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The lesbian humiliations of Peta 1 – A new submissive life

2022-09-23 00:08:24

Today my office manager called me for a private interview. When I went in, Ms. Amy (Aimeé, “the beloved”) ask me to seat and then, with a big smile, looking into my eyes, she said:

“Peta, I asked you for this chat, this talk because you’re heading for trouble in this office. Your male coworkers complain you don’t socialize with them, not here or outside, with a drink or even a cup of coffee. Since you’re a beautiful girl, I don’t miss their point. They want a chance to flirt and some to lay you in bed. But your great trouble comes from your female coworkers. They said it’s ok you’re shy, but some are openly hostile against you for they think you’re a closet lesbian and probably a very dirty, pervert one”.

I was thunderstruck by a lightning and got dizzy. How the hell they discovered me? I’ve been very cautious, but probably I slipped somewhere: looking attentively to the younger junior employees, undressing them in my mind, specially those of strong character. I overstaying in the women restroom trying to catch a vision of long legs, a panty here, nude feet there, or even a flirting girl eyeing me.

“Peta, are you hearing me? You’re in the verge of big trouble and I’ll have to fire you if we don’t find a solution soon”. Said Ms. Amy with an air of deep concern about me. “We can’t talk more about it here, for even this conversation would seem suspicious to your female haters. And, of course, I guess most of the girls envy you for your beauty and your dazzling smile, when you care to show it to us”, Ms. Amy said.

I was mute, thunderstruck, astonished. I didn’t open my mouth. “Cat got your tongue Peta? Well, we must continue this conversation, tomorrow saturday, in another place at 2:00 pm. Go to the Bar Lounge of the Rendezvous Hotel Perth Central, the one at Mount Street. Now go back to work, Peta”, she said in a mischievous voice.

The rest of my day was fog to me in the middle of my confused mind. Lots of “excuse me, excuse me, excuse me”, lots of “Peta, watch your step!”, “Peta, what the hell are you doing?” and, of course, a Lot of Giggling from almost all the girls as if they knew I was a closet lesbian, which I am.

Next day, Saturday, I consciously bathed, put on makeup scarcely, perfumed and dressed myself the best I could. Ms. Amy saw coming a job crisis for me and she wanted to help me. I run and at 1:55 pm I was seated in the Bar asking for an Appleton State and CocaCola, the classic Cuba, which I drink sometimes. I almost gulped half of it trying to find my courage that was very coward now. I was seeing the entrance to get a few seconds to react before Ms. Amy came to me.

But, Oh My God, an unexpected nasty person came into the Bar of the Rendezvous before Ms. Amy! She’s Marylou, the youngest junior in the company and one of the most attractive girls available. Any of my men coworkers would kill for a single smile from her, and she was even admired the females. To be honest, she was often in my visual radar. She is a brunette, with a black crow half back long hair, legs to kill and small firm breast, But what make her really special was her face; those kissable lips, a beautiful perfect nose and those awesome deep blue eyes so rare to exist framed by her black hair. The whole combination makes her a candidate for a movie star, even if I see her more as a pornstar in the lesbian porn I see home at night that make me cum fully.

I must be honest… In office, sometimes I pretend to read any piece of paper so that my eyes can see slightly above it and feast my eyes for minutes on her body, on those long legs and look, secretly, at the deep blue of her eyes. To make matters worse she saw me and immediately came to me. I couldn’t avoid seeing she was dressed in a floral primaveral miniskirt, a tight blouse over her breasts and a flashing smile.

“Well, well, well, Peta, what a surprise. You in a bar at this hour? Well, happy to see you here. Who’s the mousie little shy girl waiting for? Have you a secret tryst, a sexy date?”, said Marylou endlessy with overacted happiness and eyeing my surprised reaction.

I couldn’t hardly talk after such a tirade. “Hello Marylou, no, no, no, it’s not what you think, I…”, I said.

“Who’s the lucky guy? Robert, Daniel or this guy Jamal? I know, I know, the exotic new boy from Brazil, let me see, Diego Alves!”, insisted her like a teenager fan talking about her pop star.

“No, no, no, not with anyone of our male coworkers…” I kept babbling.

Marylou changed suddenly to a mischievous dirty smile looking straight at me. “Don’t tell me is a girl? Do you know, dear Peta, that a lot of us women listeners to Radio Office Gossip believe you’re a closeted hard lesbian? Just think, you’re always alone, no known boyfriend, no social life, just like a classic lesbian librarian hiding between books reading porn!”.

I was deeply surprised by her open sneer and I began to feel very angered. “Now Marylou, if you think…”

“Now Peta bitch, if you think I haven’t noticed your little glances at me where you undress me in your mind or your visits to the restroom behind me trying to see secretly my legs or, worse, my feet to get a glimpse of my toes, you’re wrong, girl. Since secondary I know my looks attract men and women, especially those young women teachers that ‘care’ a lot for youngsters my age then. And I know you look me as they did: your eyes drool every time they meet mine and you surely have a wet pussy after”, said Marylou.

“You just…”, I said, but she interrupted. “You just shut up, Peta. I came to tell you Ms. Amy is waiting you in an Executive Room for whatever she pleases to tell you. I’m here to lead you there. So shut up, bitch, and follow me NOW”.

I followed her in the middle of one of the worsts crisis and humiliations in my life. She knew and she knew well I craved for her sexually. I kept silence and followed her submissively.

Finally she knock a door with a simple code and it opened. Inside was Ms. Amy and she made us pass in. “Welcome Peta. I hope Marylou treated you as you deserve. Please sit and be comfortable”. To Marylou: “That’s all pet. Wait for me where you know. I’ll deal with you later”. And Marylou closed the door politely.

I was a nervous wreck already by Marylou’s scorn and my humiliation. I didn’t know what to say and Ms. Amy took notice. “Peta, you’re too nervous. What happened? Did Marylou tell you something about the matter of our conversation?”.

I babbled again, I did nothing but babbling in shame since I sat on the Rendezvous’ Bar. “Yessss, Ms. Amy. I. I, I guess she…”

“That Marylou knows your lesbian secret? Yes, she does, I told her”. I began to shake slightly. “But Peta, it has all a reason behind. She is the only one that’s sure of it, the only one that knows it’s true. So, I have to stop her before talking to the other girls and women. To stop this gossip about you being a closet lesbian I had to intervene immediately, especially with her. Not a single word will come out from her. I ordered her and I know very well she’ll obey me”, said Ms. Amy.

“So Peta, please, stand up and tell me how you wish I help you. But before you do, I must warn you I’ll ask you for payment before I grant your wish. So think about it. There’s no rush”.

“I’m so tired of hiding, Ms. Amy. So tired of not touching or be touched. I wish to belong top a group where every girl knows what I am and they accept me. I just tired”, I said whimpering.

“Before I grant you all these, you must know I’ll take care that nothing from outside will touched and you must trust this. !’m command a group of six girls and two female guests, so we’re eight. You won’t hide anything to them, and to the outside all will cooperate to build you a pleasant social life. You’ll touch and be touch by them. If you wish a girlfriend from outside, we’ll help, but she’ll never know us. But beware Peta, we have a hierarchy. You’ll be the lowest of us, a submissive lesbian for I detect that’s your main trait. You’ll be a lesbian fucksow to all fo us, to obey our every sexual desire, even the smallest or meanest or sadistic. Do you agree, Peta?, asked Ms. Amy

My heart and mind were chaos, turmoil, impulses. Contradictory feelings sprout, one fighting the other, and my reason was foggy. But my lust has arisen above all others. My doom was sealed when I threw my arms to her and embrace Ms. Amy, and she hugged me.

“Granted, Peta”, she just said.

And with all the clarity of dream, the innermost question in my being arised. “Ami, will you love me?”

She tensed, broke my hug and said coldy: “That Peta, IS another wish and question. At this stage only one wish is granted to you”. I felt I’ve lost an opportunity here to clarify things. I hoped to hear the answer in the future.

“Now, two things. First: in the inner circle or when we’re alone I’m Mistress Amy fort you. Second: from this second on you’re a submissive lesbian slave, and you’ll be tested constantly as one. No mercy you’ll find when punished by your wrongs. Your name is whore Peta, slut Peta, fresh meat Peta, slave Peta, worm Peta, roach Peta, moron Peta, dumb, stupid, bitch, hooker, cat piss, whatever we wish to call you. You’re nothing now but a sexual doll for us that we can break anytime if we wish. We’ll humiliate and degrade you to the upmost”, she said.

“Yes Amy…” SLAPPP CRACKKKKK and my head turned aside by her hard slap in my left cheek. “Mistress Amy, you moron cunt!”.

“Now strip your clothes until you’re topless”, Mistress Amy ordered. I slowly began to take off my top clothes until my breasts were naked. Mistress Amy approached me very slowly eyeing them. She put both her hands first in my left breast and weighted it with knowledge, like a full seasoned buyer in a cattle exhibition. Then, she weighted my right breast for a time, them both. Just after an eternity for me, she let out a mischievous smile of satisfaction. Her new sow was worth the payment: I was a good purchase, a bargain to be true for I was unconsciously very willing to be a submissive lesbian slave.

Still smiling, she put the nail of her index finger on my areola and started to rotate it around my nipple slowly, very slowly. My nipple sprang with lust and it was noticeable for her.

Still seeing my eyes and smiling my new Mistress Amy said “Oh, your nipple betrays you Peta bitch. Your nipple is a willing submissive slave, she desires to be battered soon. Do you agree with her Peta? Do you?”

I was deeply embarrassed. I blushed immediately knowing this was just the beginning of my humiliations, of my lesbian enslavement, of my deep degradation. I could mark the beginning but I hadn’t then the slightest idea when it would end or how.

“Oh God, how innocent you’re still Peta, you’re blushing with just my nail. What happens when I use both?”, so with her other hand she put a nail over my other areola and began to make circles around both. I just let my head fall back in the middle of my first lesbian ecstasy with another woman's touch after so long of wanting it. I was in heaven just with two of her nails. “What will happen to me?”, was my last clear thought before surrendering absolutely to Mistress Amy.

She stopped and turned to sit on the leather coach. “Now, bitch Peta, what do you want to do me?”, Mistress Amy said.

I was possessed by a fog of lust, released after so much time. Nobody told how except my beloved lesbian porn, what to do next. I kneeled before her and she then opened her legs to me so I saw for the first time her pussy. Awesome, with a very flirty small hair feather above her pussy, neatly cared for. I drooled at its sight and she saw it.

“No, slave, no. You must yet earn, with your unquestionable and deep submission, my grace to adore my pussy. Not yet, bitch”, said Mistress Amy. The Promised Pussy Land still forbidden I let my eyes wander to her feet. “Better, slave Peta. But not yet my toes for the same reason. What will you do know?”.

I was not my old self anymore. I was now the new Peta, the lesbian submissive slave, the degraded fuck sow ready to do my Mistress Amy will, from the tiniest wish to the more revolting and nastiest pervert sex act she commands me to do in the future… and after them I’ll do more and worse than her commands, because I really want her to love my submission.

So I threw myself at her feet and began to lick her shoes, those marvelous black Louboutin high heeled shoes. I took them out of her feet and I saw her toes with ravenous hunger but I stopped myself- So I began to suck those long pointed High Heels with adoration, letting her she how carefully I sucked and licked them, one after another and both at the same time. Letting her she my humid tongue cleaning every inch of her shoes while staying in four legs like a lesbian bitch in heat. She smiled openly. I lasted minutes sucking and licking for the first time a pair of elegant High Heels. In time I’d discover it was a particular fetish of my future lesbian real protector but I won’t name her, not yet: She had infected all this lesbian group, even Mistress Amy, with this pervert sign of a lesbian slave full submission and symbol of the dominatrix full power over the will of her fuck sow.

As I sucked the High Heels with passionate lust, Mistress Amy ordered me: “Now listen your next command, slave Peta. Next Monday you’ll go to Marylou’s home. She’ll dress you and torture your body as I command you now to let her do it and as I ordered her before to perform. She won’t mock you anymore, she’ll be nice and professional, for you now belong to us. Do you understand, slut Peta?”.

I said “Yes” with my mouth full of a black High Heel inserted to the bottom of my mouth.

“So, whore Peta, you have my permission to come”, she granted my unspoken desire gracefully.

And I was there, humiliated and degraded for my first official time as fuck sow, as lesbian slave. On all fours like a bitch feeding on my Mistress Amy shoes. I masturbated with my right, playing furiously my clit like an electric rock guitar. And I came, I came, I came for first time under her command… And when I finally woke up from the fog, Amy was still there smiling mischievously.