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fetish night

2023-01-20 21:54:59

I wrote this story on the site but for some reason it got lost. This is the best of my memory to it but its not as well written as the last one. it pissed me off too. This story is not yet true. But it will be. My wife one day asked what I was writing and I let her read it. She got so turned on by it that she wants it to become a reality. So by the time you read this it has become reality.
Me, my wife, and some friends had a long night of drinking and playing some card games, trying to play wii sports while drunk, and a bunch of other things. I got to talking with my wife later that night about fetishes and secret fantasies. We found out that she has a fetish of being controlled or raped, and mine has always been a watersports thing.
"Watersports?, You mean like waterskiing naked or something?" she asked.
"No, watersports as in like having some sexual act with piss being involved"
"Oh, I've never thought of that before, it could be fun, we should do that someday"
The night passed on and each of us gradually passed out. In general, people dont normally remember anything that was said after a night of drinking, I did. At that point I began to concoct a plan that would satisfy both of our fetishes at the same time. I just had to wait for the perfect time. It came about a week later. My wife was at work and she called.
"I'm having a bad day today, can we drink tonight, just the 2 of us?" she asked.
Trying not to sound too excited,"Yeah thats fine, Ill have a drink ready and some clothes to change into when you get home"
"Ok thats great, I love you see you when I get home"
I hung up the phone and didnt realize I was hard just from the thought of it. I couldnt whack off, I had to save it for later and just calmed myself out of it. I then sprung into action and began to setup my plan. I put several layers of sheets down on the bed with our cover on top so you couldn't see how thick it was. I drilled a pair of handcuffs into the wall behind the headboard so they couldn't be seen. I set out some clothes to wear: a tank top, a pair of light gray underwear(shows wetness the best), and a pair of older worn out pajama bottoms. Finally I made her a drink heavy in alcohol but with hardly any taste so she'd drink it down fast and want more. She got home and changed into her clothes and came upstairs with her drink and sat down without a clue as to what was going to happen to her later. We drank and drank and she needed to pee, so she went downstairs to go but I ran in their first to go, even though i didnt need to. I had to make her desperate and have an extremely full bladder. I stayed in their about 5-10 minutes and when I got back upstairs I told her not to go in there at least 15 minutes. I could see the struggle in her face.
Time passed and she said "I don't give a fuck about the smell I really got to go , now!" I followed behind her.
"What are you doing? you following me in the bathroom? you want to watch or something?" she asked me desperately
"No, Im just going to make myself another drink"
She stepped into our bedroom and just as she was about to get to the bathroom door, i grabbed her and threw her on the bed.
"What the fuck are you doing!!?? I really have to pee!!!" she yelled as I handcuffed her to the headboard.
"Well if you have to pee, you're going to do it right here in your panties for me to see" I said with an evil grin.
"Oh god honey, please I really have to go!!" she pleaded with me.
I could see the desperation on her face. I grabbed her pants and tore them off leaving her in a tank top and panties. It was sad but at the same time so beautiful. She struggled to free herself and started kicking the air violently. She started to squeeze her legs tight trying to fight it so I forced them open and held them open. She was still twitching and cursing at me and then she froze. This was it. She finally just gave in and let go. Slowly at first. I got my face right in her crotch and saw a tiny little dark spot that started to increase in size rapidly. Soon her pussy could be seen as her panties became wetter and clung to her like plastic wrap. As she kept pissing I stuck out my tongue and licked her pussy through her panties. When she pushed, she started to stream right into my mouth and I swallowed every bit I could. Her piss seemed to go on for ever and she started twitching again.
"Oh fuck I cant stop!!..Im going to cum!!" she sreamed as she clenched her legs tightly around my head as the liquid's taste slightly changed. She climaxed for several mintues and then her entire body went completely limp. I slowly took off her completely soaked panties. When I looked up at her she was talking gibberish slowly and quietly to herself.
"open your mouth honey." I said calmly and she did. I stood over her head and wrang out her wet panties into her mouth which she swallowed happily. She opened her eyes seeing me standing over her holding my dick. She smiled and nodded at me. That was my cue, I let out a stream of my own all over her tits and worked up to her happily opened mouth. she swalowed as much as she possibly could. She let out a huge burp and laughed and said that she needs to pee again. I said "ok then go, weve already wet the bed whats a little bit more" and as she started to trickle I grabbed her butt and lifted her so her pussy was upright over herself. She started to look like a volcano of piss with every drop trickling down her wet body and into her mouth and hair. I uncuffed her from the bed and kissed her deeply tasting her sweet pee on her lips.
I got so unbelievably hard after seeing my wife pissing in her own mouth that I grabbed her waist and jammed my dick in as fast as I could. She was already wet from the combination of cum and piss that I slid in easy. I slid all the way in and pulled all the way back out and fucked her with my head for bit until she grabbed my ass with her legs and forced me all the way in. There's nothing better than fucking like an animal after peeing all over someone. It didnt take long and I felt my balls start to twitch. I told her I was going to cum and she puled my dick out and pointed it at her face. I unloaded all over her. After finally finishing and regaining strength I looked up at her. I never knew how beautiful a person can look with piss soaked hair and cum dripping of her face until now. I guess thats what love is. The last thing she told me before we went to shower was " I cant wait until its my turn to get you back, I love you"
"I love you too"
the end...