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Encounter with mother and sis Chp:1

2022-10-18 00:32:54

Note: A son seduces mother.if mother and son incest turns u off.kindly refrain from reading All rights reserved. story first posted at Actual Incest forum Copyrighted:damonhell aka kruz.

Both my mother and sister are the subject of my fantasies. They were part of my fantasies till that fateful day came about.

I got back home one day to an empty house. thinking i'll be alone for hours, i grab some porno from my parent's stash and began watching them in my room. I started watching a milf porn and began jacking off. I was imagining the milf in the porno was my mum. She was about the same build as my mum, except that my mum's tits were bigger. The first time i saw my mum naked was when i was 16. I kinda planned the whole thing to be honest. Whenever she got back from work, she'll definitely head for a shower to release the stress from work. I knew she had a habit of stripping naked in her room then going to the bathroom to take a shower and she always relied on me or my sis to pass her a towel. Most of the time she would open the door a little and reach her hand out to take the towel from me That day instead of just handing her the towel,i gave the bathroom door a hard push, and there she was completely naked. Wet from the shower, her naked form got me instantly hard. To my surprise she didn't even bother to cover up, instead letting me get a good long view of her naked. I wasn't dumb enough to spill the beans by staring too long. I pretended it was an accident, apologised to her and then went straight to my room. The moment i got into my room, i stripped of my shorts and start wanking. I came in record time that day.

After that day,i not only saw my mum as a loving and caring mother but also as a women i wanted to get my hands on. After that day, i tried to sneak a peek of my mum every chance i got. I didn't dare to try anything else, fearing it'll spoil our relationship. That went on for two years. Shortly after my 18 birthday, which was during the summer vacation, my dad got sent to china to take charge of a new business his company set up there. The whole thing was going to last for half a year. The date my dad was scheduled to leave somehow coincided with my sister's summer girl's camp. My sis would be gone for a whole month. that left me alone with my mum for a whole month. At that point of time, my desire to get my mum was already so strong, that it drove me to try something during that month alone with her. I began planning for that month. The moment my dad and sis left, i began setting my plans into action.

I knew my mum had a high sex drive, because my parents were fucking at least three times a week. I knew that cause my room was next to theirs, and to my delight they never soundproof their room. I could hear my mum moaning each time they fuck and each time i was thinking i want to be the one to make her moan. Half a year without my dad was definitely something she couldn't stand,cause that mean no sex for her for half a year and her toys won't be doing her any good either. The day my dad and sis left, my mum left for work soon after. I knew she would be back at 6p.m sharp daily. By a quarter to 6 that day, i had everything setted up and was waiting for her.

I looked out for her car to drive by and the moment i saw her car. i began playing an incest porno on my comp, and started wanking. I had deliberately left my door open, so she would be able to see me. As my comp was situated such that she will be able to see what was playing on my screen. and my back would be to her.So she would see me wanking without fearing i would see her. I heard her ascending up the stairs and started giving my cock a slow wank. My cock was already rock hard, not because of the porno but because of my desire for my mum. I was pretty big in that department, when fully erected, my cock was 9 and a half inch long, and three inches around. I've been giving my girlfriends pleasure with it and never once have i failed to bring them off. So there was no way my mum wouldn't be interested and get turn on by it. I was slowly wanking, knowing she was behind me watching cause i could hear her breathing. She stood there for a couple of minutes. and still she didn't say a word. That was when the real show for her began. I started saying' Thats it mum, i'm cumming, suck it harder. Harder...' I quicken my wanking, and before i knew it i was cumming. The ropes of cum shooting up and falling onto the floor. I knew my mum had watched the whole thing. With that in mind i was rock hard again. I turned off the porn, and at the same time i heard my mum rushing downstairs. I heard the front door closed loudly and knew she wanted me to know she was back.

I got dressed and went downstairs to greet my mother. She was obviously trying to look calm, but her face let the cat of out the bag. Her face was beet red, giving me the impression she enjoyed the show she saw a moment ago. After that she went upstairs to shower. Moments later i made my way upstairs too and stood outside the bathroom door. I could heard her moaning inside, with that i knew i was on the road to success already. That night we ordered dinner, everything was normal during dinner. We talked normally, but i knew she was pretending the whole time. After dinner i asked her whether i could sleep in her room with her. She said yes without even hesitating for a second. That night i was in bed with her, i pretended that i had already fallen asleep. She knew i was a deep sleeper, and that even an eruption couldn't wake me up if i was sleeping. I pretended to be already sleeping. I had laid there for couple of minutes already when suddenly i felt her hand fondling my cock through my pants. I got instantly hard with her fondling. She slip off my pants and started stroking my fully erected cock. Then all of the sudden the stroking stop. I felt something wet engulf my cock. She was blowing me i thought, i couldn't believe it. She continued blowing me for about 5 minutes then stopped.

I opened my eyes slight and saw her naked with her back to me. She was positioning herself on top of my cock. She guided me into her and tried to get everything inside but couldn't. She managed to only get about 7 inch in and that was all she could handle. She allowed her pussy to adjust to my size. Once she had adjusted to my size, she began riding me. It was a great sensation knowing that i was fucking my mother, or rather it was her fucking me. Her pace increased and she was moaning in ecstacy. I figured it was time i "woke up". I reach out and grabbed her tits.

She let out a gasp, but couldn't stop herself from riding me. I knew i had got her and so i began started fondling her tits. What a great feeling it was to feel her 36Ds in the palm of my hand. She started screaming for me to fuck her harder. A few minutes later she screamed' I'm cumming..Fuck me harder.. I'm cumminggggggg' then she let out a loud scream. I felt her pussy pulsing and knew she had cum, and this time i was the one who made her cum. She slid off me, worn out from her orgasm, her body still shaking from her orgasm.

I got on top of her and gave her a kiss on the lips, she returned the kiss. We were locked in a passionate kiss, my hands were exploring her body, feeling her pussy and her tits. I felt her hand on my cock. Realising i was still hard, she broke off the kiss and asked me to fuck her till i got off in her. I gladly obliged to her request, entered her and began pounding away at her pussy. We were at it for hours, i had cummed about three times, as for her she lost count how many time she came from our passionate lovemaking. We fell asleep in each others arm and with my cock still in her pussy.

The next morning i woke up to a blowjob from my mum. I recalled the hot sex i had with her last night, that moment i realise that my relationship with her had went up to another level already. She was giving me a hell of a blowjob, however i wanted to enter her tight pussy again. I pulled her away from my cock, spreaded her legs and then plough into her pussy. We made love for about an hour before she decided that we needed to clean up and have breakfast. We took a shower together and the whole time i couldn't keep my hands of her, not even for a second. We exited the bathroom and went into our own rooms to get dressed, i was reluctant but she insisted i did so if not i'll be inside her again in no time. After i got dressed, i went downstairs and saw my mum in nothing but a cooking apron. With that i figured clothes was optional in the house from now till the time my sister returned. I stripped naked, crept behind her and slid my cock into the depth of her tight pussy. She let out a gasp, and said' You naughty boy. Haven't you fuck me enough this morning?' I responded by slowly fucking her from behind. She continued making breakfast while i slowly fuck her pussy. Occasionally i slapped her on her butt cheek and she responded by squeezing my cock with her pussy muscle. After she had finished making breakfast, i slid out of her and got into my seat on the dining table. I began eating quicky, because i knew i needed all the energy i could get considering what i'll be doing today. My mum called her office and applied for a month's leave. I began thinking about how much fun i'll be having with her this month. After i've finished breakfast, she cleaned up everything while i went upstairs into my room to finish some stuffs.

After she was done, she came upstairs into my room, got down on her knees and started blowing me right there. That was one hell of a blowjob, it was better than the ones i've gotten from my girlfriends. I turned on my comp, and played an incest movie. I pulled her off my cock and asked her to get on top of me. I told her i wanted to fuck her while we watch incest porn together. She immediately straddled me, guided me her pussy and start riding my cock. We fucked while watching the incest movie, she was moaning like nobody's business. After a while we weren't so busy fucking the hell out of each other that we totally forgot about the movie. I figured that we'll heck the movie. I slid out off her, carried her to her room and asked her to get on all fours. I entered her from behind and started banging her doggy-style. We went at it for hours till late afternoon.

After those hours of fucking, we had already tried every position she knew of and also some of my presonal favourites. We fell asleep from exhaustion, missing lunch and only woke up at 7 in the evening. We figured there was no time for her to cook tonight, so we ordered pizza for dinner. While she made the call, i started fingering her. She was holding back her moans while she ordered pizza. Then i started eating her out. Tasting her juicy cunt and got her cumming with my mouth. My hands were fondling her ass, when i found her butt hole. I tried slidding a finger in, but it was awfully tight there. I asked her whether she had tried anal sex before. She replied no, saying my dad never tried it with her. I told her' Then let me take your anal virginity tonight.'

The pizza came, we ate. An hour later i was in her bed working her butt hole with my finger and some ky jelly. All of the sudden, the phone rang. It was my dad. Mum started talking to him on the phone while i continued to work her ass. When i felt she was ready, i worked my cock into her butt and began pounding her ass while she was still talking to my dad on the phone.She was surpressing her moans the whole time. The moment she hanged up the phone, she let everything loose. She was screaming at the top of her lungs and with each time i bang her ass, she screamed louder. She came over 5 times just from me fucking her ass. She was totally worn out from all the fucking, but i was still rock hard and needed relief. I got her on her back, and started fucking her missionary. We were locked in a slow fuck with occasional french kiss so she could recover. In the midst of our lovemaking, i asked her whether i could fuck my sis. She said she was fine with it as long as i don't stop fucking her when i've got my sis into it. I said' There was no way i'll ever stop fucking you.' I proved it to her by fucking her to another orgasm and then came inside her, bathing the inside of her cunt with my cum.

A month has passed after my sis and dad left. I was fucking my mum daily in her ass and in her pussy. It was one hell of a month for the both of us. We were like a newly wedded couple, fucking every chance we had. A few days later, my sis got back from camp. She was going to be 18 in two weeks time, so i figured i'll take her when she is legal. With her home, i couldn't fuck my mum that often anymore. However, we did manage to get together a couple of times a day. I even fucked her in her office one of those days. I fucked her on her desk during her lunch time. and fed her with my cum. She was totally addicted to my cock.

It was a week before my sis's birthday, i had began planning with my mum about how i'll go about deflowering my sis..........to be continued in Chapter 2