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2022-09-30 01:09:22

The town of Krylo was unlike any other settlement the world had ever seen. It was exotic, unique, and completely uncanny. For those who know nothing of the small town, then prepare to be amazed; and for those who hold sacred their morals, than perhaps this is not the story for you. Things happen in Krylo that no one can explain, while others just do not understand. The traditions of Krylo are mysterious to most, but compelling to even more; and if you have the stomach, and the stamina, than this town can, and will, be your own blessed heaven. You see my name is Locus, and I am one of those people who realize that the world does not come with a user’s manual; so I navigate it the best I can on my own. And although I didn’t know it then, my life was going to change forever in that town; rather I wanted it too or not. But enough with the exposition…
It was an average Saturday evening in the town of Krylo, with the streets lively and congested with the normal hustle and bustle that came with the beginning of the weekend. I was working at the local supermarket that afternoon-Buy ‘N Go-which was always busy around this time, especially with the festival of Vinivous just around the corner. Behind the store’s customer service counter with me was Anna; a girl just a few years younger than me-19 I think-who was of pale white skin and lovely blonde hair. She was a pretty girl, if not a little plain, with a beautifully slim body, well-toned belly, and adorable smile. Her face was a little on the flat side, but was appealing with cute rosy cheeks and a perfect button nose. Being that it was Saturday, the store managers allowed us to wear comfortable clothes instead of our normally itchy aprons. I was dressed in a red button down shirt and flattering blue jeans. Anna was wearing a white tank top under a pink over shirt, and black leggings which hugged her waist, and outlined her bottom.
I was hunched over the computer behind the service counter reviewing the store’s inventory when Anna came back from her break. She removed her black jacket and hung it on a hook near the door leading out of the customer service. My right arm supported my head as I desperately looked over the list of nearly unending products. Meanwhile, from the corner of my eye, I spotted my co-worker fiddling with her cell phone, which interested me little. As she placed the device down, and walked behind me to lean over on the counter, I casually started a conversation like normal.
“How was your break?” I asked.
“Good. Jackie and I just went for coffee.” She said with an innocent smile.
I nodded and returned to my work while she reached out her hands over the counter to stretch. I noticed her bottom sticking in the air slightly, but strictly through my eyes, and without turning my head. She did not notice. Her pants clung lovingly to her thighs and outlined her butt. She was a skinny girl, so she did not have much in the way of an ass. The cheeks were not pushed together in a bubble butt or perky sort of way. They were the type of cheeks that were somewhat separated, leaving a shadow in between them that hid her sweet hole. I had seen such asses in pornography before.
Eventually, though, I snapped out of my little fantasy and back into reality. The words on the screen of the machine in front of me pulsed in ominous green lettering the word ‘continue’. In my pants I felt tension as my penis began to awaken from a boredom induced slumber. Quickly I looked at the clock on the computer: I had twenty minutes before my break.
I made my way over to Anna and unbuttoned my pants in the process. I dropped the jeans to my ankles, and beneath my silk boxers out poked my six inch long pecker (I am an average person, that’s right. No super cock here. Get over it.) I then slid my boxers down and let them rest at my feet as I started to jerk my warm boner to prepare it for the coming entertainment.
It was at that moment that a beautiful transsexual woman walked from around the corner and up to the counter. Her hair was black and reached down below her breasts. Her skin was a beautiful dark tan, other than her lips which seemed to be naturally pink. She wore an expensive black jacket over a cotton V-neck shirt, along with three inch high heels, and sported a dark colored Coach purse. Her finger nails and toe nails were both painted dark purple. She wore no pants, however, nor leggings or underwear of any kind. She was bare from the waist down. Her entire body was hairless, from her perfectly shaped, thick bubble butt that jiggled like water balloons, to her massive ten inch penis and smooth balls. She was fully erect as she walked, her enormous meat protruding from her thighs arching over like a rainbow. It wagged from side to side as she stepped, her balls beneath it swinging and bouncing up and down. Her dick was flawless, not corrupted by ugly veins or wrinkle marks. The head was concealed in a lovely sheath of foreskin that only allowed the tip to peak out slightly and see the world. And all of these wonderful things were connected to a pair of thick, deliciously smooth thighs.
The tranny walked up to Anna and smiled at her, and Anna returned the gesture. As they silently greeted I proceeded to pull down Anna’s pants and underwear all in the same motion. Her eyes widened as she felt her bottoms drop, and she turned to me with a look of confusion, but then immediately back at the customer.
“Locus, what are you doing?” she asked nervously.
Anna’s tushy was exposed to me as two beautiful pale cheeks of softness. It was just as I imagined. Meanwhile, the transsexual woman had just placed down her purse, and began looking through it.
“Hi there,” she said, “I was hoping you could help me find a product…hold on I’m not sure of the name…let me root around in here for my list.”
“Of course, take your time.” Anna said, trying her hardest to keep her focus on the customer, although her eyes kept darting over her shoulder at me.
I grabbed the shaft of my dick with my fingertips and nestled it in between Anna’s cheeks until the tip of my warm head touched her moist anus.
“Locus, please no!” she shouted in a whisper, but I kept on.
“Sorry about this,” said the tranny as she reached deeper in her purse, “I know it’s in here…”
I had no doubt that the transsexual’s long dick was now touching the counter, and probably arching forward. The idea aroused me further.
“Locus, please stop…” Anna begged with a face as red as grapefruit.
“Shush. I’ll be quick.” I responded.
I felt my dry meat enter her hole and squeeze around my head. Anna let out a small squeal, and I instantly knew I had taken her ass’s virginity. No one’s asshole was this tight if it had not been played with prior, and for a second a felt bad, but the feeling passed quickly. I figured I was already in, so might as well continue. I sunk further into her, my dick acting like a battering ram through her soft ass tunnel destroying all in its way. I kept pushing until her cheeks touched my pelvis, and even then I forced in more. I did not stop until my entire penis was concealed in her bottom, and just stood there for a moment as her forbidden love muscle crushed my cock. Tears of pain began to flow from her eyes as I reached for her waist and positioned myself to begin thrusting. As I pulled back she squealed again.
“Sorry about going in dry,” I giggled, “but I’ll be done soon.”
Slowly I began to pump into her, in and out, in and out, and softly began to pick up speed. Anna leaned over the counter, resting on her forearms, moving back and forth with the motions of my hips. Little moans escaped her lips -uhg, uhg, uhg- as I continued my love making.
Up in the manager’s office of the store sat our boss Mary. She was a tall woman, with short black hair, and was well into her fifties. She was not hideous, but at the same time, not pretty, and was in shape enough to where I would have had sex with her. She was watching the security cameras while I was humping Anna’s ass, and when she spotted us, she smiled.
“Good for them; having fun.” She said laughing to herself.
Meanwhile, the tranny final found her list and laid it out in front of Anna. Opening her eyes for the first time since I entered her, Anna looked down at the paper and gave it a look over. The customer pointed to an item on the list which was circled. Tears from Anna’s eyes dripped onto the sheet.
“I’m looking for that. Belging bread mix. Do you have it?” asked the transsexual.
Anna looked at the paper trying desperately to clear her vision. I banged into her harder as well, now at an even pace, really fucking her hole raw.
“I…I…think we do…” Anna tried to say, “I…think…ah…it’s in…isle…ah!”
Anna could not get out a single word without shuddering. At the same time, the customer was becoming impatient, and shot looks of distain at Anna as she desperately tried to form words.
“Listen, can you please hurry up? Not to be rude, but I don’t have all day.” The tranny said.
“Come on, Anna, tell her. I don’t want to get into trouble.” I said as I thrusted into her more.
“I…ah…I’m sor…ah!”
Our long dicked customer rolled her eyes as nothing got accomplished in front of her. She waited for a moment in order for Anna to gain some composure, but it did not happen.
“Listen, I understand if you want to get butt-fucked at work, but please, at least do your job!” she said.
“I…don’t…ah…he’s…forced…me…ah!” Anna stammered.
“I’m almost done.” I said, smiling. The tranny winked back.
“Oh, then just take it like an adult and stop crying. Also, stop drooling on my list.”
The customer removed the sheet of paper from below Anna who was not only crying now, but also salivating slightly. A single stream of drool dripped from the side of her open mouth.
“I’m…sorry…isle…ah! Isle…four!” Anna shouted as I pushed into her with an abnormally powerful thrust.
The tranny turned around and beheld isle four: baking. She laughed, and shrugged.
“Oh, of course. Well thank you. You guys have fun. Happy Vinivous!” she smiled.
The customer then leaned over and used her long wet tongue to lick over Anna’s entire mouth, then laid a kiss on her lips; which was customary way to greet and say good bye in Krylo.
With that the customer was off, and it was now just Anna and I. my hands gripped her sides so hard that they began to leave marks, meanwhile my dick was turning her tight asshole bright pink. I felt her butt tunnel sucking on my cock like a mouth or vacuum, desperately asking for my load. Anna was now in a full on sob, with her face red like a strawberry.
Soon I felt the tension in my balls become too much, and after a moment I let loose. Anna screamed at the top of her lungs in a quick burst of pain as I forced my hips into her with full force. She startled some customers, but once they noticed what we were doing they simply chuckled, and continued their business. My cock spewed loads of sticky cum into Anna’s tight hole in globs of hot white liquid. Five, six, seven shots followed by three more until eventually my balls were completely empty. Poor Anna’s tiny butt could barely hold all of my fluids in, and I knew this because I could feel it dripping around the circumference of my meat and down my balls. When I pulled out of her, she clinched up tight as a clam.
“You’re going to want to keep your pants off for a while,” I said sticking my finger into her ass trying to push as much of my cum into her as I could, “or else you might stain your panties. Wait till this stuff dries, keep most of it in your butt, and you should be fine.”
With my other hand I wiped my dick off on her right butt cheek until I was satisfied with it dryness. I then pulled my pants back up, and walked over to the computer again.
“Thanks for the ride, by the way.” I said, although I was left unheeded.
Anna just starred forward, nodding to me with her pants around her ankles as tears still rolled down her eyes. It was then that a little girl, no more than seven or eight, walked up to the counter and looked at Anna.
“Excuse me,” she asked, “can you help me reach the cereal?”
“Can you get that? I gotta finish reading this.” I said.
Anna nodded silently, and then shuffled out. Her panties and leggings still rested by her feet, so she had to be careful not to trip over them. When she exited the customer service counter, Anna walked, with the girl at her side, to the isle just a few feet away. Her ass, pussy, and legs were bare for all to see. When they came to the cereal the girl wanted Anna reached up on her tippy toes and went to grab it. As she did so, drops of my cum began to drip out of her ass, and leak down her leg. Anna eventually snatched up the cereal and gave it to the little girl, who thanked her and then ran off. When Anna turned to return to the customer service counter, she hesitated so that a good looking middle aged couple could pass by first. The woman in the pair spotted Anna and looked her over.
“Oh! What a beautiful pussy!” said the woman.
She then stretched out her hand and ran her fingers through Anna’s pussy slit. Anna shut her eyes as the customer violated her, but watched as she lifted her hand to her mouth and gave it a lick.
“See, Horris? This is why I like this store. Such professional, good looking employees who really care about the customer. This little lady even took off her pants so we could get a good look at her. So sweet.”
The woman’s husband agreed with a silent nod, and then the two walked off and continued their shopping. Anna reentered the customer service counter and stopped when she was right next to me. I turned and face her.
“Yes?” I smiled.
“Do you…” she began to say, “have any idea…how badly my asshole hurts?”
I burst out into a fit of laughter, but was silenced rather immediately by a swift punch to the genitals. I went down like a sack of bricks, hit my head on the side of the counter, and tumbled to the floor like a helpless baby bird.
“I feel so much better now.” She said while rubbing her knuckles.
“Fantastic!” I shrieked in a high pitched, fearful tone.
And with that Anna smiled and returned to her post behind the counter.

Meanwhile, as I prayed to the Lords above in hopes that my future children had not just been genocided, the immaculate looking tranny made her way into the baking isle. As she walked her beautiful dick still remained hard and arched forward, and her flawless balls danced below. She was in good spirits until she actually laid eyes on the isle, because, for the most part, it was a mess. With the anticipation of Vinivous (which I’ll explain in more detail later) just around the corner, most of our baking products were sold out. From bowls and spoons, to flower and sugar, nothing seemed to be left.
Standing on her tippy toes to see over the higher shelves, the transsexual beautify looked for the last box of Belging mix. At first she failed, but then, as if by some miracle, a small plastic sack containing Belging flower could be seen pushed all the way back on the top shelf. She had to stretch as far as she could to get it, but eventually nabbed the bag and threw it in her basket.
“Wait…” she said, “how much does that feed?”
She pulled the sack from out of her cart and looked it over. She smiled as she read the clever little welcoming the company had put on the wrapper to attract customers. It said the normal cliché garbage about the company being around since the 1800’s, and how their grain is made with no added chemicals, and every teaspoon is made with love.
She then opened the bag and sniffed the sweet smelling powder; a smile arose on her face. Silently she looked left and right, biting her bottom lip.
“It’s so fresh now. Might as well add my favorite flavoring while I have the chance.” She whispered to herself.
The transsexual lowered the opened bag of flower down to her dick and moved her hips until the head of her massive rod laid atop it. She then dug it in deeper until the entire head was buried. She began to move her hips back and forth feeling the soft grains rub against her sensitive dick head. A chill shot up her shaft into her body as she picked up speed. Her thick ass cheeks clinched with pleasure as her body began to get heated. Her toes curled over her shoes, and balls throbbed as she felt an oncoming orgasm. Faster she plunged into the sack, her right hand gripping the shelf next to her, while her left hand struggled to hold the bag steady.
Soon her abdomen tensed up, her balls began to ache, and her bottom tightened. A rush of heat leap through her body, and her sore nut sack let out a pulsating wave of heat. From her beautiful testicles a rush of hot semen jumped into her bridge-like shaft and traveled out of her tip in a flood of white warm liquid. Globs of hot delicious cum sprayed into the package like a bursting pipe. Five, six, seven, squirts rushed into the powder filling the middle of the pouch. Soon enough fourteen, fifteen, all the way to twenty shots of hot white cum filled the powdery sweetness. Her well-toned belly was now glistening with sweat, and her breathing was exasperated. A few more shots fired out of her dick, causing her balls to throb. Her hips twitched forward as she slowly began to stop humping the package of grain and settle down.
With her free hand she removed her dick and began to shake off the excess grain until eventually it was nearly clean. She then closed the package up real fast, and put it back in her cart.
“That’s going to taste so good.” She thought to herself.
Meanwhile, from behind her, the gorgeous transsexual heard a distant conversation approaching. It seemed to be between a mother and daughter.
“Yes, and we’ll make cookies.” The mother said turning the corner.
“Yay!” said the little girl, who was only about 8 or nine years old.
The tranny turned around and moved off to the side to clear a path for the two. As she did so, her colossal dick swung around and landed right in the little girl’s mouth as she was closing her lips from her triumphant ‘yay’. As her mouth wrapped around the penis, a drop of cum leaked into her mouth. Embarrassedly, the tranny pulled her softening cock out of the little girl’s mouth, and let it hang naturally.
“Oh I’m so sorry!” she chuckled.
The little girl swallowed the mouthful of goo with a puzzled expression on her face.
“It’s okay!” laughed the mother, who was extremely attractive, “I keep telling her she needs to keep her mouth closed, or else someone is bound to fill it with something.”
They both shared a laugh, yet at the same time the tranny looked the woman up and down. She was a voluptuous woman, with thick, wide hips and breasts that nearly popped out of her shirt. She had a beauty mark just off the side of her mouth, and big golden hair in the shape of an 80’s pop style wave.
“You have such a beautiful cock, by the way.” The mother said.
“Oh thank you! Your stunning yourself.” Responded the tranny.
“I feel like we’ve met before. Did you just move in to an apartment down on Second? The Ellios plaza?”
“I did,” responded the tranny, putting her hands on her hips, “apartment 69.”
“Oh! Of course, I thought I recognized you! I’m in room 71, welcome to the neighborhood!”
The two leaned into to hug, and then wrapped their tongues around each other. The wet, tongue wrestling match lasted a good two seconds.
“Well thank you! I just got a job teaching first grade over at the school. My name is Lai Helena.”
“Oh, so you’re the new teacher! Fantastic! My name is Jessica Vigor. You know, the last teacher got fired, unfortunately. She was molesting the children a little too much. I mean it’s okay to have fun, but once it interferes with your job, something has to be done.”
“I totally agree,” said the tranny, “teaching is my passion. I’ll only have sex with the children during recess or before or after school. I assure you.”
“Well, that’s swell! Finally someone who is responsible.” Laughed Jessica.
“Well thank you very much. Are you all set for Vinivous?”
“Not yet. We still need to make out Belging bread.”
“Oh, there are no bags of the mix left. Here take mine, I don’t need it, I have plenty at home.” Lie lied.
“Aw…are you sure?” Jessica said thankfully accepting the package.
“Go on, it’s fine. I’m sure you will love it! Enjoy. I’ll see you around the apartments, okay?”
“Of course! Thank you. Come on Belle,” Jessica said to her daughter, “Lets hurry home. Your brother is still with the babysitter, and you know how he gets. Ta-ta Lia!”
And with that Jessica was off after another swapping of tongues with Lia. She waved good bye to Belle, who waved back. As they walked away Lia gazed at Jessica’s nice plump ass, and Belle’s tiny perky one. The thought of them eater their Belging bread with her cum full of every bite turned her on beyond words. Instantly her cock hardened again, and her balls began to hang in anticipation. Lia knew she was going to enjoy this town very, very much.

To be continued...