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Creating My Hot Wife 9_(1)

2023-01-12 00:24:50

Here's an applicable quote from Henry David Thoreau...

"It is never too late to give up your prejudices. No way of thinking or doing, however ancient, can be trusted without proof. What everyone echoes, or in silence passes by as true today, may turn out to be falsehood tomorrow, mere smoke of opinion, which some had trusted for a cloud that would sprinkle fertilizing rain on their fields."

It has been our quest in all our sexual adventures to prove "what is true and what is mere tradition." Hence, our chosen moniker "Truth vs Tradition."

Almost everything we discovered has seemed 180 degrees out of whack with our original prejudices.

We have come to believe eroticism to be healthy and not normally destructive, wholesome and necessary to a balanced mental state, and not something to be feared or resisted. In fact, eroticism may be the single most playful and enjoyable emotion in life. Living life without it is like settling for a black and white world versus one of color. Are you old enough to remember the day of black&white TVs? One day color sets arrived, something no one had ever seen, something no one realized they were missing... And once experienced, there was no going back.

The same is quite true with couples at the lifestyle clubs. Once they found out how much fun they could have, how it bound them together, how it solved so many misunderstandings, a whole new world of color arrived. There was no going back.

Our big discovery was this. It mattered little to us the source or stimulus of our eroticism but our ability to share it with those special people we loved, and especially with each other. Our old belief that our spouse had to be the only legitimate source of our eroticism became something so naive, so ignorant and fraught with problems.

The premise that multiple sources of erotism can be safely enjoyed is no more true than when we discovered how easily it can be experienced with either gender.

For example. Let's talk about that incredible club dance floor...

There's something about two hot women teasing each other sexually in front of a crowd. When the club was packed, the dance floor was packed, and crazy sexy women came out of their shells. (We talked about that in story #6)

These playful women drove all of us, both men and women, watching on the sidelines into a frenzy! It could be at times unbelievably over the top...

The way women would dance and lock lustful eyes; the way they would reach in and French kiss; the way they would tongue play together; the way they would unbutton each other's blouses or pull dresses slowly over their heads; the way they would press their boobs together and each reach around to unhook their bras; the way they would take them off, swing them around and throw them at their guys; the way they would rub their nipples and squeeze each other's tits; the way they would bend over and suck each other's nips until they were hard, long and shiny; the way they would do all of this moving to the music as each would squat and provocatively pull the other's panties down; and sometimes when the "moon and the stars aligned"...the way they would step over each other's face and get their pussy tongued right there in the middle of the damn floor!

There was nothing as hot as watching beautiful women, women who were very normal working professionals during the week, letting themselves go to such sexual heights.

When I think about it today I ask... How many people ever get to see something like that?

So... What is it about Bi women? Maybe it is the intensity of seeing women acting like men. All lustful. All sexed up. All uninhibited. Maybe it is simply a man's dream come true...your woman enjoying sex as much as you! All I know is... Every man at the club wanted his woman out on that dance floor.

I was no exception. It quickly became a quest of mine to see Ash out there. Hell she was as sexy as any one of the women. In fact more than most. She had great tits and nips...perfect in my eyes which made me incredibly proud of her. And, I definitely was not the only guy on the sidelines urging her out there.

But Ash wasn't bi-ing it!

She was as straight as they come. She simply loved cocks and never thought about vaginas other than to think them dirty and a bit disgusting. They had never been her erotic trigger and as far as she was concerned they never would be.

If you've been following how my mind works then you can probably guess... I viewed this as a new challenge. It was just going to take some time and some skillful guidance for her Bi transformation. And I was just the guy to do it!

However Ash was onto my ways!

My little lovely lady was pretty sexually savvy by that time. And our sexual fantasies together started to become a bit competitive trying to influence each other in a very new direction!

Ok... Here's a broad generalization that Ash and I still think is true.

Girls tend to think vaginas and guys tend to think penises are ugly. Both wonder what the other sees in them.

That belief was quite true with us even though we literally had not discussed it in our first twenty years of married life. It might have been more true with me as I was just grateful Ash would even touch the thing. Maybe that's why I could never fathom what the big deal was with gays.

She literally had never looked at, much less studied her vagina and touching someone else's, especially licking or sucking on one, was way into her gross out territory.

That's the mindset we came from.

Remember me telling you about all the hours I spent tweezing Ash's mound? I loved doing that and literally felt her pussy was one of the most beautiful things in life. When I told her that, she couldn't relate, thought I was nuts, or was just making it up. I wasn't. Her vagina was my favorite work of art!

Undeterred, I kept talking and talking about her beautiful pussy during our fantasy "fireplay" and during that first year small changes in her attitude did appear. I first noticed it when I left a new Penthouse under her pillow and she told me later she had five orgasms while looking at it.

Well well well... Had to know what triggered that! Turned out she thought the women in the magazine were just so beautiful... And especially their breasts.

Holy cow! Ash was into boobs! Damn. Now that was something we could work with.

So from that point on I was always remarking about the beauty of boobs at the club and found little resistance in Ash about those observations. In fact, she got so into it that we developed a game about noticing great racks in public. (That turned into a game of "doable or not doable" while we people watched.) To this day, Ash will almost always notice a remarkable set before I do.

Ash had turned a corner. For the first time, she was really noticing the same beauty I saw in women. She liked being around sexy women and liked the aroused state they caused in her. So did I and it wasn't but a few months and my shy little Ash was out there on the dance floor.

It happened one night when one particularly sexy friend literally dragged her out there and started a sexed up dance with Ash. I remember how she blushed with this woman feeling her up in time to the music; how she provocatively unbuttoned Ash's blouse...and then her own; how embarrassed and tense Ash was when their bras came off and she reached in to suck on Ash's nips. Glory hallelujah...it was finally happening! And then the damn song ended and Ash rushed off the floor. Fuck!

But what didn't escape my notice was how Ash let it happen in front of a crowd of gawkers. She had to have enjoyed it because she was literally panting with excitement when she came to my side. What a moment.

From that point on, Ash was regularly "hit on" by sexy women and a new little game emerged as several at the club were secretly trying to be the first to get between her legs. I knew it would happen eventually and also knew the worst thing I could do was try to push Ash into it. Besides, there was no rush. I was really enjoying seeing her blush and squirm whenever some particularly hot woman would walk right up to her and plant a full on mouth, (with as much tongue as she could slip in), sexy as hell kiss. Oh my gawd. You would've had to have been there to understand how hot that was to me. Two women going "full mouth" is still one of my strongest triggers.

That all went on for maybe a year. The next breakthrough was with Becky. (Remember her from story #7?) Yea that same Becky who got to me so deeply. Well she got to both of us one night at their home, after dinner out, after a time in their hot tub, while their kids were tucked "safely" in bed, making it deliciously dangerous for us four to play. It all started with another "hair pull." Becky starts to zone out. Tom and Ash are mesmerized watching us until Ash can't take it any longer and reaches in to massage Becky's breasts and then...sucked her nips! Woohoo! First time for that. Well that kicked me into a higher gear so I reached down for Becky's pussy, started fingering her clit and making her gasp. And what does Ash do? She follows my lead, inserts her fingers into Becky's cunt and starts massaging her G spot. Didn't take too long and Becky was convulsing.

The best part was when it was all over... Ash locks eyes with me, takes her fingers out of Becky's sopping pussy and sticks them straight into her own mouth, sucking them one at a time clean, just like she would suck a cock. When she does the "Ummm!" thing while sucking a finger in her mouth, I almost "came" spontaneously. Tom and I also almost came together...came close to passing out!

It was maybe another year or two before Ash being Bi finally went full throttle.

We were invited to attend a relatively new club opening about two miles from our home. It had a main party building where people mingled, indulged on the refreshments and checked one another out. It was a Friday night, maybe only a handful of couples were there, most were not very experienced so the level of nervousness was pretty high in the room and adding to that problem was way too many singles attending. Ash wasn't into it and we were thinking of leaving except for this one couple off to the side. Turns out it was their first time at any club. Ash walks over to talk to them while I'm busy fixing drinks hoping that might loosen Ash up a bit. Turning around I notice Ash and the woman are obviously conspiring something.

She was pretty hot. Both of them were about our age, in shape, looked like professionals, and she could almost be Ash's twin. I'm not sure why I didn't notice her earlier. They must have just slipped into the room. Well before I know it, plans have been made without my "say in the matter." The four of us were going off to one of the "one room out buildings" and play...except with this twist. He only wanted to watch and would stay outside looking through the window. She only wanted Ash. Leaving me out of the equation. So what does my shy inhibited lovely lady come up with? I'm ordered on the floor laying on my back. Ash and her foxy friend then slowly strip each other in a most delicious way and after watching some really fun tongue swappin, Ash orders her down too, crawls between her legs, tells me to slide my head up, straddles it, grinds her dripping pussy into my face and leans down to feast on this woman's cunt. It was literally "over the top" hot... Damn! And I'm thinking...it's finally happening!

Outside, a bunch of guys, including the husband, were lined up drooling and probably jacking off while they watched this ménage a trois.

Meanwhile, I'm using all my creative cunnilingus skills on Ash, who is emitting muffled moans while tonguing and slurping this beautiful brunette. Ash must've done it right. This woman was groaning and crying and cumming over and over.

I swear there is a different sound a woman makes while being eaten out by another woman.

Did I get to see it? Fuck no. Did that ruin it for me?Fuck no. Was it finally the milestone I had been hoping for Ash? Oh yea! Was I pretty convinced Ash now understood how erotic it was to have some woman cum on your mouth? You betcha! It was one hellava start but I was still up for Ash doing more research on vaginas!

I didn't even get to cum that night. It wasn't that important. That might sound stupid to some guys but after awhile, after enough experiences, being part of a "white hot erotic scene" like that night was much more precious.

Look at it this way...

I've had thousands of orgasms I can't remember. Being there, doing Ash as she was doing another woman was better than any of them and something I would recall and write about... twenty years later.

So where did it go from there?

Well, Ash never became an aggressive Bi or lezbo type but she did like to play under the right circumstances. Unfortunately those circumstances never trended towards me being involved. Quite the opposite. As the years passed there were three different couples, all very attractive, that she would often play with as a threesome. Yes a fucking damn threesome! She liked the guy "directing traffic." As a Bi woman she liked being "dommed," being told what to do with or to another woman. And I suspect that worked best if I wasn't around. Yes.. I would hear about it... eventually.

Her favorite experience? She liked being ordered into a "69" with a woman, and told to keep sucking on her clit while the guy fucked his wife. That meant he was slamming his cock into her cunt right across Ash's face! I think a cock so close...and balls slapping her was a big part of the turn on!

I never got to see one of those MFF escapades. Has to be one of the greatest injustices of my life.

Sooo... Is that the end of the story? Not exactly. Ash had her own devious plans for me. Remember, cocks were and always would be her primary trigger. And anything that good she always insists on sharing.

But I'll save that for the next story!

Until then... There's just something about two women in the throes of passion. Allowing eroticism like that will color your whole life. And as you get older, like me... you will so glad for every one of those memories!

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