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2022-08-16 00:00:03

We have invited another couple to join us. We want to be pleasured by and pleasure both of them. Mary is my age and her obviously bi-sex man, Jimmy, is fifteen-years younger.

This situation evolved a few years ago when I taunted my man by telling him I would love to have sex with another man while he watched. “Can you handle that baby?”

“Fine by me baby as long as there is no fucking. Oral sex and outer sex only. That leaves lots of options for your sexual pleasure, and mine. You are mine to fuck exclusively. Though another man watching me fucking you would be a huge turn on. Are we on the same page baby?“

“Yes we are. Let’s make it happen. Can you organise a pretty boy, a toy boy type, fifteen or twenty-years younger than us? And make sure he is well hung, you know what I like in a man. I always wanted to play the part of a cougar.”

The first time I had a second man while my man watched was very exciting. Just as I asked, he organised a pretty boy, a toy boy type, twenty-years younger than us.

I told him I would give him a blow job to remember (I am justly proud of my special skills) after he licked me to orgasm. The power I had over two men as I undressed for them was a real buzz for me. “You do realise my man wants to watch don’t you Brian?,” I told him as I helped him undress and ran my hands over his naked body. “Nice erection, is that for me, or both of us?”

At the same time he was watching my man undress down to a sexy black jock strap, then sit on a chair close by.

Brian lacked the finesse of my man’s tongue but it was very exciting having a a twenty-year younger man licking me and bringing me to orgasm with his tongue while I watched my man teasing his erection as it poked out of his jock strap.

“Your man has a huge, thick cock, must be nine-inches Niki,” Brian moaned as I sat him in our sex chair in front of a mirror, as I knelt and commenced sucking his erection. “And I love the big nipples on your tits.

“Your man is teasing me. He is rubbing oil over his erection. Now he is masturbating. He is magnificent, fucking magnificent. I must have him,” Brian moaned as I blew him in less than four-minutes.

My man had a huge smirk on his face as he stood with his back resting on the wall while I watched Brian stroking his erection, sucking his nipples, then his balls, before he licked and kissed his rock hard, nine-inch erection.

“Can you handle that baby?,” he asked as I watched and enjoyed Brian give him a tremendous blow job, while I teased my clit with a fingertip.

After our initial apprehension my man and I now freely admit to being ‘sexually fluid’.

Since that first session with a second man, my man and I have had a great many, exciting and more sophisticated sexual variations with men and women. Some of the more memorable encounters were a man and a woman at the same time. I can still recall the first time my man and I fucked with another couple watching, before we watched them.

Today my man and I are intent on giving and receiving sexual pleasure. We are sitting on our couch holding hands in subdued lighting, with soft, seductive night jazz background music. I am totally naked apart from my heels. My man Roger, is also totally naked apart from the rubber cock ring wrapped around his thick, nine-inch erection and fastened under his balls. We are facing a full-length wall mirror, an extra turn on watching ourselves being pleasured.

We invited another couple to join us. We want to be pleasured by both of them. Mary is my age and her obviously bi-sex man is fifteen-years younger.

When they arrived my man, Jac, and I were both dressed in one of his matching shirts with just one button done up. I was unsure how this might play out.

Jimmy couldn’t take his eyes off my man and took the initiative by undoing the one button holding Jac’s shirt closed and licked and kissed his nipples with his hand on his cock.

Mary and I watched fascinated as Jimmy sucked his nipples, then his balls while we ogled my man’s now full on, thick, nine-inch erection.

Very exciting for me as Mary removed my shirt, then licked and sucked my nipples.

Without saying a word our guests are undressing each other. Jimmy has a slim, toned body, a muscly ass, though an average size, already erect cock. I am pleased to note both of them have just a V-shape tuft of pubic hair, the same as us.

Mary has a feminine size-twelve, body with large tits, eye candy for me and I do like her bobbed, blond hair. I am going to enjoy licking and sucking her tits and nipples later.

She is tongue kissing me and I am returning her kisses as we have our hands all over each other.

We are both watching Jimmy pinching my man’s nipples, with his other hand cupped around his cock from underneath his balls.

“Wow, you are huge, fucking huge,” Jimmy moans as he licks and kisses my mans erection.

“Yes Jimmy, yes, I want it,” my man is moaning as we watch Jimmy wrap his pursed lips around his erection.

I am reminded of the first time we had a second man and I asked “Can you handle that baby?” He bounced the question back at me later when I watched the second man give him a tremendous blow job.

Yes, I can handle it I muse as another woman has me close to orgasm while I watch another man blowing my man’s thick, nine-inch erection. Enjoying sexual pleasure with an extra person is addictive, two extra people is extremely addictive.

My man is proud of his ability to hold out for thirty minutes or more before he orgasms. In my case I can orgasm after just a few minutes of sexual stimulation, then multi-orgasm for up to an hour. And do love to squirt when really stimulated by a man or a woman. Even better with a turned on third person of the opposite sex to the person stimulating me watching.

“Enjoy baby, your turn on is my turn on,” whisper to my man. “You know I love watching another man blowing you.”

“I have watched him blowing a man a number of times, today he is inspired by your man’s thick, nine-inch erection. So am I,” Mary whispers as she is sitting alongside me teasing my cunt lips with a fingertip.

“Look at the veins bulging on his cock.

“Enjoy honey, your turn on is my turn on.”

“You too baby, your turn on is my turn on,” I chime in.

Jimmy is edging my man’s erection by running a fingertip along it’s full length as he licks and sucks just the tip of it.

“Twenty-two minutes baby, you must be close,” I whisper as I check the wall clock.

His face is contorted with intense sexual pleasure as Mary licks and sucks his nipples. He is breathing very heavily as he fights to hold back his orgasm and prolong his pleasure.

“Your cock is magnificent, fucking magnificent. Do it, cum for me and Jimmy.” Mary whispers as she licks his erection as Jimmy is sucking just the tip of it.

“So good, so fucking good,” he groans as he hits the back of Jimmy’s throat.

“That really was something special, my libido is in overdrive,” Mary tells me as we resume on the sofa. I have my legs wide open for her as she resumes licking me. Without saying a word Jimmy sits alongside me and places my hand on his erection.

I am now giving a hand job to a bi-sex man fifteen-years my junior while his cougar is licking me to orgasm.

When my man returns from the bathroom he stands behind me and teases my nipples before he bends and tongue kisses me.

“Enjoy baby, your turn on is my turn on, I love watching another woman licking your cunt,” he tells me as I have a huge orgasm.

Then another and another. I want to make Jimmy cum in sync with my next orgasm. His erection is rock hard and ready to blow as I tease it with the tip of my tongue and middle finger.

My man loves to stretch our sexual boundaries. And we did as he watched Mary licking me to multiple orgasms while I gave her man a hand job.

A little later the four of us are basking in the afterglow in our steam room. Mary and Jimmy are sitting opposite us. Mary has her eyes focused on my man’s flaccid cock and he is enjoying the attention.

“I want what my man Jimmy had, Jac. I want to suck your thick, nine-inch erection. What can I do to help you get it back up for me?,“ Mary asks.

“Perhaps this will help?,” she smiles as she stands in the shower alcove with her legs wide apart and her hands on her hips. She has the full attention of three people, myself included as she has a finger on either side of her cunt lips. She trickles at first, then releases a long, steady stream, while looking directly at Jac.

“You like that don’t you? Would you like to come and join me?”

As Jac stepped into the shower he was almost fully erect as he watched Mary. When Mary wrapped her arms around him and kissed him as she kept releasing over his erection he had a raging, full on erection.

After they washed each other, Jac stood while Mary sat on the couch with a hand wrapped around Jac’s erection. An extra sexual frisson as I am licking and sucking her large erect nipples, just as I wanted to do since I saw them, with my man looking on as Mary strokes his erection.

“Lick my cunt Niki, while I suck your man’s cock,” Mary whispers as I wrap my arms around her thighs.

“Your man is huge Niki, fucking huge,” she whispers as I glance at my man’s erection between her pursed lips.

I am very pleased with myself and my sexual abilities as I have my thumbs on either side of her cunt lips, forcing them open for my tongue. I can feel her orgasming. Then again and again. I had forgotten Jimmy, but I am reminded when I feel Jim licking and kissing my ass cheeks. Wonderful extra sexual pleasure. And I can sense him masturbating as he continues kissing my ass.

All sense of time is lost as I hone my lesbian sex skills on Mary. An absolute buzz giving her multiple orgasms with my lips and tongue while she is blowing my man.

“Your cock is huge, fucking huge,” she whispers to Jac as I move so Jac can stand in front of her. “Fuck my mouth like you would my cunt. Do it. Fuck me, fuck me,” she is almost chanting as Jac rests his hands on her shoulders and slides his erection between her lips in a fucking motion.

Jimmy is masturbating and he and I are mesmerised as we watch. I am sliding a finger along my very wet cunt lips.

Mary is scratching Jac’s balls as he moans, “Nearly there, nearly there,” as Jimmy is ogling his ass tensing. So am I.

“Watch me, watch me cum, watch me, now, right now,” Jac is moaning as he cums in torrents.

Jimmy is masturbating furiously as he blows. And I have the most wonderful orgasm on my finger.

“Mary and Jimmy will be a difficult act to follow, but I am sure we will,” Jac whispered as we fucked, long and hard, missionary style two nights later.