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First Time Under Full Moon

2022-09-27 00:56:23

I was only 14, and I was lonely. Growing up, I never had many friends; everyone thought I was too weird. My clothing made most people think I was Goth but I wasn’t, I just liked black and listening to metal, but the Goths thought of me as a wanabe poser. So you could imagine my frustration. All I wanted was for someone to like me for who I was, not by some label. To top it off, I was at puberty, so I had no friends, which meant no guys to hook me up or no girls I could work my way into their panties.

So I spent most of my time reading. Since nobody bothered me they never knew that I always read erotic novels which I’d swipe from my cousin and legal guardian’s book case. He had so many; he’d never miss any if I took one at a time. My favorites were about taboos, forbidden arts of intercourse with animals, relatives, and on a fictional basis, creatures from other planets or dimensions. Currently I was reading one about this vampire guy seducing this love struck teen. Think of it as an erotic take on Twilight. The thing that always pissed me off was that it was always the same damn thing: A vampire stud seduces a slutty human girl. Couldn’t there be something different?

It was then that I remembered how much I liked bestiality. Surely I would have fucked my dog if she weren’t so small, but I have rubbed and fingered her little cunt while she was in heat, but that was it. I didn’t want to hurt her by sticking my dick in her tiny hole. But getting back to my thoughts, I wondered what these stories would be like if they were about a werewolf, and what if instead of a male creature seducing a female human, it be the other way around. Of course the human male would be me. The closest thing I could ever find in that respect was yiff stories.

Yiff would be sexual acts of furries, animals with human traits such as intelligence, walking up right and having human like hands for the most part and their same organs except for the males who had penises like those of the animal they were representing. That’s as far as I understood of them, but suddenly as soon as I read those mangas or saw the pictures my cousin drew, I got hooked. I was however, disappointed on how hard it was to find good furry porn.

I usually never brought mangas or comics to school, since it was easier for them to notice the pictures. But I became so addicted that I took them with me anyway. One day I decided to read my mangas at the library. Besides the librarian, a girl with glasses and brunette pigtails was sitting alone, she looked tired and she was sweating, panting heavily. I ignored her and sat at a different table. The pictures were such a turn on; I could feel my dick getting stiff in my pants. Suddenly I heard a soft moan; it came from the nerdy girl.
“What’s she moaning about?” I whispered to myself.
I went over to her to see if she was ok. I stood behind her and to my surprise; she was reading a furry manga just like me. I looked down on her lap and noticed her skirt lifted up and her hand inside her panties.
She looked up at me with an innocent expression: “Please don’t tell anybody.” She begged me, “Please….” She started to moan louder and I covered her mouth with my hand so the librarian wouldn’t hear her. Suddenly the girl stopped and showed me her wet fingers.
“Oh wow… I bet you think I’m a weird slut” she said.
“No… not at all.” I answered. “I’m a yiff fan too.”

It was then that our chemistry was obvious. We got to talking and she had the same interests as me. She was about 16 and had lost her virginity to her Labrador retriever when she was only 12. Ever since his death when she was 14, she found out about yiff. She handed me a paper with links to good bestiality sites and then r phone number and e-mail address.

For weeks we’d talk hours on the phone and online. She’d share stories of her bestial encounters and that would easily turn me on. Soon we started talking about doing each other. She sure seemed different from that nerdy girl I remember from the library. She really wanted to take my virginity, despite my age. One Friday, my cousin was out on a business trip, o so he claimed. Either way, it was our chance. I was home alone.

She showed up around 6, just barely after my cousin left. We started with some bestiality videos she had. One was actually a rare one of a guy doing his female dog. We quickly got turned on and started making out, then she grinded against my groin. She was so wild and feisty, she even ore my clothes off and then hers. I then got a chance to marvel at her beautiful figure: a bit chubby but not too much, blue eyes, long brown hair, pale complexion and large D size breasts, against my slim tan body.

She gave me a nasty tongue kiss and then moved down till she was facing my stiff dick. She gave me my first blowjob. Licking ever so teasingly at first before lunging it into her throat, I couldn’t help but moan loudly. There wasn’t much I could do, I was all hers now. After a wile of her blowing me, she hovered her hips above mine.
“Are you ready?” she asked. As if she didn’t know the answer. I nodded and smiled in excitement. But then…. She just stopped.

Suddenly, out the window, I could see the full moon rising. She started panting hard and her eyes rolled back, her teeth were getting bigger and sharper. Her hair grew wilder and FUR began to grow all over her, a bright brown color with white on her hands, feet and chest/abdomen. Her face grew into a short snout, but her lips remained intact, albeit black, her nose changed like that of a dog’s (or at last slightly). She closed her eyes n sunk her newly formed claws into my chest, piercing slightly, making me bleed. When she opened her eyes, they were a wild amber color.
“So” she said with a wicked smile “You always wanted to star in your own dark fantasies. And I know you just love a dominant female…” she presses her soaking wet pussy against my face. “LICK IT!!”

It was the first time I had ever eaten a girl out. Her hot juices soaked my face as I licked her as best I could. Then, I heard her moan, what a turn on! I kept licking her rougher and rougher for when she went louder and louder. She was so delicious.

“Oh… Jared… I’m gona cum!!”
She screamed in ecstasy as I licked at her clit. She screamed even louder once she finally came on my face. She got off of me and smiled.
“Well? How was it?” she asked
“Delicious…” I said wile licking my lips
She giggled and hovered her hips above mine again. “For real his time.” She told me as she sat on my dick and it went deep inside of her. We both moaned almost equally loud, with her being a little louder, but not by much. I tried sitting up to kiss her or suckle on her breasts but she’d always push me back down. She wasn’t going to let me do anything without her say so, and I loved that. Her hot juices made me feel like my dick was going to melt, but it was so good. I moved my hips a bit, she didn’t mind, it made things feel better actually, as she rode me for what seemed like an excellent eternity. Finally, I was getting close to cumming, she pushed down hard a couple of more times before she came. A second later I came my first huge orgasmic load inside a woman... though technically she was only half woman and half wolf, but close enough… in fact better!! Finally she stopped, looking down on me she gave me a passionate tongue filled, slobbery kiss which I happily returned.
We spent the rest of the night cuddled up at the couch, watching late night TV. She explained that the “dog” that de-flowered her was actually her brother. She then told she that she has chosen me as her pet. I was from now on her sex toy; she’d do me whenever she wanted, even if I didn’t…