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Ghost Girl Chronicles- Chapter 1 The Meeting

2023-01-18 00:33:27

I walk into the Moore's Town library and look around. I scrunch my nose when the smell of old books assaults my most sensitive sense. I get a chill across my legs and try to pull them down a bit to cover more of me. I knew I should have worn pants instead of cargo shorts. My track jacket keeps my upper half warm as I search for the fiction section. I find the fiction aisle and walk over to it. The expansive library looms over my head into a domed ceiling. It'd be awe-inspiring if it weren't derelict. I guess being abandoned for years takes its toll on even the grandest of structures. I run my gloved finger over the dusty books and find what I am looking for. I walk to an old table and sit down to read my latest interest into a world past it's prime. With the library being deserted, I did not expect a light tap on the shoulder. Being as engrossed in my book as I was, I nearly jumped out of my skin at the sudden contact. I recoiled away from my chair abruptly knocking it to the floor with a loud bang. Stumbling back I raise my head from my fallen perch and standing next to it is a girl.
My rational fear stemming from discovering someone here where there shan't have been, was quickly overcome by her beauty. My brain goes blank blank and I can not look away. Something however, is off about her. She does not speak, she only stares back at me. My fear swiftly resurfaces and my body hums with the urge to turn tail and dust a trail out of there; but I can not move. I can only stand, frozen in fear as i watch her face, observe her face, and study her face. Suddenly I find myself being pulled towards her, towards her unearthly gaze. My fear grows exponentially causing an immediate white streak to line a portion of my jet black hair. Lost in the turbulent waves of my fear, when I return to awareness; I find myself directly in front of her. This close up, I can see a faint glow to her skin.
"Wha...what do you want?" I manage to ask her through tight lips. She smiles and in that instant my fear pulls a Houdini. My feet which felt as though they were floating, hits the ground and I calm my heartbeat to its normal pace. She replies to me wistfully, " I want to be with my family." I ponder her answer before deciding to ask her why isnt she with her family."Why are you not with them?" When I ask her this she places her right index finger close to my forehead and I receive a small jolt before a gripping vision takes me. I see this same library only in its glory days, hustling and bustling with avid readers of every age. The scene shifts to one of the tables where a family of 5 sits enjoying some quality time. I recognize the strange girl who appears to be around 17. I jump as a loud thump sounds and the doors of the library burst open. Three gun-toting masked men walk in and immediately begin shooting at everyone. Even the kids. Even though it is only a vision I run to hide until the shooting stops. When I come out of my hiding place behind a bookshelf in the far back, everyone is dead. There is blood everywhere and I want hurl. I then look over to the girl's table and almost cry as they are all dead. The mother, father, brother, sister, and her. I realize now that she is a ghost and I feel pity for her. I tear my eyes away, tears threatening my edges before I am promptly returned back to the present.
I am at a loss for words. All of those innocent people dead, and for what reason I do not know. I have to choke back some vomit before I notice she is staring at me expectantly. I inquire, "Why are you here and they aren't?" She looks at me with such sorrow that it snaps one of my heart strings and I can't but feel sorry for her. "They've moved on.." She says in response to my question. "Why haven't you?" She gives me a rueful smile and says, "I am still here because..I did not want to leave before losing my virginity." Taken aback with my mouth visibly gaping, I eyed her up and down. She had on the attire in which she'd perished; a tight t-shirt that clung to her smallish teenage figure while still remaining modest, a pair of black leggings partially covered by a classic Japanese school girl style short skirt that stopped just above her thighs, and heel-like black shoes. Her hair is cut short in a mischievous sort of way and her eyes are a deep blue. Her breasts look to be about a C cup. As to the exact number I am not sure. I can not see her butt from this angle so I turn my attention back to her. The glowing of her skin only intensifies the color of her eyes and makes me want her more. I reach up to touch her cheek lightly and and my hand passes right through her. I frown as she explains, "Even though I have been here for years, I am not strong enough to initiate physical contact with the living. I need to possess a body to touch....and be touched. Will you help me move on?" As she says this she smiles seductively and awaits my answer. I smile back and reply, "I will try. I have to find a girl willing to come to an abandoned library with me."