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2022-09-22 00:27:49


Stella arrived just after lunchtime. She loves our unit with the view looking out over the water, especially the very large balcony. She asked if we sunbake naked on it?

Lots of chat and discovered we are both the same age and star sign, Libra. As you know Librans have a strong sex drive.

Spent the afternoon sunbathing by the pool. No one else at the pool, so we took our tops off. Stella has a very good body, 36D tits she told me, most impressive and huge nipples and you would like her big ass.

We rubbed sunscreen onto each other’s bodies. Loved Stella touching my nipples. When I touched hers they must have been almost an inch long. She told me she wished there was a man here to lick them.

After dinner she told me about some of her amazing sexual exploits. A three-some with one of your friends and his wife. She sucked his cock while the wife licked her to orgasm. Fucking a rock star years ago while her girlfriend watched, then watching him fuck her girlfriend while she watched.

Our sex life might seem dull for her, but I did tell about the time one of my girlfriends watched us fucking. She wanted to know all the details and if she participated.

She asked if we could sunbake totally nude on the balcony to catch the morning sun tomorrow?


Lovely feeling sunbaking totally naked on the balcony. Most enjoyable having oil rubbed all over my naked body by another female. She spent a lot of time on my ass and told me it was beautifully proportioned.

On the other side she started on my shoulders, then worked her way down. Gave my tits a good workout, and then my nipples, teased them with the tips of her fingers. Very nice, and rock hard for her.

Then slowly down to between my legs. She asked if I would shave her like you do me. When she smeared oil over my cunt lips then teased them with the tip of one finger it was very exciting.

When she was laying on her stomach with her legs apart and the sun on her ass, she told me she loved a well hung man fucking her in that position. She asked if I would like to watch that happen. “Yes I would,” I told her.

She told me the last time she had sex in that position the man’s totally naked wife watched and offered encouragement. “That was a fabulous fuck. He must have been at least nine inches and very thick. His wife kept telling me and asking, “He loves fucking me like that, he is good isn’t he?”


Every woman is a lesbian Stella told me today. Might be some truth in that!

I think she wants to have a lesbian experience with me. Must admit the thought is rather tempting, especially since the last fuck we had was on Saturday.

Stella told me today about her experiences with two men at the same time. Very exciting the way she described it, two very athletic and well hung men, especially when one man was sucking the other while he was fucking her. Maybe we could try that one day?


I was feeling so horny this morning while Stella and I sunbaked naked.

I told her how horny I was and she told me she loved a challenge.

She told me that she had wanted to fuck me with her tongue since Monday when she arrived. She asked if I had ever had a lesbian experience before.

We had a shower together with our hands all over each other. Then she sat me on a high stool and stood behind me and kissed my neck. Very teasing.

Then she stood in front of me and we tongue kissed like teenagers.

When she told me she was going to fuck me with her tongue I was at the point of no return.

She knelt in front of me and teased my cunt lips with her tongue. Then she found my clit and licked it. I was so horny for you baby that I had two very wet orgasms almost immediately. Stella really was very good at it.

She took me to the bed and laid down on her back and told me to sit on her face. Her tongue on my cunt lips was heaven, especially with her hands on my ass.

Maybe tomorrow I will return the favor and have her? Would be a new and exciting experience for me, especially when I email you the details.


We slept together for the first time last night. I teased Stella by telling her I wanted to fuck her lesbian style today.

She wanted me to tell her in great detail what I intended doing to her and how I might pleasure her.

I played a video of two well known blond porn stars having sex with men, then another video with the two women having lesbian sex together. They were awesome and I was sure they enjoyed each other more than they did the men.

Their foreplay really was something special, one lady was in the bath and the other lady came in stark naked, joined her in the bath and slowly seduced her. Stella and I, me especially are full of ideas for our tryst later today.

By now we are both totally suntanned all over, no white string marks or spots. Can’t wait to show you.

I was determined to tease Stella before I fucked her lesbian style and we flirted naked all morning without touching each other before we dressed and went for a light lunch.

Over lunch we both asked each other what we were wearing under our caftans.

“Can’t you tell? And you?” Stella asked.

She was a little agitated the whole time over lunch and kept asking me in a whisper how I was going to fuck her.

When we got back home I ran the spa, undressed Stella, she was naked under her caftan, and helped her into the bath. I left the bathroom and came back with a glass of champagne for her.

I undid the zip at the back of my caftan, let it slip off my shoulders and stepped out of it while Stella held my gaze as I joined her in the spa.

Great fun tongue kissing each other in the bath while Stella kept asking how I was going to fuck her.

After we dried each other off I took control and had Stella put her heels on, then I stood her facing the wall with her hands up over her head on the wall.

Her legs in heels and good big ass looked sensational standing like that.

As you know I have always fantasized about kissing and licking a woman’s ass - and what an ass this one was.

I knelt so I could indulge my fantasy with my hands on her hips. Wow, not sure who enjoyed it the most.

Then I turned her around with her legs open, tongue kissed her on the lips with one finger on her cunt lips and worked my way down her body with my tongue.

Very aroused nipples, must have been an inch long, then slowly down her stomach to her cunt lips.

I felt a pang of guilt as I was about to give sexual pleasure to a woman while my partner was away, but not the same as giving sex to another man is it?

I was both apprehensive and excited as I was about to achieve a personal sexual milestone, give another woman an orgasm for the first time in my life.

I could feel Stella tensing as put my hands on her ass cheeks in expectation of what I was going to do to her.

Then after days of foreplay my tongue made contact with her cunt lips. Very exciting for both of us, Stella was making strange mewing noises as I licked and teased her cunt lips with my tongue. Very exciting being in control of the situation.

I was determined to bring her to orgasm, but I wanted to make a real experience of it for both of us – and make it last so I took her to the bed and laid her on her back with her lower legs hanging over the end of the bed.

Lots of mirrors and we could both watch in them as I knelt between her legs so I could lick and pleasure her some more while I teased her nipples with my fingertips.

I told her you would enjoy watching this and I asked her if she would like to suck your cock while I was licking her cunt lips.

She told me, ‘yes please, would love to.’

What about you baby?

Stella was very wet on my tongue and her commentary was repetitive but very exciting as she was almost screaming, ‘fuck my cunt, fuck my cunt,’ which made me feel good as I was obviously pleasing her.

When she orgasmed for me I felt a huge sense of relief in achieving such a personal milestone.

And when she told me later I had given her six orgasms I felt very pleased with myself.

Can’t wait to have you home tomorrow so I can show you my all over sun tan, and to tell you all about Stella while you are fucking me.

Love and lust