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The Simple Life 1: The Belt

2022-10-04 00:17:28

Introduction: Hey guys. So, yes, this is a True Story, with a little embellishment. Names are changed for obvious reason. I suppose I should start with READ THE TAGS. If this is not your kind of story, don't read it. Thank you. Other than that, I hope this to be the beginning of a small series. Although this is the story that I think most deserves publishing, I have plenty of others that should show up soon, including the second (good) half of this one. One more warning: This story has little to no sex, it is all plot and set up. The sex should be out soon. Enjoy!

Maddie says she’s interested

A short, simple text, that nevertheless filled me with no small amount excitement. It was finally going to happen. I was going to get The Belt.

I suppose I should back up.

My name’s John. I’m nineteen, and a sophomore in college. What college isn’t important. I suppose I should describe myself… I’m tall, topping off at about 6’5”, and athletically fit. I’m not ripped, or a bindle of twigs like some track runners, but years of hiking and swimming have left me relatively in shape. I have brown hair, worn just long enough to look scruffy, only helped by the trim beard I wear habitually… not the disgusting, long, untamed things a lot of guys my age seem to pick up, but enough to age my face a little bit.

This story would take a long time to fully explain, and there’s a good chance I’ll get another story out of it at some point, so let me summarize. My junior year of high school, I started dating this attractive, younger punk girl, named Rowan. She was hot – way out of my league, in my opinion at least, but I got it anyways. She was tall for a girl, maybe a hair over 5 and half feet, with long brown hair dyed black at the tips. She had decent tits and a gorgeous ass, but what really drew me to her was her eyes. She had some exotic blood in her family somewhere, giving her big, gorgeous eyes.

We dated for about half a year, during which time we both lost basically ever virginity possible. We even agreed to have a threesome, but never found another girl willing. It was an entertaining time, but eventually, I broke it off. I had decided that the two year age difference between us was just too much difference in maturity. A decision not at all influenced by interest in another girl. Nope.

So fast forward just over a year. I went off to a local college, and lived on campus, leading to a very interesting series of events I’m not going to elaborate on. After my second semester, I moved back home, and took advantage of some time off to go visit an old favorite teacher at my high school. While there, I happened to walk by my old flame… with some scrawny skater guy sucking her face off. Promptly ignoring that, I did notice her hair – she had cut it much shorter, just slightly longer than a guy cut, just long enough for her to still be able to hide parts of her face behind her bangs. The black tips were gone, replaced by lighter highlights. But otherwise, she looked the same, if not hotter. Maturing had agreed with her. We made brief eye contact, and I kept walking.

Later that night, I got a text.

Nice beard

I smiled, immediately recognizing who it was.

Nice hair

And so it began again. Over the summer, we grew closer, and before long, were right back into our wild misadventures, kinkier than ever. We never really talked about commitment, or figuring out what we were to each other – we were having too much fun!

Of course, I was always pushing for that threesome, The Belt, as certain sitcoms would refer to it. There was one girl, a friend of Rowan’s, Maddie. The two had been light heartedly flirting with each other since they both realized they were bi, but it had never gone farther than drunken incidents. And just as the two of us were getting comfortable, Maddie actually got into a committed relationship, with someone she actually didn’t want to cheat on. A shame, but I lived.

It was late September, four months after we had gotten back together, that Rowan mentioned off hand that Maddie has broken up with her boyfriend. Unsurprisingly, she had cheated on him.

Yeah. She was kind of a slut.

My reaction was obvious. “Come on pet, go for it. At least see if she’s interested!”

“I don’t know… I’m kind of pissed with how she’s been lately…”

“I don’t care!” I replied, “I just want this damn threesome, and you know she’d be willing!”

“Fine… I’ll take to her, Master.”

Oh right. I didn’t mention that did I? Rowan, in the intervening year, had picked up a fascination with domination, submission, and light bondage that I was more than willing to entertain.

Plus, I liked her calling me master.

Which brings us back to that text. Which probably makes a lot more sense now.

This Saturday work? I quickly sent back.

I’ll ask her. I think so.

Aight. Let me make some calls. Good job pet, you’ll be rewarded.

Ooo master, can’t wait c:

I immediately grabbed the phone. My town was home to a small, ever growing, airport, so hotels weren’t really hard to find. I called up one I had found, that balanced price and quality, and quickly reserved a room. At this time of year, prices weren’t bad, and I doubted I’d have much in the way of company to worry about.

My second call was to a local sex shop. Don’t give me that look. You all know you have a local sex shop.
Since I had started with Rowan, I had gotten to know the owner of this particular store relatively well. Good guy, but I’m too lazy to come up with a good pseudonym for him. Let’s call him Tony.

“Yo Tony, it’s John. I need that kit for Saturday night.”

“The Belt Box? Sweet shit man!”

“Yeah I know. Just make sure everything’s ready to go. I’ll swing by in the afternoon.”

The Belt Box, as we had taken to calling it, was actually a product called the Menage a Trois Kit, that the store had taken to renting out, for those who couldn’t afford everything it had, but really needed one wild night. Kinda gross, but Tony showed me the thorough cleaning procedures everything went through.

I shot another text to Rowan, with the hotel name and room number. Be there by 6. Have Maddie show up by 7. See you then pet.

The reply came quick. She was obviously just as excited as me. Master are you going to have another slave for me to play with after this?

I think so pet.

The next few days flew by, until it was finally Saturday. I told a quick story to my parents, tld them I wouldn’t be coming home tonight, and slipped out the door. I popped by the shop, picked up the Belt Box from a smirking Tony, and headed to the hotel room.

A smiling, admittedly quite attractive woman, pulled up my information, verified me and gave me my key. Casually, I asked, “Is anyone else nearby this room?”

The woman tapped away at key for a few second before saying “A few business men checked out this morning, but otherwise no. You picked a good time.” She gave me a sly grin. “And why would you be asking about that?”

I smiled back. I liked this girl. “Maybe I can show you tomorrow.” With a quick wink, I was on my way.
I entered the third floor room. Plain enough. A large bed sat in the middle of the room, an old tube TV in an entertainment center against the wall. One bed rooms were cheaper, and I doubted I’d need a second anyways. A plain view of the road and nearby buildings, but that didn’t matter. I quickly closed the blinds. The bathroom was nice, if simple. A standing shower, with enough room for three people. I smiled. That was good.

As 6 approached, I went down to the lobby, and shot the woman another glance. Looking closer, I realized she was younger than I thought, under that official uniform. Probably just over twenty, saving up for school. I shot her another wink as Rowan walked in and I escorted her to the room. Never hurts.

As soon as we were in the room, Rowan was pressed against me liked a bitch in heat. “Oh Master, this room is so nice. Can we just get started now?” As she talked, her hand edged toward my pants.

I slapped her hand away, but leaned down and kissed her passionately. For all the domination talk, I still had deeper feelings for the girl. That made this next part all the more fun. “Hmm… maybe we can pet. How about you strip for Master?”

Rowan’s eyes, half hidden behind her bangs, sparkled as she quickly divested herself of clothing. Her tits, sagging only slightly, were beautiful D cups, and her ass was gorgeous as always. I kissed her harder.

“And now Master take his off?” she asked, hopeful.

“Not quite little pet. Lay down.” I gestured to the bed as I reached underneath. “For the rest of the night,” I said as she laid down, “you are to obey ever order form your Master. No resisting, no questioning. Understand?”

She gave me a look, but nodded. “Yes Master.”

“Good girl. Now, spread your legs.” She happily did, expecting something quite different, as I quickly buckled a leather band, lined with fur on the inside, onto each of her ankles. I then slipped an end of a chain into a loop on each band, and slid the chain under and around the mattress, forcing her legs to be spread open.

Rowan whimpered lightly. “but Master… I thought…”

“That Maddie would get chained up? No. From what you’ve said, she’s the more active of you two.” As I talked, I grabbed her wrists and tied them together, then to the headboard, using a thin silk strip. “No little pet, you don’t get to play with a new slave tonight,” I said as I slipped a thicker strip over her eyes, “you are the toy for the night.”

She whimpered louder. “Master please!” She started pulling at her bonds. I let her. I wanted to make sure they were tight.

“Stop Rowan.” I didn’t yell, but as an aspiring teacher and former Scout instructor, I knew how to put authority into my voice. She immediately stopped. “You agreed to this, pet, and now, you will listen. If you do, you will be rewarded.” I checked the clock. Quarter of 7. “Now, I’m going to go bring Maddie up. When I do, you are to be still and quiet. Fall asleep if you want. But she is to think, for all intents and purposes, that you are unconscious. Understand?”

Rowan nodded, shivering lightly, whether with fear or excitement, I didn’t know. Possibly both. Probably more of the latter, knowing her. “Good girl. I’ll be back soon.”

With that, I walked back down to the lobby, smiling at the girl at the counter as she checked in an older couple, probably just in on a flight. She caught my eye for a second, and I heard, across the room, as she talked to the couple. “I’m sorry, but your room has been changed to the fourth floor. I hope there isn’t any inconvenience…”

As the couple nodded in the negative, I did some quick math and realized the room she put them in was one the opposite side of the hotel from mine, and a floor away. I really liked this girl. Which made the questioning look on her face as I led yet another girl up to my room even more satisfying.

“Where’s Rowan? I thought she’d be with you.” Maddie asked as we rode the elevator to the room.

“She’s in the room already, getting ready.” I replied.

“Oh. Speaking of which, I love that you got an entire hotel room just for this I thought we’d be sneaking around in someone’s basement or something.”

“No, no, that would never do. No fun at all. I can’t do this all the time, but in this case… I thought it was fitting.” I smiled at her, and looked her over. I hadn’t seen the girl in over a year, since I had graduated, and she didn’t disappoint. She had a similar body to Rowan, but leaned even more on the punk end. Lip ring, nose ring, more earrings than I could count. He hair was shaved off on one side, giving it an odd look, made only odder by the cold, electric blue it was dyed. She didn’t have Rowan’s gorgeous eyes, but they were nonetheless sparkling with quite a bit of excitement. She was a bit thinner than Rowan, with the smaller tits and ass that went with it, but was still pretty hot. Good enough for me.

As we walked from the elevator to the room, I brought up Rowan’s odd tastes, knowing that she shared them. “Oh yeah, the whole domination thing. I got her into it a few years ago. I realized that she was a submissive right away, and we had fun, but I got tired of being in charge all the time, y’know?”

I laughed. “Not really. “ She replied with a questioning look that I promptly ignored..

As I opened the door, I quickly stepped around her, blocking her view of the room in general, and the bed specifically. “Now, if you want to go any farther, you have to be my slave. On your knees.” She didn’t move, only raising an eyebrow at me and striking a defiant pose. I sighed internally. It had been like this with Rowan at the beginning too. I had talked to her later, and it came down to wanting to feel dominated, wanting to feel the loss of control. I assumed Maddie had similar tastes.

Without flinching, I slapped her. Not that hard, but enough to get my point across. Then I pinned her against the door, one hand on her throat, my body pressed against hers, and stopped my face less than an inch from hers. Hunger flared in her eyes immediately. “I’m in charge here. Not you. Get that straight now pet.” Her eyes widened and her face shot forward, kissing me roughly, biting and sucking.

I pushed her away and gestured downwards. “Knees. Now.”

Slowly she slid down the floor to her knees. She looked up at me with a look of pure lust on her face, like I had never seen before. “I’m sorry Master. Please punish me however you see fit. Make me your bitch.”

I wide grin filled my mind, though I refused to let it reach my face. It was going to be a good night.