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Jake and me

2023-01-21 01:34:10

Disclaimer this a work of fiction no characters in this story are real or based on real people.

Part one
How we met.

I am your average guy, I love to play video games, i like to play sports, watch movies, and Tv and even read a good sci fi book every now and then. in many ways i am like two polar opposites in one body, i love doing nerdy things like playing D&D with friends play MTG card game, and i love sci fi movies, games and books. on the other hand i love to work out, and i love playing sports and being outdoors.

so yeah, im a relatively normal guy who goes to the University of Louisiana at Monroe, im pretty popular with most people though i tend to be a little shy at times. im in several groups on campus, anad i stay involved. so on the outside im a completely normal straight guy. but thats on the outside…

On the inside i would be considered a total freak. I have always had a deep dark secret that i never told anyone before, other than one very special someone. all my life i have had a Diaper fetish. may seem strange i know but its true. there is nothing that turns me on more than being in a diaper, much less watching someone else in one. for so long i had to be content with internet porn and masturbation. after all who would be like me in such a small state as Louisiana? but then it happened…..

I was the weekend and i decided to go out rather than stay up all night playing video games and watching porn. so I got in my car and headed to the club. the club is not very big after all Monroe itself is not very big. I paid and went inside. there were not that many people there so i decide that rather than waste the night trying to find someone to dance with i would go and hit up the bar. i ordered a jagger bomb it was really watery and well wasn't worth the $5 so i decided that since i have a pretty high tolerance to alcohol i would at least spend the night with a buzz, so i sat their and ordered five shots of jose cuervo, ten shots of taaka vodka, (it's cheap but doesn't taste like rubbing alcohol smells) and then to top it all off i ordered two everclear margaritas. while i knew my wallet was going to be hurting the coming week i figured it would be worth it since i hadn't gotten out of my room to do anything fun for over a month.

when i finished more people were arriving and i was thoroughly bussed, ok maybe a little more on the plastered side of the fence but who's keeping score? after what seemed like five minutes but what was probably close to ten of stumbling around and finding a seat to sit in, the inevitable hit me. all of that alcohol had made made its way to my bladder and i had to go to the bathroom. i got up and stumbled to the bathroom. when i went inside the urinal was out of order and someone was in the only stall (why did one of the only clubs near campus only have a two man bathroom?) i was waiting when i heard what sounded like someone tearing something off, almost like the sound of velcro and tape mixed. i didn't pay it any attention thinking it was just the alcohol and the making me hear things, and the fact that REALLY had to piss. right as the door finally starts to unlock i loose control and start pissing all over myself. the stall door opens and i am beet red when the person in the stall see that i am pissing myself. what happened next though would have made my jaw drop had i not been so drunk.

as the person in the stall looks at me i see him reach down and pick up a backpack with his right hand in his left is a thoroughly drenched folded diaper. I didn't know if it was the alcohol or if i was dreaming because surely this couldn't be what i was seeing, could it? the guy in the stall looks at me and sheepishly smiles as though he is completely unaware that i have pissed myself in front of him. i look at him truly seeing him for the first time. he is close to my height but a little taller standing at 6 foot even. He had short brown hair, brown eyes, and olive tanned skin. he looked like he ran and work out a lot because i could see he had very well defined muscles underneath his tight black shirt. my complete opposite. where as i am 5’11” bulky with muscles but not well defined ones. i have long shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes.

after what seemed like an eternity but was really only a few seconds he looked down and saw my wet pants and the yellow puddle at my feet. I really didnt know what to say or do so i just tried to play it off and said “sorry i had way too much to drink and couldnt hold it.” right as i spoke i instantly wished i hadnt said anything. the guy looked up at me and smiled again but this kind a more friendly smile rather than an embarrassed one. he reached down into his bag and pulled out another diaper and said “i have a few extras and it looks like you could use one” i was so embarrassed but at the same time i was also shocked and despite all the alcohol was starting to get horny with the events taking place. i didnt know what to say so i just stood there like an idiot. he look at me with a little bit of a sly look and then without a word walked over to the door and and locked it. i just looked at him and then said “thank you… i um i have never done this before i cant believe i just, just pissed myself like this…” he just looked at me with all i could discern as being care in his eyes when he said “dont worry accidents happen, trust me i know.” as he said that i started to take my pants off when i lost my balance and fell over only being stopped by the bathroom stall in front of me. he came over and helped me steady myself and then started to undo my jeans. I looked down and groggily said “ i think im just going to go and head back to my apartment… i dont want to go back out in the club being wet.” as i finished slurring out my words he as pulling down my underwear. i didnt even realize that he had finished taking off my jeans. i lazily flopped my head down at an angle resting my head on my shoulder as i looked at him. he looked into my eyes with a look i wasnt really sure what to make of, and then he looked at my dick. im am not really blessed to be honest im very average measuring in at a little over six inches. as the next thing i know i had partially blacked out and when i came to he was licking my rock hard cock. i was completely shocked and thought i must be dreaming. in some ways i guess i was…

Part two

the next morning i woke up in some ones apartment on their couch. the mind was racing trying to put together the pieces and figure out where i was, and more importantly how the hell i got there. i remembered going to the club, going to the bathroom, and…. no i thought that had been a dream. i knew i definitely had gone to the club the other night. and then i freaked out when i realized that i truly didnt recognize the apartment. at first i though ok, someone i know saw me shitfaced drunk and took me back to their apartment so i wouldnt get behind the wheel, but since i didnt recognize where i was another, much less desirable possibility popped in my mind. some nasty very likely STD infected girl picked my drunk ass up and took me home to fuck last night. but why was i on the couch? maybe we didnt have sex and i called her a nasty STD infected girl. before my mind could make up anymore mental tortures for myself i heard a door open and close and then heard footsteps. my heart skipped at what i saw, or rather who…

“Good morning, how did you sleep? do you have a bad hangover? i have coffee and can make some, i know i could use a cup or two” i couldnt believe it. standing in front of me was the guy from the bathroom. i had thought it was just a dream, the likelihood of something like that happening was so small it practically didnt even exist. as bits and pieces of memory flooded back into my mind i instantly started getting hard from remembering what had happened. as my cock got bigger i instantly noticed an all too familiar sensation. i quickly threw the blanket off of me and saw i was naked from the waist down except for a completely soaked diaper on. he looked at me and said “well i guess its a good thing that i put that on you or i would have to pay to get my couch cleaned.” still not really sure what was going on i turned beet red in the face with sudden embarrassment. he looked at me with a big smile and said “hey its ok, it happens. my name is Jake by the way, i dont think i ever caught yours last night, you were pretty hammered i practically had to carry you inside last night, all the while with you saying you were fine and needed to get to your car so you could drive back to your apartment.” i looked up at him less embarrassed and slightly confused as he continued. “ needless to say i didnt think on it was a good idea to let you get behind the wheel of a car, and since i couldn't get you to coherently tell me where you lived i brought you to my place” i nodded my head and the said “thank you, that would have been really bad if i had of driven. my names Eli. im so sorry to have been a burden to you last night. also i hate to ask but, would you mind fixing that coffee? my head is killing me!” jake laughed and said “dont worry you weren't a bother at all, and yea i will definitely fix the coffee” as he turned and walked out of his living room to go to the kitchen and make the coffee, i looked down at my diapered crotch. i felt so weird. i had worn diapers countless times, wet them shit in them, cummed in them. but i had never been in a diaper in front of a stranger before, much less been put in one by that said stranger, or wet my diaper in front of that stranger or…. surely that was a dream right? i mean that one detail of last night had to have been in my mind, this guy isn't like me he probably wears diapers because he is incontinent, or had a bad accident he is getting over or something. as my mind was running around in circles trying to find reason in all of this current madness, and trying to find proof that if it's too good to be true thats because its not, i heard Jake say “hey the coffee is ready, do you want me to bring you a cup or do you want to come in here?” i looked down at my diaper and thought for a second before saying. “I will come in then.”

Part Three

getting to know what's what.

as i walked into the kitchen i saw jake instantly look at my wet diaper, i was embarrassed at the fact that it looked very obvious that my dick was rock hard. i turned a bit red when jake spoke to break the awkward silence “ do you like anything with your coffee Eli?” on one hand i was glad he spoke up, but on the other hand i wished it had been to say something else... i answered him as i took a seat being careful to not leak but to my surprise i didnt feel any piss smash out “ i will take some cream and sugar please” jake handed me the sugar container and a carton of half and half creamer. i said thank you and then we sat some what awkwardly in silence drinking our coffee for a bit. finally i broke the silence and said. “so if it's not too personal why do you wear diapers?” Jake looked up at me like a deer in the headlights. jake stuttered with his reply “w-what do you mean?” i looked at him slightly confused, how could i make the question any more clear than it already was? i finally said “why do you wear diapers, do you need them for a medical reason or something like that?” jake looked up at me visibly nervous and sweating when he said “yeah um something like that” i decided that now was my shot and i would either discover something amazing or come across as a total jerk. “well what is it then?” i pressed he look up and very quietly said “um, i dont really want to say” at this point i decided to through courtesy out the window and get the answer i wanted. “just tell me already fuck you have me in a wet diaper drinking coffee with you so Im not going to judge you or anything!” he looked up at me with eyes that were starting to water and said “ I wear becuase i like to OK! i have a diaper fetish and i like wearing diapers, so there i said it… you probably think im some kind of sick freak.” i could see that he felt very hurt and defensive as if he expected me to laugh or make fun of him. i couldnt believe it he liked diapers too. while i am straight on the outside i am totally bi when it comes to diapers, i am in some ways more attracted to guys in diapers since i can relate to them more. here i was looking like an idiot with my mouth open until i finally said “no trust me i dont think your a freak at all, you see i also have a diaper fetish, i have worn off in on my whole life. i just cant believe my luck at finding another Diaper Lover.” Jake went from looking completely shocked to the pristine picture of boundless joy in the time it took me to finish speaking he then said “ would you like to stay the weekend?” i instantly said “yes!” and then he said “that diaper looks pretty wet, do you want a fresh one? i sat there for a second and then said “what all do you do in your diapers?”

Part four
freedom in all things.

we sat on his couch watching netflix, both of us in wet diapers. at first it was a little odd but then we both snuggled up to each other and then things got more interesting. jake looked at me and said “ i guess you know that im gay right Eli?” i looked at him and said “ i do now, me im bi, but….” i stammered off. “but for you i think i could be a little more as long as we keep things discreet” as i said that i put my hand on the front of his piss swollen diaper. i could feel his cock it felt huge, it must have been at least 7 inches. i started to massage the tip of his cock when he put his hand on the front of my diaper. we were like this for the next hour in a halve quietly moaning the both of us every now and then. before we started watching netflix we had drank a lot of coffee and eaten about three bowls of oatmeal each and finally it was working its magic. “hey baby” jake said apparently much more comfortable in my company after over an hour of massaging each others dicks. “I need to make a poopy in my diaper” jake finished. i had been waiting for this for a while i had been holding mine in. i looked and said “how do you feel about poo play?” jake looked like he almost had an orgams right then and there as he said. “ i wasnt going to share that part of me with you but i will now, i love everything to do with both piss and shit” at that i smiled so big i thought my mouth would rip. i then said “ well there is something i want to do” jake instantly said “anything, i will do whatever you want no matter what.” i laid down on his floor and said “ get in 69 with me.” he instantly got down and put his diapered dick on my face. i then said “i want you to sit on my face and pill your diaper with your shit for me, smash it all over my face and ride me until you have your shit all around your diaper” when i said this i could see jake’s dick twitch in his diaper. he did as i said and had his diapered ass hole right on my mouth. i then heard him grunt and could feel a huge hard lump forming in his diaper. he started moaning slightly as he pushed more and more shit into his diaper, i was surprised at how much it was i opened my mouth so his diapered bulge could fill it. at this point his diaper was sticking out 5 inches into my mouth, he then lifted up and i closed my mouth as i knew the true fun was about to begin. he gently sat down on my face his diapered shit bolge landing right on my nose. he then started to rock back and forward and then started to gently bounce as he rocked. he was moaning like a porn star at this point i could feel his shit smearing all up and done his as crack and smashing all over his dick and balls when he is getting ready to orgasm i stop him. now its my turn. i hover my diapered ass over jakes face and then i push with all my might. my shit is not as big as his but it is still huge probably weighing four pounds, where as his weighed eight pounds. when im done i drop down hard and fast on his face forcing my shit to spread all around in my diaper, i then start bouncing and rocking back and forward getting as much of the love brownies on my dick and balls as i can. finally i stop before i blow thick ropes of cum in my diaper. i lean over and put my head on Jakes diapered crotch and breath in deeply smelling the intoxicating smell of piss, shit and baby powder. i lay my face down on his dick and take my hands and start mashing more shit up towards his dick and balls. without me saying so he starts to do the same thing to me and then i stop. it takes him a few seconds to stop, but when he does i climb off of him. i look at him and say. “do you wanna swap?” he looks at me a little confused as he ask “positions from top to bottom?” i get a wicked smile on my face and shake my head and look down to his diaper. he looks at me and instantly knows what i meant. he sits down and i join him sitting across from him on the floor. he untapes his diaper and i do the same. the heady aroma of dirty boy diapers instantly floods the room. i then crawl off my diaper and plant my face in his open diaper, i can see where he has gotten pre cum all on his diaper filling the front with a beautiful slimy shine. open my mouth and lick at the rich mixture in his diaper, my dick instantly shoots out some pre cum when i taste the wonderful mixture. his shit is bitter and tangy, but not overpowering, his piss has an almost sweet salty taste to it, and the icing on the cake almost literally, his pre cum is like licking sweat nectar from a forbidden fruit. i so jake is getting hard watching me and he stops me long enough to get my dick in his mouth. i hear him moaning and feel it vibrating my dick as he eats the shit off of my dick. after a few minutes i stop him and we both switch positions and are sitting on each others open wet, boy juice, shit filled diapers i instantly tape it up on me and stand up, his hard poop fills so good, and i my dick is sliding all in his diaper from all of his boy juice in the front the sensation make me release some of my own juice as we look at each other. we then decide to go to his bedroom and have some more fun, since both of us have held out cumming long enough.

i crawl on the bed with him barely able to move do to the massive load in my diaper. we start out by sticking each of our hands in the other ones diaper and rubbing our dirty little dicks, then i reach back into the back of my diaper that he is wearing and grabbed a handful of my shit. i pull out the load and stick in the front of his diaper. jake follows my lead and does the same to me. i then stick my hand in the back of the diaper again and find his has hole, i play with it for a while while we are jacking each other off. i stop and grab a huge handful of shit, and pull it out again. this time though instead of putting it in the front of his diaper i bring it up to his mouth, he looks into my eyes with passion burning in them as he once again mimics me and puts shit up to my mouth as well. at the same time as if we had both received an invisible command we both opened our mouths and took in the hand full of love chocolate. i started sucking on his shit as he sucked on mine, then i leaned in and started to french kiss him while both of our mouths were full of each others shit. i had never kiss a guy before but in the heat of the moment it just felt right. we stopped are kiss and got into 69 again, but this time we undid the top two tapes on our diaper and left the bottom two secured. as if we were reading each others minds both put our heads in each others shitting diaper to suck one each others throbbing dicks. as we sucked we then taped the diapers up again as best we could on each others heads. it was so hot, so hard to breath and above all so FUCKING AMAZING!. I felt jake thrust his dick in my still shitfilled mouth as i did the same. we face fucked each other until the shit in our mouths had gotten in our dick holes. we then sucked out the shit and blow are loads down the back of each others throats.

Part five
after glow.

when be got done we just sat there breathing in deep breaths of each others diaper. then we finally got up and went the shower. we bathed each other first with our mouths, then our hands, and finally with soap and shampoo until there was no evidence of what we had done.

To be continued.

i really hope you enjoyed it. i know it's a bit slow starting and well, maybe to hard core and sick for some people but i hope those of you who are into some of the things in the story liked it.

please rate, and comment good or bad let me know what you think