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The detention

2022-10-11 00:11:36

It was an unusally cool November afternoon...however the sun determinedly shone down as Christine slowly walked through the school court yard to the Associate Prinicpals office.

Dressed in the private schools uniform, the girl felt anxious and excited in an incredibly erotic combination. The skirt was short – as was the new dress code, and the white blouse clung to her ripe firm breasts. The cool late autumn air forced through the light blouse material seducing her nipples and teasing them as they constantly remained erect, firm.

The new associate principal had banned the use of underwear for certain girls in the senior year of their priveledged education at the exclusive and private institution. Another new rule for selected girls including the one in question was that at her pussy was to be shaved, at all times.

She discovered quickly that this was incredibly arousing in conjunction with the underwear ban, and felt embarassed to admit that that she was permanently in heat, wet and hungry for cardinal pleasure.

The rules of the school were incredibly strict. Almost too strict for some of the more 'adventurous' students. She smiled to herself that she always seemed to be in trouble and sent for detention in the executive suite of the school. Infringements seem so regular since the new Associate Principal started earlier that year. Her long blonde hair flowed down her back, softly rustling in the light breeze that was slowly picking up as the late afternoon crept in. Her firm large breasts fought to be released from her starch white blouse, and the pussy juice began to drip slowly down her thighs as she hastened her pace as she approached the principals office.

Mr Simons, an attractive and sensual 34 year old man heard the girls nervous knock on the wooden door and without looking up he called for her to enter. Christine's breathing as usual became shallow as she began feeling intensely nervous as she entered the room. She was incredibly attracted to the teacher and felt her juices in between her legs naturally increase.

As per the new custom Christine stood in the centre of the room, legs slightly more than shoulder length apart and arms tidily folded behind her back, eyes lowered to the floor.

“Do you know why you have been summoned here this afternoon, Miss Clarke?”, the principal asked, still refusing to look up and visually acknowledge the girl in front of him.

“No Sir, I have no fucking idea”. Christine knew the basic rules by now, and how this little game would work. However she was fundamentally rebellious and Peter knew that even though he had a girl he could train to be his slut it would take some work to bend her completely to his will.

“That is no way to address your superior Miss Clarke”. Peter smiled to himself – he loved when she played the bad naughty girl, as much as the totally submissive slave.

“Well I fucking don't”, Christine retorted knowing that this was no doubt to her principals liking.

The prinicpal leaned back in his chair and looked at the girl inf ront of him. He could feel his cock harden as he swept his eyes over her very beautiful and erect nipples.

Well lets review shall we. It appears that by your demenor in my Science class today you forgot to 'wear' the items I have personally instructed you to 'wear' during every class you attend of mine.”
An involuntary blush of embarassment rose to her cheeks. She had been instructed by her teacher that during every class he taught of hers she was to have an anal plug in her and the remote vibrator he gave her as soon as the met at the beginning of the year.

Mr Simons mentioned that this was to teach her an important life lesson - how to concentrate regardless of any distractions that she may have to face. This was an important life lesson, he said, as to be successful in life one must cope with both pleasant and unpleasant distractions that one would be likely to come across.

“Sir we had a double period and a lab today – I chose not to wear the 'accessories' as it becomes painful having to hold them without being allowed to cum”.

“Not good enough, you are to always wear these 'accessories' while in my presence – understand?” Mr Simonsfirm authoritarian tone made Christines legs shake a little.

“I went to play with you via the remote and it became clear you were not plugged”. “Assume position 2 - Bend over the desk”. Christine moved gingerly over to the desk – knowing, fearing and gratefully anticipating what was to come.

Christine placed her stomach on the desk – with her arse sticking up, her skirt sliding away exposing her naked arse cheeks. Peter stood up and moved behind the girl, slowly moving his fingertips over the girls legs and up her thighs. He felt her body lightly shudder as his hand continued to her soaking wet slit. He gently glided his fingers over her mound and over her slit. Rubbing her arse cheeks, and circled his finger over the opening to her anus. A moan escaped Christine's lips. The sexual anticipation building in the room along with the smell of her sex.

“Miss Clarke – what is your purpose?” Christine felt his breath over her ear as he quietly whispered in her ear.

“To serve you Sir”, the answer made Christine shudder in pleasure. This was the mantra he had made her repeat over and over again, and she had grown to learn the truth of her desire within the statement.

“What else my slut?” Peter continued to caress her butt cheeks with one hand as he removed his belt from his pants with the other.

“To do everything necessary to fufill all your desires and fantasies Sir”, the sexual tension was building within her, and she began to feel her body shake. “To give you my body fully at anytime for any reason. To be your pet and your property ”.

Peter smiled – he had trained her well. She was growing into what he had always desired, a loving, willing and talented submissive lover. “Good girl. You deserve a reward my pet. You get to have my belt for twenty strokes. Each stroke you are to count and to thank me for allowing you this honour. “

“Yes Sir....one, Sir thank you....two, Sir thank you.”

Peter took his time with his belt – slowly growing in the pace of the lashings. He noticed that his pets voice getting shaky on the 8th stroke and by the fifteeth her sensed she was ripe and ready as just a couple of tears hit the desk below her body.

On the twentieth stroke, Peter walked away from the desk and sat on the soft felt chair opposite the desk.

“Get up, strip and kneel in front of me”. Christine loved how commanding her favourite teacher could be and despite the now cheery red arse cheeks she moved quickly to meet his demands. Wearing only a school skirt, a blouse and heels (another new item on the dress code) it was pretty much a non event to strip totally naked. Another hot flush reached the girls cheeks, as she felt her Masters eyes on her as she stripped until she was totally nude as he sat in front of her.

Kneeling in front of him she felt a sudden desperate urge to feel the bulge that was pertruding from his pants, deep in her throat. She loved his cock, and seemingly could never get enough of feeling her tounge over it, or his hot cum trickling down her throat.

“Do you want this my little pet?”
“Yes please Sir, I really want to feel your cock in my mouth”.

And with that, the zipper was pulled down and Peter felt his cock swallowed whole by the girl in front of him.

The surges through Peters body began to build. He always loved his time with this girl and constantly thought of ways to 'punish' her and enjoy her body. Just as he felt he was close to climaxing he pulled out of her mouth – he was nowhere finished with her yet.

“Assume position 3”, he muttered as he pushed the chair back and kneeled on the floor. Obediently Christine turned away from her lover, and laid her head on the floor – leaving her arse in the air. She parted her legs – to ensure her thighs were apart and both her pussy and arse holes were opened for her Dominant. Peter slowly moved his fingers over the outside of both holes – causing Christine to shudder, moaning and longing that he would penertrate her. His fingers slowly entered into her pussy his fingered becoming layered in her juice. He pushed one finger deep within her, and slowly added another finger. Christine began to shudder, feeling her orgasm rise within her. This man had such a intense affect on her, and the feeling of him pushing yet another finger inside of her made her groan loudly.

“You are not to come”, Peter instructed and a deep gutteral groan rose from the girls lips. Her walls of her pussy dripping as it self lubricated to cope with the intensity of the strain on her hole. She felt the pressure on her stomach as her lover stuffed his fourth finger and finally his thumb inside of her.

He began pounding her with his fist, and her body started to shake more with every plunging movement...tears of pleasure and frustration started to rise in her eyes, desperate not to allow herself to cum. Her teacher pulled his fist out of her now gapping hole and pushing her body into doggy style position he pushed his hard cock into her soaking wet pussy. He started to pound her hard and seemingly out of nowhere a deep shudder gripped her body as her body exploded into orgasm, her muscles pulsating and contracting madly as she screamed in estasy. Her dominant lover kept pounding her pussy then pulled out and plunged deep into her arsehole. As her withdrew his cock, Christine's pussy flooded as she squirted and gushed all over the hard wooden floors. As his strokes grew harder and more intensive, another orgasm gripped her body as waves of pleasure flooded her senses as she felt his cock explode deep inside of her.

The two lovers collasped on the floor – exhausted and spent. Peter pulled his pet to him, and as she curled up into him she whispered “aren't you glad I talked you into role playing baby??”.