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The Knotty Ladies Club pt. 2

2022-12-28 03:08:47

The Knotty Ladies Club

Pt. 2

By Drakon

Kim awoke to the gentle rise and fall of Toby’s chest and his soft fur tickling her sensitive nipples as she laid spooned against his back in the large king size bed. The cool cotton sheets were in a tangled mess from their rough housing before bed. They had fallen asleep exhausted from the night’s festivities but now Kim was feeling a familiar tingle in her loins. A warm sensation building inside her that would surely need attention. She tossed the covers off and rested her cheek on Toby’s muscular neck. Her hand moved across his deep chest, caressing his velvety coat. Toby groaned deeply at Kim’s touch, rolling onto his back to give her better access.

Kim shifted then resumed her petting, working her way down Toby’s enormous body. At times her caresses made one of his hind legs kick spastically and she would giggle at finding a ticklish area on him. Her eyes surveyed the beast lying next to her and she finally got a true picture of just how big he really was. From his nose to the base of his tail, he was as long as Kim was tall. He easily out weighed her by a good twenty or thirty pounds but what impressed her most about him was how gentle he was with her. He definitely fucked her hard and thorough but he never hurt her or made her feel frightened, and she liked that.

Her thoughts drifted back to the previous nights events and it all seemed like a dream. If it wasn’t for her aching muscles, she would be convinced it was only a dream. Being on display like she had been was not in her character but she felt a thrill, a charge of sexual energy she had never experienced before as she rode that odd carousel before all those women. They had lust in their eyes but was it for her or Toby, or for the animals sitting beside them, she couldn’t be sure. Their cries of ecstasy mingling with hers as they were tied with their partners as she was to Toby, made the atmosphere come alive around her, feeding her lustful desires and increasing the intensity of her orgasms.

A powerful tremor ran through Kim’s body, snapping her out of the past. She realized her hand had found her throbbing clit and was no longer massaging Toby. He was sniffing the air when she returned to stroking his soft coat.

“I’m sorry I stopped…I was day dreaming about last night and how good you made me feel,” she cooed softly in his ear, resuming her gentle petting.

Kim’s eyes were drawn to Toby’s sheath and large balls. His testicles looked like a pair of plums in a furry sack attached to a stuffed gym sock. The tip of his fiery red cock was peeking out from its protective cover, stirring more urgent desire in her. Kim’s tiny hand closed around the pulsating sheath and she slowly stroked it. More of his cock emerged and it became thicker, harder with each passing second. A warm wetness seeped from her sex and onto her inner thigh.

Kim shifted position and knelt at Toby’s waist never removing her hand from his cock. Soon all nine thick inches were exposed and she could feel the bulge of his knot forming. Her heart was pounding and her pussy drooled with excitement and anticipation. She couldn’t wait any longer and straddled Toby, squatting over him on the balls of her feet, placing a hand on his chest for balance. Toby was thrusting his hips, trying to find her wet opening, making it difficult for her to guide his cock to its target. With a little work, she managed to get the pre cum spitting tip inside her.

“Ooooooo…That’s better!” she purred as more of is steely cock slid in, “Fuck me baby…Fuck me good! Mmmmmm.”

Toby tried to thrust faster but the unnatural position didn’t allow him to pound her with his full power or speed. Kim compensated by meeting his thrusts with her own downward motion and they both seemed to be happy. She could feel an orgasm stalking her and she knew it wouldn’t be long before it pounced. She was bouncing and rocking her hips to his frantic lunges, panting and moaning with each stroke. When Toby made a sudden thrust and slammed his swelling knot against her inflamed clit, Kim’s orgasm took hold and ravished her. She bit her lip to keep from screaming but she couldn’t contain her lustful moans and animalistic grunts as she plunged down on Toby’s pistoning cock harder and harder.

Toby’s knot slid into Kim’s convulsing pussy for a brief moment then came out with an audible pop, but the next time it went in, she was ready and held still while clenching it tightly, giving it time to swell and lock them together for as longs as possible. It took all her concentration to remain motionless as she was still in the throws of orgasm. Once Kim was sure they were firmly tied she dropped to her knees to enjoy the wonderful sensations she was feeling. The tightness of his swollen member and knot pressing against her inner walls was keeping her orgasm going but then Toby erupted inside her and new, more intense waves of pleasure crashed into her. Kim’s head rested on Toby’s chest as her hands moved over his rib cage. She was gasping for breath, groaning and grunting, while rocking her hips forward and back but she couldn’t move too far since Toby’s knot was holding her firmly.

Toby lay contentedly underneath her, pumping his seed into her womb as Kim continued to bring herself to orgasm over and over again. There was something about this position and how Toby’s cock and knot moved inside her that made Kim crazy. She couldn’t seem to stop herself from moving as if she was trying to scratch an itch she couldn’t reach. Her body trembled uncontrollably as one orgasm blended into the next. She was in her own little world, a sexual cocoon of orgasmic bliss when she heard a voice softly calling her name. At first she thought she was mistaken, then she heard it again; the faint sound of a woman’s voice.

“Kim…I’m sorry to disturb you but I just wanted to let you know breakfast is going to be served shortly,” the voice said.

Kim opened her eyes and turned toward the door to her room. Kate was standing a few steps inside wearing nothing but her burgundy robe and carrying a second, smiling at her. Shock and surprise shot across Kim’s face as she felt her cheeks flush red. Her mouth opened to say something but only a guttural groan escaped as she experienced another orgasm.

“Its ok honey, you don’t have to be down right away. Enjoy yourself then come down when you’re ready,” Kate said smiling, placing the second robe over a chair, “You aren’t the only one who’ll be late.”

“I’m sorry…I’ll be down…in a little bit…OH GOD!” Kim was cut off by the waves of pleasure.

Kate moved to her side and caressed Kim’s hair as the tiny woman convulsed, “Take your time my dear.”

Kim turned and kissed Kate in a moment of passion. Kate returned her affection and maintained the kiss as long as Kim wanted. When Kim pulled away gasping Kate smiled again at her.

“It looks like he’s filling you up good.”

Kim looked down at her normally flat abdomen and saw what Kate meant, it was visibly distended. As she straightened up it became more pronounced with Toby’s cock now pressing against her insides even more, but that wasn’t the only reason. His enormous cock and knot had her pussy so completely full that the cum he was filling her with had no place to go because his knot had her sealed up like a cork in a bottle.

“Oh my God!” she exclaimed, running a hand over her bulging belly.

Kate left her side for a moment, returning with a towel from the bathroom.

“You’ll need this when he eventually shrinks. Oh…and if you can manage it, you might want to turn around. That way you can lay down if your legs start to cramp,” she said then gave her a quick peck on the cheek as she headed for the door, “I’ll see you down stairs when you’re done…Have fun.”

Kim didn’t respond. She kept staring at her stomach. She couldn’t believe it; she looked like she was a couple months pregnant. She new it wasn’t possible to get pregnant from a dog but the thought of her carrying Toby’s puppies gave her a wonderful feeling. To truly be bred by him and have his off spring sent a wave of delight coursing through her. Kim felt her pussy contract and a fresh orgasm rocked her world. She collapsed forward again grinding her pelvis into Toby to extract every bit of pleasure from her current monumental release.

Kim was panting from the exertion and then felt her right calf begin to cramp. She sat up straight and extended her leg, massaging the aching muscle. It was then she remembered Kate’s words, ‘Oh…and if you can manage it, you might want to turn around. That way you can lay down if your legs start to cramp.’ Fortunately Kim was very limber and was able, with some difficulty, to reverse her position. Feeling his cock and knot shifting insider, made Kim cum again. She was able to coax Toby to roll onto his side so she could lie down. They were spooning again, but this time Toby’s chest was against her back. Kim got the towel under her hips and reached for a pillow to curl up with then just relaxed as best she could, allowing her pussy to milk her lover of every last drop of sperm.

Kim had nearly drifted back to sleep when Toby’s knot pulled free, followed by his deflating cock and a pint of their combined fluids. Toby rolled over and began cleaning himself as Kim tried to mop up the cum oozing from her pussy. She was thankful she had put the towel under her or the sheets would have been soaked. Toby got up and hopped off the bed. Kim rolled onto her back and noticed her ‘pregnant’ belly was gone. She chuckled then closed her eyes for a moment, trying to imagine how she would breast feed a litter of puppies with only two tits. Toby scratching at the door and whining made her realize she should get downstairs to breakfast and return Toby to his kennel to be fed and allow him to take care of other needs.

Kim emerged from her room, wearing her new robe and led Toby to the stairs. She met Tonya in the hall, leading Buster, a huge tan Mastiff, the same direction. Kim remembered her from last night being the one to have seemingly set off the chain reaction of all the dogs turning with her deep groan. Tonya stood 5’-9” and would definitely be considered a BBW at 185 pounds but her height helped in her proportions. Kim could still recall Tonya’s big round ass pressed against Buster’s as he filled her with his cum. Kim had always had an attraction to bigger women than herself but she didn’t know why. They smiled at one another as they strolled down the hall.

“Kate said I wasn’t gonna be the only one late to breakfast,” Tonya said with a mischievous grin.

“She told me the same thing,” Kim replied, “I wonder if there’s anyone else still in their rooms?”

“Probably not since we all know how good of a cook Kate is.”

“Well then why did you stay in so late?” Kim asked the beautiful black woman.

“Darlin’, it’s my birthday today and Buster here gave me my first present,” she replied, giving Buster a hearty pat on the back.

“Happy Birthday!” Kim said giving her a hug.

“Thank you!” Tonya replied.

As the two women walked down the stairs chatting and laughing, they met Kate waiting for them at the bottom.

“It’s about time you two got down here!” she said with her hands on her hips and doing a poor job of faking her anger, “The pastries are getting cold. I’ll take them. Go get something to eat before it’s all gone.”

Kate took Toby and Buster’s leashes and led them to the kennel while Kim and Tonya joined the others for breakfast. They were hit with a barrage of cat calls and jeers as they entered the dining room from the other members sitting around the table. They got plates from a side board and began loading them with fresh baked cinnamon rolls, eggs, bacon and fruit. Kim poured herself some coffee and offered to do the same for Tonya who eagerly nodded. The two late arrivals had just made themselves comfortable and started eating the sumptuous meal when Kate returned and asked for the group’s attention.

“I hope everyone had a good time last night?” Kate said and was met by a rousing cheer from all at the table, “And I hope the food has met with your approval?”

Again a cheer went up as the women applauded Kate’s excellent cooking. Once the noise died down, Kate continued.

“As you can see, Kim is no longer wearing the robe of a virgin but is now a full fledged member of our club. I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful display you put on for us last night, it was very sexy!” Kate’s words brought another cheer, this time for Kim, “But today we have one more thing to celebrate, its Tonya’s Birthday and I have a special present for her that she will receive this afternoon by the pool after we get back from our little spa adventure. So when you ladies are finished with breakfast and get yourselves together, meet out front and we can go.”

Everyone except Kim and Tonya collected their dishes and put them in the kitchen then started for their rooms to get ready. They congratulated Kim on her initiation and her arousing performance. Tonya also received congratulations for her birthday along with hugs and kisses from the others. Both Kim and Tonya then finished their meal and returned to their rooms to make ready for the days adventures.