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Timestop: The Train Ride Chapter 4

2022-09-03 00:00:04

This is a work of fiction. I do not condone any of the things I write about. All characters are considered 18+, even if a story implies otherwise. I use extreme taboo themes and consider my stories "horror". I'm really not concerned with story, and I write almost 100% smut. I start most stories with a supernatural, unrealistic scenario. This is always a quick excuse to dive into the question of "What dark shit could I do if I had the power to _?" I write first person, as an evil, perverted, petty man, pushing my writing way past what I would ever do in real life, trying to creep myself out as I write. If you do not enjoy dark themes, this is not for you.

In this story, I'm not too worried about realism. My time stop mechanic is basically where the narrator can freeze/paralyze anyone and anything he wants. Everyone mostly just goes limp/unconscious. Gravity still works, bodies still react slightly. How can he do this? I didn't care, I just started writing. It makes no sense, I know. But let me know if you'd like more!



Again I wake, not knowing how long I was out, no indications of time passing in this frozen moment. The Bitch still lays on me like a hot, heavy blanket. I sit in her seat, she limply sits in my lap in cowgirl position. her head on my chest, her clothes mostly torn off. flesh against flesh, warm and damp. My dick went soft and fell out of her, a sticky mess starting to dry all over my lap and legs. But I feel myself stiffen a bit as I breathe in her scent again, launched right back into the memory of everything I'd done to her before falling asleep. "I'm not done with you yet."

I grab hold of her asscheeks and thighs, pulling her tight, then lift her with me as I grunt and stand. Her arms and head draped over my shoulders in a hug, her legs wrapped loosely around my waist. I was going to just move her back to the floor for some more fun, but I stop to enjoy the cuddly embrace. So warm, her body thick in all the right places, a solid weight at odds with her delicate softness. I sit her naked butt up on the back of the seat in front of us, pretty high up, her body leaning forward over me. I stand there still hugging her. I nibble and kiss at her sweet neck and shoulders. Nudge my head under her arms and chest to lick at her perky little tits again, sniff and lick at her armpits. I harden more.

Her dark gray tight sweatpants are ripped so much that they now just dangle bunched up mostly around her calves. I reach down and pull them completely off, but leaving her cute little blue socks on. I grab one of her feet, feeling the fuzzy, warm cloth. Then my hand slides up her now completely bare legs. Such smooth perfect skin. She must shave and use lotion often, so well-kept, so soft, a sweet vanilla smell. I'm rock solid.

I pause to admire the rest of her, all the mess I've been making of this bitchy little princess.

Thin, expensive white sweater pulled up inside out over her dumb face. Her skin glistens with a slight sheen of sweat all over. One armpit has a bit of dried blood with deep teeth marks. Black bralette still mostly intact, shoulder straps, back and sides, elastic band around the bottom, but completely ripped open in the front. Her small pale tits staring at me, red and marked with my brutal slaps and bites and groping. Her soft belly and waist slick with sweat, with strips of light gray fabric still clinging on, all that's left of her tank top undershirt. Her thick hips have an elastic band with strips of light green fabric hanging down loosely, what was once her sexy little panties. Smooth bare legs, glisten with a sweaty dampness, red finger marks from gripping and slapping so hard. Inner thigh has a deep bite mark, a bit of dried blood.

I grab the white sweater wadded up and over her face, hiding her entire head, yanking it off, tossing it aside.

God I had forgotten how much of a mess I had made of her face. I laugh at the gross sight leaning over me. Her dark makeup is completely smeared around her face. Her dark brown hair is matted, some of it plastered to her forehead and cheek. Her eyes are partially open, staring blankly through smudges of makeup streaked with tears and other fluids. Her cheeks red from being slapped around. I bit of dried blood around her nostrils. Her mouth is a wreck, a bunch of dried crusty cum and spit caked around it, some fresh drool continuously leaks out slowly from within. The smell is disgusting. The scent of her spit, my cum, mixed with the lingering lotions and perfumes that made her smell so fresh and delicious in the beginning.

I recoil from the sight and smell. No more kisses and cuddling. My cock hardens, remembering the anger I felt earlier, remembering how much this bitch needs to get ravaged.

I grab a handful of her matted hair with one hand, and force my other hand underneath her, between her thighs, between pussy and seat. I feel around her sticky mess of a groin and find the opening, smushed tightly down against the seat with all her weight. I wiggle until I get my middle and ring finger inside her opening. I curl them tightly inside her, getting as hard a grip as I can. And I lift by hair and pussy alone. Such a savage feeling comes over me as I would clearly be causing such extreme pain if she were awake. I growl, straining muscles to lift her slightly above my head. Then I turn and slam her upside down, back first into the seat I had been sitting in behind me. Just having fun manhandling this helpless bitch. Her legs flop over the back of the seat, her arms dropping limply onto the seat below. I keep her here, upside down, fingers still gripping hard inside her, she's pressed hard against the back of the seat so she doesn't slide down.

With the hand holding her hair, I lift her head closer to my now raging cock. I kneel on the seat and quickly shove my dick straight into her disgusting mouth. A warm familiar hole. Her tongue limply caressing the topside of my cock. I push without stopping, avoiding her teeth, until I slam into the back of her throat. From this kneeling position, I can only go so far, but I enjoy a few dozen thrusts in and out. Still holding her tightly against the back of the seat with my fingers gripping hard inside her pussy. My other hand now on the back of her neck, I pull her head into me over and over. A soft slopping sound each time, air and spit being shoved around in there.

Her pussy upside down in front of me. At this closer proximity I can kind of smell my own cum inside there, mixing with her own feminine musk. I laugh at the depravity of it all and thrust harder into her mouth.

She keeps sliding lower and lower down the back of the seat. Now at a weird angle with her head resting on the seat below, I pull out of both pussy and mouth. "Hey, How flexible are you?" I pull her head forward and let her shoulders slide down to rest on the seat, her face now staring at the ceiling, her body still upside down, arms flopping limply out either side of her. one of her arms even rests in the lap of the frozen older woman sitting next to her. I grab the Bitch by both ankles as I stand up on the seat, careful to avoid kicking or stepping on the older woman sitting next to us, my feet now on either side of the Bitch's head. I pull her legs toward me and under my arms, letting her whole body curl down into a ball, her knees close to her face. I now stare at her ass, like we're in doggy style, but her head is curled up under her and she's resting on her shoulders on the seat below, face staring up at my balls as I stand straddling her head.

"Fucking amazing, what are you a gymnast or something?" I slap the ass in front of me hard. I squat down to teabag her just for the hell of it, her nose and eyelashes tickling my scrotum.

Then without hesitating I stand back up, grab my cock again and thrust into her pussy. She lets out an airy queef from being in this weird angle, and I burst out laughing, my dick twitching inside her.

I grab her asscheeks, soft pillowy handles to grip onto hard. I push her cheeks together, then pull them apart as far as they'll go, just playing around. Between her cheeks is her nasty asshole, stuffed mercilessly with three full pairs of her panties, a bit of purple and white floral fabric just barely poking out like a tiny tail. Her taint in between asshole and pussy is raw and red, a tiny bit of crusted blood from giving her a painful wedgie earlier. I smile and flick a finger hard at her taint. I can really do anything I want.

I pull back and thrust in again, another fart sound as she queefs again. "You're so fucking gross," I laugh, pulling back and thrusting again, but only a soft squeak escapes this time. Disappointed, I pull out completely, back up a few inches, then slam back in. A short but louder sound, juicy, a wet squelching sound. Back out, slam in again, a longer squeaky fart from her used hole. This is so fun. I try different angles and speed, trying out different disgusting pussy farts, until her vagina gets used to me and stops doing it.

I slap down directly on her asshole stuffed with panties. It feels tight, clearly stuffed beyond reason. I continue to thrust into her slowly, and punch down hard straight into the teal little tail peeking out of her asshole. My dick throbs as I feel the shockwave of the punch running through her. "Damn oops I hope that wasn't too hard." I actually don't want to do too too much damage to her. Nothing too lasting. I return to just slapping her asscheeks hard. Thrusting hard into her sloppy used cunt.

I feel her squishy ass some more and notice a couple deep bite marks from my fun earlier. It stirs me on even more, knowing how many extreme feelings she will eventually get when I start time again. But I have a lot more to do before then.

I rest my arms and head on the top of the back of the seat, as I lazily hump into her. I stare out at the frozen people, a train of oblivious passengers, just trying to sleep as a stupid bitch keeps coughing her germs at them. Little do they know she's being punished hard. "Don't worry, people, she's not coughing anymore."

Getting bored, I pull out, holding her steady as I step down from the seat, kneeling on it instead, my legs straddling her head. I open her mouth and slide my cock down into it. She's so curled up that I cant even enter very far, but I enjoy the erotic position all the same. Her legs now scrunched up under my armpits, her ass and pussy bent toward me, inches from my face. The smell is strong. My own cum, pussy juice, sweat, spit. "Damn you smell like shit. The fucks wrong with you?" Her neatly trimmed dark pubes stained and wet and sticky. She's getting beyond the point of turning me on, not even appetizing anymore.

I continue to pump halfway into her mouth as I play with her with my hands. I spread her pussy open wide, smush it together. Stick a finger in, then two, three, the fourth barely fits. I make it fit, the poor skin around it stretched taught, raw and red. I spit on it. Not enough. I'll need to lube her up if I want to go any further.

Back in a standing position like before. Staring down at her ass and hips like doggy style, the rest of her crumpled under her. I slam back into that warm disgusting cunt of hers. God the feeling is incredible. She's completely formed to my cock now, the perfect fit, like she's made just for me. I get even harder as I plow into her with abandon.

I let loose, going as fast as I can, fully solid now within her. I feel my tip slamming into that cervix in there again. Before, it was weird and disturbing, now it's what I long for. It's what reminds me that I'm going too far, that if she was awake she'd be screaming in agony. I slam into it rapidly. Slapslapslapslapslapslapslap as I wreck her in this awkward balled-up position. Her thighs and ass slapping against my groin. Ripples running through her asscheeks. That little wad of panties staring at me from inside her dirty asshole. The whole seat shakes and creaks from the intense pounding.

I grab both her asscheeks as hard as I can, my fingers digging into her soft delicate flesh, sure to leave bruises. I pull her towards me with this vise grip, slamming her away from me just as hard with my thrusting. Pounding her helpless pussy into the back of the seat. I groan and yell as loud as I can, echoing throughout the silent train.

My climax comes quick. I don't savor it, I thrust forward with all my strength, as if trying to pierce straight through her womb into the seat behind her. I unload stream after stream inside of her as I thrust through my climax, never slowing. My cock swells and throbs as it shoots several jets of jizz deep into her pussy. Splashing against that cervix in there, basting her.

Finished, I pull out fast, a gross squelching sound as my dick whips out of her sloppy hole. I step down, grab her legs and roll her violently onto the aisle floor. Thud. She limply crumples into a weird shape as I walk away, not even looking back. I need a break. I quickly grab the Bitch's purse by her seat and take a walk to the cafe..