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For Rose

2022-09-25 13:10:29

I found Rose on a dating website. She and I were married but unsatisfied and looking. Rose's husband wasn't interested in fucking her any more. My wife had ballooned up to over 300 lbs and had also lost interest in having sex with me. We arranged to meet at Rose's condo when her hubby was out of town. On our first meeting, I drove over on a morning when my wife did volunteer work. Rose met me at the door and she was a beautiful to me. But she was rather shy, felt guilty and wanted to go slow at first until I managed to pull off her panties and began licking her pussy. We quickly became very good friends and are still friends today. After our first meeting, I wrote this poem for her describing our first encounter on that wonderful day.

Rose's Poem

The warmth of
Your lips
Intoxicated me.

Your soft thighs,
Pressed together,
Challenged me.

The dampness
Spreading between your legs
Encouraged me.

I spread you suddenly,
Revealing delights that
Aroused me.

I filled you swiftly.
Welcoming my thrusts,
You engulfed me.

your Billy