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Please read my fans

2023-01-17 03:10:22

Hello my faithful readers and fans I bring bad news sadly some of you may have noticed that chapters are disappearing off of my account. the admins for the website have messaged me and told me that my stories were removed for the characters age in them this makes me very upset and I'm tired of checking my account every day to see a chapter gone or a chapter not allowed I sent a message to the admin that contacted me about my stories being removed “IloveMyJob” is the admin I messaged below I have put the message that I sent to Him/Her with a formal request to allow me and other authors to post with out restrictions some of you have told me that the restriction has been removed here is proof that it has not “ Hello, Due the rule characters have to be a minimum of age 18 if they are involved in anything sexual your story had to be removed. You can repost your story as soon you will correct the age. Thank you for understanding” and I understand to a degree but the point is there stories I'm not actually going out there and doing these things to people and it upsets me that in order to be approved I have to change my story because of that my story is the way it is and I do not want to change it they age plays an important matter into the story.

“Hello my Username is Kingcerberus id rather not use my real name as i would like to keep my anonymity though if you want to just call me T. i am messaging you today in regards to my story that i have posted and had up for quite a while now known as "The Creators" i would like to talk about this and i will be as polite as possible as well. i am a huge fan of your website i have used it for a long time way before my account was ever made, and i love the stories on it ,and the look to the website. this was the first website i read stories like this off of ,and that's why it hurts me because when i came to this website there were stories about everything with no restrictions whatsoever one of the best stories "Camp" its main character was only 13 years old i believe. there was such freedom there were no limits and that's what i loved about these stories they weren't confined to a limit of restrictions and such and plenty of the stories still on here have main characters that are 14-16 so i don't understand why all of a sudden your putting restrictions on the authors. nobody has ever written anything crazy like infants or something unacceptable along those lines but why are you now restricting your authors such as me. i read stories on here all the time and they were all amazing and i loved them and then this age restriction came and now it feels like a lot of these stories have lost there soul like there not what the authors wanted but had to change in order to allow them to posts. all i ask for is the freedom to post my stories with out being restricted. i just want to write the story i have with out needing to change it. what caused this sudden change? this website was amazing all the authors wrote what they want and they stories were beautiful and awe inspiring the invoked all sorts of emotions in me. i request of you to please return that freedom to us authors to write our stories for our fans and others alike. i choose this website for that freedom and that's why i stick with it to see that freedom once again. i have plenty of fans who have read my story and tell me they love it and give words of encouragement to me so please allow me to write for my fans. i understand that removing a restriction such as this can cause some bad apples to appear but you cant blame the thousands of good ones for a few bad that's like saying because one man killed somebody that its everybody in the neighborhoods fault. please i beg of you to allow me to post my stories that i want to with out restrictions as a show of good faith because i care about my fans cause there the ones that read my story with out them it would be nothing i am going to post this message i sent onto my account for all my fans to see and read thank you for spending the time to read this i hope you have a great day. ~ Kingcerberus”

As you can see I was polite as possible while still trying to prove a point I wanted to show this to you cause your my loyal fans and I want to hear your reactions I will keep you updated on the messages so please message me what I can do to convince them or what your opinions on this is as well message my inbox or comment here thank you please help me bring this site back to it old glory.

the rest here is just space filler read if you want

You need a poem of certain length,
One that gives my words some strength,
but not so long that it gives me pause
to do it justice or give it cause
to mock me.

You need a poem no one has heard?
With counted meaning, counted word;
It has to make a bit of sense
it has to have a type of tense
to help me.

You need a poem that is not too short,
a poem that will give some sport
to a teacher who would grade your work
a teacher who is not a jerk
but helps ye.

This poem that you truly need
is one that in your hungry greed
has caused me now to give some aid
to boost your sad and sorry grade
to help thee.

This poem, what a wond'rous thing
a poem that would help you sing!
A poem with three hundred words
or perhaps more? You silly birds!
I’ll help, see?

You need this ode for English class
a poem that is not too crass
a poem that will spark a thought
You want a poem now that ought
to thank me.

Oh, Yahoo patrons, Hear this plea!
She (he?) comes to you on bended knee
to beg for something from our kind;
our thoughtful words to spark her mind
so, help me.

Oh please! My friends from cyber space,
She knows she cannot see your face,
She only knows our kind will send
The words that from our mind we rend
For her plea!

Come to her aid, she’ll humbly plead.
To her assistance give some heed;
She knows that we are there, you see;
She’s seen us answer other’s plea
So, help me!

To you My friend, I wrote this poem
For you to add into your tome,
A tome that adds to you some grace
That I may see your happy face
To help you…
this poem is credited to "Honoria" on yahoo answers thanks