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How a Young Boy Turned Gay!_(5)

2022-09-26 00:43:15

This is the remake of my first story with ideas that make it better. Please enjoy and tell me how to make it better! This a story a boy named Chris. Chris is a very sexy boy with a 5 inch dick. And it starts with his dad but gets more interesting. The father's name is Alex. Alex is a very sexy white man. He's very built with a big dick which is 6 inches. And here's the story!

One day Chris and Alex were hanging out together. When Chris asked his dad, "I wonder what it's like being gay?!?"

"What?!?" Alex responded.

"I wonder what it's like being gay!" Said Chris.

"I don't know son, I wonder the same thing." Responded Alex.

"How about we find out together?!?" Asked Chris. Alex responded, "Sure son let's do it!"

So they got naked and Chris jerked his dad off. "Ohhhhhhhh Chris that feels great son!" Moaned Alex.

"Do you want me to suck it!" Asked Chris.

"Hell yeah son! Suck my cock!" Responded Alex.

So Chris started sucking his dad! And his dad could not stop moaning! "I'm about to cum son!" Responded Alex.

"Ohhhhhhhh yeah cum dad cum!!!!" Said Chris.

"Here it comes son! Ohhhhhhhh my goodness son! Oh yeah that felt great!" Responded Alex.

"Thanks for cumming dad!" Said Chris. "I love you son!" Said Alex. "I love you too dad!" Responded Chris.

Chris then put his ass on his dad's dick! "Ohhhhhhhh son there go ride it son ride it!" Moaned Alex.

"Ohhhhhhhh dad your dick is so big in my ass!!! Said Chris. "Damn I'm gonna cum again son!!" Screamed Alex.

"Ohhhhhhhh yeah cum dad cum!" Responded Chris. "Here it comes! Ohhhhhhhh fuuuuck yeah, you made me cum in that ass son!" Said Alex.

"Ohhhhhhhh dad that felt nice!" Said Chris. Alex said, "Son time for me to suck you then ride you!"

"Ok then do it dad!" Said Chris. Then Alex got down and started sucking his son's dick!

"Ohhhhhhhh son you like this!" Asked Alex. "Yes dad I love it!!! Suck it dad suck it!! Ohhhhhhhh fuuuuck keep going dad I'm cumming!!" Responded Chris. And Chris came in his mouth!

"Oooooo son your cum tasted great!" Responded Alex.

"Now ride me dad!" Said Chris. "Ok son!" Responded Alex.

Chris started fucking his dad in the ass! "Ohhhhhhhh son fuuuuck me!" Responded Alex. "Oh yeah dad! Bounce on my dick dad bounce!" Said Chris.

"Ohhhhhhhh Chris fuck me son fuck me!" Screamed Alex. "I'm about to cummmmmmm dad!" Screamed Chris. "Ohhhhhhhh yeah cum son cum!" Responded Alex.

"Here it comes dad!!! Ohhhhhhhh fuuuuck!!!!" Screamed Chris.

"Oh son that felt great!" Responded Alex.

"Ohhhhhhhh yeah dad! I never thought that you could cum so hard in my ass! Responded Chris. "Well you deserve my cum son!" Responded Alex.

So the next day Chris and Alex remembered what happened the day before. And was sorta uncomfortable the day after having sex. But Alex said, "Son let's keep what happened yesterday just between us!"

"I agree dad! But after yesterday, I might turn gay!" Responded Chris. "Cool son I'm happy for you and support you!" Responded Alex.

"Thanks dad! I'm going to school now I'll see you later!" Said Chris. "Bye son!" Responded Alex.

So Chris went to school. But he couldn't stop thinking about fucking his dad. So he decided to see if one of his friends was bi curious. So he went to his friend Elliott. Elliott is a sexy white boy, who has a 5 inch dick.

"Hey Elliott!" Said Chris.

"Hey Chris!" Responded Elliott.

"So can I ask you something?" Said Chris.

"Sure what?!?" Responded Elliott.

"Have you ever wondered what it's like to be gay?!?" Asked Chris. "Yeah many times! Why?!?" Responded Elliott. "Cause I do too!" Said Chris. "Really?!?" Asked Elliott.

"Yeah! Maybe we can find out together sometime!" Responded Chris.

"Yeah that might be fun!" Responded Elliott.

"So when do you want to find out Elliott?!?" Asked Chris.

"I don't know Chris! How about tonight?!?" Responded Elliott.

"I'd love to do it tonight!" Responded Chris.

So Chris and Elliott agreed to fuck that night. And soon Chris would know if he wanted to go gay.

So that night Elliott and Chris were hanging out. When Chris asked, "Are you ready Elliott?!?"

Elliott Responded, "Yes Chris I'm ready for this! LET'S DO IT!!"

So Chris walked over to Elliott and kissed him on the lips. And within minutes they were naked and making out! But they stopped when there was a knock at his door so before opening it he asked, "Who is it?!?" Chris heard, "Your father!"

So he opened the door! Chris was still naked and Elliott was laying on his bed naked and jerking his dick off to Chris!

So Alex said, "What's going on in here son?!?"

"Me and Elliott are seeing what it's like to be gay!" Responded Chris. "Ok sorry I interrupted y'all! So you 2 continue and I'll leave y'all alone so y'all can fuck!" Responded Alex. "Ok thanks dad!" Said Chris.

So Chris closed the door and went back over to Elliott. And Elliott said, "Why is your dad cool with me and you fucking Chris?!?"

"Cause me and him fucked last night! And it was amazing, and I told him that I might be gay and he said he supports me!" Responded Chris.

"Ok so I'm not your first guy?!?" Asked Elliott. "No unfortunately you're my second!" Responded Chris.

"Ok let's finish what we started Chris!" Said Elliott.

So they continued making out! And while kissing they had their hands on each other's dicks.

So Elliott said, "You're so big Chris!" "Thanks Elliott! So are you!" Responded Chris.

"Ohhhhhhhh Chris this is amazing!" Moaned Elliott. So Chris responded, "Ok now I'm going to suck on you and when I'm done you'll suck me! Then you'll fuck me in the ass, and I'll fuck you in the ass!"

"Ok can we do some other things too Chris?!?" Asked Elliott.

"Sure what do you have in mind!" Responded Chris.

"I was thinking maybe we could do a 69, and also get your dad to join us at some point!" Responded Elliott.

"No Elliott I don't think my dad will join us! I'm sorry but we can do a 69!" Responded Chris.

"Yes ok suck me Chris!" Responded Elliott.

Then Chris kissed his way down Elliott's body to his dick! Then he got to his dick he kissed it and Chris put Elliott's dick in his mouth and started sucking his dick. And Elliott was screaming and moaning. "Ohhhhhhhh Chris!!! Suck my dick suck it!!!" Moaned Elliott.

"Do like it?!? Huh sexy boy?!?" Asked Chris.

"No I love it sexy! Keep going Chris, you're making me cum!" Responded Elliott.

"Ohhhh cum Elliott cum! I wanna taste your sweet cum!" Responded Chris.

"Here it comes sexy boy!!! Ohhhhhhhh fuck!!!" Screamed Elliott.

Then Elliott came down Chris's throat. And Chris coughed choking on Elliott's cum!

Then Chris said, "Ok now it's time for you to suck my dick!"

"Ok come here than!" Responded Elliott.

Then Elliott put Chris's big 5 inch dick in his mouth and started sucking it. And Chris started moaning in pleasure. "Ohhhhhhhh Elliott! Yes Elliott keep going keep going! That feels so fucking amazing! Ohhhhhhhh shit suck it Elliott suck it!" Screamed Chris.

"Damn Chris! I'm about to choke on this big dick!" Responded Elliott.

"Ohhhh yeah choke on it Elliott! Choke on it!" Screamed Chris.

Then Elliott choked on Chris's big dick! "Ohhhhhhhh yeah Elliott I'm gonna cum in your mouth!" Screamed Chris.

"Ohhhh cum Chris cum! Cum in my mouth and put several loads down my throat!" Said Elliott.

"Ok my pleasure Elliott! Ohhhhhhhh fuuuuck here it comes!!! Oh fuck yeah Elliott!" Said Chris.

Then he shot several loads of cum down Elliott's throat.

"Now swallow it Elliott!! All of it!" Said Chris.

"Ok Chris!" Responded Elliott.

Then Elliott swallowed all of Chris's cum!

"Ok time for me to receive anal Elliott, then I'll give you anal!" Said Chris.

"Ok come get you some of it!" Responded Elliott.

Then Chris got on Elliott and started bouncing up and down!

"Ohhhhhhhh Chris bounce on my dick! Bounce boy bounce! Ohhhhhhhh fuuuuck yeah! Keep going Chris you're already making me cummmmmmmmm!!!!" Said Elliott.

"Ohhhhhhhh yeah Elliott cum in my ass! Cum hard in my ass Elliott!" Responded Chris.

"Ohhhhhhhh fuuuuck here it comes Chris! Ohhhhhhhh fuck yeah! Oh yeah you made me cum so hard Chris!" Responded Elliott.

"That felt so nice Elliott! Ok now you get on top of me and bounce on my dick, and ride it!" Responded Chris.

Then Elliott got on top of Chris and started bouncing on his big dick!

"Ohhhhhhhh Elliott bounce on it! Damn you're so fucking sexy Elliott!" Said Chris.

"Are you about to cum Chris?!?" Asked Elliott.

"No you're only half way on my dick! Go all the way down on it Elliott!" Responded Chris.

"But it's to big Chris, and it'll hurt!" Responded Elliott.

"Well I won't cum unless you go all the way!" Responded Chris.

"Ok I'll go all the way Chris!" Responded Elliott.

Then he threw his ass down Chris's Dick hard! Putting Chris's whole 5 inch dick in his ass! "Ohhhhhhhh fuuuuck yeah Elliott! I'm about to cum! Ohhhhhhhh yes make me cum Elliott!" Said Chris.

"Ohhhhhhhh fuuuuck cum Chris cummmmmmmmm!!! Ohhhh yes I want it deep in my ass! Come on Chris show me how gay you are!" Said Elliott.

"Ohhhhhhhh fuuuuck here it cummmmmmmmmsssss!!!!" Screamed Chris.

Then Chris came inside Elliott's ass!

"Ohhhhhhhh Chris that was nice! Now it's time for a 69!" Said Elliott.

"Alright you know what to do!" Responded Chris.

So they got into position and started sucking each other in a 69! Then Chris slammed his dick into Elliott's mouth choking him again! Then Elliott returned the favor! And eventually they came and right when they finished and decided to lay down and cuddle with each other Chris's dad walked in!

"Hey boys!" Said Alex.

"Dad what are you doing in here?!?" Asked Chris.

"Well Chris when you told me what you 2 were doing it turned me on, and I want to know if I can join!" Responded Alex.

"Well we just finished dad!" Said Chris.

"Chris please let him join us, I want a gay Threeway!" Said Elliott.

"Ok fine as long as you give me a kiss Elliott!" Responded Chris.

Then Elliott kissed Chris. And Chris said to his dad, "Take your clothes off and get in the bed with us dad!"

Then he took his clothes off and got in the bed!

"Let me suck this big dick son! I've been wanting your dick all day!" Said Alex.

Then he started sucking his son. "Ohhhhhhhh dad! Keep going dad! Elliott come put your dick in my mouth!" Said Chris.

"Ok Chris!" Responded Elliott. "Ohhhhhhhh Chris suck my dick suck it!!!! Ohhhh yes I'm about to cum already!" Said Elliott.

Then Elliott came in Chris's mouth and then Chris came in his dad's mouth!

"Ohhhhhhhh Chris! I love you son!" Said Alex. "I love you too dad!" Responded Chris.

"Ok dad now you suck on Elliott, while I fuck your ass!" Said Chris.

"Ok son!!" Responded Alex.

So he sucked Elliott, and Chris put his big dick all the way inside his dad's ass!

"Ohhhh yes Chris! Let's both cum in your dad!" Said Elliott.

"Let's do it Elliott!!!" Responded Chris.

Then they both came inside Alex! And Chris said, "Ok dad now get on your knees so me and Elliott can cum all over you!"

"Ok son!" Responded Alex.

Then he got on his knees and Chris and Elliott started jerking their dicks so fast and hard! And in a few minutes came all over Alex.

And Chris said, "Ok dad you got my dick again and you got Elliott's dick! So now can me and Elliott be alone?!?" Asked Chris.

"Sure I'll go clean up! Goodnight son I love you! Can I get a kiss?!?" Said Alex.

"Sure!" Responded Chris.

Then Chris kissed his dad on the lips and said, "Goodnight!"

Then Alex left and Chris and Elliott cuddled up again. And while cuddling they started talking!

"So how was it Elliott!" Asked Chris.

"Amazing and now I want to be gay!!!" Responded Elliott.

"Me too!!" Responded Chris.

"So can you be my boyfriend Chris?!? Please?!?" Asked Elliott.

"Sure I would love to be your boyfriend!" Responded Chris.

Then they kissed and went to sleep. They woke up the next morning knowing that they were now boyfriends! And they were in love! And now they enjoy dating each other! And they occasionally fuck each other! They hope to be together forever!