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2022-10-13 00:33:48

II met Sylvia when she was still a virgin of twenty five years. Brunette, owner of a voluptuous body with dark skin in which were a prominent feature a pair of perky breasts with large nipples always erect.
Aware of the effect her body had on men, she dressed in a way that would highlight her sexy body, especially her breasts. Blouses with low necklines, tight vests which marked their protuberant nipples were their usual clothes.
When we started dating, I noticed how was she flattered by the leering gaze of men when we passed by. Moreover, at her home, when along with my friends, were waiting for her and her sisters to go out, as in a kind of competition she and her sisters quickly passing close to where we expected, flashed their half-naked bodies. Time later she confessed me that it was her idea to provoke us.
I knew then that my new girlfriend was an exhibitionist hot woman what instead of bothering me, caused me pleasure.
I don’t know if Sylvia knew something I learned a couple of years later. Her neighbor, a guy of her age, used a kind of periscope to spy through the open window of her bedroom.
He even invited some friends to look at the show that every night, perhaps unwittingly, offered her.
One of his friends told me he had seen how Sylvia, night after night, totally naked on her back over the bed, with her legs wide open pinched her nipples while fingering her pussy until reaching between moans, a noisy orgasm.
All this made me think that Sylvia was a ripe fruit that I had to eat before anyone else did.

Sylvia didn’t object when I invited her to a motel. One there did not have to ask her to strip she did it not showing signs of false modesty. Moreover she hurried to help me to get rid of my clothes.
Once naked her mouth took hold of my cock and started to suck it like there is no tomorrow. When it was fully erect, she asked me to lie on my back. Then she mounted me and put the tip of my cock at the entrance of her wet and hot pussy, Ignoring the pain she surely felt as her pussy was really tight, she gradually swallowed up completely my seven inches erect cock. Then she began a slow in and out until her tight pussy got used to the intruder and initial pain gave way to pleasure.
The pleasure of being penetrated for the first time seized the body of Sylvia to make her, between moans and groans, began a crazy move of her hips. Before long she made me come and reached one of the many orgasms she had that day.
From that day, she proved to be a hot and insatiable woman. Two years later, we began to live together. On our first evening, when coming back from my work, she received me wearing only a short apron that barely covered the front of her body. She served my dinner in that attire. She ended straddled over my lap.
Every morning before serving my breakfast, she wants hers. My milk.
As a good exhibitionist she is, loves to go naked in our house. In more than one occasion she has opened the door thinking that is me to find the mailman or someone else. When she tells me and I gently draw her attention, she says too bad for them. But I know the situation excites her quite a lot. As a matter of fact when we have sex after that happens she is hotter and wetter than ever.

Some months ago I had to go on a business trip. Sylvia told me that during my absence she will stay at her parent’s home. I agreed.
When I returned from my trip, Sylvia told me how much she had missed me. She confessed me that every night in her former maiden bedroom naked over her bed she had masturbated with a dildo of one of her sisters. I asked her if still the neighborhood continued being the same. Her answer was yes.
Then I told her the story about her neighbor. To my surprise she said that she knew very well what her neighbor had done. And that she loves to be seen in the nude by men. Sylvia was sure that her neighbor once again had watch the show featured by her one more time.

Over time I have learned to live with an exhibitionist woman. I allow her to dress provocatively. On holiday we have been in nudist beaches. We were in Playa Oriente, Saint Marteen Island, there Sylvia had the best time of her life, she had the opportunity to see live the effect her naked body caused in men. She saw big black cocks growing even further at the sight of her tits with its erect nipples. I never have seen her so aroused. I made her come just talking about it. I wonder if she would like to be penetrated by one of those big black cocks I do not dare to ask her.
Eventually I am the one who reaps the benefits of the excitement produced in her body by her exhibitionism.
When I told my wife that I will try to publish her story in a web site she asked me to offer the possible readers pictures of her in the nude. I asked Sylvia if she doesn’t matter that strangers will have pictures of her naked body. Her reply was if I cannot show my body live let us show it on line.
So if any reader likes her story and wants to see her body please give us your email and we will send some pictures of Sylvia doing what she loves, exhibiting her naked body