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Cynthia 4

2022-09-28 00:11:27

I must have dozed off because I didn’t hear Rhoda come into my room. She was nudging me in the side and said it was time for me to get my massage. I was lying on my back with my robe open and the tips of my fingers were still between my wet legs. As I was coming to my senses, I could hear Rhoda asking if I was giving myself a massage and realized what she meant when I noticed where my hand was placed.

I felt a little embarrassed but quickly said,” I was dreaming of my massage when you woke me

“I called you half an hour ago. You never answered and I didn’t have enough energy left to come up and get you, so I decided to sit and relax some more over a cup of coffee with Pete.”

“I guess I was more tired than I thought. I’m getting up and am ready for my treat. A quick trip to the bathroom to freshen up again and I’m going for it.”

Rhoda said, “I’m a little tired from my massage I think I’ll lie down for a while and savor the pleasures.”

“Sweet dreams.” I said. I was thinking, “I bet your more like exhausted!” But I didn’t say it out loud.

I was looking forward to some of that same treatment. After taking practically another mini bath to clean up, I went down to meet Pete. I glanced into the dining room and noticed all clean new sheets on the table but no Pete. He was in the kitchen sipping a mug of hot coffee. I asked if I could join him and of course he said certainly. We talked for a while. Actually I did most of the talking. I told Pete where I worked and how many times I would come home from a long day wishing I had my own personal masseur waiting for me to relax my neck and shoulders, and possibly other parts that may need some extra attention.

I asked, “Pete, what makes your massages so special? Rhoda has told me you are the best masseur she has ever known and promised I would feel the same way after just one session with you?”

“Has she told you any thing about my work?”


“I told you about some of the spots I would touch earlier, but what I didn’t tell you was I specialize in erotic and sexual massages. Massages for people who often feel the need of something just a bit extra when they are all tensed up and a regular massage just doesn’t cut it. I’ll explain as I go so you won’t be too embarrassed when I touch you differently than other massages you may have had. If this isn’t what you were looking forward to, tell me now. I still give a fantastic standard relaxation massage that also draws no complaints.”

“Your hint of a little extra seems exactly what I am looking for. You just do whatever you want. Don’t even explain, just do it. I’m sure I’ll enjoy every minute.”

I undid my robe in the kitchen and purposely let it open slightly as I stood up from the table facing Pete. My bald pussy hit him at eye level and as he looked up I’m sure he saw my hard left nipple as I turned to go into the massage room. I noticed the way he looked; I sensed he wanted me. His eyes followed me into the massage room.

“Disrobe and lie on your tummy so I can start on your back. I have to warm up some oils and lotions. I’ll be there in a minute,” he said from the kitchen.

I started to take off my robe. I smiled and turned back to face Pete. He was still ogling my semi nude body. Subconsciously I inched my hips slowly forward to emphasize recent bareness. I immediately caught him pleasantly gawking as his mouth opened in appreciation. His tongue slowly rubbed across his lips. I knew it would have an effect on him.

Pete said, “Get comfortable. I’m just about ready.”

Microwaves are great time savers. The timer went off and Pete returned in a flash. As he entered the solar warmed room, I was laying face down uncovered on Pete’s thick foam padded table.

He spoke about the first time he gave Rhoda a ‘special’ massage.

“You remind me of Rhoda lying on my table with the sort sunlight streaking across your shapely body. It brings back pleasant memories and makes me feel just like I did back then.”

I had to jump on his thoughts and said, “Just how did you feel then?”

Pete answered, “It was a few years ago and also one of my first attempts at erotic massage. I was nervous and clumsy and reluctant to touch certain areas. Rhoda sensed this and helped me to relax and even guided me along. You know your sister; she speaks up for what she wants; she helped to make that day one of my fondest memories. She was so thankful. I’ll never forget how thankful. If you don’t mind, I’d like to give you that same massage; perhaps you will feel the same as Rhoda did. Hopefully, I won’t be as awkward as I was then”

My mind was racing with excitement from every word and I gladly accepted his suggestion. I was dying to discover what got Rhoda addicted to Pete’s massages. I had a fairly good idea from what I saw earlier, but I did miss more than half of it.
As Pete turned to get his warmed oils, I noticed he was already excited just from talking about the massage he first gave to Rhoda; or maybe it was still there from just having given her one. I’m getting horny all over again and he hasn’t even touched me yet.

My eyes were closed anticipating his first touch. I was still shaking slightly and Pete asked if I was cold, and nervously, I quickly replied,

“Yes”, then immediately “No, I’m just excited waiting for your initial contact with the oils you just heated. I’ve been looking forward to this massage ever since Rhoda told me what she was getting me for Christmas.”

Pete began smoothing the warmed fragrant oil on my back. I let out an immediate ‘ooh ‘and an ‘aah’. I was quickly becoming aroused thinking of the show her sister had displayed. Every stroke sent more sparks of pleasure through my body. Before he even finished my back, I could feel myself getting wet. I was hoping that Pete didn’t notice.
I began shaking again; actually it was more like trembling. Pete didn’t ask this time and covered my lower half with a warm blanket. My shaking stopped in an instant. Perhaps I was cold and not just overly anxious for this massage.

Pete worked on my back until every kink and knot was removed; I was quite relaxed now. I was enjoying this fabulous massage treatment. Soon he was at my side and pulled the blanket down uncovering my butt. His warm oiled hands felt so nice. I felt his muscular thigh pressing against my hand as he leaned over and pulled and kneaded my butt. I wished he would have turned a little bit more; I couldn’t see how he was standing, but I’m sure my hand was only inches from his cock. I wanted to feel it against my body; any part of it. Pete went to my other side for more of the same.

As he did, I made sure my hand was at the edge of the table. This time my hand was between his thighs. I could feel his semi-hard erection through his soft cotton sweat pants. I also found out he had no shorts under them. He began rocking me from side to side. I could feel my clit rubbing against his table. Now I understood the reason for the rocking part of the massage. It felt nice. I wanted to turn my hand and squeeze him, but I didn’t. I just kept my hand motionless as he pushed his groin against the table while he kneaded my firm round ass.

Pete then took the blanket off my legs and placed it on my back to keep me warm. I didn’t think I needed it but it felt nice and cozy. He applied oil to my legs and expertly did my feet and legs. When his hands came up the back of my thighs, I was tingling, I was hoping,

“This was going to be it,” it was all I could think of. I waited for his hands to go higher up and in between my thighs. It didn’t happen. All my excitement faded. He did the same with my other leg; nothing. He came ever so close; within an inch or two. I could feel light tremors coursing through my legs and up through my butt and into my tummy. Pete covered me with the blanket again and asked me to turn over on to my back. I was a little disappointed. I expected more.

Pete started on my hands and arms this time; then went to my shoulders and neck. It felt nice and relaxing. He peeled the blanket down exposing my breasts for all to see. He applied the oil as he had done the rest of me. His arms lightly brushed across my soft nipples as he reached down toward my abdomen. The hairs on his arms tickled and I could feel my nipples puckering. As he reached toward my mound, I could feel tingling in my tummy. I was starting to feel warm again. He covered me up again and then went to my feet. He lifted the blanket up just past my mid thigh. I couldn’t tell if my pussy was in view, but I wanted him to touch me.

As he meticulously did my feet and legs, I was getting relaxed again. My legs felt as if they were floating. I thought he was done and just then he raised the blanket higher up. Now I knew for sure. He began massaging my upper and inner thigh. Oh, God it felt good. He finally spoke out and said,

“What a beautiful Brazilian treatment,” as he inched his hand on to my smooth mound he added, “And so soft, like a baby’s butt. I think you are my first. There aren’t very many places around here that do that. I’ve heard of DIY home kits but yours looks to be professional.”

As he continued talking, he slid his hand down along my lips several times and sent an electrifying thrill up my spine and back down to my toes.

“We’ll get to that part later. I’m done with the front for now. When you’re ready, turn back over on your tummy.”

I quickly became aroused when he slid his fingers along my lips and inner thigh. I wish he didn’t stop. But he did. I was wondering when he was going to get to the parts I saw him doing with Rhodes. I flopped over on to my tummy and got comfy for the rest of my massage.

It began like the first half, except the blanket was completely removed and I wasn’t the least bit cold any more. Pete’s hands glided down each side of my spine and unlike the first half, his hands kept going down; all the way down over my butt to the back of my thighs. It was more than just a little bit arousing as he separated his hands and brought them back up along my sides. He repeated this procedure several times before he moved to the side of the table where he began some seriously sensual maneuvers upon my ass cheeks.

They weren’t hard and deep like the first time around; these strokes were different; light and tickly; and arousing. My mind was racing as Pete’s hands were placed on my plump ass. I could feel him softly spreading and squeezing my cheeks as I lay motionless on my stomach. I made sure my hands were off each side of the table this time just so I might catch another feel as Pete leaned in against the table. I‘m sure he wasn’t aware of it. He managed to stroke every square inch of my butt; I liked it best when he was stroking between my cheeks. A couple of times when my cheeks were spread, I felt his fingers brush across my anus; it was tickly and sent little shivers up my spine.

I caught myself slowly rocking my hips from side to side and could feel my clit being rubbed against the table. It added a little extra to what Pete was doing. I was getting really comfortable and relaxed; it felt like Pete was gently rocking me to sleep. As he was finishing my ass massage, he shifted and moved to my feet; and as he did I felt his swollen member sliding down my arm and across the back of my hand. I sensed a wetness flowing between my lips. I wanted that cock, but I could never ask for it. I was embarrassed to even mention it.

Slowly and gently, he slid his hands from my feet up the backs of my legs to my thighs until his finger tips nudged the bottom crease of my cheeks. He did this several times. Each time his fingers slowly crept up the back of my legs, I knew it was only seconds before they plunged into that meaty crease where my ass met my thigh. This sent a whole new sensation through my body. I knew what was coming soon. He was getting closer to the warm humid moisture emanating from my pleasure center. Relaxation crap was the furthest thing from my mind now.

After several strokes of this, Pete parted my limbs and began to concentrate on each leg individually. I could feel a slight breeze cooling my crotch. My legs were far enough apart for my lips to be in view of Pete’s sexy green eyes. Starting from my ankles and moving up; each stroke starting higher and moving up further until again his fingers hit my butt. This time, his hands remained on my thigh. Motionless for a few long seconds; and then a new sensation as his hands separated

They moved to each side of my thigh. While pushing in from the outside of my thigh, massaging my butt and hip joint, I felt the smooth fingers of his other hand sliding and pulling on my inner thigh. Each time he pulled up on my thigh, I felt my lips opening; slightly at first and further as he continued. My clitoris felt hard and more sensitive. When was he going to touch me? I felt myself drooling in anticipation.

His fingers were getting closer, inch by inch until finally Pete’s soft fingertips caressed my outer lips. Relentlessly, his fingers slid up and down, slowly and lightly, along the whole length of my wet slit. I felt another surge of wetness coating my inner lips; Pete sensed it also, because his fingers just then slipped into my slit and continued stroking the hot slick inner lips. My juices were flowing freely now as Pete nudged my clit on every tenth stroke or so. My hips were squirming while Pete kept working my left leg and inner thigh and lips.

I was starting to feel very aroused. Pete finally stopped after what seemed about fifteen minutes but was actually closer to five and then moved to my right leg. I could hardly wait for him to reach the top of my thigh again. Somehow it seemed to feel more intense when his hands finally arrived at my inner thigh and labia again, I caught myself moaning in pleasure with each stroke. I was wet. I’m positive my whole vulva was engorged and swollen. Pete certainly knew what he was doing. Paradise here I come. My hips were moving in rhythm with every slippery motion. I thought I was about to cum soon. Pete stopped again and asked me to turn over. Damn I was so ready!

As I reluctantly turned over I quickly felt down between my legs when Pete turned his back to me for a few seconds. Oh yeah, I was really getting there; swollen and very wet.
I couldn’t wait for Pete to start on my front. I could feel myself shaking again. Pete offered me a pillow to be more comfortable and to allow me to see what was going on. I was a little surprised when he started massaging my right hand. I expected him to be between my legs again. So much for jumping the gun. I already had my legs spread for him when I turned over. Apparently he didn’t notice I was ready and waiting.

He didn’t seem to let on and continued massaging my hand and now my arm and shoulder. Soon he was on my left hand and arm. It felt nice but in the mean time my pussy cooled off quite a bit. My legs were back together. The anxiety had faded. I was just about to tell him I was getting cold and he somehow must have sensed it also. Without missing a stroke, a warm blanket magically covered my body. I was more relaxed than horny now as Pete was doing my neck and shoulders. I closed my eyes to savor these minutes, and without warning his hands sneaked under the warm blanket and crept from my shoulders, softly between my breasts down to my tummy.

He seemed to bear down a little harder as he approached my lower abdomen. As the blanket came off on his second lunge down the front of me, he asked if it was too much and mentioned he was pushing sexual energy down into my genital area; like I needed more energy there. It didn’t feel like much at first, but just hearing Pete say the words ‘sexual energy’ made something stir deep inside my pelvic area. The pillow helped a lot. I could see every stroke and watched his hands slowly slide down my front. It was intoxicatingly relaxing and arousing at the same time. Maybe he really was pushing sexual energy into my abdomen.

I was certainly more sensitive to every touch. After moving all the energy into my lower half, he moved to my right side and with a slow light stroke pushed a little of that energy back up. As his hands were moving up toward my breasts one hand went left and the other stayed straight as they both came together and cupped my right breast. My hands were to my sides again, and this time I could feel Pete’s semi hardness pushing on my hand. I didn’t dare move; because I’m sure he thought he was only leaning against the table.

He circled my right breast counterclockwise and clockwise; I could feel my nipple tighten. With both thumbs and forefingers he began tenderly grasping my areola at the base of my nipple and pinching and pulled across my areola in opposite directions like tracing the spokes on a miniature wagon wheel. It felt like small sparks of electricity being shot from my nipple to my toes. I could feel the tingling through my whole body. Next he pinched my now erect nipple with his oiled thumbs and forefingers again and tugged and pulled it several times as he slid his fingers off. With each tug, I could feel nerve endings in my lower abdomen pelting sexual jolts of energy into my swollen clit.
I was moaning with pleasure and by the time Pete had finished the same treatment on my left nipple, I noticed a definitely larger and harder bulge as Pete’s member was crushing the edge of my left hand. His cock was thicker than any I have ever seen or felt. I was getting horny wanted to turn my hand over and grab him, but I still didn’t have the nerve to do it. I was getting excited very fast. I can’t remember when I ever had such a wonderful breast massage. Actually, I never had a breast massage. My whole body felt like it was on the verge of a massive orgasm.

If only he had put his hot mouth on my breasts and used his tongue to lick my sensitive nipples, I would have delivered; I was right there, ready to cum. I almost thought out loud imagining Pete doing this. I wanted to say suck my hard nipples, but I knew I would have cum all over his table. Those last few tugs traveled down my tummy and into my clit. Then again, I’m not sure if his mouth could have done better.

My legs unconsciously spread apart and the squeezed back together. I could feel my swollen clit rub between my wet lips. I felt like reaching down and playing with myself; but with my last bit of strength and determination, I left it up to Pete. I was ready again. I wanted to cum now. I didn’t think I could hold back much longer. I thought I saw Pete’s swollen cock twitch under his gray sweatpants as he pulled away from the table. I wanted to touch him; I was so hot and horny. Fuck, I even wanted him in my mouth. I wanted to taste him. I wanted to suck him. All I could think about was release. I wanted to tell Pete, but I still couldn’t bring myself to say it out loud. Somewhere inside me were inhibitions about asking for sexual gratification.

Pete somehow knew, again, and stopped massaging my upper half. He went from my stiff nipples; not to my hot wetness, but to my cold feet. He must have ESP or mind control. He knew just when to stop. He must have taken a class on ‘Torture 101’. My pussy was ready to cum and he stops to rub my feet for another eternity. It seemed all my sexual desire and horniness had waned considerably. The mood left me and I got relaxed again and closed my eyes. I think I actually fell asleep this time.

My nap was short lived as I closed my eyes and fantasized about his swollen cock; I wasn’t sure if I spread my legs or if Pete had done it. I felt Pete’s smooth hands gliding up the top of my right leg. Several strokes of pushing more energy toward my pelvis and into my pussy brought me back to reality. It was especially noticeable when his hands moved off the top of my thigh and down each side. His right hand lightly grazed the length of my right labia and his left held my outer thigh. Pete grasped my right leg at my knee and gently spread it further. I felt my lips separate as my ankle hooked at the edge of his wide table. My bald pussy was wet and swollen waiting for his next touch.

The instant Pete started to massage my inner thigh and labia, my mind started spinning. It was as if my pussy had been lying in standby mode. I immediately came back to life and was ready to blow. And wouldn’t you know. He stopped and went to my other leg and started again. I didn’t get much of a chance to cool off this time. I knew it wouldn’t be much longer. After the same treatment on my left leg, my ass was moving from side to side and squirming up and down. Now, I wanted his cock.

Pete placed one hand on my tummy and with his other he was pushing and holding his fingers against my lips from my clit to my vagina and back up again. It was a pussy shiatsu massage. I could sense the blood rushing to my vulva as Pete’s fingers worked like an external pump. He moved his fingers up and down the length of my slit several times on both sides. I imagined it was a mini cock massaging up and down my pussy.

He reached for some warm slippery lubricant and deftly poured it on my vulva; he gripped my lips with his slick coated fingers and pulled my lips, tugging up and down each side. My pussy was trembling. I could sense my own juices flowing and mixing with the lube. I was ‘fucking slippery’. My love button was extremely swollen; more than I could ever remember. I wanted to cum so desperately, but held off. I was shaking again just before Pete’s fingers slipped inside my lips. My little bud was out of its sheath; it was super sensitive as Pete slid his fingers delicately over it. Sparks of excited nerves entered my tummy and up to my nipples.

There was no hiding it now and Pete also knew it. He began focusing his strokes on my clit. Up, down, side to side, round and round; I was about to explode. He started patting my mound and clit at the same time like a little mini spanking. It was a good spanking. I could feel my clit throbbing after each little slap. I tried to see what he was doing, but instead I was distracted watching his huge bulge throb. I couldn’t take much more. I closed my eyes but I could still see it. He stopped again; but only for a few seconds. I was breathing faster and deeper. I almost thanked him for this short break in the action.

Pete reached and got another pillow. This one he put under my hips. He spread my legs wide, both ankles gripping the edges of the table.

I felt like asking, “Where are the stirrups?”

He chuckled a little and then told me that now was the time for the clock treatment. I tried to relax; I knew my lips were spread open with my vagina practically gaping in anticipation of his next move. This, I think was the part where I saw him working on Rhoda. I tensed up, knowing what was to come. I couldn’t prevent it; with my slipperiness and Pete’s well lubed hand, he easily entered me with his thumb and gave me a little squeeze. Even if I could have kept him from entering, I couldn’t control my urges.

I wanted to experience this procedure. So this is what Sis felt. Pete’s grip wasn’t sliding in and out, but was clamp against my vaginal wall and my mound. When he moved his hand, he was stretching my pussy lengthwise and side to side. God, I thought to my self; this feels really fucking great. This was a whole new feeling. My pussy didn’t know what to make of it. Just then I could sense my pussy sending messages to my brain. I could feel myself starting to tremble. This clock treatment was about to build into something magnificent.

I felt the sensations up through my nipples as he slowly slid his thumb in and out while gently squeezing the outside of my vulva. He placed his left hand on my tummy and gently rocked me while his right hand performed the magic. With his thumb at the top of my vaginal wall he tugged on my vulva sliding his grip in and out for what seemed ten minutes; but was actually only a minute of orgasmic building pleasure. He gradually moved his hand all the way around the inside of my pussy, squeezing and drawing in and out each time with his thumb or fingers. As he moved his grip around ‘the clock’, I almost thought he was massaging my ovaries. The feeling went deep into my abdominal cavity.

He massaged my love tunnel for a full fifteen minutes; squeezing and pumping at each hour around the clock. Besides stretching my cunt every which way, each mini thrust somehow managed to massage my clit at the same time. Now I knew how Rhodes must have felt. I wanted to touch Pete in the worst way. I wanted him in my mouth. I was so fucking horny. I was almost out of control. I wanted him in my pussy. I was so close to coming from that damn clock job and he stopped again. How many fucking times is he going to bring me to a peak like that and then just stop? I’d even take that monster cock in my ass. I was shaking and tensing. Toward the end of the clock my hips were pumping uncontrollably up and down and side to side. My cunt was drooling insanely.

I didn’t know what to do. I was so close to coming. I even thought again of him in my ass. I had never ever been this aroused and excited in my entire life. I never had a cock in my butt, but right now I didn’t care. I wanted to masturbate right their while Pete was giving my massage, But I figured there would be too many hands in the way. I cupped my breasts and began twisting and pinching my nipples. Little jolts of electricity shot toward my vulva. I was getting wetter. I knew something was about to give way real soon. I was tensing; my body was tensing. I was breathing faster and deeper. The pleasure was almost unbearable.

I was shaking more; my legs and toes were tingling and shaking. I knew I was about to blow my mind. Pete moved close to my right side and placed his left palm on my smooth mound and slid his slippery fingers along each side of my swollen clit. This was Rhoda’s finale. I don’t know how she could have endured this long. I had my legs spread wide and never felt his two thick fingers enter me. As he leaned over me I felt a strange pressure inside my pussy. Pete began pushing and pulling on the front of my vaginal wall. At first I felt like I had to pee, but soon a feeling deep, deep inside began building. With his left working my clit slowly and his right synchronously working my vagina, I was ready to lose my mind. This was it. I was gushing lubricant all over Pete’s hand.

I could feel it; I knew it. My left hand was still pinching and twisting my left nipple. I found my right hand wrapped around the edge of the table. Pete’s cock was straining against his pants. He was hard; rock hard as the back of my hand felt it twitch and throb as he leaned against me. I wanted to take it out and put it in my mouth. I was so fucking hot. I stopped with my nipple and thought of Pete’s hard thick cock filling my hole. I couldn’t believe what Pete was doing to me. I stiffened and squirmed; my hips bucked and I lifted my ass right up off the table top.

Pete was ready for this finale. I was on the verge of the biggest most powerful orgasm of my life. I could no longer keep this one bottled up. Pete placed his left hand on my head as he leaned over me. He lowered his hot mouth on to my right taught nipple and began to suck and lick me. I turned my hand and grasped his massive cock. I gave it a squeeze. God was he hard. He was throbbing in my hand as he continued so suck my right nipple. I screamed. I sang and I swore all at the same time. I screeched so loud, I’m sure Rhoda and the neighbors had to have heard me. I didn’t care. This was way, way more than I ever anticipated.

All the time Pete stayed with me and played me like a professional musician, hitting every note just perfectly. I was having the strongest orgasm of my life. My dream of a lifetime has come true. I never dreamed it could have been like this. Pete kept his lips clamped over my nipple sucking and licking until my contractions subsided. After what seemed a half hour, I began calming down. Pete had given me a soothing connecting massage and covered me with the warm blanket from neck to my feet. “There’s no hurry to get up. Just stay there and enjoy.”

Damn, I’ll enjoy all right! I was warm and totally satisfied with my massage. It was everything Rhoda said it would be; and much more than I expected. I closed my eyes for a few minutes. I cautiously reached down to see if my pussy was still able to feel any more pleasure. I wasn’t sure if it could ever take any more after this. I softly patted my slick bald mound and thank you for so much pleasure.

When I finally got up and slipped my robe loosely back on. Rhoda and Pete were in the kitchen, each with a mug of hot coffee. I had temporarily forgotten about Rhoda. I wonder how long she’d been there. How long did I really rest after my massage? Was she there all the time? I was already starting to flush, not knowing if she had seen and heard.

They both looked up and Pete said, “Sit and have a cup. Rhoda just came down to join me. Maybe you two would like to compare notes?”

Pete knew that Rhoda did not just come down, but to save a lot of face to face embarrassment, he spoke up first to relieve any anxieties. Rhoda was still breathing a little too fast for someone who just woke up, and Pete had a fairly good idea where Rhoda had been throughout Cindy’s massage.

I was relieved to hear Rhoda just came down. That helped me relax a little. I did want to compare notes as Pete put it; but after he left. I had many questions as to what he was doing to me. It felt heavenly and I’ve never felt anything like it. Did he have some sort of magic touch? Pete did answer some of my questions but some of his secrets remained with him. I needed his touch again. Before Pete left I had a few words with Rhoda and asked if she minded if I could have him back here next Saturday. I told her I would pay this time and treat her to a New Years celebration to remember. I know I will always remember. What I didn’t tell Sis is that I wanted Pete’s rock hard cock to fuck my brains out next Saturday.

Then I wondered to myself if Sis ever felt this way. I wondered if she ever wanted his cock. I was getting carried away with my perverted thoughts. Sis would never even think of doing anything like that. Rhoda jumped at that idea of having Pete over again.

“Let’s ask Pete and see if he is available next week. I want to make sure you will never forget this Christmas season. I’m sure I won’t either.”

Rhoda approached Pete with my suggestion and everything was all set for next week. The only thing left was to send the girls on another mall trip.