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Many people feel an overwhelming attraction to other members of their own family. When suppressed, this attraction often leads to agonizing emotional troubles. When expressed, this stigma sometimes means feelings of guilt and shame that are almost impossible to overcome. Indeed, incest is a subject that has been shunned by society from the earliest memories of man.

Those of us who have these unfulfilled desires are often driven to torment over our needs. These desires have driven people even to the brink of insanity -- or worse.

GETTING BEHIND MOTHER is the story of a woman and her son who are forced by their desires to come to grips with turbulent emotions. What happens to them when they confront these emotions together reveals their ability to be honest with themselves and to be unafraid of their own inner feelings.

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With Conor holding the wire fence for her, Madison slipped between the strands. But just as she expected it to happen, her skirt caught on one of the barbed wires. She was climbing through fast and her skirt ripped from the waist to the hem.

A slight flush crept over her lovely face as she glanced at her son.

Conor didn't see the flush on his mother's face. He was behind her, staring in fascination at her long legs and her pink bikini panties.

"Oh, my!" Madison said, pulling her torn dress together. "I knew I'd tear my dress."

Conor's eyes were hot as he giggled softly.

"You're not supposed to look," she said, her eyes lowering shyly as she held her dress together. "It isn't nice."

"I think it's very nice, Mother," he said.

"What do you know?" she replied, her voice soft. "I didn't think you ever noticed girls."

"I notice you, Mother."

Madison was on the other side of the fence from her son, and she looked at him, her eyes moving from his head to his feet, then up again, stopping at his crotch. Although she tried to stop herself, the words came out anyway; "And I notice you, too, honey."

Her voice was very low, husky. A tremor swept through her body as she heard what she said. She lifted her eyes to his, and saw the expression of yearning on her son's face. They stared at each other, neither speaking, but both acutely aware of what each had said.

Madison finally broke the silence. "Here, let me hold the wire for you."

She placed her foot on the bottom strand, pulling the other with both hands. The torn skirt parted, and her slender, creamy thigh showed, along with a teasing bit of pink panties.

Conor, halfway through the fence, facing her, paused and stared. Then he moved quickly through the fence.

Hand in hand, they walked over the pasture, through the scattered trees. They had no business being there, except that it was a nice day for a walk. They had been driving about five miles from home, when they decided to stop to enjoy the warm day. Madison usually drove once a month to a nearby farm, where she bought fresh vegetables. The car was loaded, and the vegetables would be cleaned and put in the freezer once they got home.

Madison seldom became too friendly with people, men or women. She preferred her life with her son, without close friends. She was a loner, and had always been a loner. Her son, it seemed, was taking that habit up. Like her, he had no close friends, wanted no close friends. He had told his mother many times he was content to be with her, always with her. He was not athletic, but loved books and was very intelligent. His interests varied, but mostly he liked history. Roman and Greek history. He was an avid reader of mythology, and was particularly interested in the sex-life of the ancient Romans and Greeks.

Madison encouraged his reading, often discussing with him the Gods of old, but would usually draw back when he ventured into the more erotic aspects of those civilizations. But it didn't stop her mind from thinking, wondering, wanting. What it did was make her more aware of her being alone with her son, of her deeply bubbling passions and desires, desires she had never been able to explain, never talked about, even with her long-dead husband. She had been ashamed of those crazy desires for years, but had, in the past year or so, allowed herself to imagine, to fantasize, to wonder what if...

She clung to her son's hand as they walked slowly until they were over a low rise and out of sight of the road. She had allowed her torn skirt to flap in the breeze. Conor couldn't see anything; he was on the other side of her.

They paused and sat beneath an old twisted tree. Madison leaned against the trunk, making sure her skirt was tucked to cover her thighs and panties, while Conor sat cross-legged a few feet away, facing her. She studied his face. She could see the desire in his dark eyes, knowing her son wanted to see more of her, but not knowing how to ask. She wasn't sure she could allow him to look beneath her skirt. Madison was afraid she would do more, like grab his cock, take it out and fuck him. For weeks Madison had known she wanted her son. At first it had startled her, but she had to be honest with herself. She could teach him so much, so very much.

Conor looked at her, silent.

She looked back at him, just as silent.

Conor was trying to look under her dress, and he wasn't trying to conceal his interest. It was the fir si time he had looked so boldly at her, his eyes not wavering.

Madison felt her cunt throb inside the tight crotch of her panties. Her tits seemed to swell into a hardness, and her nipples became rigid. She drew her knees back to her chest, hugging them, still gazing into her son's face.

"You're very good-looking, Conor," she said softly.

"You're beautiful, Mother," he replied, but his eyes never lifted.

Madison slipped her right hand don, sliding her fingers along her thigh. She felt the rip of her skirt, and slowly pulled it away. She heard a soft gasp from Conor, and his eyes widened slightly.

"Is this what you're trying to look at Conor?" she asked, her voice whispery.

Conor stared at the back of his mother's satiny thigh, seeing where her tan ended and the white of her hip began. His breathing increased, and Madison glanced at his crotch. She kept her eyes there, and lifted the torn skirt away, fanning it wide.

"Why are you looking at me, Conor?"

"Because... Mother, you're beautiful!"

"But why are you looking... there?"

"I want to see, Mother," he said, and now Madison noticed his cock starting to bulge in hardness inside his pants.

"We shouldn't," Madison whispered. "I mean, I shouldn't let you see me this way."

"Yes, you should," Conor answered. "I want to see, Mother."

Madison trembled. She wanted to show her son, show her body to him, let him see what she had for him, but despite Conor's burning interest, she had to be certain, completely certain.

"Honey," she said softly. "Would you... would you still love me if you saw? You wouldn't hate me?"

"Mother, I'd love you anyway," he replied. "No matter what, I'll love you forever, and want to stay with you forever."

Madison knew he was being honest with her, he just didn't know. She leaned against the tree, her thigh showing, the ridge of her pink panties just visible to her son's hot gaze. Her cunt was burning wetly, feeling as if it would melt the crotch of her panties, and if that happened, she would be sitting there with her pussy on display, deliciously, lewdly, wantonly, exposed to her son.

"You first," she whispered, feeling childish.

"Okay," Conor agreed quickly.

But he remained sitting.

Madison breathed deeply, her tits pushing at her blouse, her eyes seeing his cock starting to strain very hard at his pants now.

"You first," she said again, her voice very low.

Conor stood up, and she stared straight at his cock. It pressed out at his pants, outlined. She could see his cock was not very big, but it was mouth-wateringly beautiful to her. The turning point had arrived, Madison knew. She knew she wouldn't stop now, not now. She wanted to see her son's cock, see it out of his pants. She wanted to look at it and let her pussy soak her panties.

Conor stood straight, his hips arching slightly, as if proud of his hard-on. But he just stood there, not opening his pants.

"You first," Madison said again, her voice barely audible.

"You promise, Mother?" Conor asked, excitement in his voice. "You'll let me see, too? You won't change your mind?"

Madison shook her head. "No, I won't change my mind, darling."

The breeze caught the hem of her torn skirt, lifting it. Her pink panties flashed to her hip.

Conor didn't take his cock out.

He dropped his pants completely.

Madison's breath stuck in her throat. She was staring at her son, naked between his waist and his knees, his cock jutting out with hardness, his cockhead smooth and swollen. She gazed with slitted eyes, seeing his long cockshaft, his round cockhead, his small piss-hole, and his precious balls dangling below.

There was no hair, and somehow that excited her very much.

Conor seemed very excited to have his cock exposed to her, and she watched it jerk up and down. She wanted to grab his prick, to feel it, to stroke it, to play with his beautiful balls, but she sat frozen, her eyes hot, eating his cock and balls up, her cunt on fire.

"Oh, God, Conor!" she moaned, a delicious tremor going through her.

Conor took hold of his cock, closing his fist about it. When he squeezed, his cockhead looked ready to burst. His balls seemed to twitch, and Madison balled her fist up, fighting to keep from grabbing his cock and balls.

Conor didn't say anything, but began to pump his cock. Madison stared, fascinated, sitting on the grass, her torn skirt flapping gently in the breeze, her panties flashing each time it was lifted.

"Want to see something, Mother?" Conor asked, his voice cracking with desire. "Want to see what I can do?"

"I know what you can do," she replied in a breathless voice, her eyes never moving from his cock.

"You can watch me do it, Mother," he said, and began to jack his cock, sliding his tight fist back and forth from his swollen cockhead to his prick base, his balls jiggling with motion.

"Conor..." she mewled, her voice husky. She hugged her knees tightly to her tits, licking her lips, staring hard at his cock and fist.

"What, Mother?" Conor gasped, pumping harder on his cock.

"Show me," she said softly. "Show me what you can do."

Conor pushed his hips forward, his fist pounding on his cock. His mouth hung open and his eyes were glassy. He stared right at his mother while he stood there, jacking off proudly.

Madison's body shivered, her cunt throbbing with fiery wetness, her clit seeming to bore a hole into her tight panties. She breathed deeply, fighting hard to keep her own hands off his cock and balls. Conor moved closer to her, his feet parting. She felt his shoes touch hers, and his cock was only a foot or so away from her now. She had to tilt her head up slightly to watch him, and she was sure she could smell the scent of his crotch. It was an exciting, slightly sweaty scent, one that teased and excited her emotions.

She had never had her face that close to a cock before, and it excited her tremendously. The scent was just as she thought it would be. She had inhaled that scent on his worn shorts before, in secret, while playing with her cunt. She breathed deeply, watching the head of his cock as he pumped it. His small piss-hole was getting wet now, and the wetness shone in the sun.

Conor was jacking off faster and faster, pushing his hips forward, grunting softly. His eyes seemed glazed, out of focus. Madison knew he would come soon, and she stared with awe at the head of his cock. He seemed proud to show her his hard-on, proud to let her watch him jack off.

"Now, Mother!" Conor suddenly gasped. "Oohhh!" she moaned.

A hot, thick spurt of come-juice landed on her forehead. Madison didn't move, her eyes smoldering as she watched the creamy juice spurting out of his cock, right into her face. She felt his come-juice running about her cheeks, on her chin. She closed her lips just as a scalding spurt splashed across them. Conor jerked swiftly on his spewing prick, gasping, coming hard, sending his come-juice directly into his mother's face.

When it was over, Conor stepped back, showing signs of embarrassment for the first time.

"I didn't mean to come in your face, Mother," he said, slumping, squatting with his pants at his knees.

Madison didn't answer him. She leaned her head against the tree, her face dripping with come juice. Very slowly, tentatively, she pushed the tip of her tongue past her lips and tasted her son's come-juice on her lips.

A shudder went through her. A soft squeal came from her lips and she had to fight to keep it from turning into a scream.

Her cunt exploded with orgasm.


It was several minutes before she could speak. During her orgasm, Madison had hugged her knees tightly to her tits, her eyes closed, her face dripping with her son's come-juice. Conor had squatted and watched his mother. He knew what was happening to her; he had read all about that in a book he had at home.

Madison opened her eyes and saw him before her, and the way he was squatting, she could see his cock and balls dangling. It looked as if he was going to piss, or take a shit, or something... but it made her want to stare and stare.

"It's your turn now, Mother," Conor said in a low voice.

She was glad he didn't apologize for coming in her face again. She knew it was her turn; she had promised him. But she felt fear creep through her body, a fear that it could get out of hand, that she would not leave her son alone, that she would use him to find out all those things she had dreamed of, thought of, fantasized about. Would Conor ridicule her? She didn't think so.

"You promised, Mother," Conor said. "You promised I could see."

"I know," Madison said, her voice very thick. "And I will, baby. Just let me... oh, hell! It's now or never."

Conor looked at her. "What does that mean, Mother?"

"It means if I don't show you now, I probably won't have the nerve later."

Conor's eyes took on a sparkle as Madison stood, her torn skirt fanning away from her body in the gentle breeze. Her face still dripped with his come-juice. She didn't want to wipe it off. It felt good, like a precious oil. She wondered if the Romans or Greeks used to jack off into their women's faces.

"The top first, Mother," Conor asked, getting to his feet. His pants fell to his ankles, and he stood there with everything showing. "Let me see your... tits, first."

Madison giggled, slightly embarrassed. "My tits?"

Conor nodded, almost dancing with excitement. Madison gazed at his cock and balls, watching them swing with his movement. He certainly wasn't shy, she thought. Her hand lifted to her blouse, fumbling with the buttons. She had never exposed herself outdoors, but the idea sent a delicious shiver through her. She gazed straight at her son, opening the buttons of her blouse, her eyes hot. She trembled slightly, her blouse open, but held together by her nervous hands.

"Now, Mother," Conor urged. "Please, show me now!"

Madison sucked in a deep breath, and her tits strained upward. Quickly, she pulled her blouse wide, holding it away from her body. Conor swallowed as he stared at his mother's tits, fascination growing in his eyes. Madison's tits were full and firm, closely spaced, creamy smooth. Her light-brown nipples jutted upward in hardness, tingling in the light breeze. She smiled at Conor, feeling very, very wicked. Her shoulders shrugged, and her tits jiggled tightly. Conor couldn't take his eyes from his mother's tits, and his mouth gaped as his eyes burned. His cock seemed to stir, and Madison lowered her gaze to it. If his cock was starting to swell, he must like her tits, she thought.

After a moment longer, Madison pulled her blouse from her arms and let it flutter to the grass. She could hardly believe how good she felt to be standing in the open, her tits showing. It felt even better because her son was there, staring hungrily at her. Perhaps those old Romans and Greeks had a good thing, she thought. Her hips twisted slightly with the sensations of pleasure she felt, her cunt puffy with wet heat.

Conor removed his pants, and stood wearing his t-shirt, socks and sneakers. Madison's eyes moved up and down his body. She was thinking no one could look more erotic, more desirable, than her son did at that moment. The desire to grab him, hold him, hug him tight, was strong. She wanted to smash her tits into his eager face, feel her nipples inside his wet mouth, his tongue licking as he sucked with peed.

Her hands were at the zipper of her skirt, but she stood without pulling it down, watching his cock lift slowly. She didn't feel as nervous as a few minutes ago. She was anxious to strip here, anxious to see what her son's reaction would be to her body, her nakedness.

She pulled the zipper, and her skirt fluttered to her feet. She stood wearing her bikini panties, her arms held outward, her palms toward her son, a grin on her lovely face. Her dark hair whipped gently about her head in the breeze, and Conor saw only his mother's body. Madison's panties were pink, very tight, with white lace around the waist and crotch. The shadow of her pussy hair showed through. She spread her feet, and Conor stared at her. Madison's waist was small, and her hips rounded. Her thighs were slender and shapely, very long. Her cunt made a mouthwatering bulge in the tight crotch of her panties, and that was where Conor fixed his eyes now. His cock came up, pointing straight out from his body. He was breathing hard, his eyes glassy.

"Hurry, Mother!" he panted. "I wanna see more!"

Madison giggled, unable to stop it. She felt like some little virginal high school girl doing something naughty with a boy. She slipped her fingers into the elastic, lacy waist of her panties, pushing them downward slowly. She paused when they slipped past the line of soft pussy hair.

"Conor," she whispered softly, "do you want to go through with this?"

"Yeah, Mother!" he gulped. "You saw me! It's your turn now."

Madison knew she had reached the turning point. She could slip her panties back onto her hips, finish dressing, and they would go. It would be as if it had never happened, or like a dream she would treasure always. But Madison was fed up with dreams. She wanted the real thing. It was time to stop dreaming, stop fantasizing, she told herself. It was time to experience those things, to indulge her wild hungers. Conor wouldn't laugh at her. Conor would join her.

Swiftly, she shoved her panties down, lifting first one foot, then the other, removing them. She stood, holding her panties in front of her body, covering her pussy. The breeze caught them, lifting them. Conor gasped as he saw his mother's pussy .

With a giggle, Madison dropped her panties.

She stood, naked, her legs open, and again held her hands chat, palms toward her son. Conor stared and stared, his cock angling upward now, his cockhead almost touching his stomach, intensely hard, his balls tight and full once more. "Well?" she asked softly.

"Mother, you're... you're..." Conor choked, his eyes wide as he stared at his naked mother. "Oh, beautiful, Mother! You're so beautiful!"

Madison felt a ripple of pleasure move about her satiny flesh. She was well-tanned except for the two white strips of flesh over her tits and hips. She was tall and slender, but with exciting curves that caused her son's cock to start dripping from his piss-hole. She drew her hands to her body, stroking them up her sides, over her flat stomach. She toyed with the upper curls of her pussy hair, then brought her hands to her tits. Cupping them, she squeezed slightly, allowing her rubbery nipples to protrude from her fingers, her eyes on his cock. She licked her lips, feeling her pussy throb wetly. Madison knew that was only the beginning, the start of something that would delight them both.

Caressing her hands back down her body, her eyes now watching her son's face, she parted her cunt, exposing her pink, puffy pussy-lips and her bulging clit to her son's eyes. She stood with her hips jutted forward suggestively, her fingers opening her cunt.

Conor was gasping as if choking, his eyes boring into his mother's cunt, his left hand gripping his tight balls, causing Madison to wonder if he wasn't hurting them. His right hand was stroking his upstanding hard-on slowly but firmly.

"Conor," she moaned softly, sliding a fingertip over her revealed clit. "Conor, baby... Mother needs you, darling! Mother needs you so much!"

Conor couldn't answer. He was shaking with desire, squeezing his balls and cock as he watched his mother's finger rubbing at her cunt. He was so excited, so aroused, he could hardly believe how good it felt. He had read and reread all those accounts in his book, pouring over the pictures of those long-dead ancients of Pompeii. Although his history books weren't graphic, Conor understood very well, reading between the lines. That was the way to live, he thought. Everyone wearing those thin robes, tits showing, bodies revealed, fucking anywhere and everywhere, with anyone.

Madison stepped toward her son, her eyes blazing with desire. She moved his hands away from his cock and balls. She hesitated only a moment, then grasped them, herself. The heat of his balls in her hand thrilled her, and when she closed her fist around his cock, she was surprised at how hard it was. She squeezed it, making a throaty squeal of pleasure, looking down at his cockhead, watching it swell. Juices seeped from his small piss-hole, and Madison ran her thumb over it, feeling how slippery they were. She wanted very much to taste those juices, to lick her thumb. But that was going too fast, she felt. She didn't want her son to be startled, shocked, maybe. She would take her time.

But as slow as she tried to go, Madison was losing her fragile grip on her emotions. They were flaring with bubbling heat, and her cunt was driving her crazy. She grasped his cock very hard, and pumped her fist up and down, mating hot hissing sounds as she stared down between them, still holding his preciously hot balls in her other hand.

"Oh, Conor, Conor!" she breathed, jacking his cock swiftly. "You're so hard again! You have a beautiful cock, darling! Ooohh, I've wanted to see your cock for so long... and now I've got it in my hand! Ahhh, your cock is so hard and lovely, baby!"

"Mother," Conor grunted, his hands lifting. "I gotta touch... touch something! I just gotta feel you, Mother!"

"Oh, God, yes!" she moaned, losing her grip on her emotions.

She knew it would happen, knew she couldn't stop once they started. Her face was still smeared with his come-juice; she had hold of his cock and if she didn't get it inside her cunt she would go out of her mind completely.

"Touch me! Touch Mother... all over. Feel Mother's tits, feel Mother's cunt!"

"Cunt," Conor whispered, as if the word awed him.

"Yes, Mother's cunt!"

She grabbed his wrist and shoved his palm between her thighs, pressing his hand hard into her scalding cunt. She closed her thighs around his hand, wiggling her ass, jacking his cock faster, panting with excitement.

"Feel my PUSSY, Conor!" she moaned hotly, all restraint gone. "Feel Mother's cunt! Feel how hot and wet Mother's cunt is! Play with Mother's wet, hot cunt... feel it... stick your fingers in it!"

Conor shot his other hand to his mother's tits, squeezing one of them as he found his fingers gripped in the wet tightness of his mother's pussy. Madison whimpered, her eyes dreamy, her fist banging at his cock. She wanted to stuff his sweet mouth with her tits, make him suck them, but she was too much in a hurry for his cock. She had to have it now, right now, and he could play with her later, suck her tits later, explore her cunt later.

"Fuck me!" she hissed.

Conor's body jerked, his eyes widening. "Fuck me, Conor!" she cried, squeezing his balls hard. "Fuck Mother now!"

"Oh, Mother!"

"Hurry, fuck me!" Madison sobbed, with tears of desire in her eyes. "Ohhhh, Conor, fuck me!"

She pulled from him, her knees bending, sitting back on the grass, then lying back, spreading her legs wantonly, her cunt shining with wetness. She held her arms up to him writhing her naked ass with urgency.

"Come on, baby," she hissed. "Fuck Mother! Shove that beautiful hard cock up Mother's hot cunt, and fuck it hard! Ooooooh, fuck the piss out of me! Hurry, baby... fuck my hot cunt now!"

Conor seemed frozen with fascination, staring between his mother's open legs, his eyes riveted upon the pink wet slit of her cunt. His cock jerked about with more hardness than ever. His balls were on fire, aching with fullness.

"Now, Conor!" Madison almost screamed, lifting her hips.

Conor dropped between his mother's splayed legs, his eyes still burning into her, crotch. But Madison couldn't wait any longer. She grabbed both his hands and jerked him down on top of her. Her right hand fished about feverishly between their naked bodies, clutching his cock and bringing it to her cunt. She placed the swollen head of her son's cock against the fiery slit of her cunt, and shoved her ass up.

"Oooohhh, God!" she moaned as her cunt stretched about her son's cock. "Ohhhh, so good! Ahhh, Conor, Conor!"

Conor choked as he felt the wet heat of his mother's cunt wrapping about his prick. Madison strained against him, feeling his cock deep inside her bubbling pussy. She could feel it jerk, feel it throb, with her sensitive pussy lips. She could feel his hot balls resting on the cheeks of her ass. She lifted her legs, wrapping them about his hips, her arms around his shoulders. She gasped with pleasure when her son pushed hard into her cunt, smashing the swollen lips of her pussy at the base.

Conor began to pump his ass, ramming his cock up and down, stabbing into his mother's clutching cunt. Madison cried out with ecstasy, churning her naked ass, meeting his downward thrust with a powerful lunge of her hips. She drew her arms from his shoulders and shoved them above her head, her hips working from the waist down. Liquid sounds came from her cunt as Conor fucked up and down, his balls dancing against her, squirming ass.

"Ahhh, ram it to me, Conor!" Madison wailed. "Oh, my God! It's so good, baby! Fuck me! Fuck Mother! Ahhh, such a hard cock, Conor! Ooooh, Mother's cunt loves that hard cock! Mother's cunt is going to eat your hard cock up! Mother's cunt is going to jack your hard cock off! Mother's cunt is going to squeeze your hard cock! Mother's cunt is going to suck your hard cock off!"

Madison babbled feverishly, twisting her head about on the grass, blades of it tangling in her hair. She was lost in a fleecy world of intense ecstasy, more ecstasy than she had ever felt. Her naked body was alive, vibrating with sensation after sensation. Her cunt seemed to have a mind of its own, squeezing and pulling at her son's cock, her cuntlips clamping at the base as he pulled up, then loosening when he went down. She knew she was babbling, but there was no way she could stop herself. The words tumbled out of her mouth wildly, her ass bouncing in a frenzy, grinding about with feverish abandon. She knew how lewdly, how wantonly she was acting and moving, and she knew she couldn't do anything about it, couldn't stop her hips, her pounding ass.

She flung her legs wide-open, her heels digging into the ground, her knees bent slightly. She pumped her cunt up and down, the muscles rippling in her stomach and thighs. She cried out, each gonad louder than the last. She balled her fists tightly, her ass grinding with crazy hunger. Conor was holding his upper body up with shaking arms, looking down at his cock penetrating his mother's cunt. The feeling was making his body shake, and his balls kept smashing against the crack of his mother's ass.

He gasped and panted, his mouth gaping, his eyes wide.

"Ohhh, yes, yes!" Madison sobbed. "I love it, Conor! Ahhh, baby, stab Mother in that hot cunt! Fuck Mother's wet pussy! Mother's cunt loves that hard cock so much! Fuck me, fuck me, Conor!"

Conor gasped as he lunged up and down, starting to feel weak. But his cock was about to explode. His prick had never been so hard, and he had never felt such wet heat on it in his life. His balls seemed to rumble, his cock tingle.

Madison rammed her crotch up at him, grinding in a frenzy, feeling her clit bulge tightly. She began to shiver as the ball of fire inside her cunt raged. She felt the thrilling heat radiate a long her inner thighs, up her stomach, making her tits hard. Her cunt closed tighter about her son's cock, and suddenly she screamed, smashing her cunt hard onto her son's cock, straining, pushing.

A scream boiled from her throat.

Her cunt grabbed her sons cock, then her contractions started. Her orgasm was strong, very powerful. She screamed mindlessly as she came, her ass shaking as she rammed her convulsing cunt against the base of Conor's cock. Conor, feeling the suddenly tighter grip of his mother's pussy, stopped moving. His eyes opened wide, and he felt his mother's cunt squeeze his cock as she came. Madison had thrown her head back, her eyes tight, her neck stretched, screaming out her mindless ecstasy. Her cunt pulled and milked at Conor's cock frantically. It seemed to last forever.

Slowly, Madison's ass lowered to the grass, and she lay beneath her son, her arms and legs spread out widely, his cock throbbing away inside her pulsating pussy. She breathed deeply, her tits lifting and falling, and her eyes shone up at him, her lips trembling as she smiled.

"Conor, it was... I don't believe I came so hard," she breathed. "I never came that hard in my life, honey!"

"What about me, Mother?"

"You can come, baby," she said, wrapping her thighs about him again. "Go on... fuck me some more. You'll come. I promise you, Mother's cunt will drain your hot balls!"

When her son began stabbing at her cunt, Madison twisted and thrashed up and down, meeting his lunges with her pussy. Now that the initial heat was cooled slightly, she held his shoulders and stared at his face as he drove his cock in and out of her cunt. She watched his handsome features twist and contort with rapture, his eyes taking on a glaze. She humped up as he came down, feeling his balls slapping the crack of her ass again. The feel of his cock sliding in and out of her cunt was as good as ever. She could feel it throb deeply, and cooed softly in pleasure.

"Ahhhh, it's very good, isn't it, Conor?" she moaned. "Doesn't it feel good? Doesn't Mother's hot cunt feel good on your cock?"

Conor grunted a reply.

"Your cock feels very good in my pussy," she said. "I could fuck your cock all day, baby! Mother could fuck that wonderful, hard cock all day long!"

Conor was fucking faster, ramming his cock in and out, making wet sounds with it. She saw his intense ecstasy on his face, and shut her mouth, bumping her ass up and down. It felt as if her son's cock had become bigger, harder, inside her pussy. It was jerking about more, and he began to pound into her cunt with frantic motions now.

"That's it, Conor!" she gasped, his cock driving the air from her lungs. "Fuck me hard, darling! Fuck Mother's cunt as hard as you want! Come, Conor! Let Mother have that juice! Squirt that sweet, hot come-juice in Mother's cunt! Give it to me, baby! Ohhh, God, give my cunt that hot juice!"

Her fingers dug into his shoulders, her cunt grinding around his cock.

Conor lifted his head, his mouth wide, his eyes bulging.

"Now, baby! Now!"

Conor yelled, his body stiff, his cock straining into his mother's cunt as hard as he could push.

"Oooooh, yes!" Madison cried out when she felt his cock gushing, sending boiling streams of come juice into her greedy cunt. "Fill Mother's pussy! Fill my hot cunt with that sweet come juice!"

Squirt after squirt spurted into her cunt, making Madison shake with ecstasy. While her son was still coming, her mouth formed an oval, and then she shrieked, her second orgasm burning through her crotch, her cunt sucking hard at his spewing prick.

Slowly, Conor slumped on top of his mother, his body completely relaxed. Madison caressed his back, sliding her hands under his t-shirt, then down to stroke the cheeks of his naked ass. She dragged the tip of one finger up and down the crack of his ass, pushing her hand lower, tickling his balls gently.

"You better get up," she whispered after a while. "You're going to get a sunburn on your ass, and I don't want that to happen."


Madison had cleaned her face with her blouse. It was still damp from his come-juice, but she had buttoned it over her tits.

They were on their way home again, and Conor slumped against the passenger door, watching his mother as she drove. The torn skirt was on his side, and Madison didn't bother with pulling it over her thigh. It felt good to her, haying her son's eyes seeing her thigh all the way from her dimpled knee to her waist. She had slipped her pink panties on, and that enhanced his interest, she knew.

She was pleased that, her son wasn't embarrassed about fucking her. She was pleased that he had not laughed at her overpowering passion. But then he had been very excited. Maybe once they were home, he would start thinking about her wild actions, and then laugh. If he did, that would hurt badly.

"What did you think about it, Conor?" she asked, wanting to get a hint of his feelings. He had not said a word while they dressed, and had remained silent since. "Did you enjoy it?"

He nodded his head, mumbling a reply that she didn't catch.

"Was it good for you?" she asked.

"It was great, Mother," he said louder.

"What if... I mean, what if I... you..." She swallowed. "I mean, what if we wanted to do it again?"

"I do want to again, Mother," he said.

She glanced at him, and when she saw his eyes on her, she smiled and flipped the other side of her skirt away from her legs.

"Many times?" she asked.

"As many as you'll let me," he replied.

Madison breathed deeply, feeling her nipples brush the moistness of her blouse.

"I may let you do it all the time," she said softly. "All the time."

"Yeah!" Conor gurgled, sitting up and placing his hand on her shoulder. "I'd really go for that, Mother."

Madison couldn't suppress a soft giggle. "I could, too."

"Mother, I've been thinking," he said, caressing the back of her neck.

A small shiver of fear went through her. Now he's going to laugh at me, she thought.

"Thinking about what, darling?"

"Well, back there in the pasture," he said, hesitantly. "You were, well, different."

"Of course I was," she said. "I was naked, wasn't I?"

"I mean, you know, when we were doing it."

"I guess I did get a little wild, huh?" she asked, hoping desperately he wouldn't laugh at her.

"I mean the way you talked," Conor replied. "You're not talking that way now."

"I don't understand."

"You know, those words," Conor said.

"Oh, that?" she said, trembling.

"I liked it, hearing you say them," Conor said. "It made me feel excited."

She turned her face toward him for a moment, and saw his eyes. They were bright again, and she glanced at the front of his pants before looking back at the road.

"You like to hear me say cock and cunt and fuck, don't you?"

She dropped her right hand from the wheel and cupped his crotch, squeezing him gently. "You have a wonderful cock, Conor."

She heard his breathing increase. It had been about half an hour since they had fucked so frantically in the pasture, and her son had come twice, yet his cock was hardening against her hand again. She pressed down on it, making him moan with pleasure.

"I like your... cunt, too," he said.

Madison giggled. "I love your cock."

"And I love your cunt!" Conor said, laughing with her. He placed his hand on her naked thigh. "I can touch you when I want to, Mother? I mean, you won't say no?"

"Never?" she replied. "You can touch me, fuck me, anytime you want."

Conor's hand moved up her thigh, and Madison parted her knees, feeling awkward as she drove, but also enjoying her son's hand cupping at the crotch of her panties.

Conor's other hand fumbled with his pants, Madison felt happy when he pulled his cock out. She glanced down at his prick, then closed her fist about it tightly, pumping it as she drove.

"I've never done this before," she mewled. "I mean, held a cock and tried to drive at the same time."

His cock throbbed in her fist, slightly moist from her cunt. She pumped up and down, her fingers tight. The car wobbled, and she drew her hand away and held the wheel both again.

"Get back on your side," she said, but grinned at him. "I want that cock again, Conor, but I can't drive and play with it at the same time."

Conor scooted to his side, leaning against the passenger door again, his cock standing up hard from his open fly. Even that was too much for his mother. Madison couldn't keep her eyes on the road; she kept looking at his prick.

"I need it again!" she suddenly whimpered, and pulled the car to the shoulder of the road. "Hurry, get out and come around to my side!"

Conor understood, and rushed around the car to the driver's door. Madison had opened it by the time he reached it. She lay back on the seat, her feet out on the ground. She feverishly jerked the crotch of her panties away, scooting her ass to the edge of the car seat and spreading her legs.

"Fuck me, quick!" she groaned. "Ohhh, God, fuck Mother fast!"

Conor stepped between his mother's thighs, and with his cock sticking from his pants, he pushed into her crotch. He stared as his cock disappeared into the hairy slot of her cunt.

"Ooooh, wonderful!" Madison gasped, jerking her hips upward.

Conor could watch his cock sliding in and out of his mother's cunt now, and he gripped her twisting hips, gazing down. He saw her pink cunt-lips stretch and hold his cock, her clit straining up from her wet curt folds.

Madison cried out at the depth of his cock, whipping her hips up and down, beating her pussy frantically onto him. She clung to her covered tits, squeezing and smashing them in her hands, her eyes closed, her mouth open, churning her ass in a matching rhythm with her son's plunging cock. Her cunt was as hot as it had been in the pasture, and her hunger leaped hotly. She couldn't get her legs open enough, but she strained them as wide as she could, wanting her son to ram her cunt, bruise her greedy pussylips, crush her swollen clit.

"Fuck it, Conor!" she hissed. "Fuck that cunt, baby! Oooh, ram that cock up my wet cunt! Fuck Mother in the twat, in the snatch, in the pussy! Fuck it... fuck me!"

Conor grunted with ecstasy, listening to his mother, feeling her cunt burn his cock. She was so juicy, his balls were drenched, and his cock seemed blistered. He dug his fingers into her twisting hips, plunging his cock back and forth, watching it slide into that hairy tightness. Each time he rammed in, his balls smashed against the crack of her ass.

Madison, panting with rapture, drew her knees up and back, her ass hanging over the edge of the car seat. Conor's hands slid along his mother's thighs, and he placed his palms on the backs of them, halfway to her knees. He began fucking violently.

"Ohh, God, yes!" Madison wailed, twisting her ass, her knees crushing her covered tits. "Deep and hard! Ram Mother's cunt! Smash Mother's fucking cunt!"

"You're so hot, Mother!" he moaned. "So hot and wet!"

"Yes, baby! My cunt stays hot and wet! Fuck me, Conor!" She began to cry with ecstasy. "Oh, God, fuck me! I want that cock... deep in my pussy! I need your hard cock, Conor! Mother needs a hot fuck all the time! My cunt needs that juice, hot fuck-juice from your balls!"

Twisting her ass lewdly, she held her knees back, looking up between them at her son's face. His rapture was evident, and it made her feel so very good to give him this feeling, to fuck him, to have his cock inside her cunt. Her clit was bulging tightly, scraping the hard shaft of his stabbing prick. Her ass shivered, her asshole clenching. With her knees so far back, the cheeks of her ass opened, and the feel of her sons hot balls beating upon the pucker of her asshole increased the wanton sensations of her body.

"You're about to make me come!" she wailed. "Oh, Conor, your cock is going to make Mother's cunt come! Ahhh, fuck it and make me come, baby!"

"Me too, Mother!" Conor gasped, his hips pounding hard.

"Come, Conor!" Madison screamed. "Oh, baby, come with me! I'm about to come now! Oh my cunt my cunt is on fire!"

The convulsions gripped her, and her pussy grabbed wetly at his cock. The spasms squeezed, and Conor fucked deep, holding his cock into his mother's contracting cunt. He screwed up his face, and his cock boiled with discharge, sending burning spurts of come-juice into his mother's cunt for the second time that day.

When Conor pulled his cock from her pussy and stepped back, Madison made a soft whimper. Her clit had been so hot, and now that he had taken his cock out, she felt a cooling breeze over it. She held her knees against her tits for a while, coming down from the ecstasy of her orgasm. Conor stared at his mother's lewd exposure, seeding the hairy lips of her cunt, her wet, glistening pussy-slit, and her asshole, puckering and clenching. He shoved his hand outward, and lightly touched the tip of one finger against his mother's asshole.

"Ohhh, baby!" Madison gasped.

Conor pulled his finger back, and she lowered her legs, sitting on the seat facing him. His cock dangled, wet with the juice of her cunt.

"Why did you touch me there?" she asked softly.

"You said I could, Mother," he reminded her. "You said I could touch you whenever I wanted to."

"But there... on my asshole?"

"It's okay, isn't it?" he asked. "You said I could, Mother. You said I could touch you when I wanted to."

"But, there," she said. "Why that place?"

"I won't do it again," Conor said, shy, afraid he had done something wrong. "It's just that in my books, well, those old Greeks used to use their... you know, take a cock there, Mother."

Madison couldn't help it; she giggled. She pulled her son between her legs and hugged him. She lowered her hands to his ass, cupping his asscheeks through his pants. She tilted her face, and kissed the bottom of his chin.

"It's okay," she said. "I just wondered why you touched me there, that's all."

"Those Greeks."

"You want to fuck me there?" she said, holding him. "You want to fuck my ass, baby?"

Conor flushed slightly. "Those Greeks..."

"Fuck those Greeks," she said. "This is now. If you want to fuck my ass, I don't mind."

"When?" Conor asked, breathless with excitement.

"When we get home," she said softly. "Can you wait until then?"

"I hope so, Mother!" he said, pulling from her arms. "But we better hurry!"

Madison smiled as she watched him race around the car and climb in. She saw he had forgotten his cock was still out of his pants. She drew her feet back into the car and shut the door.

As she finished the drive home, she glanced at his cock often. Although her son was in a hurry to fuck her ass, she noticed his prick didn't swell up into hardness. But then, he had come off three times in less than two hours, and she felt that was quite an accomplishment in itself.

The rest of the drive home was fast. Madison drove faster than she normally did, but carefully.

She jerked the car to a stop in the driveway. Conor started to climb out, but she stopped him.

"Aren't you forgetting something, Conor?"


"Your cock is out of your pants."

"Oh, that," he said, as if surprised to find his prick exposed. He started to stuff his cock into his pants, but Madison placed her hand on it.

"Not yet," she said softly. "You've been reading all this time about those Romans and Greeks, and you must know they were horny. You did say they took it up the ass, didn't you?"

"All the time, Mother."

"Didn't they ever do anything else?"

"I don't know," he replied. "Probably."

"Did they ever do this?" Madison dropped her head, sliding the flat surface of her tongue along her son's cock.

"Oh, Mother!" Conor gasped.

"Mmmmmm, nice," she purred, licking at his cock, tasting her cunt on it. "Very nice, baby."

"Mother, my cock was in your pussy!"

"I know," she mewled. "That makes it taste sweeter."

"Oh," Conor said, looking down at the back of his mother's head. "You like to do that, Mother?"

Madison lifted her head and looked up at him. "I don't know," she said. "I've never done it before."

"You haven't?"

"No, but I've sure thought about it," she admitted. "I've wondered what a cock would taste like, how it would feel in my mouth. You don't mind, do you?"

"Not me!" Conor gurgled. "It feels good."

"I'll put it in my mouth," she whispered, facing his cock again.

She gazed at it, licking her lips. She was almost afraid to take his cock in her mouth. Not afraid to have it there, but afraid of her passion, afraid she would like it too much.

"What are you waiting for, Mother?" Conor asked, breathless. "Are you gonna put it in your mouth?"

The scent of his cock assaulted her nose. He smelled like cunt and cock and fresh sweat. The scent did something to her. Her cunt began to ripple with wet heat. She pressed her lips to the head of his cock, and a shock of the most delicious pleasure seemed to flow through her body. She touched his piss-hole with the tip of her tongue, and a moan boiled out of her throat. Suddenly, she had her son's cock inside her mouth, her lips pressing at his open fly. His pants were moist there from fucking in the car, but that only seemed to excite her more. His cock was not hard, but it was very hot. She worded his cock with her tongue, flicking it around. Then she held it tightly with her lips, sucking upward until she had just his smooth cockhead in her mouth.

"Oooooh, Mother!" Conor moaned. "That feels so good!"

Madison purred and pulled his cock back into her mouth. The sensation of having his cock there, even though it was soft, sent a wild, crazy tremor of wanton desire racing from her feet to the top of her head. Pushing her lips hard at the fly of his pants, she felt his cock starting to throb, grow longer and thicker. She closed her eyes, savoring this first taste of a cock, her tongue lapping it. When his prick was half-hard in her mouth, she pulled up from it.

"God, it is good!" she whined. "Oh, Conor, your cock taste so good! I had no idea it would taste this good!"

"More, Mother!" Conor gasped, pushing at the back of her head.

Madison let her son slide his cock into her mouth again, and when he strained upward, pushing at her head at the same time, her cunt almost exploded with another orgasm. She couldn't believe the feeling that gave her. It was better than she had imagined in her wildest fantasia. The heat of it, the hardness, the thick length, stretched her lips sweetly. When she pushed as hard as she could against his fly, his swollen cockhead brushed at her throat.

Now his cock was very hard once more. His prick was like a iron rod between her lips, deep inside, almost penetrating her throat. When her son reined the pressure on her head, Madison suddenly rammed her face up and down, fucking her mouth with his cock. She raced her tight lips swiftly, bobbing and moaning with the rapture of the hot taste. She shot her hand up his thighs, clutching at his crotch through his pants, and began to suck vigorously, making soft wet sounds.

The only thing that stopped her was the sound of a lawn mower starting up the street.

She jerked her mouth off his cock, sitting up. "Oh, God!" she gasped, looking around, realizing where they were. "Come on, let's go in the house! I've got to suck that cock, Conor I've got to suck it good."


Madison held her torn skirt together, fumbling for the key to the front door. But Conor wasn't with her.

The garage door had been left open, and he had run into the garage, his cock sticking out of his pants. The adjoining door from the kitchen to the garage was never locked, and he raced through it and into the house. By the time he got into the living room, Madison had come in and slammed the door. She dropped her purse on the floor, spilling the contents as she grabbed for her son. She pulled him against her body, smashing her mouth against his. Her hand held the back of his head, the other clutched his ass tightly. She drove her tongue almost into Conor's throat, her feverish hunger pounding through her veins.

"Oh. God, baby!" she gasped when she pulled her mouth from his cock. "I want to suck you! I want to suck your cock, Conor!"

Conor pulled from his mother's arms, and quickly opened his pants, letting them drop to the floor. He almost ripped his t-shirt off in his haste. He sat down on the floor, yanking his pants off his fret and then his sneakers. He sat naked, his cock standing up from his crotch, watching his mother, waiting eagerly.

"Take your clothes off, too," he said.

"Not yet," she moaned. "I can't wait!"

She dropped to her knees at his side, her torn skirt falling away. She leaned over his cock, and with an animal growl, gobbled her sons cock deeply into her mouth again. She braced herself with shaking arms, and began to bob her head up and down, sucking vigorously at his prick. She twisted her lips round and round, sucking as fast and hungrily as she could. Her dark hair swirled with movement, her eyes opening and closing. She devoured her son's cock like a starving woman.

Conor gazed at her, seeing her lips stretching, sliding on his prick. His balls swelled, and he began to thrust his hips up and down, unable to be still. His mother took the full length of his cock into her mouth, her lips smashing at his prick base, then sucked up until she almost lost it. But Madison wasn't about to lose it. Her tongue swirled about the head of his cock, licking away his seeping fuck-juices from his small piss-hole, the taste inflaming her passions. Her ass, jutting in the air, twisted, her thigh and hip flashing, her pink panties showing.

"Ooooh, Mother, suck me!" Conor urged. "Suck it good, Mother!"

Madison jerked her mouth off his cock, grasped it tightly in her fist, and jacked it swiftly, her eyes close to his cockhead.

"Ohhh, I'll suck it, Conor!" she cried. "Mother will suck your cock good! It feels so good in my mouth, so hot and hard! Mmmmm, I want it in my mouth!"

She dived onto his cock again, sucking with wet sounds, greedily, her ass shaking. Conor shoved his hand beneath her, and cupped one of his mother's tits through her blouse. But that wasn't good enough for Madison. She tore at her blouse, ripping the buttons away, until her tits were exposed. All the time, she darted her mouth up and down his cock, sucking hotly. She loved the hot throbbing of his cock against her lips, the friction that burned them. She moaned when his swollen prickhead almost entered her throat, and she smashed her lips hard at the base, trying to take his cock down her throat. But it wouldn't go; Conor's cock wasn't long enough for her to swallow.

Conor writhed on the floor, staring in fascination at the way his mother sucked his cock. He squeezed her tit, pulled and twisted her hard nipple, and watched her uplifted ass twist. He jerked his hand from her tit and shoved it up her thigh, sliding his hand into her tight panties and clutching a cheek of her ass. His fingers moved into her asscrack, and he felt her puckered asshole.

Madison murmured, sucking harder yet, twisting her ass toward him, making it easier for her son to feel her. Conor rubbed up and down the swing heat, dragging his finger from her cunt, across her asshole, and back again. Madison wiggled her ass, feeling her lips being bruised with each thrust of her mouth on his cock. She didn't care; she would bruise her lips and batter her throat with his cock all day. Sucking her son's cock caused her cunt to burn, her hairy pussy-lips to clench, her clit to throb. Her emotions soared, and she knew this wasn't going to be the last time she sucked her son's prickmeat.

"Mother!" Conor was panting. "Ohhh, Mother!"

Madison's hands were flat on the floor, and her face was bobbing up and down fast, taking his cock from head to base. The more she sucked, the better his prick tasted. Her mouth watered up, but she wasn't sure if it was that or because he was dripping so much. She loved the slippery juices that seeped out of his piss-hole onto her tongue. She was so involved with the hardness of his cock filling her mouth, she didn't think of what would happen soon if she kept sucking him. She didn't care what would happen, so long as she could suck his cock.

Conor squirmed and thrashed, his balls boiling. He was getting close to coming, and didn't know what to do about it. He wanted to let his mother know, but it felt so good, he didn't want to say a word, afraid she would stop sucking his cock.

Madison sensed her son's cock swelling harder, growing longer, but it didn't register on her spinning mind. Her mouth moved up and down faster and faster, her tongue pushing his cock to the roof of her mouth. She wanted to suck his cock so badly, all she tasted was that hardness, that hot, long hardness between her lips, filling her mouth.

"Mother!" Conor yelled, his hips shooting upward.

Madison had been rushing her mouth down on his cock when Conor suddenly lunged upward. The head of his cock touched the back of her throat, and creamy come-juice spattered into it. Her eyes opened, unfocused, a wet gurgle coming from her when she realized her son was coming in her mouth. His fuck-juice burned the tender tissues of her throat, but it was not unpleasant. On the contrary, Madison found it delicious. By the time his cock sent the second gush of come-juice out of his small piss-hole, Madison was sucking greedily, and felt it coating her throat. Her eyes closed again, and she whimpered with rapture, taking his squirting load of fuck-juice into her mouth.

Her body shook with the shock of unexpected ecstasy. While her son kept coming, she raced her lips up and down his cock, catching his hot, thick juices over her tongue, not swallowing, letting her mouth fill. Her lips burned sweetly as his cock throbbed between them, and her clit puckered inward, her clit suddenly pulsating like his prick.

Madison gave a squeal as her pussy contracted, the orgasm flooding her crotch with wet heat that made her moan.

Conor thrashed now that he was almost finished. His cock didn't want to stop, and his piss-hole was extremely sensitive. He humped his ass up and down, trying to fuck at his mother's mouth in a way that would keep her hotly licking tongue off his piss-hole. He shoved a hand to the top of her head, pushing her mouth down onto his cock, pressing his hips up, crushing his mother's lips. Madison hunched her ass, making fucking movements as she kept coming time and again. Sliding a hand under his ass, cupping it, she lifted him up, mouthing his cock, finally swallowing the sweet, hot load of his jism. She clung to her son's cock with her mouth, feeling it soften.

Lifting her face, she grinned at him. Cupping his empty balls and soft cock, she twisted and squeezed tenderly.

"How was that, honey?" she asked, her voice low and filled with emotion. "Did you like that?"

"Oh, Mother, that was the greatest!" Conor gasped, still panting from coming. "You sure make me come hard! I thought you was gonna suck my fucking balls off!"

Madison giggled lewdly, wiping her fingers across her mouth. She leaned over and dipped her tongue into his belly button, swirling it about for a moment. "You taste wonderful, Conor. I wasn't sure, when you came, if I would like it. But, baby... I love it! God, I loved it so much when your cock squirted in my mouth! I came too, you know."

"I thought so," Conor replied, his breathing slowly returning to normal. "Your ass was moving and you were making those sounds."

Madison sat back, looking at him, her eyes soft. Getting to her feet, she found her legs weak, shaking slightly.

"Don't go away," she whispered. "I'll be right back."

She hurried to the bathroom, where she washed between her legs, using a scented soap. Her mind was whirling with what she wanted, hoping desperately her son would do it. As she washed, she remembered the car filled with fresh vegetables, knowing she should bring them in before they wilted in the heat. But this was more important, she told herself. It was hard to believe it had started only a short time ago, about three hours, really. It was hard to believe that her son had gotten hard and come so many times in that short time. She had caught his load each time; on her face, inside her cunt, and in her mouth. Surely Conor would be tired now, maybe exhausted.

Tossing her torn skirt away, and throwing the rest of her clothing into the laundry hamper, she returned to her son, naked. Conor was still lying on his back, waiting, content. She stood over him, looking down, searching for signs of tiredness. His cock rested limp, his balls soft and wrinkled.

"Want to try it, Conor?" she asked softly.

"Try what, Mother?"

She stood near his head, her feet parted, and Conor was looking up between her thighs, seeing her cunt.

"Tasting me," she said breathlessly. "Tasting Mother's cunt."

Conor didn't hesitate. He grinned and nodded his head, sliding his hand up her inner thigh to caress her bushy pussy. Madison opened her legs wider for him, and her hips swiveled wantonly as he brushed her clit and the sensitive lips of her cunt. Conor looked up between his mother's smooth thighs, fascinated as he pushed a finger into her pussy. Madison gave a soft whimper of pleasure and bent her knees, half squatting for him.

She let him poke around at her pussy for a while, then swung a foot over his chest, straddling him. Conor gazed up, his eyes seeing the satiny inner flesh of his mother's thighs, the hair-lined pinkness of her cunt, the curves of her ass, the inviting crack between her shapely asscheeks. His cock stirred, but only to a half hardness.

Madison opened her cunt, looking down into his excited face, and began to bend her knees, lowering her crotch to him. Conor slipped his hands up the backs of his mother's thighs to her ass, cupping her asscheeks. He licked his lips, anticipating the wet heat of his mother's hairy cunt in his face.

Madison squatted above his face, her knees spread wide, her pussy hovering inches above his mouth. She shivered with eagerness, still holding her hairy cuntlips open, her clit protruding, straining outward in knotted hardness. Her cunt was dripping, and a small bead of pussyjuice dropped to Conor's lips. His tongue darted out, tasting it, his eyes glazing dreamily.

"Kiss it," Madison whispered. "Give Mother's cunt a nice kiss, baby."

Conor lifted his head, pressing his lips lightly against his mother's cunt, kissing it. Madison twisted her ass, squealing with the contact of his mouth on her cunt. Conor cupped her ass, his palms forming a seat for her, and he kissed her cunt again.

"It's hot and wet, Mother," he said. "All that hair tickles my nose."

"Do you like it?"

"Oh, yes, I love the way it feels!" Conor gurgled. "Your cunt is soft and hot and wet, and so hairy!"

Madison lowered her ass, and Conor opened his mouth. When his mother pushed her cunt into his face, he began to work his tongue into it, wiggling it around, feeling the hot, satiny flesh of her pussy. Her fuck-juices were slippery and tasted delicious on his tongue. Darting his tongue in and out, he fucked his mother with it. Madison gave a squeal of ecstasy, twisting her crotch into his face and smashing down. She rubbed back and forth, sliding her bubbling pussy about his lips and protruding tongue.

"Ooooh, lick it, Conor!" she urged. "Lick Mother in the cunt! Fuck Mother in the cunt with your tongue! Ahhh, it feels so good! Push your tongue real deep into my pussy!"

She squirmed back and forth, her cunt sliding about his open mouth, his tongue scraping her distended clit.

"Ohhh, suck me right there, Conor!"

She shoved her cunt down a bit, and Conor's lips closed about her inflamed clit, sucking at it. The stronger he sucked, the more she squealed in delight. She was smearing her son's face with her dripping fuck-juices, but Conor didn't mind at all. He opened his mouth as wide as he could, covering the slit of her hot cunt, sucking at it with his tongue flicking in and out. He could see past the curls of her cunt, watch his mother's tits and her changing expression, her eyes glassy with the sensations he was giving her.

"Suck me! Suck my cunt!" Madison began to moan, thrashing her crotch about his face. "Suck Mother's cunt, Mother's pussy! Ahhh, Conor, eat my hot, wet twat! Fuck me with your tongue! Tongue-fuck Mother's wet cunt!"

Conor slipped his hands off her spreading ass and along her thighs, stroking her creamy flesh as he sucked and licked at her cunt. His mother was sitting upright, her knees wide, her shoulders back now and her hands clutching her shapely, firm tits. He could see her twist and pull at her stiff nipples, listen to her cries of ecstasy. The more she wiggled into his mouth, the better he liked it. It didn't bother him at all when his mother smashed her cunt harder into his face. The more she rubbed at his mouth and tongue, the better he liked it. Her excitement was transmitted to him, and he sucked and licked vigorously, the steamy scent exciting him as much as the taste.

"Ooooh, I'm about to come, Conor!" she squealed, twisting harder at his mouth. "Make me come, Conor! Oh, God... suck me off, baby! Suck Mother's cunt off!"

Conor rammed his tongue into her pussy, stuffing it as deep as he could. His lips were wide-apart, and it felt as if his mouth was full of hot, wet cunt. Madison's pussy was dripping more and more, and he could feel the vibrations of it around his buried tongue. Madison began to make yelping sounds, grinding her pussy hard, almost brutally, into his face. He closed his hands into her thighs, and Madison began to bounce up and down, smashing her twitching cunt at his mouth and tongue. Her yelps turned to soft screams, and she dug at her sensitive tits painfully. She bounced up and down as if she were fucking his cock, his tongue entering and leaving her pussy.

"Ohhh, now, darling!" she groaned. "Oh, God, now! Make me come now! My cunt is on fire... burning up, and I'm going to come in your sweet, sucking mouth!"

The contractions were strong, rippling through her crotch hard. She closed her knees, or tried to. She squeezed her son's face with her inner thighs, her cunt sucking at his tongue, her clit exploding with mind-shattering spasms of sweet ecstasy. She shook her head, her hair flying about her contorted face.

"Ohhhh, God!" she sobbed. "I can't stand it! I'm coming so hard... I'm coming apart! Eat me! Ohhh, Conor, suck my cunt!"

Conor clung to his mother's contracting cunt with his lips, sucking the juices from it, his nose covered by her silky pussy-hair, only his eyes shining past it.

Slowly, Madison came down from her intense orgasm, gasping, hardly believing the fantastic sensations. She felt very weak, and had to fight to keep from sitting with her full weight on her son's face. Conor, understanding his mother's weakness, pushed his palms back onto her ass, holding her up with his elbows on the floor. He kissed and nuzzled into her hairy cunt as she slowly calmed down. He licked at her inner thighs, swirling his tongue into her soft strands of pussy-hair.

Still breathless, she looked down at him, her eyes bright. Strength was returning to her, and she managed to lift her ass an inch or so.

"Still want to fuck my ass?" she asked, a lewd giggle coming out with the words. "Do you, Conor? Do you still want to fuck Mother up the ass?"

"Yeah," he said, his voice thick. His lips felt puffy from the battering of his mother's cunt, but the feeling was good, not painful.

"You're sure, now?" she teased.

"Mother, you know I do."

She lifted her ass another inch.

"Can you see my asshole?" she asked softly. Conor could. He watched it puckering, her ass ring drawing tight, then relaxing. "I see it, Mother."

"Kiss it."

"Kiss your asshole?" he asked, his eyes darting toward her glowing face.

"Right on it!"

"But, Mother," Conor objected. "I wanna fuck it, not kiss it."

"No kiss, no fuck," she giggled, twisting her ass invitingly, making her asshole squeeze.

"But, Mother..."

"Kiss it," she said, "Kiss Mother's asshole, and then you can fuck it. I'll let you shove your cock deep as you want and fuck it as hard as you want -- even come in my asshole. But... you have to kiss it first."

Conor looked dubiously at her asshole.

And kissed it. Quickly.

"Come on, you can kiss better than that," Madison urged. "Give Mother's asshole a nice long kiss."

Conor pressed his lips to her crinkled asshole, kissing it, writhing his lips at the heat.

"Mmmm, much better," she giggled, getting to her feet. "You know, I think we're going to have fun, don't you?"

"Yeah," he grinned, licking his lips.


When Madison woke up, she became aware of her son's cock pushing at her ass. It was hard, throbbing, his cockhead resting just between her asscheeks.

She was lying on her side, her back to him. Conor had one arm around her, cupping a tit, and she felt his breath fanning her naked back. He was still asleep, though.

It was bright and sunny outside.

They had slept late, later then Madison usually slept. But both had been exhausted. They had washed and cut the vegetables, placing them in the freezer. Conor helped her, and when they finished, Madison needed a long bath, and when she finished, Conor bathed. Then they had to go to bed. Both of them were walking zombies.

Madison had wanted to play after inviting her son to sleep with her, but Conor went to sleep almost as soon as his head hit the pillow. She had lain close to him, cupping his cock and balls as he slept, reliving the entire day. It was like a dream to her, a beautiful, satisfying dream. She had more pleasure, erotic pleasure, with her son in that one day than she had enjoyed all her life.

As she lay awake, she had an amusing idea. She decided to sew them both togas, like in the pictures in his history books. She would find gauzy material, transparent material, so her body would show through it. She would sew him a toga with a short hem, so that when he sat, she could see his cock and balls. Conor would like that, she knew. His absorption with Roman and Greek history would come to life.

She would turn their home into a Roman orgy house, just for the two of them.

She pressed her ass against his cock, remembering her promise to him. She had fully expected to feel his cock sliding up her ass hole last night, but it didn't happen. She closed the cheeks of her ass, squeezing the head of her son's cock between them. She lifted, one leg, sliding her hand between them, past her cunt, and positioned the head of his cock against the crinkle of her asshole. She managed to create just enough pressure on her asshole to feel good. She made her asshole squeeze against the tip of his cock, and considered trying to take it inside, and let her son wake up with his prick deep in her asshole. But that might take some pleasure from him, she decided. Conor would want her in a position so he could watch, so he could see his cock penetrate her asshole.

She lay with him, feeling lazy, not wanting to get up. The feel of his cock against her ass was enjoyable. She felt him stir, and his hand tightened on her tit.

"Conor?" she whispered, wiggling her ass gently.

But he didn't answer; he was still asleep.

Madison moved her ass more tightly against him, his cock throbbing away on her asshole. Maybe she had to wait until he woke up to get his cock up her ass, but she could get it into her cunt, she thought. Lifting her leg again, she reached past her pussy and shifted his prick, bringing his swollen cockhead to her cuntlips. She rubbed it up and down the slit of her cunt, smashing it gently against her clit, feeling it respond to the stimulation. She placed the rounded head of her son's cock against her cunt, and gently pushed onto it. She gasped with the stretching sensation as she fucked her pussy onto his throbbing prickshaft. She bent her shoulders forward, pulling her knees up until she had every lovely inch of his hard cock in her cunt. She lay still, letting her pussy grip and release his cock, feeling her clit swell and tingle.

Then, still gently, she began to push and pull, sliding her cunt back and forth on his cock, fucking him slowly. She slipped her fingers through the soft hair of her cunt and agitated her clit with them.

Her movements woke Conor.

"Wow, what a way to wake up!" she heard him say, his hand squeezing her tit. "Getting fucked awake! Mother, you're the best!"

Madison giggled, working her ass back and forth, sliding her pussy up and down his cock. "Well, you had that big hard-on, poking me with it, so what was a girl to do?"

"Just what you're doing, Mother," he said, thrusting into her as he clutched her tit hard, kissing at her smooth, creamy back. "Fuck me awake."

"You sure were quick to pick up the language, honey," she gurgled in pleasure.

"Want me to shut up?"

"Oh, no," Madison breathed, pressing her pussy hard onto his cock. "I want you to talk to me that way. I like it when you say those words."

"Like fuck and cunt and cock and pussy and cock-sucker?"

"Oooh, yes!" she moaned, her pulse starting to race.

"You sure woke up with a hot cunt," he said against her back.

"Because you had that hard-on, poking me in the ass, and it made me wet and hot and I wanted to fuck you, Conor."

"I'm hungry," he said.

"Hey, you fuck-face!" she replied. "No breakfast until you take care of Mother's cunt!"

Conor giggled, and fucked his cock into her pussy hard.

Madison gasped as he drove the air from her lungs. She rammed her ass back as he came lunging forward, wiggling as best she could on her side. She rubbed wickedly at her swollen clit, pinching it, gurgling as passion swirled through her brain.

"You know what you are, Mother? You're a fucking cunt!"

"Conor, where in the world..."

"I listened to you yesterday," he grunted, driving his cock hard into his mother's tight pussy. "You said those things, and I just put them together and decided you were a hot, fucking cunt!"

"All cunt?"

"All hot, wet, hairy, fucking cunt!"

"Ooooh, I am!" she squealed, grinding her ass at him. "I'm just a hot fucking cunt for you, for your hard cock!"

Suddenly, she jerked her hips forward, pulling her pussy off his cock.

"Hey, come back here!" Conor yelled. "I'm not finished yet!"

"This way!" she groaned, drawing her knees under her body, sticking her naked ass in the air, the sheets at the foot of the bed. She pressed her head and shoulders down, waving her creamy ass wantonly for him. "Fuck me like this, baby! Fuck Mother like a dog! Fuck me just like a hot bitch in heat!"

"You are in heat, Mother!" Conor giggled as he got to his knees behind her wiggling ass. "You are a bitch in heat!"

"You bet I am, you little fuck-face!" she groaned. "Now, hurry up and fuck me! You've got my cunt so fucking hot, you have to finish the job, Conor!"

Conor grabbed his mother's hips, and without aiming, stabbed his cock into her cunt hard. His lower body smacked against her creamy ass wetly, and he held himself tight. Madison gasped in pleasure, feeling her son's cock throbbing between the tight lips of her cunt. She waggled her ass as lewdly as she could, grinding at him.

"Fuck me, Conor!" she moaned. "Oh, baby, fuck me hard! Make Mother come!"

Gripping his mother's hips, staring down at her, Conor began to thrust into her cunt, fucking hard, smacking at her spreading asscheeks. He could see his cock, see the wetness of his cockshaft, see his mother's cunt holding it. He ran his hands over her spreading ass, feeling the satiny flesh, dragging a fingertip along the split of her lovely asscheeks, brushing at her tightly clenched asshole.

"I'm gonna fuck this ass today, Mother!" he grunted as he rammed back and forth. "You promised I could fuck your ass if I kissed it! I kissed your asshole, Mother, and you gotta keep your promise!"

"I will, baby!" Madison sobbed. "You can fuck my ass! Oh, God... you can ram my asshole! But now just fuck my cunt! Fuck my pussy and make me come!"

Conor plunged powerfully into her pussy, his balls swinging, slapping back and forth. Madison shot her right hand past her trembling stomach, and felt his hot balls sliding in her palm. She squeezed them when he fucked his cock into her cunt, releasing them as he pulled back. She shook her uptilted ass with lewd ecstasy, the hairy lips of her cunt sucking at his cock, closing around it, squeezing it.

Conor gritted his teeth, his balls tightening. Madison sobbed as she waggled her ass, churning it back at him with each stab of his hard, throbbing cock. She was close to orgasm already, and her pussy burned and throbbed, her clit pulsating with tightness. She licked at her lips, her eyes opening and closing, her left hand clawing at the sheet. Each time her son fucked her, it seemed better than the last, made her fiery cunt burn with a roaring flame, a fire that consumed her. The less inhibitions she showed, the better her son loved it, and Madison was losing every one of her inhibitions, letting her fantasies come true.

"Ohhh, Conor, come with me!" she shouted suddenly. "Come with Mother this time!"

"I'm trying, Mother!"

"Ohhh, God, hurry, then! I'm about to come!"

With a shriek of intense rapture, Madison's cunt grasped her son's cock, and throbbed into orgasm. Her hairy pussy-lips pulled and squeezed his cock, and Conor couldn't stand it.

"Now, Mother!"

His prick gushed, sending boiling streams of come-juice into her contracting pussy. Madison was coming so hard, she didn't really feel her son squirting into her cunt, but she knew he was. She thrashed her upturned ass with screaming ecstasy while her hairy cunt sucked the juices from his sweet, hot balls.

By the time her orgasm was over, she was weak again. She felt her son's cock softening inside her cunt, and then it was pulled out. Conor flopped on his side next to her, breathing hard. After awhile, she lifted her head and shoulders and looked at him. She kissed him, licking her tongue about his lips.

"You're getting to be a better fuck every time, Conor," she whispered. "Here, want to suck my tits a little?"

She pushed a tit to his mouth, and Conor eagerly sucked her stiff nipple deeply, his tongue licking.

"Mmmmmmm, nice, baby," she purred as the suction on her tit increased.

She was dangling her tits there, and Conor cupped the other one as he sucked her nipple. Madison let her son suck her tits for a long time, enjoying the feel of his wet mouth pulling at them.

"Now it's time for breakfast," she finally said, pulling her tit out of his mouth. "I mean, food."

By the time, breakfast was over, it was almost noon.

"The day is going so fast," she said, searching her sewing supplies, thinking about the togas she wanted to make.

She wore panties, nothing else.

That was Conor's suggestion, and Madison found it pleasant to walk about in her panties in front of him. Before, she could hardly do that even when alone in the house. Conor watched her, touched her now and then, but he wasn't as frantic to fuck her as the day before. Madison hoped he wasn't getting tired of her already. But then, she had fucked him to pieces, and he needed to rest, she knew. A guy couldn't keep a perpetual hard-on, no matter what a girl did.

As she sewed, he stood behind her, leaning over with his arms draped over her shoulders, playing with her tits. Madison found it difficult to concentrate and sew a straight line.

"Conor, you've got to leave me alone while I'm sewing," she said, tilting her head back and looking up at him.

"What are you making?" he asked.

"It's a surprise, one you'll love," she smiled up at him. "Here, give Mother a kiss, and let me finish this up."

Conor leaned down, holding her naked tits as he kissed her. He pushed his tongue into her mouth, and Madison began to melt.

"Oh, shit!" she said, turning in her chair and pulling him between her legs. "Who wants to sew now?"

She pushed her face into the crotch of his Jockey shorts, nuzzling at his cock and balls. "Mmmm, you're getting hard."

"You make me hard, Mother," he said, grinding his cock at her face. "You make my cock hard all the fucking time!"

Madison slipped his shorts down, his cock jerking up with hardness. His cockhead was smooth and swollen and his piss-hole was dripping. She cupped his balls in her hand, the other holding his ass. She slipped her lips down onto his cock, taking it deep into her mouth.

Conor rested a hand on the back of his mother's head, and began to fuck at her mouth. Madison purred softly, enjoying the sliding heat of his hard-on between her lips, his seeping cock juices on her tongue. She dropped her hand from his balls and began to rub her cunt through her panties. She gurgled and made wet, tags sounds on his cock.

The desire to suck him off was strong, very strong. She wanted to taste his thick, sweet come-juice spurting down her throat, the way she had the day before, but Conor had a different idea.

"Mother, can I fuck you in the ass now?"

"Mmmm," Madison murmured, her mouth full of his hard cock. She bobbed up and down as he stood between her thighs.

"Mother, you promised!" he said, dancing with excitement. "You promised I could fuck you in the ass just like the Romans and Greeks!"

Madison pulled her mouth off his cock, pressing it between her tits and looking up at his hot face.

"You really like to read about them, don't you?"

"They knew how to have fun, Mother," he said, rubbing his cock up and down the valley of her tits.

"Come on, then," she said.

Pushing him away, she stood and then dropped to the floor on her hands and knees.

"A promise is a promise, isn't it?" she said softly. "But you have to pull Mother's panties down."

Eagerly, Conor dropped to his knees behind his mother's ass, his fingers tugging at her bikini panties. He stripped them over her ass and halfway to her knees. Madison waggled her ass, lowering her head and shoulders to the floor. She was as anxious as her son was, but, she was nervous. Her only experience with anything in her asshole was her finger, and it felt awfully tight. But Madison knew a cock could fit in there. A lot of women took cocks in their assholes. She had even read, someplace, that some women preferred getting fucked up the ass instead of their cunts. If they could do it, she certainly could, too.

"Want me to kiss it again first, Mother?" Conor asked in a low voice.

"If you want," she replied, breathless.

Conor lowered his face and gave his mother's puckered asshole a quick kiss. Madison shivered, her ass shaking.

Then she felt her son pushing the head of his cock against her ass. For a moment, she tightened her ass ring, then relaxed it. Conor stared at his cock pushing at the crinkle of his mother's asshole, and his breath caught. He was eager to feel his cock there, but he moved slowly.

Madison felt the pressure increase, felt her asshole opening for him. There was a burning sensation, but it was not unpleasant. She held her breath, her fingers clutching the carpet, waiting, not sure what she would feel, hoping it wouldn't be pain. Conor couldn't wait. He pushed.

"Ohhh!" Madison gasped.

Her asshole suddenly felt stretched wide open, the head of his cock sliding into it. Her eyes widened and she caught her breath. It felt as if her son's cock was a mile wide and five times as long. Yet there was no pain. Only that stretching sensation, the burning feel that was more ecstasy than anything else. She felt her son's hands holding her hips, and he seemed frozen.

Conor was staring at her asshole, seeing it stretched about the head of his cock.

"Mother, this is tight!"

"Push!" she gasped. "Push it in!"

"Does it hurt?"

"I don't care," Madison sobbed. "I want it, Conor! Ohhh, God, I want your cock up my ass! Fuck my ass, baby! Ooooh, it's... it's wonderful!"

She rammed her ass back, because her son seemed stiff, unmoving. She felt his cock slide deep, her asshole gripping it. She pulled his cock all the way into her ass, feeling his sweet balls pushing against her hairy, seeping cont.

"Ohhhh, darling!" she cried out. "Do it! Fuck me! Ram it to my ass! Ram it hard and deep and fast! Ahhh, Conor, it's better than I thought it would be! Oooh, I like it! I like to feel your cock up my asshole!"

Conor was gasping, his cock squeezed by his mother's fiery asshole. He dug his hands into her hips, and began plunging his cock back and forth. The tightness clung to his prick, and Madison was crying with that strange, surprising rapture. Her asshole felt stretched, yet it was tight around his cock, holding it, squeezing it. His balls bounced against her cunt, adding to her wild ecstasy.

"God, you feel like a pole, baby!" she whimpered. "Your cock feels so fucking big! Ooooh, shove it hard! Ram Mother's ass!"

Madison shook her uplifted ass about wildly, churning and twisting, his cock creating the most fantastic friction along the hot ring of her asshole. It felt as if his cock went deeper in her ass than it did in her cunt or mouth. The consuming fire his cock created in her asshole was making her mind spin, reel with intense pleasure.

"It's so hot, Mother!" Conor moaned as he stabbed his cock back and forth. "Your asshole is so hot and tight! No wonder those Greeks loved it in the ass!"

"Fuck the Greeks!" Madison cried. "I want your cock up my ass, fucking me in the ass! Fuck those cock-sucking Greeks!"

"Ass-fucking Greeks, Mother!"

"Cock-sucking Greeks!" she yelled.

"Okay, whatever you say!" Conor gasped, pounding his cock in and out of her gripping asshole.

His balls smacked at her wet cunt, and the power of his fuck-thrusts sent her scooting along the carpet. Her knees and tits were scraping along, but she didn't feel it. All she felt was that delicious, stretching, burning ecstasy in her asshole.

"Harder!" she screamed. "Harder and faster! Ahhh, Conor, fuck my ass! Ram that cock up Mother's asshole! God, I've got a fucking fire in my asshole and you've got to put it out with your cock, with your come-juice!"

"Are you gonna come, Mother?"

"You bet your fucking balls I'm going to come!" she yelled.

Madison shot her hand under her stomach, gripping her son's hot balls tightly, feeling them throb. His cock swelled thicker inside her asshole.

"Hurry... you're about to make me come!" he said as he plunged his cock in and out of his mother's asshole, grunting with the effort.

Madison, squealing as her cunt boiled, stuffed his balls into it. She held his balls inside her cunt as he pressed his cock as deep into her ass as it would go. He pulled at her hips, straining in her asshole.

"I'm gonna come now, Mother!"

"Squirt it, baby! Squirt it!"

With the first spurt of his scalding come-juice splashing into her asshole, Madison screamed into orgasm, her cunt smashing his balls with tight contractions. She felt his cock pulsate as it spewed, felt her asshole filling with jism. It was different than when he came in her cunt, in her mouth, but just as exciting.

"Up the ass!" Conor gasped, spurting hard. "Up your ass, Mother!"

"Yes, up my ass!" she screamed out. "Come up my fucking ass!"

Her asshole squeezed and sucked, and Madison slumped to the floor, her arms above her head, her legs spreading wide, the cheeks of her creamy ass shivering. She panted hard, writhing with pleasure.

"Conor, you can fuck my ass anytime you want," she managed to gasp softly.

"You like it up the ass, Mother?" he asked, delighted.

"Like it! Those fucking Greeks knew what they wanted," she said. "Baby, I loved it up the ass!"


Madison had a slim, perfect figure.

She kept trim and in shape by exercising every day.

Usually she wore leotards, but there wasn't much sense in pulling them on now. She had always wanted to do her exercises naked anyway, and it had been a dream of hers to be watched as she contorted and twisted her body in front of someone.

She showered, something she always did before exercising. Coming from the shower naked, dried, she decided to use the living room instead of her bedroom. Conor was in the living room, anyway. When she came in naked, he looked up at her. In his lap was a book about Pompeii.

"Want to watch me exercise?" she asked, starting to bend and touch her toes.

Conor was immediately interested. He placed the book at his side on the couch, and she saw his cock swelling up inside his shorts.

"Why don't you take your shorts off?" she asked, stretching her hands to her toes, her tits dangling excitedly. "You don't want to hurt that cock, and besides, you might need it out in the open pretty soon."

While her son scooted out of his Jockey shorts, she began running in place. Her tits jiggled and her cunt flashed for her son, who watched with burning interest. His cock throbbed up in hardness, and Madison kept her eyes on it as she twisted and turned her body. After a little running in place, she lay on her back, and began drawing her knees to her tits, then straightening her legs. Her hairy cunt flashed each time she pulled her knees back, and Conor watched with his tongue licking his lips.

"Want to jack off while watching me?" she asked. "I can twist into some pretty good positions. You can jack your cock, and if you feel like coming, squirt it on me."

Conor clutched his cock and began to pump it. With her eyes watching his fist, Madison began doing splits, able to press her cunt right down on the floor. She bounced up and down.

"I bet I could fuck you this way," she said. "Yeah," Conor breathed hotly. "You can do the splits right in my face if you wanna, Mother."

"Mmmmmm, that would be nice," she purred, getting to her feet, turning her back to him, and starting touching her toes again. Each time she reached for her toes, she looked at him between her legs. "How's this? Can you see my cunt and asshole pretty good?"

"Perfect," Conor replied, his eyes straining with heat, his fist gripping his cock, making his cockhead bulge.

"Watch what Mother can do," Madison said, leaning over until her hair brushed the floor, her feet spread.

Conor watched, and Madison caused her cunt to clench, then loosen, then clench again. Her asshole winked and, tightened along with it. Conor grinned, pumping his cock faster.

"Ahhhhh, you like to see that, do you?" she asked in a low voice.

She stood and faced him again, then went onto her back once more. She lifted her legs into the air, placing her hands at her ass, and began to pump her legs, doing the bicycle ride. Her cunt and ass kept flashing at him, and Conor had to get up and go closer. Madison held her legs straight up in the air, then opened them, doing an upside-down spilt. Her hairy cunt and ass became fully exposed to Conor's gazing eyes.

"Like that, honey?" she asked, her voice husky.

"Oh, yes, Mother!"

"Jack off on my cunt," she hissed. "I'll hold my legs wide-open and my ass up, and you can jerk off and come all over Mother's cunt."

"I'd rather fuck it," Conor moaned.

"You can, but jack off on me first," she urged. "I want to see you come an my hot pussy."

Conor stood at his mother's uplifted ass, gazing down between her spreading thighs. Her pink cunt was open, glistening wetly, framed by her soft, silky pussy hair. He could see her clit straining upward. He tilted his hips, his cock only a few inches above her pussy. He stroked his fist back and forth, and when Madison saw his cock starting to drip, she whimpered with pleasure.

"Rub it on me, Conor! Rub that cock-juice on me!"

Conor rubbed the head of his cock about his mother's inner thigh, then along the side of her cunt.

"Ooooh, nice," Madison purred. "Now, jack it off! I want to see your cock spurt all over my pussy! I want your come-juice on my cunt and legs and ass!"

Conor pounded his fist, his eyes glazed as he stared down at, his mother's open thighs, her cunt beautifully revealed.

"Hurry, baby!" she urged, spreading her legs as far apart as she could.

Conor jerked fast and hard.

Then he came.

His creamy jism splashed into the hair of her pussy, then over her pink pussy-lips and bulging clit. Madison pulled at the cheeks of her ass, spreading them.

"On my asshole!" she yelled.

Conor adjusted his gushing cock, sending a few spurts of come-juice onto his mother's tight asshole, then back at her pussy. He came hard, and one spurt flew toward her face. With a quick squeal, Madison opened her mouth just in time to catch it on her tongue.

"Ooooh, sweet, sweet come-juice!" she gasped.

When Conor stopped spewing, he dipped his knees and ran the head of his cock along the lips of his mother's cunt, pushing his cockhead in. Madison shivered as he worked his softening cock into her cunt, and her fingers moved to her hairy cuntlips, spreading her pussy open for him.

"You can't fuck me with a soft cock," she giggled.

"Just getting it soaked, Mother," he replied.

"Soak it in my mouth," she suggested.

"Sure," he said, agreeable.

When he pulled from her, Madison lowered her ass, closing her thighs. Her cunt was wet with his come-juice, and it seemed to blister her asshole. She glanced down, and the come-juice in her cunt hair looked lovely to her. She would enjoy it if her son could coat her whole naked body with his hot come-juice, from head to toe.

Conor dropped to his knees at her head, and Madison turned her face to him. She opened her mouth, and Conor fitted his cock between her lips. Madison tasted his come-juice clinging to it, and moaned. She sucked it gently, then removed her mouth for a moment.

She lay flat on her back, rubbing his cock about her face, then over her tits. She purred softly, enjoying the feel of it on her skin. She wasn't surprised when his cock starting turning hard again. If the day before was any indication, her son had little difficulty getting hard, even though he had come only a short time ago. Conor tossed a leg over his mother's body, sitting on her stomach. She felt the heat of his asshole on her flesh, his balls touching below her tits. She tucked her chin down and gazed at his cock resting between her satiny tit-globes.

"Are you going to fuck Mother's tits?" she asked in a low voice.

Conor laughed, sliding his cock back and forth, his balls rubbing at her chest now. Madison pressed her hot tits about his cock, watching his cockhead come through. The feel of his cock throbbing between her tits sent a shiver racing about her body, and she wondered if he would come again. If he did, she would catch it right in her face, again. Not that she minded; she had told him she enjoyed it. And she would love to have her body coated with his creamy, hot come-juice, from her head to her toe.

"Your tits feel like silk, Mother," he said, watching her hold them tightly about his cock. "Almost like your cunt."

"I'm glad you like my tits, baby," she purred. "I'm glad you like Mother's cunt and mouth and titties and asshole! I'm glad because I could just eat your beautiful cock and balls up!"

"Okay," he said, and shoved his cock into her mouth.

"Mmmmm," Madison whimpered as he fucked in and out of her lips slowly.

She felt him positioning his ass on her tit, and when she understood what he was trying to do, she helped him. Holding his cock in her mouth, she squeezed one of her tits with both hands, and when her son rubbed his hot asshole about her nipple, she cooed with sensation.

Conor looked down, his eyes blazing, seeing his cock sliding in and out of his mother's wet mouth, feeling her nipple pressing at his asshole. His balls became tight and hot, and when he shoved his cock deeply into her mouth, they rested on her chin.

As the sensations grew in his body, Conor leaned over his mother's face, his hands on the floor. He began to fuck her mouth, fuck it as if it was her pussy.

Madison sobbed with pleasure, sliding her hands up his thighs to his ass. Cupping the cheeks of his ass, she worked her fingers at his asshole, urging him to fuck her hard into the mouth. The feel of his hot balls bouncing off her chin made her tremble with feeling.

"You have a pussy-mouth, Mother," he giggled. "Your mouth feels like your cunt! Hot and wet, and very tight! I'm gonna fuck your pussy-mouth and squirt my come-juice in it!"

Madison let out a muffled squeal of agreement, squeezing the cheeks of his ass and pulling him downward, trying to take the swollen head of his dripping cock into her throat. It was enjoyable, feeling his cock slide in and put of her gripping mouth, and she pushed her tongue at his hard cockshaft, caressing it as he fucked. He dripped a lot, and she swallowed as her mouth filled. He opened her legs, then closed them, opened them again, her cunt pulsing with wet heat.

Then Conor changed his mind.

He pulled his cock from his mother's mouth, and lay back, his prick standing straight up in the air.

"Fuck me, Mother," he said. "Do the splits on my cock!"

Madison laughed, the sound wanton. She twisted about until she was above him, and shoved her feet along the floor. Her cunt opened as she came lower, and she had to twist her body sideways slightly as she performed the splits above his cock. She didn't push her cunt onto him, but held herself up, legs wide.

"You fuck me," she hissed hotly. "You can really pump that cock up my cunt like this, Conor?"

His mother's hairy pussy glistened wetly. Come-juice still clung to her dark pussy hairs. Conor could see her puffy pussy-lips open, her clit straining outward. He lifted his hips, and pushed his cock into his mother's cunt.

"Oooooh, nice, baby!" Madison moaned as his cock filled her pussy. "Fuck up and down... ram your cock up Mother's cunt! Fuck me, Conor!"

With his mother in that position, Conor could see her cunt very well, and watched his cock stabbing into it. Despite her legs being so wide apart, her pussy still clutched his cock as tightly as ever. The wet sounds of his cock moving in and out of her cunt, though, seemed louder.

Conor placed his hands on the floor for leverage and began to fuck his cock up and down fast. Each upward lunge beat at the swollen lips of her cunt, and her tits jiggled.

Madison gasped and panted, her hands sliding up and down her body. She pulled the lips of her pussy wide-open for his cock, then moved her hands up her flesh to squeeze and roll her swollen tits. She pulled at her nipples, stretching her cunt hard and fast. His eyes gleamed as he watched. The soft hairs of his mother's cunt tickled his balls and the base of his cock, exciting him further.

Madison was becoming tired, her legs spread so far, her weight held awkwardly, but she remained there, her son battering at her cunt faster and faster. He was getting close to coming, and she didn't want to spoil it for him. Besides, her cunt was grasping at his cock and her clit was painfully inflamed. She, too, would come if she could hold this position a little longer.

"Ahhhhh, baby!" she moaned. "All this exercise, and I never thought I'd get myself fucked this way! Go to it, Conor! Ram your cock up my cunt! Fuck Mother's cunt hard, darling! Ooooh, beat my pussy raw!"

Her eyes were glazed as she stared down at him, watching his delighted features. His face twisted and grimaced, and Madison was getting as much pleasure from this as she was the feeling of his cock pounding into her body. He beat harder, and it felt as if her cunt lips were going to be bruised.

"Oooooh, Mother! I think I'm about to come!" Conor gasped.

"Do it!" she hissed. "I am, too!"

Conor rammed hard, his face contorting as the ecstasy became almost unbearable. His balls were tight, aching and throbbing, his cock so hard he could hardly stand it. Madison's cunt closed around her son's prick, squeezing and contracting greedily.

"Ooooh, baby!" Madison cried out.

"Take it, Mother!" Conor gasped.

His cock gushed, sending scalding spurts of thick come-juice into her gripping cunt. Madison cried out, and her pussy convulsed. She squeezed her tits brutally as she came, her head tilting upward, eyes tight. The wild tremors of her intense orgasms shook her.

Somehow, she managed to remain upright on his cock until he finished. Her cunt pulled and squeezed and sucked his balls dry, and then her legs felt as though she was being split up the middle, and she had to pull free. She moved sideways, and drew her leg across his body, lying down on the floor, her cunt still pulsating.

"No more fucking that way," she said when her breathing was normal. "That felt like I was being split right up the middle, from cunt to tit."

"I liked it," Conor replied.

"You'd like me in any position, no matter how painful it was for me, wouldn't you?" She laughed, and rolled on top of him, smearing his face with hot wet kisses, and rubbing her body about his. "You'd twist me into a pretzel if you could."

Conor laughed and fondled her, sliding his hands up and down her back, her asscheeks.

"Probably," he said.

"Well, you're the one that's going to be twisted like a fucking pretzel!"

Madison slid down his body, kissing and licking at his flesh. She lapped about his cock, tasting the wetness on it. She licked at his balls, then shoved his knees to his chest, his ass lifting from the floor. His cock and balls were vulnerable, and his asscheeks parted, his asshole crinkling up.

Holding his knees at his chest, Madison nuzzled at his crotch, inhaling the exciting scent, kissing and tasting his cock, his balls, and then pushing her mouth to his asshole. She sucked and kissed his asshole, licking it with her tongue. She swished her tongue feverishly about his asspucker, making throaty sounds.

"Eat it up, Mother!" Conor laughed, twisting his ass into his mother's face. "Eat my asshole! Suck my ass... lick it!"

Madison rammed her tongue into Conor's asshole.

"Hey!" he yelped.

"Mmmmmm!" Madison mewled, stabbing her tongue in and out, fucking his tight asshole.

"Ahhhh, Mother!"

Madison rammed her tongue as deep as she could, stuffing it into the heat of Conor's asshole. She sucked at his assring very hard. His balls rested on her nose, and at that moment, Madison wouldn't have cared it her son farted into her face. She had never had her mouth against an asshole, her tongue jammed into one. The sheer perversity of it sent wild, wanton tremors through her naked body.

She plunged her tongue time and again into her son's asshole, fucking it, sucking it. Her creamy ass was in the air, and she closed her thighs tightly about her cunt. She couldn't believe it, but she felt as if she was about to come again. She buried her mouth into his ass, listening to him groan and whimper, the sounds telling her Conor loved it. She pulled her tongue from his asshole, but then pushed it tightly against his assring, licking feverishly. She lapped up to his balls, and then across his cock. For a moment, a teasing moment, she took her son's cock and balls into her mouth, loving them, tasting them. But then she pulled free and jammed her mouth back to his asshole.

With a hot moan, she plunged her tongue up her son's asshole again, and immediately her cunt exploded.


The togas were finished.

Conor's was short, just barely covering his crotch. Hers was just as short, but the material was much more transparent. The silky garment hugged her body, her nipples holding it outward. She had a tie about her waist, and the shape of her pussy-hair could be seen very clearly, as well as her shapely ass and the split between her creamy asscheeks.

That night, she prepared them a meal of fresh vegetables.

"I hate this shit," Conor complained, picking at his food.

"They're good for you," she reminded him. "What do you think we drive all the way to that farm for?"

"I'd rather have..." he glanced at her, his eyes sparkling, "... I'd rather eat pussy than this shit."

Madison laughed in delight. "You'd rather eat pussy than anything, and you know it."

"You bet, Mother."

"But pussy isn't filling, and this is." She adjusted her toga, allowing one lovely tit to show. "Eating pussy is great, baby, but you have to have vegetables, too."

"They'd taste better if I stuffed them in your cunt," he grinned.

"Now, that's what I call getting nasty," she giggled.

"Getting nasty is fun," he replied, gazing at her pretty tit. "Besides, you like to eat my cock, don't you?"

"Shut up and eat," she said, sticking her tongue out at him. "You're not going to stick anything in my cunt but cock and tongue, so forget any crazy ideas."

Conor eventually ate his food, but he lingered over it. She knew her son wanted to please her, perhaps afraid if he didn't she would stop playing games with him.

Later, while she cleaned the kitchen, Conor went out to the garage. When Madison had begun her exercise, she had installed exercise bars in the garage, and sometimes Conor used them.

Finished in the kitchen, she stood in the doorway and watched her son do chin-ups, his toga lifting above his cock and balls. For some reason, seeing him that way made her more excited than when he was naked.

Watching him, her eyes gazing at his cock and balls as his toga lifted, Madison felt wet heat coming to her cunt. Her one tit was still showing, her nipple stiff. Conor raised himself on the bar, looking at his mother.

"You, know, baby," she said, "you look beautiful."

"Mother, you're beautiful; boys are good looking."

"To me, you're beautiful," she said. "Especially with your cock teasing me that way."

"I'm not teasing you," he said.

"Yes, you cc," she murmured, her eyes taking on a glow.

Conor left the bar, moving to another. It was high, near his shoulders. He grasped it, jerked himself up and sat on it, facing his mother. The bar was beneath his knees, and Madison's breath picked up. She saw his cock and balls below the bar, and the split of his ass.

Conor swung his ass back and forth, holding onto the bar with his hands. His ass swung, and his cock began to swell.

"Oh, nice!" she whispered, stepping into the garage. "I bet you could fuck my face that way, Conor."

"Yeah, Mother," he grinned. "Why do you think I climbed up here?"

"Oh, is that right?" she purred, close to him. She wrapped her hand about his cock, her other one caressing his spreading ass.

Conor rocked his ass back and forth.

"If you came, you'd fall on your ass," she said.

"No," he replied. "I'll hold on tight."

Madison found when she leaned down a little, his cock was even with her face. She cupped his ass in both hands and pulled his cock to her mouth. She took it between her lips, and by holding his ass, moved him back and forth. His cock slipped in and out of her mouth.

Conor moaned in pleasure, holding tightly to the bar. He swung his ass, rocking back and forth, driving his cock into his mother's mouth as she leaned toward it.

Madison purred as he fucked at her mouth, her hands cupping his ass, hoping he wouldn't fall from the bar if he came. His cock felt very hard in her mouth as he swung back and forth. Her tongue caressed his hard prickshaft, licking his smooth cockhead.

After a while, Conor stopped.

"Don't you want to come, honey?" she asked.

"I sure do!" He grinned, climbing off the bar. "But that fucking thing is hard on the knees."

"I know," she said.

She scooted a padded stool against one wall, where she had a large mirror in place. It had been installed when she had been taking dancing lessons.

Conor watched her, seeing her sweet ass-flesh as her toga lifted. Once Madison had the stool the way she wanted it, she leaned over, puffing her head on it, then kicked her feet up until she was standing an her head, her back, her ass and legs against the mirror.

Then she spread her legs.

Conor gasped with delight.

He stared at his mother's open crotch as her toga dangled to her tits, leaving her face exposed.

"Want to suck my pussy this way?" she asked, her voice thick with desire again.

Conor eagerly went to his mother. It was only then that he discovered the stool had her face level with his cock.

"Mmmm, this is nice," she purred as his cock prodded her face. "Now, if I don't fall and bust my ass, I'm going to suck that cock, and you can lick my cunt this way."

Conor wrapped his arms about his mother's upside-down hips, burying his face into her hairy, wet cunt eagerly. He clutched the cheeks of her ass, his ups sucking her pussy, his eyes seeing his reflection in the mirror. He could see all of his mother's ass, his mouth pushed into her cunt. His cock throbbed, and then it was inside his mother's mouth.

Braced by her son's arms wrapped about her ass, Madison closed her own around his, his cock deep inside her mouth. She looked up at his balls dangling in her eyes, and at the crack of his ass.

Conor, his tongue darting in and out of his mother's cunt, pulled the cheeks of her ass open, gazing at her reflected asshole. He began to pump his hips, fucking Madison in her hungry mouth.

Madison squealed around her son's prick, her emotions reeling. She knew what he could see of her; that was why she was on her head. She held her lips tight as he fucked into her mouth, her cunt responding to his licking tongue.

Conor stared at his reflection, watching his tongue licking at his mother's cunt, spreading her ass to see her asshole crinkle. He drew his tongue up and down her hairy pussy-slit, watching it with hot eyes. He shoved his chin forward, and lapped at the tight ring of her asshole, his eyes following the tip of his tongue.

"I see you, Mother," he moaned into her pussy. "I can see everything in the mirror! I can watch my tongue lick your cunt, even your asshole!"

"Mmmmm," Madison responded, her mouth filled by his hard cock, making it impossible for her to talk.

She clutched at his ass, urging him to fuck her mouth hard, plunging it deeply. The blood was rushing to her head, but there was no way she was going to move until she made her son come. She moved her legs about his face, scissoring them at his cheeks. His balls slapped against her eyes as his thrusts increased. She held his ass tightly, feeling his tongue swirling about the wet, hairy lips of her cunt, her swollen clit, then at her asshole. It felt as if he was licking everywhere at the same time.

Conor fucked his cock back and forth, standing there with his face buried into his mother's upside-down cunt, watching his reflection in the mirror. His cock throbbed, and he rammed at her sucking mouth violently. Madison groaned from the battering of her lips, but she clung to him desperately, sucking hard, trying to make him gush into her mouth before she fell from the stool.

Madison sobbed when her son rammed his tongue into her cunt, as if he was trying to reach her tonsils with it. At the same time, Conor pushed his cock hard into her mouth, her lips crushed at his prick base.

Her mouth suddenly filled with creamy come juice at the same instant that her cunt grabbed Conor's tongue. She came in spasms that tightened every muscle in her body, and she sucked wetly at his gushing cock. It was a bit hard to swallow upside-down, but she managed, wanting to drink down his come-juice more than ever before.

While he came, Conor pressed his face hard into his mother's cunt, his eyes glazing until he could hardly watch their reflection in the mirror. His knees trembled, and he couldn't stand there much longer. He pulled his tongue from his mother's convulsing cunt and slowly sank downward. His cock pulled from her mouth, and as he went down, she lowered her body with him. By the time Conor was on his back, Madison was on her hands and knees above him, rubbing her cunt about his face as she kissed his cock and balls. She wasn't even sure she was still coming as she rubbed her hairy pussy at his face, but it sure felt like it.

A short time later, lying at her sop's side on the garage floor, she began to laugh.

"What's funny, Mother?"

"Us," she said. "We could have hurt ourselves."

"It was fun, though," he replied.

"I know, but we're going to have to be more careful."

"I don't know if I can control myself," Conor said. "When I get hot, man, I'm hot!"

"Me, too," she laughed softly. "When my cunt gets hot, I want it right then, no matter where and what position I'm in. Still, we better be careful."

They bathed before going to bed.

Madison was amused, because she normally had a rough time getting her son to bathe. Now, he was willing to stay in the shower or tub.

Naked, they climbed into her bed.

Conor, on his back, watched as she finished brushing her hair and climbed in next to him. But Madison didn't lie down with him. Instead, without a word, she tossed a long leg over his head, facing his feet. She pushed her ass into his face.

"Now I gotcha, you little pussy-sucker!"

Conor laughed and twisted his face into his mother's ass, feeling the heat. He liked the softness of her inner asscheeks against his face. He began to kiss and lick at his mother's asshole, and Madison giggled, rubbing her ass back and forth, getting his tongue on her cunt, then her asshole, one after the other. His cock stirred and she leaned over, clutching it, beating it as she waggled her ass at his mouth.

"Suck my ass, you hot little fucker!" she urged. "Suck Mother's ass! Kiss my ass lick my asshole!"

She was very aroused, and didn't know why. But that didn't matter. The more she got of her son, the more she wanted. She squeezed his cock hard, making his cockhead bulge. His piss-hole opened, and cock-juices seeped from it. With a soft moan, she leaned over and licked his prick-juices away, grinding her cunt and asshole at his mouth, spreading her knees about his head, banging her cunt up and down, slapping his face with it, and sucking wildly on his prick.

But as much as she enjoyed his cock in her mouth, she wanted it someplace right now, a place her son loved to have it.

She pulled from his cock and began to slide down his body, still facing his feet. Her wet cunt left trails of wetness on his flesh. Conor stared at his mother's crotch as it moved toward his cock. Madison clung to his prick as she moved downward, and when her pussy reached it, she stuffed his cock inside. Then, still facing his feet, she bounced up and down, stabbing herself in her cunt with his cock, squealing like a little girl. Conor stared at her, seeing his cock disappearing into her cunt, her ass spread open and her asshole puckering.

But Madison didn't keep his cock in her pussy.

She lifted up and wiggled forward slightly.

"Watch me stick your cock up my asshole!" Madison cried out in a thick voice. "Watch me take your hard-on up my ass, baby!"

With a quick lunge, Madison rammed her ass down onto her son's cock. The quick penetration made her gasp. She sat there, wiggling, his cock deep inside her asshole.

"You like it?" she asked him, her voice hoarse. "You like it when I do that?"

"Oh, Mother!" Conor moaned, his eyes bright, feeling his mother's asshole clench his cock at the base. "Your asshole is gonna burn my cock off!"

"No, it's going to fuck it off!" she mewled, leaning forward, and working her ass up and down, her stretching assring gripping tightly. She lifted her ass all the way, the head of his cock almost coming free, then she lunged down again, hard and fast. "Watch Mother! Watch Mother fuck your cock with her asshole! You love Mother's ass, baby, don't you? You like that old Greek idea of fucking in the ass, don't you?"

"Yeah, Mother!" he groaned.

"I'll be your Greek, baby!" she sobbed. "Mother will be your Greek asshole! God, it's so good in my ass! If we kept fucking this way, you're going to have my asshole so big, a truck will go through it!"


"I don't care!" she sobbed, leaning down and sucking at his toes, her ass riding up and down his cock. She stretched her long legs along his body, humping her ass up and down. "I just want my ass fucked!"

Conor's mind was spinning as he stared down at his mother's ass. He could see his cock clearly and could see the tightness of her asshole holding it, stretching. He could feel her hot, wet cunt on his balls each time she thrust her ass down.

Madison mouthed his toes, sucking them, licking them, grinding her ass onto his cock, her tits smashed near his knees. She felt lewd and wicked, fucking him that way. Her feelings soared, and she felt there was nothing she wouldn't do for her son. He could do what he wanted with her body. She would accept anything he wanted, eagerly, wantonly.

"Baby, baby!" she cried. "Ohhhh, shit, darling! Your cock is so fucking big in my ass! I love it, love the way you fill Mother's hot asshole. It makes my cunt wet! Ooooh, Mother is going to fuck your hard cock off, fuck it off with my tight asshole! Watch me, Conor! Watch my asshole suck your cock!"

"Damn! I can see it, Mother!" he grunted. "I can see my cock in your asshole! Fuck me, Mother! Oh, fuck me and make me come in your asshole!"

"I will! Ohhhh, baby, I will make you come in my asshole! Fill my asshole with that sweet come-juice! Squirt it all the way to my cocksucking throat! Make me taste your come-juice in my mouth when you come?"

Conor didn't answer now. He was staring at her asshole, watching it fly up and down his cock. He was about to come, and his balls brushed at her hot pussy. His mother was mouthing and sucking at his toes again, and it tickled and felt good at the same time. He shoved his hands down and cupped her grinding, bouncing ass. Madison lifted and plunged, riding her fiery asshole on his cock in a frenzy. Her pussy was pulsating, her clit hurting with throbbing hardness.

As her pussy boiled toward an orgasm, her asshole feeling as if it would rip apart deliciously, Madison stuffed her mouth with her son's toes, sucking them as she would his cock, vigorously. Her ass pounded faster and faster, and finally she slammed down hard, jerking her mouth off his toes and screaming.

"Ohhhh, I'm coming!"

Conor could feel her asshole pulsate with squeezing heat about his cock. His eyes filmed over, and he sent scalding spurts of come-juice into his mother's grasping asshole. He could see the ring of her asshole clinging to the head of his cock as he came, and could see her asshole flexing.

"Oh, baby," she moaned softly as she lay next to him now, holding his face against her tits. "You're turning me into one big cunt, did you know that?"

"That's impossible, Mother."

"I know, but everywhere you stick that cock, it feels just like I'm just one big, sensitive cunt."


When she woke up, she found they had turned about in the bed during the night, her face now resting against his cock and balls. She smiled as she saw how hard he was.

Conor lay on his side, one arm around her hip, his breath fanning the soft hair of her cunt. Coming awake slowly, Madison pulled her head back a ways, so she could see his cock and balls without being cross-eyed. His prick throbbed visibly, and his balls appeared full again. She was fascinated by how quick her son could get hard. How full his balls became in just a few short hours. She watched it throb, running a finger along his prickshaft lightly, barely touching it, not wanting to wake him up.

She sniffed, then frowned.

Then remembered.

Her smile grew wider as she inhaled deeply. His cock had been up her ass, she remembered. The swat was not unpleasant to her. On the contrary, it excited her. She remembered toiling her son she would be his little Greek girl and let him fuck her ass when he wanted. She knew Conor was showing a preference to fuck her in the ass, and she didn't mind at all. She loved it inside her cunt, in her mouth, but if her son wanted to shove it up her ass from now on, she would accept it.

She moved her face close to his cock, inhaling the exciting scent of it. She touched his balls with the tip of her tongue, and felt them draw up. With a quiet giggle, she ran her tongue along the shaft of her sleeping son's cock, licking it, tasting it. The exotic scent and taste made a tremor of hunger flow through her. She probed the tip of his cock, running her tongue about his piss-hole. She felt his cock react with a jerk, and heard a soft moan from him.

She lifted her knee, exposing her cunt, pushing it closer to his face. She felt his breath fan over the lips of her cunt, and she shivered deliciously. She wondered what Conor would do if he woke up with his face in her pussy. It wouldn't make him mad, she knew. He would probably start licking it, calling it the best breakfast he ever had.

The taste of his cock was getting to her. She wanted to take it into her mouth, have her own breakfast. She moved the tip of her tongue up and down his cockshaft, barely touching it, not ready to wake him yet. The taste of his cock after being inside her asshole was different than when it had been inside her cunt. She decided she enjoyed it, then she closed her lips about his cockhead, sucking very gently.

"Mmmmmm," she heard her son moan, and his hips moved forward.

Madison pulled her mouth off his cock. "Are you awake, honey?"

"Who can sleep with his cock getting sucked, Mother?" he said, looking between their bodies at her face. "It sure is a nice way to wakeup."

"Do you always have a hard-on in the mornings?"

"Most times," he replied, "but when I take a piss, it's all over."

"Maybe it needs to be sucked every morning," Madison teased nuzzling his smooth prickhead over face and lips. "That's probably what it needs, a morning blow-job."

Without another word, Madison began to suck her son's cock. She held his ass while sliding her mouth beck and forth. Conor stroked at her cunt as she held her thigh up for him, kissing at her pussy now and then. Madison wasn't concerned about him licking her cunt, not now. She wanted to suck his cock off, have him come in her mouth. That would be enough pleasure for her until later.

She mouthed his cock slowly at first, sliding her lips back and forth, but then excitement gripped her, and she began to suck faster, devouring his cock with hot greed, moaning softly. She dug into his ass and pulled, bringing his naked body over on top of hers. Then, with his legs alongside her head, she grabbed his as and began to suck hungrily.

Conor lifted and lowered his cock, fucking at her mouth as she sucked. Madison held his ass tightly, shoving her mouth onto his cock until his balls were crushed at her nose. She pulled the cheeks of his ass open, and Conor gasped as she jammed a finger into his asshole.

Clutching at his mother's hips his cheek resting on her hairy cunt, Conor fucked up and down, feeling his mother's finger moving in and out of his asshole, his cock in her mouth.

It didn't take long.

"Ahhhh, Mother!" he moaned as his jism spurted.

Madison gurgled wetly, taking the hot load of her son's come-juice into her mouth with pleasure. She didn't swallow, but let her mouth fill, and only when his cock softened did she release him.

Slipping her finger out of his asshole, she gently pushed him away. She rolled her tongue about inside her mouth, tasting his come-juice, then swallowed it.

"You taste better every time you come in my mouth, Conor," she said, swinging her legs over the bed. "I believe I could suck you off all day long."

She left her son and filled the tub, pouring in her scented oils. As she bathed, she heard him in the hall shower. If nothing else, she thought to herself, Conor was taking more baths than ever before, and she didn't have to tell him, either.

When she heard him banging about in the kitchen, she idly stroked her cunt under the water, and she wasn't at all surprised when she made herself come.

Putting on her toga, she found her son in the kitchen, trying his best to fix breakfast for them. She laughed at the mess he had made, and took over the cooking.

"You sit your ass down and let me. You can't cook and you know it."

Conor was in his toga, and he sat and watched his mother.

"You know, Mother, we look just like those pictures in my books," he said. "But I don't think those togas were as short."

"I like them better this way, don't you?"

"Yeah!" he grinned. "Every time you lean over, I see your ass."

Madison giggled, waggling her ass at him, lifting the sheer garment. "I swear, Conor, you must have some Greek in you."

"I just love your ass, that's all."

"Most guys would love my cunt."

"I'm not most guys," he said. "And if you don't hurry up with breakfast, I might have to fuck your ass first."

"But, Conor," she said, turning around and putting a platter of eggs and sausages on the table. "You just got a blow job. How can you be ready to fuck so soon?"

He showed her.

"Oh, my!" Madison mewled, seeing his cock standing up in his toga. She closed her fist about it, jacking him through the toga. "That thing must stay hard."

She pumped him a few more times, then released him.

"Eat, then I'll see if I can do something about it."

Conor devoured his breakfast.

Toward noon, Conor said, "Mother, it sure would be fun if we could visit that pasture, wearing our togas."

"It would," she answered. "But someone might see us, and you can see right through these things."

"We can cover up with a coat."

Madison laughed. "In this weather? Conor, you're crazy. That would draw more attention to us than if we dressed this way."

"Yeah, I guess so," he replied.

Madison considered a moment. "We can dress, but take them with us."

"Hey, yeah, Mother!" he said, his eyes sparkling. "We could be just like those old Romans and Greeks. Boy, if we lived back then, we could see all those cunts, in or out of a house."

Madison smiled at her son. It was too bad, she thought. It would have been a good time to live in, especially with every one as horny as she and Conor seemed to be.

"I've got some things to finish up," she said, "and then we can drive out to the pasture."

She loaded the clothes washer with soiled laundry, but before she could turn from the machine, her son came up behind her, lifting her toga.

"I need it now, Mother," he said, poking at her ass with his stiff cock.

Madison smiled over her shoulder at him. His cock was very hard indeed. He had his swollen cockhead between the cheeks of her ass, his pisshole smearing her crinkled asshole. She whimpered softly, trembling. It seemed the more he fucked her, the more he wanted.

"I'm not stopping you, honey," she whispered, leaning over the washing machine.

Conor shoved his mother's toga to her waist, gazing down at the beauty of her smooth, creamy, white ass. He cupped her asscheeks, squeezing them, fondling them. One hand flipped between her thighs, rubbing at her hairy cunt, the other stroking up and down the crack of her ass.

"No matter where I touch, Mother, you're hot," he said, his voice thick. "I like that. Your cunt is wet all the time, did you know that?"

"Mmmmm, do I?" she purred, waggling her ass. "Just like your cock is hard all the time."

Conor held his cock at the base, rubbing his smooth cockhead up and down the split of his mother's ass. He poked it lower, then slipped his cockhead into her cunt, working it back and forth, teasing her, fucking her with only his prickhead.

Madison cried out her pleasure, spreading her feet on the floor and jutting her ass backward eagerly. Conor moved his cock a little farther into her cunt, and just as Madison pushed onto it, he pulled back.

"Don't be mean!" she pleaded. "Stop teasing Mother, baby!"

Conor laughed, bringing the head of his cock upward, pressing it at her tight asshole. Madison thrust before he could rub.

"Ahhhhh!" she said, feeling the head of his cock slipping into her asshole.

But Conor pulled it out quickly.

"No, Conor!" she groaned. "Shove it in! Fuck me!"

But her son kept teasing her, first sticking his cock into her cunt, then her asshole, using only his swollen cockhead, no more.

Madison sobbed, trying to work her cunt or ass onto his cock, wherever it was. She twisted her exposed ass wantonly, begging him to fuck her. "You said you needed it, Conor!" she reminded him. "If you need my ass so bad, why are you teasing me? Please, Conor, fuck me! Either my cunt or asshole, I don't care -- just fuck me now!"

But Conor wouldn't listen. He was enjoying himself.

Madison leaned on the washing machine, the vibrations sending ripples through her tits. She pushed her ass back, spreading her feet wider, and trembled as her son played around. He kept pushing his cock into her cunt, then her asshole. Since she couldn't make him fuck one or the other, she lay and let him do what he wanted, wiggling her ass. But then it began to feel good, the way he pushed his cock into her cunt, then her asshole. He wasn't using just his cockhead now, but stabbing his cock deep. He rammed it into her hairy pussy, stroking a few times, then pulled out and shifted his cock to her ass. He fucked her asshole a time or two and returned to her cunt. Back and forth.

Madison gaped with the sensation. It was as if she were being fucked by two cocks, two hard, throbbing cocks. She closed her eyes, and when her son moved his cock to her cunt, she lifted her ass to him, and when he moved it to her asshole, she lowered it so it would be easier. He stroked his cock in and out of her cunt slowly, then her asshole, just as slowly.

His slow fucking, alternately from cunt to asshole, was building a fire inside her body, a fire that started off warm, but with increasing heat. As the fire grew, Madison sobbed out her hungers, shaking her ass about for her son's pleasure. She knew her son couldn't keep up his slow fucking. She could feel his cock throbbing more each time.

Conor leaned back, looking down, watching his cock go from his mother's cunt to her asshole. He felt the scalding heat of her cunt growing, felt the gripping squeezes of her asshole. His balls started to grow tight, and his breathing came faster. Pulling his cock out of her ass, he lunged it with force into her cunt, driving the air from Madison's lungs. He rammed two or three times into her pussy hard, then jerked free and repeated it into her asshole.

Madison cried out each time he brutally forced his cock into her cunt or asshole. She found his quick lunges delicious, and she was never certain where his cock would go from one place to the next. Sometimes he would pull his cock from her asshole, and she expected it to penetrate her cunt, but he would ram it right back into her ass. It was not knowing where she would feel his cock next that helped create the raging hungers inside her.

"Conor, Conor!" she sobbed. "Please, baby! You're driving me out of my mind! Fuck me, fuck my cunt, my ass, I don't care -- just fuck me!"

Conor finally became caught up with the sensations. He rammed his cock into his mother's asshole, pumping hard and fast. The friction of his hard cock against the ring of her tight asshole made Madison whimper. She danced her ass about lewdly, shaking it, humping and churning with his plunging motions.

Conor gripped his mother's hips, jerking her ass back each time he thrust forward, his lower stomach making a fleshy sound against her curvy ass.

Madison clutched the sides of the washing machine, her knuckles white. Her cunt dripped wetly, her fuck juices sliding along her inner thighs, her clit bulging with hot, tingling hardness. Her asshole was very tight on his cock, and it felt to Madison as if it was stretched wide-open, a huge oval. His cock seemed to go deeper and deeper into her ass each time he fucked it.

"Ohhhh, it's hot, so hot!" Madison hissed. "So very hot, Conor! Your cock is so fucking hot! Oooooh, baby, give Mother your big, hot cock right in the fucking asp! My asshole... fuck my asshole!"

His balls swung, beating against her seeping cunt. It was a feeling she was now quite familiar with, and one she would never tire of feeling. Her asshole, it seemed, squeezed at his cock by itself. Sensation after sensation gripped her, making her mind reel. She thought of nothing, only that sweet, ecstatic feel of her asshole burning and stretching for her son's prick.

"Mother, it's so good!"

"God, yes!"

Madison tried to move her ass with him, but he was beating his cock into her asshole so fast, she couldn't keep up with him. He was jerking at her hips, puffing her backward as he rammed forward, and the buffeting made her gasp and moan with rapture.

"You're going to make me come!" she hissed. "Keep that up and you're going to make me come so fucking hard!"

"Me, too, Mother!"

"Faster... harder!" Madison begged. "Oh, God, ram my ass! Fill my ass! Tear my ass! Ahhhh, Conor, baby... rape Mother in the fucking asshole! Rape the shit out of my hot, fucking asshole!"

"I am! I am raping you up the fucking ass, Mother."

Madison moaned, then screamed.

Her orgasm went off like a bursting nova. Every part of her body seemed to become tight, the heat swept through her, and her cunt squeezed as her asshole clutched his cock. She screamed loudly as she came, her legs trembling as she clutched the vibrating washing machine for support.

"Oh, shit, Mother!" Conor groaned, his cock caught deep inside her pulsating asshole. "I've gotta... come!"

Madison sensed, more than felt, the hot gushing of come-juice spraying up her asshole.


Madison leaned over, her head peering between her thighs, looking at the reflection of her ass in the mirror on the wall of the garage.

Ever since her son had fucked her up the ass by the washing machine, there had been a slight aching, throbbing feeling there. She was looking at herself to see if her asshole had been injured, but there was no sign of injury. It looked the same to her, crinkled and tight and light-brown.

She probed it tenderly with a finger, but all she felt was a tingle. Carefully, she pushed her finger into her asshole, and felt about. There was nothing wrong. The aching of it didn't really hurt. It was more of a throbbing feel than anything else.

She straightened up and began going through her exercises, watching herself in the mirror. Perhaps her asshole felt that way because it was getting fucked too much. Or not enough.

Before, she had wondered how a woman could enjoy a cock in her ass more than her cunt, but now she was understanding that much better. Conor, though, enjoyed his mouth on her asshole as much as fucking it. He could lick at her ass for a long time, his cock up and throbbing. She had heard of people like that, too.

As she stretched and twisted her body, watching herself, she shoved those thoughts out of her mind. She enjoyed her reflection, and she knew she would enjoy it more if her son was there, watching her. That made her an exhibitionist, too, but only for her son. She didn't really care to have someone else watch her, strangers she didn't know. She wanted to do all that for her son, because it would give him a hard-on and he would fuck her deliciously, make her come, and Madison loved to come.

She thought about Conor's suggestion about visiting the pasture, where it all began, wearing those see-through togas. It would be quite safe, since it was isolated. After all, they had stripped for each other, fucked wildly, so why not go there with the togas?

Working up a sweat, she stood and looked she had performed her exercising naked, and she found he enjoyed it better that way her body glistened with sweat, shining in the dim light of the garage.

The heavy garage door suddenly opened.

Madison gave a screech, trying to cover her tits and cunt, shocked to find herself in the garage with the door up.

Conor stepped in, pushing his bicycle.

"Conor!" she squealed, darting for the door into the kitchen.

Conor laughed as he watched his mother's dancing naked ass disappear through the door. He put his bicycle away, then pulled the garage door down.

"You should have told me you were gonna be naked, Mother." He grinned at her flushed face.

"I guess so," she said, calming down. "I didn't know who was lifting the door. That scared me, honey."

"You're sure sweating," he observed. "Maybe I should have stayed and watched."

She kissed him, pressing her naked body against his.

Conor wore a t-shirt and jogging shorts, with sneakers on his feet. He had been out riding his ten-speed with a friend, and he, too, was sweaty.

As she pressed against him, kissing his lips, Conor ran his hand about her sweaty ass. Madison purred into his mouth, sliding her hands into the waistband of his jogging shorts, cupping the cheeks of his ass. He wasn't wearing Jockey shorts beneath them.

"Hey, you want that cock to dangle out when you're riding?" she said, grinning at him. "Why aren't you wearing shorts?"

"Give the girls a thrill!" He grinned.

"Come on, Mother, let's take a shower," Conor said, taking her hand.

Madison walked with him, going through the kitchen and into the living room, but when he started toward the hall, she stopped him.

"Let's not take a shower right now," she said, her voice husky. "I think I like the way you smell right now."

She pushed him onto the couch. She slipped his cock and balls from the leg of his jogging shorts, then leaned over his lap, inhaling the fresh clean sweat of his crotch. She lapped daintily at his balls, then his cock, swirling her tongue about his cock base.

"God, this smell drives me crazy, Conor!" she moaned, looking up at him, her eyes slitted and smoldering with sudden passion.

She turned, climbing onto the couch with her feet, turning her ass to his face. She stood there looking down at his cock, feeling his hands sliding up and down her thighs, over her sweaty ass. She moaned softly when her son pulled the cheeks of her ass open, exposing her crinkled asshole. She jutted her ass back and felt her son take a long, slow lick up the crack of her ass, his tongue touching the slit of her cunt, then her asshole, to the base of her spine.

"Ooohh, darling!" she cried softly.

She bent from her waist, shoving her ass into her son's face, lowering her mouth to his cock. All her exercising was paying off in the limber way she could move. Pushing her ass into her son's face, she closed her lips about his cock, but when she started sucking up and down, she found she could only suck his cockhead.

"Oooooh, you're going to have to move for me, Conor," she said. "I can't bend over far enough."

Conor gripped his mother's hips, burying his face into her sweaty ass, enjoying the feel. He kissed and licked about his mother's crotch, tasting her cunt and asshole. When Madison closed her mouth around his cock again, he fucked up and down. She was almost standing on her head once more, but the twisted, awkward position excited them both.

Conor seemed to love the way her sweaty crotch smelled, and she loved the way his smelled. She kept her lips tight as he moved his cock up and down, fucking into her mouth, while he licked and sucked at her hairy cunt, then her asshole, back to her cunt, the way he had used his cock earlier.

She gurgled around his cock as his tongue swirled into her pussy, licking the walls, then her clit, his nose pushed tightly against the pucker of her asshole. The feel of his tongue in her pussy, the sweaty taste of his cock stabbing at her mouth, the scent of him, made Madison's mind reel. Everytime she had his cock in her hand, her face, her cunt or ass, she was in his power. At those times she would do anything her son wanted, anything at all. No matter how depraved, Madison would do it. If it gave her son pleasure, it gave her pleasure.

Her legs, straight, strained as she leaned down to his cock, but she bumped her crotch back and forth into his sucking mouth. She had her hands on his thighs, but the pressure wasn't enough to prevent him from fucking at her mouth. The awkward position excited her, so lewd and wanton. She squirmed her ass back hard at her son's face, feeling his tongue dart in and out of her juicy cunt, his hot breath fanning the crinkle of her asshole. Her tits seemed to move toward her neck, her nipples very stiff.

Conor slipped his hands from her hips, caressed the spreading cheeks of her ass, then went down her thighs and between them. He cupped his mother's firm tits, squeezing and feeling them.

Madison moaned about his cock and began to bump her cunt back and forth into her son's face. Conor pumped his cock up and down, fucking her mouth with quicker strokes. His cock burned along her wet, tight lips, and she pushed her tongue against it, pressing his cock to the roof of her mouth as he tried to shove it down her throat.

Feeling her orgasm grow, Madison rammed her ass back hard and tight into her son's sucking mouth. She moaned hotly when her son rapidly thrust his tongue in and out of her cunt. At that moment, his tongue felt like a cock fucking her. As her ecstasy grew, Conor slipped sideways, pulling her with him, his mouth never leaving her cunt. Now that she wasn't bent over double, Madison wrapped her arms about his hips, clutching his ass outside his shorts, and she began to suck his cock in a frenzy, grinding her juicy cunt at his face with a violence that surprised her.

As her cunt exploded, she jammed it hard into her son's mouth, and sucked his cock wildly. She squealed with beat as she came, pounding her hairy cunt into his face hard. Conor was gripping the cheeks of her ass now, pulling her pussy as tight as he could against his mouth. At the same time, he was straining his cock hard at his mother's mouth.

Madison, while she came, rammed her mouth down, filling it with his hard cock, her lips at his prick base. She clawed at his ass and began to gulp wetly as his cock spurted down her throat. His come-juice burned sweetly, and she devoured him wantonly.

Every muscle of her body turned to liquid. She lay atop her son on the couch, her long legs stretched on each side of his head. She could feel Conor kissing and licking gently at her inner thighs, the curves of her ass, barely touching the hairy lips of her cunt, knowing she was very sensitive at the moment.

"Oh, God," Madison mewled as she finally pulled off him and sat at the opposite end of the couch. "We sure get crazy, don't we?"

Conor lay on his back, one, leg hanging over the couch, his head resting on the arm, looking at her, grinning.

"I like it, though, Mother!"

"Mmmmmm." She hugged herself, drawing her feet onto the couch and sat looking at him. "So do I. You know what would be fun? Having about five or ten of you, just like you, all at the same time I'd love to have that many of you, gang-banging the shit out of me."

"I could probably find a few horny guys," he said, watching her as she idly ran her fingers behind her thigh and toyed with the thick hair of her cunt.

"No, you won't," she replied. "I said like you, not some horny guys with hard cocks. They wouldn't be you, and that's what's important to me."

"I know a few guys that would fuck you."

"Sure, and any girl they could get their hands on, too."

"No, Mother; some of them think you're the most beautiful mother in the whole neighborhood."

That made her feel good, but there was no way she was going to take on her son's friends. She wasn't ready for anything like that.

"Well, they can just jerk off," she giggled. "No one gets this ass but you, Conor. I just like to think how much fun it would be to be gangfucked by a dozen Conor's."

"Cock is cock, Mother."

"You're wrong, baby," she said. "I don't want any old cock. I want your cock, not any other. I know you don't understand that, but you will some day. Just because I love to fuck you, that doesn't mean I want to fuck just anyone."

"I guess we can take a shower now," Conor said, swinging his feet over the couch.

He stripped his t-shirt and sneakers off, then peeled his shorts down in the living room.

She didn't fuck until her last year in high school, and that was with a man in college, a few years older than her.

She followed him to the bathroom and watched him lean into the stall and adjust the water. On an impulse, she leaned over and kissed his ass, sliding her tongue along his asscrack.

Conor giggled and pushed his ass to her face. Madison moaned softly and slipped her tongue into the crack of her son's ass, licking his asshole, tasting the sweat. She lapped slowly, swirling her tongue at his asspucker, and she felt a mild orgasm go off inside her cunt.

"Shit, no matter what we do, I come." Madison giggled as she pulled her tongue away from his asshole, flicking the inner flesh of his cheeks a moment before drawing back. She slapped his naked ass playfully. "Get in there and I'll wash your back."

"I thought you liked to come, Mother," he said as he stood in the shower.

"I love to come," she replied, soaping his back. "I'm not complaining at all."

She scrubbed her son's back, then turned him to face her. She knelt an the floor, washing his cock and balls, kissing his cocktip playfully, not minding the soap.

"You make me hard and you have to take it, Mother," he warned.

"Mmmmm, don't I always?"

She finished with him, and as he stood rinsing, she saw that his cock was swelling again. She closed her fist about it and jacked him, watching his balls swing back and forth.

"Your turn," he said, stepping out of the spray. "I'll do your back now, Mother."

With shivery giggles, she climbed in. "I know very well how you want to do my back," she said, her eyes flashing at him. "What if I said I wanted you to do my front?"

"You like it up the ass," he replied, soaping her up until she was slippery from shoulders to knees.

"Who said anything about ass? I was talking about front and back, not ass or cunt."

Conor pushed his hardening cock to her ass, and without any effort at all, aided by the soap, his cock slithered into her tight assring.

"Ooooooh, baby!" she moaned, leaning forward and bracing her hands on the wall of the stall.

"See!" Conor giggled, sliding his cock in and out of her ass. "I told you, Mother! You love my cock up your ass!"

"Oh, shut up!" she hissed. "Shut up and fuck it, Conor!"

She felt her asshole throb. It was an itch, an itch that only Conor's cock could soothe.

Her body was slippery with soap, but she held herself up, shooting her ass to her son. The water sprayed over her head, drenching her hair and plastering it to her scalp. The soap washed from her body as her son poked into her asshole.

Madison leaned her head against the stall, gasping and experiencing the ecstasy of his cock up her ass. Her cunt, very hot and wet, throbbed. She slipped a hand down to it, then rubbed at her inflamed clit while Conor stroked his cock in and out of her asshole. While he fucked her, she imagined how good it would be to have his cock in her ass, in her cunt, in her mouth, with two more in her hands, all at the same time.

"Ahhhhh, Mother, you're so fucking tight in the ass!"

"Fuck it, Conor!" she gurgled, grinding back at him. "Fuck Mother in the tight ass! Ooooh, I wish I had more of you... more of your cock! I wish I had five, ten, twenty hard cocks just like yours! Fucking me... my ass, my cunt, my mouth... ohhhh, Conor, baby! It's wonderful, and I want it faster and harder! You'll make me come! Ooooh, you're about to make me come, honey!"

Conor fucked faster, making wet slapping sounds, his cock driving into his mother's tightly gripping asshole in a frenzy.

Madison agitated her distended clit smashing it, puffing it, twisting it, calling out the wild fantasy in her mind of a dozen cocks, all fucking her.

Madison screamed as her orgasm burst, sending her ass into a shaking motion.

"Mother!" Conor groaned, ramming his cock deep, holding it there, spewing hot jism up her asshole, filling it, spurt by spurt.


Madison was nervous about going to the pasture. She couldn't put her finger on it, but she felt an apprehension she couldn't shake.

It had been two days since the shower incident, and all her son could talk about was getting her gang-banged. She enjoyed listening to him, and she enjoyed talking it out with him. To her, it was a fantasy, but she wasn't sure about Conor.

She found herself more and more susceptible to his wishes, as though he were leading her, not the other way around. She had taught him everything about her body, her likes and dislikes, and showed her son all sorts of fleshy delights. So if she was becoming passive and willing to his wants, she had only herself to blame.

But she was a willing victim. Madison knew that. She found it deliciously exciting to have her son control her.

In a way it frightened her, but her excitement was greater.

Madison had always enjoyed a man who controlled a woman in sex, and she found herself loving her son more and more because he was becoming more aggressive and demanding with her body.

The day before, he had wanted her to walk about in her panties, and she had done so, allowing him to pull them down just below her hips, so her ass and pussy hair showed. He had kept her that way for over an hour, and it felt quite unusual to have her panties half on and half off. Yet it excited her, too. Conor was talking about putting things inside her cunt and ass, keeping them there as she exercised for him. The idea was lewd, and just enough to make her want to do it for him. He talked about stuffing a banana up her cunt and eating it out, and that had made her shiver. But not with disgust. She knew she would stuff a banana up her son's asshole, and eat it out, if he asked her to.


Anything he wanted, she wanted, too.

And now, today, she had agreed to go to the pasture.

She had agreed to wear her toga, but only with something over her as she drove. Conor agreed with that, and she used a light raincoat, feeling foolish because the day was so hot and bright. Conor wore his toga, too, but he had pulled on pants under it. She had insisted.

In the back seat of the car was an ice cooler, loaded with soft drinks and the makings for sandwiches. They planned to spend all afternoon at the pasture, having a picnic, being free in the open, and trying their best to feel as if they were in ancient Rome or Greece.

Conor chattered constantly about what he had read of those people, of the open fucking, the wild orgies that went on, with everyone fucking everyone else. His talk of such things served only to increase her vague sense of nervousness.

Conor couldn't sit still as they drove, and he had opened his mother's raincoat so he could feel her pussy and thighs. Madison didn't mind that, but she kept a nervous lookout for passing cars.

She remembered how wild they had become that first day, when she had to fuck him again on the side of the road.

Soon they were at the pasture. Madison stopped the car, and together they carried the ice chest. That time, going through the wire, she made sure nothing snagged and ripped. That had been the start, she remembered, her torn dress, exposing her thigh mid pink panties. She still had those panties in her bedroom, and would keep them forever as a reminder of her pleasures with Conor.

They moved to the low hill near the old tree. Madison removed her raincoat and her son pulled his pants off. She spread out a blanket they had brought, her son watching every movement, seeing her ass flash.

"Nice, huh, Mother?" Conor said, his cock dangling under his short toga.

"Very nice, baby," she replied, sitting on the blanket and leaning back, her arms behind her.

The sun burned down on her body, and she pulled her toga top away from one tit, lifting the hem. She loved the heat of the sun on her body, her naked body. She opened her legs, and Conor sat at her feet, gazing at her cunt.

"Be nicer if there were people around, dressed like us," Conor said. "Then we could really pretend we were in some Roman spa."

Madison drank a soft drink, from the can, then stuffed it into a sack they had brought along for trash, she felt the urge to pee. She looked around for some bush to hide behind.

"You gotta pee, don't you?" Conor said.

"How did you know?"

"I can tell," he said.

"There's no bush close by," she replied. "I have to walk way over there."

"Why? You and I are the only ones here, Mother. Pee right here."

"In front of you?" she asked, eyes widening. "Why not? We've done everything else, haven't we?"

"I'd be embarrassed," Madison answered. "I doubt it," Conor said. "Go on, give it a try."

Madison gazed at him. "You want to watch, don't you?"

He nodded.


She stood, feeling her face warming. She stepped off the blanket a few feet, and facing heir son, she squatted, making sure her toga was at her waist and out of the way.

"Open your knees," Conor said. "Don't keep them closed, Mother."

Madison spread her knees.

Conor's eyes were fixed upon her hairy cunt, seeing her pink pussy-lips and the spreading of her asscheeks.

Madison gazed into her son's face, watching his excitement. It did embarrass her to pee in front of him, but it also felt exciting.

"Go on and pee," Conor urged.

The hot stream of piss gushed out of her cunt, making a hissing sound as it bubbled into the grass. Conor's eyes grew hotter as he watched, fixed on his mother's cunt. Madison flushed, holding her knees wide as she pissed.

After she finished, she sat back on the blanket and closed her legs. She noticed her son seemed amused and pleased at her embarrassment.

They ate a sandwich, and she wondered why her son wasn't trying to fuck her by this time. She was more than ready, but she was becoming used to waiting on his desires.

"Mother," he said after a long silence, "you've been really good with me. Making these togas and letting me do things I read about in my books. I sure wish I could help you with some of your fantasies."

"I want to please you, Conor," she answered in a low voice. "You're most important to me, and I'll always try to make it exciting for you."

"I liked watching you piss," he said, suddenly.

"It embarrassed me," she replied. "But if you like it..."

"I wanna watch every time you take a piss."

"Okay," she replied, her voice soft.

After more silence, Conor stood up. "Now you can watch me piss," he said, stepping over the edge of the blanket. "But I wanna piss on your cunt."

"Conor!" she gasped.

"That's where I wanna piss, right on your cunt, Mother."

He waggled his cock at her.

"But that's..."

"You'll like it, I bet," he said. "Come on, so we don't get the blanket wet."

Madison hesitated, eyeing his cock. She trembled, almost feeling him pissing on her pussy already. She gazed up at his face, wondering what was going on behind his bright eyes.

But passively, she moved off the blanket. Obeying him seemed as exciting as fucking or sucking him. She felt her cunt throbbing as she adjusted her body for him, spreading her legs wide. She sat on the grass, then leaned back on her arms, looking up at his face.

Conor leaned over and fixed her toga at her waist. He stood up, between her feet, holding his cock.

Madison stared at his prick, breathless, for the first time feeling as if her son was about to humiliate her. Yet she wanted him to. Anything for her son.

"Mother, after I piss on your cunt, I want you to suck my cock," he said.

"But, Conor... you'll taste like piss!" she complained.

"That's okay," he said, as if his mind was already made up.

"If that's what you want," she said in a very soft voice, "I'll do it."

Conor aimed his cock, and a hot gush of piss spurted from it. It splashed on her thigh, and Madison gasped, her eyes following the golden stream. Conor swung his cock and the hot piss soaked into her cunt hair. She felt it run along the slit of her cunt, on her clit. She moaned, feeling her pussy clench. Her eyes slitted, and she couldn't believe what she was feeling.

Madison lifted her ass.

"Ohhhh, I didn't know it would feel this good!" she whispered.

Conor bent his knees, then pissed on the pink lips of his mother's cunt.

Madison's body shook with feverish excitement, and she moaned softly.

"Ohhhh, it feels like I might come, Conor!" she gasped.

Conor laughed, spraying his mother's cunt with hot piss.

Madison writhed her ass, staring down between her legs, watching the dark hair of her cunt become drenched in her son's piss. Her cunt pulsated with a wild heat, and she wondered what it would feel like if he pissed inside it, on her asshole, her tits... in her face!

She knew, at that moment, if her son lifted his cock and pissed on her face, she would accept it, wash her face in his hot piss, taste it on her tongue.

She squealed and shot a hand to her cunt, feeling him piss over the back of it as she began to work her fingers at her clit with furious rubbings.

"Ohhhh, baby, I think I'm going to come!" Conor grunted, his eyes shining as he grinned down at her.

Using two fingers, Madison parted the lips of her cunt, and she felt her son piss against them. With a drawn-out moan, she began to shake, her cunt going through the most powerful, sweetest contractions of orgasm yet.

Conor finished pissing as his mother kept coming. He stood watching her, grinning with pleasure.

Madison spread her legs as wide as she could, ramming four fingers up her cunt in a frenzy, keeping her orgasm going.

Slowly, she calmed down, her eyes sparkling. There was a flush on her lovely face.

"See, it wasn't embarrassing at all, was it?" Conor said. "In fact, you went for it, didn't you, Mother?"

"Baby, what are you doing to me?" she asked, but she was giggling happily. "You're turning me into... well, I don't know what, but I think I like it."

"Now you get to suck my cock," he said.

"Oh, yes!"

Conor lay back on the blanket, and Madison scooted up from his feet to his cock. She licked it, tasting a bead of piss on his tiny piss hole. She sucked it up, her eyes smoldering with heat.

"Pull your toga to your waist, Mother," he said. "I want your ass naked and in the air."

"But you can see through it anyway."

"Come on," he insisted.

Madison pulled her toga to her waist. She was naked front there down. She leaned over his cock, taking it into her mouth and waving her ass lewdly for him. The hot sun burned down on her naked flesh.

The taste of his piss on his cock excited her in a way she had not suspected. She sucked hard on his prick, feeling it swell into hardness in her mouth. When his cock was up and throbbing, she lifted her lips and kissed his piss-hole, caressing it with her cheek.

"Want to fuck me in the ass awhile?" she asked.

"Later, Mother," he said. "Right now I want you to suck me."

"But then you'll fuck me in the ass?"

"Okay," he agreed.

Madison bobbed her mouth up and down, wondering what happened, why she was almost begging her son to fuck her in the ass. Only a few days ago she had never felt a cock in her ass, or even in her mouth, and now she was almost pleading with her son to do those things with her. She felt slightly ashamed, but she wanted him to piss inside her cunt, even inside her asshole. But most of all, she wanted to take his piss in her mouth, to drink it from his wonderful cock, drink it down the way she did his come-juice.

Conor placed his hands on his mother's cheeks, working his cock up and down as she sucked. Her eyes flashed gaily at him, sparkling, her delight at sucking his cock shining in them.

She murmured and twisted her mouth in circles on his prick, his cockhead brushing her throat. She wiggled her uplifted ass to the sun, feeling it on her cunt and puckered asshole. His cock seemed very hard and thick and long in her mouth, bigger than ever before.

"Suck it, Mother!" Conor urged, his voice loud. "Suck my cock! Suck me off. Make me come in your cock-sucking mouth! Make me come in your mouth and I'll fuck you in the ass!"

Madison jerked her mouth off his cock.

"Oh, baby, please!" she cried hotly.

"Fuck your cunt and asshole and mouth and tits!" Conor said loudly.

"Yes, Conor, yes!"

She gobbled his cock hungrily, feeling fuck juices seeping out of her bubbling cunt, running along her thighs. She made hot, wet hungry sounds as her mouth moved up and down his cock.

"I'm about to come, Mother!"

"Mmmmm!" she wailed.

"Take it! Take my come-juice!"

Madison sobbed as her son's cock gushed, sending his boiling come-juice down her throat.

She was still swallowing when she sensed something was different.

Lifting her mouth, she saw her son grinning. She turned her head.

"Conor!" she screamed.

Behind her stood two guys. They had been staring at her naked ass and cunt, their pants at their feet, cocks straining out in hardness.

"Now I can make some of your fantasies come true, Mother," Conor said. "We're gonna gang-fuck you, and you can take all three us at the same time."

Madison, shaking with embarrassment, glanced at her son, seeing his eyes shine. Without saying a word, but with her face on fire from embarrassment, she spread out on the blanket and allowed her son to tear her toga from her body.

"Come on, guys," Conor said. "Let's fuck the piss out of my mother!"

Madison spread her legs wide, knowing her son had control more than ever now, and she began to tremble, but with eagerness.