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Extreme CNC

2023-01-11 01:55:35

extreme, intense CNC fantasy

This fantasy was born in my late teens but stayed hidden until 2012 when a man explained in grave detail just how eloquently he would execute it. I was 100% game except I couldn't do the tazing. That person left my life faster than they entered. The details, the fantasy, the story and need for this never did.

Something about being abducted on my way to a park and being CNC raped. Idk what else to call it so excuse my use of the word. As a survivor of molestation and rape in the past I fully own how painful that word can be. No I won't talk about my past experiences here.

This is me, rewriting the plot to the movie reel that plays in my head. This is a fantasy. It is intense and probably more extreme than I'd do in real life. No one knows what the future holds. Head my trigger warning. Read only if your comfortable.

Picture it.

I'm walking home. My heels click on the sidewalk In the crisp fall air. It is starting to get dark. Out of no where I feel a hand start to grab my neck. Before I know it, I'm being half choked and half dragged backwards.

When the giant metal door to the abandoned warehouse slammed shut my breathing got heavier. His hand was still tightly gripping my neck. My breathing, though heavy, was strained. His other hand held my hands behind my back. The air was dark, dreary, and damp.

Another man came from the right and blindfolded me. Then I felt a ball gag enter my mouth. I was thrown on to the floor. A soft mat broke my fall.

"Get on your knees, you filthy whore" one man yelled loudly. So I kneeled and I waited for what seemed like an eternity. It was maybe 5 minutes at most. I could hear water dripping in a corner of the warehouse but couldn't place where. I felt a hand start to play with the bottom of my knee length dress. The dress was sliding up my Bvk slowly until it was just about the tramp stamp location. I suddenly felt the cold sharp blade of a knife pressed against my back. Chills went through my spine.

"You want this slut. You dress like a cum hungry cunt. You deserve every bit of this you get whore." The man yelled like a military drill sergeant.

Without hesitation I feel the knife blade lift off my back as my dress is being cut off of me. Once it is off I hear it being ripped to shreds.

"Whores don't need clothes" he barked. "Get up slut! On your fucking feet now" he continued yelling.

I felt my arms being tied by a rope that must have been hanging from the ceiling. I felt my legs being forcefully spread apart and cuffed to a bar. The sting of a hand on my cheek was a sobering moment. I am here and this is my life now.

2 floggers, one to the back, and one to front began lightly assaulting my skin. I heard a 3rd set of feet moving acrossed concrete and then onto the mat. There was a whoosh sound and then a painful snap as a riding crop smacked onto my clit. I dripped a little as a tear fell from my sad eyes. The floggers kept going, getting heavier in their swings. I could feel them biting in to the skin on my 36DDD breasts that bounced with every hit. I wanted to say something, anything, but the ball gag in my mouth made it impossible to speak.

"Your going to get what you deserve slut" the man barked as he continued flogging. The crop began slapping her thighs moving inward towards her clit and then hitting it as well before moving outward on the other thigh. Suddenly everything stopped.

It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Another set of boots made there way across the concrete and onto the Matt. Again my cheek was slapped. I was told to open my mouth and stick my tongue out. I was told not to make any noise. I could hear the hum of a Hitachi starting up.

"Filthy fucking slut" the 4th man growled before slapping my ass with a hard paddle. The Hitachi pressed against my swollen clit and immediately I squirted a bit. It moved around spreading my vaginas natural lubricant everywhere on my neither regions. "Fucking cock hungry cunt" he growled.

The ropes were untied and I was then thrown roughly onto the mat again.

"Crawl for me whore" the first man barked. "Feel around for a bench and climb on it. Lay onto your back and place your hands above your head. Make sure your palms cradle each other." He continued.

I quickly did as I was told. Crawling with a spreader bar attached is not easy. My legs hung over the side of the ice cold metal bench. My arms were out stretched above my head, palms cradled as ordered. Rope quickly tied them together.

First I felt the paddle lightly slapping against every inch of my bare skin. When it go to my voluptuous breasts it took extra time and care to give more attention.

When it pulled away I again heard the hum of a Hitachi wand and felt the vibration against my clit. As the pleasure started to wash over me it was interrupted by the pinch of clamps on my large, hard, nipples. I started to wince and a hand hit me hard on the right cheek.

"Shut up whore" he barked. I grew silent. The Hitachi was taken away as fast as it had arrived. I began to feel large erect penis slapping my sides as the ball gag was removed. I don't know how many men because at this point I was still blind folded and everyone was moving. It suddenly seemed as if there were 10 plus men or maybe more.

Before long feet were shuffling and I was getting slapped by dick on every inch of my body. I felt my hair get pulled as a cock slammed into the back of my throat. Cheers erupted in the warehouse as my face flinched from the abruptness. Another cock slowly slid into my wet throbbing pussy. They went until they were at the finish line. They instructed me to stick out my tongue and both came all over my mouth and cum.

My underwear were shoved into my mouth as someone said "keep that cum in your mouth. I want you to taste it and savor the flavor. I want you to feel every drop of it as it slowly slides down your throat."

Again floggers bit into every inch of me as the cum slid down my cheeks. After about 5 minutes of this the under wear were taken from me and my mouth was free again. This was only momentarily as 2 new cocks entered both my mouth and my vagina.

When it was time for them to come one climbed over me and another under me. 2 hard throbbing cocks entered my wet pussy at the same time. Both pulsating hard as warm gooey cum shot up inside me. When they finish a plug was inserted to keep the cum from dripping out.

Both men made me lick each of them clean while again the Hitachi was at my clit and the paddle assaulted my breasts. It was hitting the sides of them so that they bounced around with every loud whack. Then as I licked the last bit of cum off one of the penises, gently running my tongue on the underside of the head, the chain attached to the nipple clamps was pulled so hard, my nipples stretched so far, I began to cry in pain a bit. As fast as it was pulled, it was let go.

3 cocks this time approached me. My plug was removed. One in my pussy, and 2 in my mouth. I took turns sucking both cocks. I'd focus my tongue on the head, then reach to drive it down deep, licking the balls if I could reach, at the same time. I sucked on the skin flap between the balls and penis before juggling both balls in my mouth. Occasionally I would take both cocks in my mouth and gag hard as they both tried for deep throat. I repeated this on rotation between the two cocks as the other was pounding my pussy.

The pussy pounder ripped something open and then I felt a liquid dripping on my clit. As he pounded his thumb circled my clit. A warming sensation over took it. He kept going circling. I could feel the pleasure building as the liquid got warmer. His cock driving deeper and throbbing cock driving deeper with every thrust. The harder he pounded and throbbed the more of his penis veins i could feel against my vaginal walls. As the liquid grew warmer and the thumb movements went faster, I came so hard my whole body shook for 5 minutes after.

I wasn't able to Express my orgasm verbally because I still had a dick in my mouth. Before long all 3 of them came. The mouth cocks came on my face, even getting a little on my eyelids. The 3rd came directly onto my clit and began rubbing it around.

The cycle continued of men using my holes. I'm fairly certain it was 13 in total. I had cum over every inch of my body. It was in my hair, eyes, face, and everywhere. When they finished I wondered what would happen next.

A pair of headphones was placed over my ears. I was told not to move until the beep. I shifted a little as my hands were untied and I was quickly slapped across the face.

"I said don't move whore." The man said gruffly.

My ankles were freed and I was told to roll over on to my chest to wait for the beep.

Again I heard the Hitachi's buzzing as it pressed against my clit. I heard boot steps. I felt the sharp pain of a cane on my ass and then heard the boot steps walking away. The metal door opened and slammed shut. Another man walked up, hitting my ass with the cane before exiting the building. Then another and another until no one was in the building anymore. I must have came 3 more times as they bruised my ass and made exit. The last one rolled me over and punched my gut before throwing a long T-shirt over my head.

The beep came 10 minutes later. I took off the blindfold. I took off the headphones. The warehouse was so dark I could see the door. I was completely abandoned. I slipped on the tshirt. It barely covered my ass. It was white and felt see through thin. I had nothing to wipe the cum off with. I had to crawl in heels to the door and then walk home, cum covered, nearly naked, on a crisp cold fall night. It was so humiliating. At the same time, exhilarating.