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The Bestiality Cruise - Part 1: The Cat

2022-10-20 00:50:51


“Are you fucking kidding me?” was my reaction when my mother informed me that every single one of my female relatives had gotten together and offered me a five-day cruise for my eighteenth birthday. The only downside was that they were coming along for the trip. But that was fine, because I had been so busy with my studies that I had barely spent any time with them at all. It would be like a five day birthday party.

Little did I know, the trip I was about to embark on would do more than simply bring me closer to my family. It would also be putting an end to my virginity and making me discover the incredible vastness of the world of sexuality. And all that because of a cruise. A bestiality cruise.

Part 1: The Cat

The cruise was everything I pictured and more. The ship was immense and there seemed to be an endless variety of activities to help me occupy my time. Unfortunately, I would not be enjoying any of them in the near future. Less than an hour after boarding, I began to suffer from the worst case of seasickness in history. I could barely stand, let alone ponder the thought of sitting down for a bite or going dancing at the onboard nightclub.

I somehow made it down to my room and locked myself in. The last thing I wanted was for one of my relatives to come a-knocking in the hopes of persuading me to join them. All I wanted to do was lie down and remain that way for the foreseeable future.

As I entered my living chambers for the next few days, I was struck with a realization. My relatives must have paid a fortune to take me on this cruise. The word “room” did not seem grandiose enough for what I discovered behind the door marked with a large “69”. “Penthouse suite” would have been more accurate, though that too seemed insufficient. “Presidential suite” was the best term I could come up with.

Everywhere I looked, I was struck with a new, shockingly pleasing surprise. My first stop was the bathroom. After vacating what little food I had left in my stomach, I glanced around. My jaw almost dropped open when I discovered a hot tub and the largest shower I had ever seen. It could easily have fit ten people. Once I was certain my stomach had settled, I continued the tour.

The lounge was richly decorated and seemed more appropriate for a castle than a ship. The only thing that seemed out of the place was the painting that hung from the wall. The technique used was incredibly lifelike, yet the subject matter was a little disturbing. The artwork portrayed a beautiful young woman and a studly dog. I would not have given the painting a second thought had the two subjects not been sharing a passionate, tongue-filled kiss.

I stared at the painting for a few more seconds before my heart lurched in my chest. For a second, I thought more of my lunch was on its way up, but the queasy feeling soon passed. Forgetting all about the odd painting, I headed for the suite’s main attraction. The bedroom.

“Wow!” I gasped in awe as I pushed the double doors leading to the master bedroom. The sleeping chamber was bigger than all the other rooms combined. Like the lounge, it was richly decorated and also had a bestiality-themed painting hanging from the wall. This one showed the same young woman as before, only this time the studly canine had mounted her and seemed to be halfway through… well, you get the point.

I quickly forgot about the odd perversity of the artwork when I spotted the bed. It was easily four times the size of my bed at home and was equipped with golden silk sheets. Drawn to it like a moth to flame, I literally dove across the room to reach it. But the mattress was softer than air and I barely felt a thing.

A relieved sigh escaped me as I decided a quick nap would be the best thing to help me fight the seasickness. I knew I should take the time to remove my clothes and slip under the covers, but I was too comfortable to even consider moving. So I just lay there and waited for sleep to take me.

Have you ever tried to sleep on a rollercoaster? This was worse. The ship was massive and barely even rocked as it sliced through the ocean waves, yet I felt every single one of them. My heart leapt in my chest every few seconds and I was constantly plagued with the urge to throw up. There was no way I could fall asleep under such circumstances. But still I tried.

It took almost half an hour, but I eventually gave up. Sleep would not come and if I ever hoped to put my seasickness behind me, I had to find a way to distract myself. During my futile attempt at slumber, I had spent quite a few minutes staring at the perverse painting and could not help but be drawn to it. But it was not until now that I finally realized why.

My eyes widened in shock as I realized I was aroused. I tried to reason it was a mere side-effect of my missed masturbation session—being a virgin, I was required to pleasure myself at least once a day to keep my urges contained—but knew that was not true. I had skipped them before and never had I been turned on by a woman and a dog being intimate. Until now.

I tried to figure out the cause for my perverse feelings, but no matter how hard I tried to explain them, I could not. But I knew thinking clearly would be impossible until I came down from my sexual high, so I did the only thing I could. I decided to masturbate.

Getting to my feet, I steadied myself and headed over to the nearby mirror. I know this will sound odd, but I love to watch myself get undressed. It turns me on and always makes pleasuring myself more enjoyable. I have no idea if it means I am secretly a lesbian or if the cause is more perverse, but I honestly do not care.

I may have felt like throwing up, I looked as hot as ever. Brushing my platinum-blond locks aside, I curled my lips into a seductive smile. My sparkling blue eyes traveled down to my chest moments after the skin-tight dress I had been wearing was removed. I never wore underwear and my perky breasts were instantly revealed. I smiled as I noticed the erect nipples that stood atop them. My gaze then traveled downward just as I turned to the side. I do not usually like to brag, but I had a butt you could bounce a quarter out of. The final detail I took in was my pussy. I always maintained it shaved, but kept a thin landing strip of blonde curls. It was my way of giving it a little personality. Not that anyone would see it anytime soon. Or so I thought.

By the time I was done, I was hornier that I had been in quite some time. Momentarily forgetting about my queasiness, I hurried back to the bed. A soft moan flowed past my lips as I began slowly, sensually teasing my clit. When I could bear the teasing no more, I spread my labia and slid a finger inside.

“Oh yes!” I moaned softly. I had not been this wet in some time and my digit easily slid in. Slowly pulling it out, I brought it up to my lips and sucked it clean. The faintly sweet taste convinced me to return for seconds. But as soon as I had returned to the source, my arousal convinced me a snack could wait.

“Fuck!” I breathed faintly as I added a second finger. The digits glided in and out of me, increasing my arousal with each new stroke. It only took a few seconds before I felt an orgasm grow within me. I continued for a few seconds before…

Knock! Knock! Knock!

I froze.

“Who could that be?” I wondered. I considered pretending I had not heard the knock, but I knew I would not be able to concentrate until I knew was at the door. Sighing, I got to my feet and, after dealing with a few seconds of dizziness, I hurried to the door.

Halfway there, I realized I was still naked. I almost back stepped all the way to the master bedroom, but instead grabbed a bathrobe from the bathroom.

“Who is it?” I called out as I reached the door.

“Room service,” said a woman’s voice.

“I didn’t order r…” I began as I pulled the door open, but the last few words died in my throat when I laid eyes on the server. She was barely older than me and dressed in the skimpiest uniform I had ever seen. Perhaps it was because I had been on the verge of climax when she had interrupted me, but I instantly fell in love with her. She was just so beautiful. So sensual. So alluring.

“I heard you were feeling ill and thought you could use a little something to help distract you,” explained the young woman.

“That was so thoughtful of you,” I said as I stepped aside to let her in.

“It’s my pleasure,” she assured as she pushed a food trolley into the room. I am ashamed to admit this, but I took advantage of the situation to look at her butt. That was a bad idea, because it made me want her even more.

I was so busy struggling to keep my hands to myself that I did not even consider the fact that my feelings for this beautiful stranger meant I was attracted to girls. Little did I know, girls were not the only thing I was attracted to.

“Enjoy,” she said once the trolley was safely inside. Without another word spoken, she headed for the door.

“Hold on,” I said. “I’ll go get my wallet.”

“No need,” she assured me. “It’s on the house.” And with that, she was gone.

I stood there for a few seconds. So much had happened in such a short time and I had a lot to figure out. Was I a lesbian? Would I ever see that beautiful young woman again? And what about my odd attraction to that bestiality-themed painting? But all that mattered now was finding out what that beautiful server had brought me. I did not plan on eating it given my seasickness, but I was still curious.

What I discovered beneath that large cloche was like nothing I could have expected. I had anticipated some fancy plate of seaming food. Instead, I discovered a cat. A live, purring cat.

I was so surprised that I dropped the cloche. Frightened by the noise, the feline jumped off the trolley and raced into the lounge. After a few seconds of frozen stupor, I hurried after him. I found the grey feline resting atop one of the chaises. He just lay there, purring like it was the most natural thing in the world.

“What the hell is going on?” I wondered aloud. First the bestiality-themed paintings, then room service delivering a live cat instead of food. It was not until I put the two together that it finally made sense.

I now had a theory, but I needed proof. I recalled noticing a card accompanying what I had initially assumed to be a food platter. Rushing back toward the trolley, I retrieved the card and all of my suspicions were suddenly confirmed.

Dear Miss Lez,

We heard you were feeling ill. Please accept this little treat on the house.

The staff of the Bestiality Cruise

I read the card half a dozen times before accepting it was not a typo. It had actually said “Bestiality Cruise”. The oddly perverse paintings I had noticed earlier suddenly made sense. As did the cat’s presence.

“Do they actually expect me to have sex with it?” I wondered as I returned to the lounge and studied the feline. He looked like any other house pet, yet I got the feeling he had been specially trained to be much more than that.

It took me a while, but I eventually wrapped my mind around the fact that I was on a bestiality bruise. Unfortunately, accepting this brought with it many unanswered questions. Did my mother actually know what type of cruise this was? If so, did that mean she had sex with animals before? And what about the rest of my family? Were they in on it too?
All those questions made my head throb. That, combined with my seasickness told me I was in desperate need of release. Sexual release.

I eyed the feline for a second before reprimanding myself for even thinking of giving bestiality a try. But there was no denying how perversely enticing it was. Still, I knew I could not make such a major decision in my current state. I first had to get rid of my arousal. And the best way to do that was to finish what I had started before discovering the perverse nature of this cruise.

Leaving the cat behind, I returned to the master bedroom. Unfastening my bathrobe, I let it slide to the floor. Now fully naked, I climbed onto the bed and lay down upon its soft surface. As my hand traveled to my labia, my eyes instinctively traveled to the painting on the wall.

It took a few seconds before I realized what was happening. By then, it was too late. Simply laying eyes on that sinfully enticing artwork informed me that my curiosity could not be denied any longer.

“I can’t believe I’m actually considering this,” I thought as I stopped what I was doing and hopped off the bed. After fighting off another dizzy spell, I joined the grey feline in the lounge. He was right where I left him. Peering up at me, he continued to purr.

I could not help but smile. He was just so cute. But cute and sexy were two very different things. Could I really go through with this? Did I really want my first time to be with an animal? And with a cat, no less? But there was only one way to find out.

“What’s your name?” I asked as I crouched next to the chaise and searched the animal’s collar for a tag. There was none, so he would forever remain nameless. But anonymity was not such a bad thing given what I was getting ready to do.

“Let’s see if you’re as good as they say,” I said as I went to grab the feline. Obviously perfectly trained, he jumped into my arms and continued purring loudly. With an amused smile on my lips, I returned to the bedroom and gently placed the animal atop the bed.

Taking a seat beside him, I looked him up and down. He was the definition of an ordinary cat, yet I knew that deep within him lay a fierce, sexual beast. The only question was: Would I have the guts to cox that beast into coming out to play?

I was shy by nature. As a kid, it posed no trouble, but as I grew older, it quickly began impacting my life. Simply making friends was a challenge, so you can imagine just how difficult it was for me to get a date. Not that boys were not asking me out all the time, it was just that I never knew what to do or say. I got close a few times, but each time things got sexual, I managed to do something to scare off my potential lover. Eventually, I accepted the fact that I was destined to be a virgin for the rest of my life.

But now everything was different. For the first time in my life, I was given an opportunity to explore the joys of sex without being afraid of saying or doing the wrong thing. No matter what happened, the studly feline would not leave me. This was the perfect moment. The moment I had been waiting for all of my life.

I was finally going to lose my virginity. All I had to do was give in to my arousal. No sooner had I realized this that my mind was made up. I would give bestiality a try. The worst thing that could happen was that I did not like it. Then all I had to do was stop and go back to my sex-free life. No harm, no foul.

Now my mind was made up, but I still had no idea what to do next. Where to start? Should I let him pleasure me? Or should I pleasure him first? Or perhaps it was best to just dive right in and let him fuck me right now. But all of my questions faded as soon as I focused on the feline.

He was now sprawled on his back. He peered up at me with inviting eyes, but all I could think about was what stood between his hind legs. During one of my failed sexual attempts, I had seen a manhood, but the shaft that now lay before me was like nothing I had ever seen. First of all, it was huge. At least for a cat. It was hard to tell its exact measurements, but I estimated the shaft to be around four inches in length. It was an almost tongue-like shade of pink and had a pointy tip for an end. Speaking of tongues, over half of the spear was covered in barbs. They were similar to the ones all felines have on their tongues, only smaller.

The sight of the shaft filled me with a sense of dread, but also a certain degree of intrigue. And arousal. If I was truly going to give bestiality a try, playing with a cat’s rod was as good a place as any to start.

“This is it,” I thought as I gingerly reached out. “My first sexual encounter.”

A surprised gasp escaped me when my fingertips made contact with the pole. It was far hotter than I had anticipated and the mere touch of it sent a shiver of arousal running down my spine. Now with a giddy smile curling my lips, I wrapped my hand around the member.

Another moan flowed past my lips. Unable to resist my growing urges any longer, I began slowly, sensually moving my hand up and down. At first, I was unsure of my work, but confidence began to swell within me when the feline started to purr. And the purring only got stronger as I increased the speed of my thrusts.

“This is so…” I muttered to no one in particular. “…awesome!” I finally finished. I had never before given bestiality a second thought, but now that I had overcome my initial reticence, there was no denying it was meant to be. Had I known this before, I would have gotten better acquainted with the family dog long ago. But for now, my lover was a cat and I was determined to prove to him I was just as capable as any other woman, even if I was still a virgin.

I continued massaging my lover’s spear for a few more seconds before I got comfortable enough for an escalation. My plans were to release the manhood and instead use my mouth to continue. Unfortunately, I never got that far. Before I could go beyond the planning stages, the feline’s shaft came to life.

“What’s going on?” I wondered as the prick began to jerk around in my hand. It was wiggling around madly and I could not help but wonder if something was wrong. But then I realized he was on the verge of climax.

“Fuck!” I barely had time to say before it happened. My palm was wrapped tightly around the manhood, yet the tip stuck out, making it possible for his hot semen to go flying into the air when he finally climaxed. I watched it soar through the air for a second before gravity forced it back down. A few more squirts were released before I grew unable to resist the perverse urge growing within me.

“Fuck it!” I thought. I had already gone this far, so why not go all the way? Leaning forward, I closed my eyes and opened my mouth.

A surprised moan escaped me as the cum entered my mouth. I had no idea what I had been expecting, but it definitely was not the incredible sweetness my taste buds soon discovered. I experienced a second of petrified shock before giving in to the intoxicating taste.

My inverted position made it difficult for me to swallow the tasty treat, but I still managed to get my full. By the time the final wave oozed out of the studly feline, my stomach was full of cum.

I waited for my lover’s manhood to retract before opening my eyes. I was surprised by how much semen he had produced, but even more by how much I had failed to ingest. Luckily, I was on a bestiality cruise and animal cum was most likely not that difficult to acquire.

I watched the cum-stained feline for a few seconds before realizing how incredibly horny I was. Making him climax had reminded me of just how much I had been missing by being a virgin and now more than ever, I was ready to leave that part of my life behind. For the first time in my eighteen years of existence, I was finally ready to lose my virginity.

Before I could go any further, I first had to figure out how to get my lover aroused again. Or so I thought until I noticed the rock-hard manhood that once more stood between his hind legs. I was stunned, until I remembered he had been trained for sex. Simply getting aroused was mere child’s play compared to the multitude of other tricks he had at his disposal. Tricks I could not wait to let him try out on me.

“This is it,” I thought as I lay down, placing one leg on either side of the feline. “The moment I have been waiting for my entire life.”

The animal peered at my pussy for a few seconds and I could not help but enjoy the irony. A pussy was about to penetrate my pussy.

That was as far as I got before my lover made his move. Standing up, he stalked closer, each step he took a calculated move. A smile of anticipation curled my lips as he placed his two front paws on my stomach. His hind ones still on the mattress, he was now perfectly positioned to take my virginity. But no matter how ready I was for him, he did not move. He just stood there, perfectly motionless. It was almost as if he was waiting for something.

“Maybe he wants me to give him my permission,” I thought. Aloud, I added, “Fuck me!”

No sooner had the words left my lips that the cat made his move.

“Fuck!” I moaned as he jerked forward, his manhood easily sliding past my labia. I was soaking wet and the shaft entered without the slightest resistance. In less than a second, every last inch was inside me. It was the first thing besides my finger to enter me and the feeling was unlike anything I had ever experienced.

The incredible hotness of the shaft sent another shiver of arousal running down my spine and that in turn forced a powerful moan past my lips. More quickly followed as the small, yet studly animal began jerking back and forth.

“Oh yes!” I moaned as my eyes were sealed shut for me to better enjoy myself. “Fuck me! FUCK ME!”

And fuck me he did. The incredible force of his thrusts filled me with more arousal than ever before and a powerful orgasm soon began growing within me. I could feel it swell with every passing second and began to wonder if it would one day stop. But just when I was about to pass out from the arousal overload, it finally happened. I climaxed.

“FUUCCCKKKK!!!!!” I a shrieked at the top of my lungs. Never before had I felt so happy. This moment instantly became the single best of my life and I feared nothing could ever surpass it. Little did I know, I would have a lot of best moments in the days to come. But for now, I had my virginity-losing orgasm to take care of.

My powerful moan stretched on as I began to squirt. I was utterly stunned. I had masturbated far too many times to count, yet never before had I squirted. But there was no denying that was exactly what was happening. Wave after wave shot out of me, forcing my moans to intensify. The sheer force of the squirts made me fear for my lover’s wellbeing, but he was a trained professional and he braved through the cumstorm. In fact he too soon climaxed.

I felt his shaft jerk around inside me for a second before his sweet nectar was released. I was so busy moaning and squirting that I barely even felt the semen enter me. But that could have been because the sheer force of my orgasm almost instantly sent it flying back out.

My first squirting orgasm lingered on for what felt like an eternity. By the time the final wave final oozed out of me, I was so exhausted that I almost passed out. All I could do to remain conscious was close my eyes and focus on my breathing.

It took a while, but I eventually managed to catch my breath. By then, my lover had dismounted me and was now licking the cum that still clung to my pussy. I watched him work for a few seconds before sitting up.

The hungry animal continued cleaning me as I took a few moments to consider everything that had just happened. I was no longer a virgin, yet I felt not an ounce of guilt at to the perverse manner in which it loss had occurred. Actually, I felt oddly proud. I could not tell if it was simply because the long-awaited moment had finally arrived or because I had overcome my initial fears and given in to the lure of bestiality. Either way, I was no longer a virgin and that was all that mattered.

Speaking of changes, I was shocked to discover I was no longer seasick. My studly feline lover had distracted me and forced me to forget about my shaky sea legs. Just to be sure, I stood up and took a few steps. Nothing. No dizziness. No nausea. Nothing.

“I’m cured!” I claimed victoriously. “Thank you,” I added as I turned to the cum-covered cat that still lay atop the bed. He started purring, as if telling me it had been his pleasure to aid me.

I considered staying in my room for a little more bestial fun, but now that I was cured of my seasickness, I could finally explore the ship. I did not know what else this cruise had to offer, but I was about to find out.

To be continued in Part 2...


Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed.

Have a horny day,

Barbie Lez