. Jaya began to feel a trembling in her belly and thighs. Her clit and pussy began pulsating. She thought it was going to be a messy orgasm. The thought of all these strange people recording Jaya with their cell phones absolutely mortify Jaya. She will never be able to show her face in this area ever again. “Shit here it comes,” thought Jaya. She began bucking her pelvis as waves of pleasure washed over her body. Her body was covered in goose bumps when the cool air hit her wet body making her body even more sensitive to the teen boy’s touch.

“Wow. Look it her go,” yelled the masturbating old man.

“Man, she’s a real wild one! You’ll be thanking me after you cum for holding your arms down,” laughed the obese woman.

After Jaya had her hard orgasm her legs and belly felt weak. After each teen came on Jaya they all took off running with Jaya’s dress. Lara had to use the building to make her stand up. She tried in vain to get her stretched out panties to cover her pussy, but it was no use. Some of the adults walk up to Jaya to pet her pussy or play with her tits. She was too weak and in shock to stop them. As Jaya gasped for air a woman handed Jaya her purse. At least the boys left her that. The woman helped the still naked Jaya to her car. Jaya lay in the front seat of her car in the fetal position, until she was in shape to drive.

“Once those videos make it to the internet I’m screwed. They will be floating around forever. Even after I’m dead they will still be there,” Jaya thought.

“Hey lady, nice tits,” screamed a guy walking by. Jaya almost ran him over as she sped away, but he was too quick for her.