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Penthouse Slaves 2: Slave Sisters Want to Play

2022-10-09 00:20:39

I dress and watch Jess’ abused body rock back and fourth, her tongue lapping at the puddles of warm cum. Her pussy, swollen and battered from my cock, compliments the bright red handprints that decorate her pale ass. I smile and bring my hand down hard, smacking another decoration onto my teenage fucktoy.

“Clean faster you dumb bitch,” I bark. “Or the next puddle you lick up will come out of your ass.”

Cum drips from her mouth as she looks over her shoulder and eye fucks me. “I want to lick up all your cum daddy. Please pump your hot sticky cum wherever you want, this stupid slut will lick it up. Mmmmmm.”

Jess licks her cum covered lips and resumes her cleaning. Once again I’m impressed with Damon’s handiwork. Only a few nights ago Jess had been combative, rebellious and horrified at her situation. I sent her down to Damon wondering if there was hope for her at all.
I saw some of that misbehavior when I found her this morning. But now after having her throat gaped and her pussy pounded she was bent over begging for more. She was playing the role of the submissive teen fucktoy with apparent ease.

That was what impressed me about Damon, it was easy enough to make a girl submissive, pain and fear can accomplish that easily. But it was something entirely different to make them enjoy it. To make them crave being used and abused at your bidding. To make young girls smile, as you violate their nearly broke bodies, and then beg you for more. That had been Jess just now, begging for abuse like the young dumb fucktoy she was born to be.

Jess licks up the last puddle and moves towards the bathroom. My voice stops her mid step. “No need to clean up slut. You look much better that way.”

“Yes daddy,” Jess whispers as I motion her out the door and back to the living room.

The mangled teen bobs down the hall beside me, taking little steps to spare her battered pussy from the subtle abuse of walking. Her little hops can’t match my long strides and she has to jog to catch up, whimpering as her abused teen cunt cries out in pain.

All along cum drips steadily from between her legs. Our short walk quickly turns into a long journey as Jess stops every few feet to lick new cum puddles off the floor. I made a game of walking in circles behind her and watching the dumb teen scurry around, trying to point her ass at me while slurping up my cum.

We finally arrive in the living room and find it nearly empty. Only Melissa is watching TV and stretching in nothing but a neon pink bikini, two sizes too small of course. I left the battered fucktoy on a couch and went to talk to my favorite cum slut.

Melissa had been a gymnast in high school and was reliving the glory days while watching tv. She is lying face down, doing the splits and showing off her tight teen body.

“You’re gonna need to stretch more than that slut.” I say, eyefucking her young athletic body as I approach. “I wanna be able to fold you in half and fuck you by Christimas.”

Melissa looks up at me with vacant brown eyes, her jaw goes slack in happy disbelief and then she jumps into my arms.

“DADDY!” The little teen squeals, wrapping her long legs around me and pushing her plump tits into my chest. She rubs her tight young body against mine and my dick twitches violently, either from imagination or memory.

Melissa craved the attention of men from a young age. An absent father combined with a long line of abusive boyfriends ended with Melissa spreading her legs for anything that resembled approval. She especially loved older men, looking for fatherly approval underneath coaches, neighbors and teachers.

“Are you gonna fuck me daddy?” Melissa squeals, still hanging off me, as she leans back and looks me in the eyes. “Pretty please daddy, my little pussy needs a big hard cock inside it. I need to be filled up with hot sticky cum. Please fuck me Daddy, pleeeease.”

She starts grinding her body up and down mine. Her warm pussy, barely contained by the small pink fabric, slides down my stomach and settles on the bugle in my pants. Melissa bucks her hips at a slow and steady pace, teasing the imprisoned cock.

“You’re so hard daddy.” She coos, closing her eyes and pushing her tits harder into my chest. “Please put that big hard cock in my little girl pussy. Please daddy, please fuck me like a whore. I wanna make you cum daddy.”

“Maybe later slut. Right now I need you to clean up my mess. Now get down and follow me.”

“Okay daddy.” She replies, dropping off me and looking slightly disappointed. I spank her toned ass and pushed her over towards Jess. My newly mangled fucktoy sits exactly where I left her, smiling like a dumbass and staring into space.

“Jess you remember Melissa right?” Jess looks at Melissa and smiles politely, apparently unable or unwilling to recognize her. Judging by their past interactions, I’d put my money on unwilling.

Melissa and her little sister, Madison, were two of the few girls who hadn’t needed any training or punishment when they arrived… excluding what they begged for. We found out within the first five minutes that they were all too willing to be used and abused.

The two teen sluts craved attention and their bodies were just a means to an end. The first week they were in the penthouse we used red markers to keep tally of how many times we came in or on them. By day three we had to buy more markers and by day six there was no room on the naked girls skin to put more tallies.

We also used this opportunity to take their anal virginities and turn their experimental lesbian flings into a full time job. The girls loved the attention and gladly accepted being tortured, gangbanged, creampied, skullfucked, and generally treated like pieces of hot teenage meat. Our kinda girls.

But once we started letting them go back to concerts again they started doing even more. The sisters got in the habit of bringing us home gifts. They would find young, dumb whores at the concerts and lure them back to the penthouse. Sometimes we kept our presents, playing with them any chance we got, and sometimes we didn’t. But fresh meat is always fun. And that’s where Melissa met Jess.

Jess had been at a concert when she met Madison and Melissa. The two sluts led her away from the group, spiked her drink and then posed as her friends as they dragged her into a cab. We welcomed Jess to our home by gangraping her for a whole weekend straight. Then she was dragged off to Damon for round the clock training, better known as round the clock torture.

But any connection Jess’ made between those nightmarish memories and Melissa goes unnoticed. Her blank smile shows no indication that she knows Melissa at all.

“Hey Jess!” Melissa squeaks, eyeing Jess’ abused body and admiring my handiwork. “Looks like Daddy fucked you really hard.”

“Daddy pumped my little cunt full of cum.” Jess replies gleefully, spreading her legs and showing off her swollen pussy. “He said next time he’s going to fill up my ass.”

“I looove Daddy’s cum.” Melisssa moans, reaching down into her undersized bikini bottom and teasing her pussy.

“Well that’s good to hear slut,” I say. “Because Daddy brought some cum for you.”

“Really??” Melissa’s big brown eyes go wide and an enormous smile breaks onto her face.

“Really you dumb bitch.” I reply, motioning towards Jess’ cum soaked pussy. “You just have to go and get it.”

“Oooo thank you Daddy!” Melissa replies with a smile as she drops to her knees, spreads Jess’ creamy white legs even wider and begins devouring her beaten pussy.

Melissa starts by licking up the almost dry rivers of cum running down Jess’ legs. Then she moves on to Jess’ brutalized slit, which is still leaking cum at a slow dribble. The fucktoy went to work, lapping up my still warm cum and dragging her tongue piercing up and down Jess’ swollen red pussy. Jess responds immediately, shuddering violently with pleasure as Melissa licks at her beaten cunt.

“Mmmmmm. Are you watching Daddy? Are you watching me be a whore?” Jess moans, grabbing her tits and running her hands through her sticky red hair.

Melissa’s head is now buried between Jess’ legs. She kisses, licks and explores, using years of experience with Madison for guidance as she plays Jess like a violin. The young redheads hips bucked violently as Melissa’s tongue dives deeper, searching out every last drop of sticky milk that daddy had left her to find.

“Oh god yeeessss.” The Jess moans, grinding her hips and begging for more. “Yessss, ohhhhh gooodddd yesssss ummmhhhhh.”

She thrashes violently on the couch, wraps her legs around Melissa’s head and cums hard while I watch. The redheaded fucktoy squeals, bucks and grabs herself until she falls over sideways, limp and used. Melissa doesn’t stop, she continues to pleasure Jess’ pulsing pussy, causing the little whore to twitch and coo involuntary.

“Was I a good girl daddy?” Melissa asks as she wipes her mouth and turns to face me.

“Yes whore, you were a good girl. Now let’s go find your sister. Daddy wants to play.”

“REALLY??” Melissa jumps to her feet and presses her body against mine. “You really wanna play with us daddy?”

“Oh yes.” I say, abandoning the abused redhead and leading Melissa down the hall. “Daddy wants to play with his favorite little whores.”

We walk down the long hallway towards the sister’s room. Along the way a symphony of noises answer the question of why the living room is so empty. From behind closed doors we listen to the sweet symphony of abuse and pleasure. In one room a headboards slams violently against a wall, in another a young girl cries out for someone to “fuck her little ass harder” and in a third we catch the sound of a whip on tight flesh. Melissa listens intently, remembering her own time behind these doors, and her hand is drawn quickly to her soaking wet bikini bottoms. She moans softly as we continue down the hall and she pleasures herself to the sounds of abuse.

We find Madison sprawled out on their bed, watching bondage porn and fingering herself. The girl was like a fun sized version of Melissa. Where Melissa was tall and lean her sister was short and busty. Madison also had a thing for being punished. She loved getting abused by men. Where Melissa craves cum and pleasure her sister craves pain and abuse. Melissa walked up and pulled her little sisters fingers from her pussy. She brought the glistening fingers to her mouth and licked her little sister clean.

“You taste good today sis.”

“Doesn’t taste as good as cock. I wanna get fucked.” Madison says, pouting at Melissa, completely oblivious to me.

“Well then it’s your lucky day slut.” I bark, making her jump. Madison looks up at me with big brown eyes and greets me even better than Melissa had.

“Oh daddy thank god you’re here,” she groans through a bit lip as she rushes towards me. “Please daddy I need to be punished.”

She was down on her knees now, dragging her nails down my tight jeans and planting little kisses on my twitching bulge. “Please use this little whore daddy. Please hammer my little bitty pussy with your big hard cock. Pleeeeease.”

Melissa, suddenly feeling ignored, pops up from the bed and rushes to her sisters side. “You have to share sis! Daddy says he wants to play with BOTH of us.”

“Melissa is right,” I say sternly. “You need to share Madison. Now both of you get up on the bed. You have five minutes to convince me you two deserve to have my cock rammed inside you.”

I take a seat on a chair facing the bed and settle in for the show, trying to look like I need convincing. Melissa and Madison face each other on the bed, trying their best to look worried.

The teen whores sit down, pull each other in close and start the show. Both turn to eye fuck me as they mash their young bodies together for my amusement. Their small hands tear away the tiny bikini tops and grope at the each others chests. Melissa kisses down her little sisters neck, biting down hard every third kiss, causing Madison to coo in delight. Madison returns the favor by sliding her hand down her big sisters bikini bottom and stroking the soaking pussy she finds there. The two fucktoys lock eyes suddenly, then close them and began exploring each others mouths with their tongues.

Overcome with lust the sisters embrace like true sluts, kissing passionately and molesting each others bodies. Melissa gropes her sister’s huge perky tit with one hand and starts finger fucking her with the other. Madison bucks and groans, biting Melissa’s lips as she feels her big sisters fingers squirming inside her. Her own fingers are busy massaging Melissa’s soaking clit and Melissa thrusts her hips forward, begging for more. Both sisters are shuddering and moaning like cheap whores, waiting for Daddy to come play with them.

“Stop.” I command.

They withdraw from the kiss and eye fuck me as they continue to fondle each other. Both are breathing heavily and leaning on each other’s naked body as they wait for my orders.

“Do you like watching little girls be sluts for you daddy?” Melissa asks as her hands make slow, secretive movement in her sister’s pussy.

“I like fucking little sluts a lot better.” I reply, undoing my belt and dropping my pants. My cock springs from its prison and into the open air.

Watching the sisters fuck each other had driven my dick mad. It pulses and twitches in the direction of Madison and Melissa, eyeing its prey.

The sisters stare wide eyed at my cock, giggling and squirming as it dances in front of them.

“Which little whore wants Daddy to fuck them?”

“Me Daddy please,” cries Melissa, fingering her little sister and licking her lips. “Please fuck this little whore. Fill this little whore with your cum daddy.”

“No Daddy please pick meeee,” cries Madison, shaking as her sister’s fingers dive deeper insider her. “Your little slut needs to be punished. Punish me like a dumb teenage whore daddy.”

“Bend over sluts,” I bark. “Daddy’s going window shopping.”

The two young girls comply immediately, breaking off the embrace and sticking their tight teen asses in the air, ready to be used. They crawl next to each other and begin to fight for my attention.

Melissa wiggles her ass and strokes her wet bikini bottom through her legs. Madison rocks back and fourth, fucking an imaginary cock and moaning “Daddy please” into the bed. These two knew the way I liked my women: naked, exposed and begging me to use their bodies like toys.

“Madison you’re a dumb whore and I’m going to punish you for it.”

The dumb slut squeals in delight and wiggles her ass in the air.

“That’s why I’m not going to fuck you. Instead I’m gonna punish your big sister right in front of you and then leave you to jack off to bondage porn.”

“NOOOOO,” Madison cries out. “You can’t daddy! Please Daddy noooo! I need your cock daddy. I need you to punish my little pussy with your cooooock.”

“No you stupid slut. You wanted to be punished so here is your punishment.”

Madison looks on obediently as I move towards her waiting sister. Her face twists in frustration as she stares longingly at my rigid cock.

“Get on your back slut,” I bark at Melissa as I approach her.

She flips over and her perky tits bounce playfully. My hands claw at her bikini bottom and rip it down her legs, tossing it aside without a thought.

“Mmmmmm yessss daddy,” Melissa coos, eying my hard cock. “Fill this little girl up daddy. Put that big cock in my pussy and pump me full of cum.”

“Spread your legs whore. I’m going to pummel your pretty pussy.”

“Yayyyy,” Melissa squeals, grabbing a knee in each hand and spreading her legs. I rub the head of my pulsing shaft up and down her wet pussy. The teen whore moans and squirms, begging me to abuse her young body.

“Fuck me dadyyyy,” Melissa gasped. “Fuck me like a sluuuut.”

“You call that begging bitch?” I demand, pulling my cock away from her trembling pussy.

“Nooooo,” she cries, biting her lip and eye fucking me with those big brown eyes. “Pleeease put it in my little teen pussy daddy. Fuck my pussy hard. Pleeease pretty pleeeease pound my little pussy.”

“With pleasure.” I whisper, leaning over and plunging my throbbing cock between her legs.

“Ohhh yess dadddyyyyyyy.” Melissa moans as my the head of my dick stretches her pussy wide. “Mmmmmmm yessss fill me up with your big cock daddyyyy.”

The mushroom head pops inside her and I begin pounding in the rest with repeated, massive thrusts. I lay over my teen slut and hammer her stretched pussy like a madman My angle lets me lay my full weight into the little whore and bring 200 pounds of man down on her with every thrust. The invading cock pushes into the helpless teen inch my inch, slowly disappearing into her young body.

“Oooohhhhhh my gooood dadddyyyyyy,” Melissa moans as her body bucks wildly from the assault. I smash into her over and over, pounding my cock a half inch deeper every time. Finally my dick settles deep in her womb, filing the tight teen to the brim.

“You ready to get fucked like a whore?” I ask, pushing her legs together and leaned them over my right shoulder. Closing her legs had pinned my cock in her already tight pussy, creating a warm, wet vicegrip.

“Yes daddy, fuck me like a whooore,” Melissa moans.

I give the stupid slut half a second to breathe before I resume my attack. I pin her legs tight against my chest and begin hammering my cock in and out of her young body. Precum and pussy juice pour out of her and lubricate my shaft as I pound her tight slit with all my might. Melissa smiles through happy squeals as my balls slap against her ass.

“Yes uh uh uh da uh ddy uh uh ma uh god uh mmmm.”

Madison watches intently as I ravage her big sisters pussy. Her hands drift back to her own soaking clit and she dips her fingers beneath the bikini. She watches her big sisters teen body being used like a toy and plunges deep inside herself. The little slut’s body shook and her toes curled as she pleasured herself to the sight of her sister being used and abused.

I fall on top of Melissa, spreading her legs wide once again. Her feet point at opposite walls as I split the teen in two with my cock. I grab her bouncing teen tits in my hands and molest them shamelessly, clawing at her young chest.


Melissa could barely speak. The assault on her pussy was shaking her body to its foundations. Her head bounces lifelessly as her body begins to tremble and shake. She grabs her knees tightly and pulls her legs back further, welcoming my brutal assault. Her toes curl, her body shakes and a blinding warmth gushes up from deep inside her.

Madison watches her sister begin to cum and fights the jealousy within her. Her fingers wiggle inside herself as she watches me piston in and out of her big sister. In her imagination she is the one flat on her back being used like a cheap toy. The horny slut envisions me railing her with my cock, calling her a whore and pulling he hair. Smiling, she plunges her fingers deeper and continues watching the show.

Melissa calls my name as her body shakes violently and her eyes roll back into her head. Every muscle in her body trembles as she explodes in a chorus of squeals and moans.

“OHHHHHH DADDDDYYYYY MMMMMMMMMmmmmmm yesssssss uhhhhhhhgggggggmmmmm.”

Her young body bucks wildly as the orgasm tears through her. She thrashes and trembles, consumed by the pleasure being pile driven into her by my cock. Her pussy tenses and squeezes my already throbbing shaft, milking the cum from it.


The warmth rushes up my cock at an alarming rate and I hurry to bury myself deep in the dumb slut beneath me. My dick fills her young womb and unleashes a flood of milky hot jizz. The firehose of cum spasms violently, dumping load after load into her tight teen pussy. I roar and grip Melissa’s tits hard in my hands as I fill her pussy to the brim.

“Ohhhhhh yes daddyyyyy. Fill your little whore with cummmm.”

Melissa reaches around, grabs my ass and pushes me even deeper inside her. The cum continues to flow, overwhelming her tiny pussy and leaking down her ass. She moans softly as I collapse on top of her, hands still molesting her perky teen tits.

I lay for a minute, collapsed on top of the ravaged young teen. She is breathing heavy and cooing “daddy” under he breath as my cock begins to soften inside her. I begin to pull out and she grasps between her legs for my fleeing cock, desperately trying to delay its departure from her battered pussy.

“No daddy come baaaack…” she moans as her hands wrap limply around my shaft and try to keep it from leaving. The freshly fucked young girl lays exhausted on the bed, letting her hands fall between her legs as the still twitching cock slide out of her grasp and away from her cum drenched pussy.

“Come baaaack daddy…”

Absently she plays with her battered pussy, massaging out more and more of the sticky milk that daddy pumped inside her. She catches it in her fingers, raises them to her lips, and happily licks them clean.

Melissa smiles as she tastes daddy’s cum, she reaches down to scoop up more and playfully lets it drip off her hand and into her mouth. She giggles as she sees daddy staring, his cock, although overworked, growing hard once again.

“You filled my little pussy with cum daddy.” She says, dripping cum over her heaving tits as she goes for another taste. “This little whore loves it when daddy pumps her full of cum.”

“I want to be pumped full of cum too.” Madison whines, speaking from over her shoulder. “Daddy please fill this fucktoy with cum.”

She does her best pouty face and wiggles her upturned ass, begging for some attention. I walk behind her and, without warning, spank her savagely. My open palm cracks on her plump teen ass and leaves a bright red handprint.

“DADDY!” Madison screams with sudden shock. The stinging pain quickly gives way to sick pleasure and the warming knowledge that she had daddy’s attention.

“No you stupid slut,” I bellow. “You said you wanted to be punished. So you’re getting punished you worthless fucktoy.”

“Nooo daddy,” she moans. Shaking her ass and fishing for another handprint. “Punish me with your big hard cock daddy. Punish this little whore.”

I grab her hard by the hair and arch her backwards towards me, whispering in her ear. “You get what you ask for whore.”
Violently I pull back on her scalp and throw her down on her back. Her head hangs limply over the edge of the bed and her DD tits shake violently as she bounces to a stop.

“Big whore tits.” I say, mauling her teenage tits with my hands and dragging my balls all over her face. Her toes curl as daddy abuses her helpless body, and she pushes her tits up further to help. Dirty little Madison, the perfect whore.

“Open your mouth slut, daddy needs his cock cleaned.”

The young girl complies quickly, opening wide and sticking out her tiny pink tongue. I line up my throbbing cock with her willing mouth and slid the still sensitive shaft past her tongue. Her pretty pink lips stretch around the large intruder and her throat bulges visibly as my cock gains entry.

Madison quivers as the throbbing shaft buries itself deeper in her throat, cutting off her air supply. Her throat contracts violently, massaging my cock as I lay my balls on her face and bottom out in the teen girls throat. The stupid slut starts to buck underneath me, running out of air. I ignore her just long enough for her bucking to turn into thrashing, then I pull out.

Madison gasps and sucks air desperately, her lips a subtle shade of blue. Her tits heave up and down as she takes big, frantic breathes. A long line of spit runs from her stretched mouth all the way back to the cock dangling before her. I hold her hair tight and look her in the eyes.
“You like getting skullfucked you dumb slut?”

She has no time to reply as thrust my cock back down her throat and begin fucking it savagely. Madison’s young body bucks and thrashes as my dick pistons in and out of her abused throat, cutting off her air temporarily with each brutal thrust. Her ragdoll head slams into the bedframe repeatedly as I throatfuck the helpless teen girl. My hands, still gripping her big tits with all my might, have left deep red marks in her slick skin.
Madison gags, gargles and spits up continuously as she tries to breathe past the cock assaulting her throat. Her upturned face is covered in a mixture of spit and precum which pours continuously from her violated mouth. Mascara runs in deep black lines from her eyes to her forehead and smears on my balls as they slap against her face.

Madison’s eyes begin to go vacant from air loss and I pull my cock from her beaten throat. She breathes heavily, highlighting her big teen tits, and brings her hands up to her face. The dirty slut drags her hands along her face, gathering as much of the spit, mascara and pre cum that she can. She looks me in the eyes, licks her lips and then begins rubbing the mixture into her big teen tits. They jiggle playfully as she massages spit and cum into them.

“You’re a dirty little whore Madison.” I say, genuinely amazed, as I watch the young girl massage spit and precum into her big teen tits.

“Thanks for getting me all lubed up slut.” I continue. “Time to show your sister what a butt-slut you are.”

Melissa stares over at Madison, she licks daddy’s cum off her fingers and smiles as she watches her little sister roll flat on her stomach and expose her handprinted ass. Melissa knew Madison’s favorite thing was when daddy punished her, and she was happy daddy was going to.
I lay on top of Madison and line my slick cock with her tiny teen ass. A mixture of spit and precum drips down and settles in her young butthole. I tease the hole with my cock head and whisper in Madison’s ear.

“I could make this fun for you. I could make it so that you like it. But you were right slut…whore’s do need to be punished.”

And with that I let my arms and legs go slack, putting all my body weight on my cock. Two hundreds pounds of muscle pile drove my cock into Madison’s ass in one quick thrust.

“OHMYYYGAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!” Madison screamed as her asshole stretches and her organs are shoved violently away by my invading cock. “DAAAAADDDDYYYY AAAAAAHHHHHEEEEEEE.”

I begin to pull out my throbbing cock and Madison’s squeals turn to screams. Her butthole was so tight that I was pulling her body up with me as I tried to remove my cock. I laughed, watching little sis hang from my cock, dangling a few inches above the mattress. She hangs limply for a moment, stuck on my cock, before body slam her again, slamming her tiny body into the mattress.

Her young body shakes like a ragdoll as I pick her up by her ravaged asshole and slam her down again, my cock stuck inside her. Eventually the loud squeals turned to loud grunts as Madison’s little teen asshole began adjusting to the big throbbing dick. My cock is no longer stuck and starts to slide freely, plunging in and out of Madison’s spasming, abused butthole.

“GUH GUH GUH.” She grunted loudly as I continued to slam my hips into her plump ass. The years of volleyball practice had made her ass perfect for cushioning my all out assault on her asshole.

Soon Madison’s grunts begin to change. They slowly turn into coos and then into moans. The young girl starts thrusting up towards my hammering cock, searching for a way to make it go deeper. She shakes and her eyes begin to roll as a warmth takes over her brain.

“You disgusting slut, are you coming from me punishing your ass? You’re a slut Madison, no doubt.”

“I’m your slut daddy,” she moans. “I’m your little butt slut.”

“That’s right Madison,” I mock. “A dumb little butt-slut who gets off on old men abusing her. Now cum for me whore.”

“Yes daddy,” she moans and begins to gyrate her hips under the ass assault. She rubs against the cock pulverizing her butt and moans loudly as it goes deeper and deeper into her bowels.

“Fuck my ass harder daddy. Pound my little asshole. Fill me up daddyyyyy.”

She throws her head back and her whole body shakes violently. She grasps at the blankets on the bed, desperate to hang on to something as the orgasm erupts from inside her. The violent thrusts continue to throw her up and down on the bed as she screams loudly and cums from getting her teen ass stretched.


She bucks, moans and thrashes until finally she goes limp, breathing heavily and unable to even open her eyes. Madison’s body is wrecked from the orgasm and she lies submissively as I continue to pound her little teen ass. I spank her plump ass until bright red handprints are all you can see and a warmth begins to build in my balls.

“T-thank you-u for pu-unishin-ng me like a w-whore da-addy.” She grunts as my hips continue to slam into her ass. “I lo-ove when y-you stu-uff my li-tttle as-ss wit-th your-r big c-cock.”

A wave of intense pleasure rushes up my body as the cum begins its long journey up my shaft. I slam deep inside the fucktoys butt a few more times until I can feel the cum beginning to leak out. Unceremoniously I rip my throbbing dick out of her spasming ass. There is a soft pop as I vacate her gaping asshole, grab her hair and line my twitching dick up with her battered face. “Open your mouth slut.”

Her little teen mouth opens and my cock unleashes yet another torrent of cum. The hot stickly globs fly through the air and plaster the face of the little whore. The amount of cum is overwhelming and the runoff drips from Madison’s face and is caught dutifully by her big teen tits. My cock continues to erupt, pumping string after string of cum onto her face and into her open mouth. When my cock finally subsides there is cum pouring off the young teen’s face.

Madison lays before me, exhausted to the point of barely being able to keep her eyes open, with a stretched butthole, ravaged throat and a face covered in fresh cum. I lie down on the bed and drag the ravaged teen with me.

“Clean me up slut.” I say as I shove my cock back into her mouth. Madison get to work thanking me. Her young tongue dances up and down my shaft while her lips clean up the rest.

“Hey no fair,” comes a voice from beside me. Melissa has regained her strength and is crawling towards her broken sister, wanting to help clean daddy’s cock. “Daddy said we had to share.”

She arrives next to her battered sister and begins massaging my balls. Naturally the cum crazed slut couldn’t resist the steaming globs of cum that littered her little sisters face. It doesn’t take long before Melissa is kissing and licking all my cum off her little sisters face.

“So my little fucktoys, who’s going to be my whore tonight. I want one of you.” I say, wondering how I can keep this afternoon going.

“Can’t daddy. Me and Madison are going to a concert.” Madison responds, whipping her mouth and jerking me off with her little hands. She gives me a devilish smile and puts on her best innocent voice. “But we’re really sorry daddy. If we brought you a present would you feel better?”

“We’ll get you a good present daddy. A nice new teen fucktoy for you to play with.” Melissa adds, dropping her head down and engulfing my balls in her young mouth.

“Sounds good sluts.” I said absently as I laid my head back on the pillow and fell asleep with two young girls mouths wrapped around my well used cock.