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Creating My Hot Wife 14_(1)

2023-01-15 01:58:14

Compared to what you might be accustomed to reading, I’m taking a different tack on incest. I’m going to recount an actual experience that was shared with me while in this lifestyle.

Prior to reading incest stories on this site, I had no interest in the topic, no experience with incest as a child, nor in my own family. I have also come from a strong cultural and religious POV that incest is taboo, if not utterly disgusting. Like many other opinions, that prejudice changed or at least was significantly modified along the way.


Before I begin, here is something analogous to incest that might be helpful to consider... Nudity.

I wrote about it in story #3.

I was very reluctant going to a nude beach. Ashley was not. She grew up in a wealthy and unusually large family of eight children. Nudity within the home was unavoidable at times and really no big deal to any of them. That was definitely not my family experience. However, once she and I started going to “that beach,” my attitude changed as the reality experienced there was “180 degrees” different from my expectations.

I found nudity very sensual but surprisingly non-erotic. I didn’t get a “hard on” nor did anyone else, and the expected illicit aspect of seeing other naked women... well it turned into something that was simply beautiful, something that could be freely shared and enjoyed with Ashley, something that quickly normalized in our world view, and something we both enjoyed as quite stress reducing in the middle of our sometimes chaotic life. We fell in love with that atmosphere as did almost everyone else we talked with on that beach.

We just didn’t tell many “straight people” that we attended. Our love of nudity became our secret as the general public tended to believe nude beaches were just a collection of licentious perverts. We literally heard some of them say...

“No one we know would ever go there!”

That was rather hilarious because all of us at the beach (about 500) just knew... out in society we were “their friends, neighbors and colleagues!”

Could a nude beach negativity affect someone? I suppose so given the hard core cultural prejudices we have in this American society. But I knew of no such stories. What I observed was quite the opposite and preponderantly beneficial.

The incest stories I’ve heard were almost exactly the same as what we experienced with nudity. Those stories were even more strictly guarded as private and when shared with me they seemed more lovingly recounted vs erotically remembered. The experiences always seemed highly esteemed as beneficial by both siblings, and in some cases their parents. Here is one such story...


When Max and Jenny were introduced to each other, their widowed parents had just met through their professional networks. They married fairly quickly and only one year after their spouse’s deaths, making the four of them a brand new family unit. Jenny really liked Max’s dad and it didn’t take Max long to start calling Jenny’s mother, Mom, even before the marriage. The kids hit it off right away and became best friends. Until they both finally married, Jenny and Max were almost inseparable. Their parents were not only relieved but thrilled that their two children adapted so well to each other and to each other’s parent.

As merged families go, I guess you would say they were idyllic. I will also say the story I’m about to share was equally so, much more than most incest stories. I’m going to simply tell you what I was told and what I witnessed. Believe me... I’m not trying to sell the incest lifestyle to you the reader. I would hope instead to grant you a realistic window into a most curious and secretive world which I believe might be far more prevalent than most of us would ever believe.


I listened with fascination as Jenny recounted her life with Max growing up. Both were quite attractive and smart. That’s understating it quite a bit. Jenny was gorgeous and Max made young girls drool. Both were class leaders and top athletes. Both were very popular and made friends at school easily as they were the type of kids that fit into almost every group. Both dated others while in school without much jealousy or rejection from each other... and all the way through school they continued to secretly enjoy sexuality together. In fact, even into their forties, they both still continued to have sex whenever they had the opportunity to do so.

[When I met them, they were both married, both had several children, both had spouses that not only allowed their shared intimacies, but joined them in exchanging partners.]

I wish you could’ve been there as Jenny told me the stories about Max and how wonderful it was to have sex so easily, so often and guilt free when her friends were struggling so much with sexuality. She should probably write a book about it all as it could be an incredible guide to parents and their children especially when it comes to sex education.


Max and Jenny were just barely starting to “notice the opposite sex” when their parents got married. They witnessed the genesis and evolution of that highly romantic and sexually charged parental relationship. They both were thrilled they had a new parent. There was little or none of the typical resistance or resentment towards either new parent “replacing their real deceased mom or dad.” Both kids just enjoyed the loving household and the opportunity to move beyond their prior grief and sense of loss.

Both kids enjoyed watching the PDA between their parents. They curiously watched their passion... French kissing and playfully spanking each other’s butt as newly weds. They loved “the charge” they both could feel when they found all that display of affection result in their parents bounding upstairs after dinner, arm in arm, shouting over their shoulders...

“Hey kids, we are tired tonight and are going to bed early! You two... don’t stay up too late and turn everything off when you go upstairs!”

They both got to observe how healthy, sexually active adults should act together and I think that newly wed atmosphere helped Max and Jenny also adapt well to each other. Lying down together and snuggling soon seemed natural to Max and Jenny and maybe, at least initially, they tried to emulate their mom and dad in doing that. Because newly weds need plenty of alone time, finding solace in each other became Max and Jenny’s favorite thing to do. Among other things, that led to accidentally falling asleep together; that led to wanting to sleep together all night nearly every night; and somehow sharing the same bed remained non-sexual and undetected by their parents for several weeks. Given Max and Jenny’s unusual sense of curiosity and mutual love of adventure, it wasn’t going to remain that way very long.


It didn’t take long watching their parent’s hugging, kissing, and “grab-assing” before the kids wanted to know what all the giggling and moaning was about behind their parent’s bedroom door. So they began sneaking up to their parent’s bedroom and listening to the “fun and games”... with ears placed against the door, hearing every strange sound and every unusual word.

It was at that door when Max got the first “boner” that Jenny noticed. And Jenny always being curious Jenny, had to see it! Showing it, right there, right outside their parents bedroom door, magnified the excitement and of course he wanted to see “her’s” too. So it began. The two of them became destined to grow up sexually together.

This all occurred before the days of the internet and free pornography. And an important note was that probably because of the tragedies in their families, neither of them had had “the talk yet” so their curiosity was sky high. Multiple nights at that door fulfilling that curiosity eventually led to daring each other to quietly open it, peek in and see what the hell was going on!

What they saw over the coming weeks was nudity and sex in most of its forms. This is how Jenny described it...

“We saw our dad’s very big cock sticking straight out just like Max’s would do; mom’s big boobs and shiny wet pussy; dad lying and bouncing on top of mom; mom on her hands and knees with dad behind her on his knees bouncing against her butt; mom stroking dad’s cock, and even sticking it in her mouth sucking on it; dad’s head between mom’s legs licking and sucking on her pussy; mom and dad flipped around and both sucking on each other’s privates; and especially watching Dad’s cock shooting off a whole bunch of white stuff all over mom’s butt, boobs and even her face, followed with mom scooping it up with her fingers and eating it. Sometimes dad would even lick it off her boobs or face when she asked him too!”

[Pretty damn intense for both children! Something most parents would view as unhealthy if not potentially scarring to young children. But something the kids treasure to this day!]

Well as you might guess, that led to the kids trying to explore with each other what they were watching with their parents and their “sleeping together experience” immediately went to a whole new level. Soon after that first night at the open door, Max had his first orgasm with another person as Jenny touched his stiff penis and tried to stroke it like mom did with dad’s. Max of course returned the favor and Jenny claimed she had her very first orgasm when Max touched and played with her pussy. It became a special night that neither of them would ever forget and one Jenny would recount to me in considerable detail almost thirty years later.

I pondered that often after hearing her stories. “If that is so wrong, where is the harm?” Jenny would ask. By everyone’s account she became one of the most confident, polite and well adjusted women you would ever meet. I might add maybe the most beautiful and unpretentious as well.


So what happened? Where did it go from there? It took months of getting to know Jenny (then in her early forties) before she opened up to me about all this. To her, what happened with her family was something so private it had a sacred air to it and definitely not something she wanted to be titillating to anyone. I had to first earn her trust and did so by proving I could keep her secrets even from Ashley. Eventually she did open up when she finally viewed me as a trusted confidant.

[Generally as a counselor I would view keeping secrets as something that becomes increasingly caustic to one’s psychological health. I’ve altered my view on that when I've observed or experienced secrets that involve a type sexuality that is viewed or regarded healthier than what one might be seeing in our society. It becomes then a well justified secret devoid of guilt and maybe more than that...a secret someone values and is proud to hold. I believe this was one such case.]

Well... Watching their mom and dad “go at it” became a regular affair and so exciting to her and Max that of course they would eventually get carried away, mess up and get “discovered at the door!”

After a few weeks, one night Jenny and Max were again watching their mom “blow their dad” when he started moaning unusually loud while his “white stuff” started pouring out her mom’s mouth. Watching mom licking cum off her lips had already become the single hottest sexual trigger for Jenny. So as usual while watching, Jenny was fingering herself to an orgasm. But this time amongst all the noise her dad was making, she accidentally let out her own moan loud enough to be heard by her parents. Her mom turned and looked to the side spotting them both in the dark doorway... Jenny with her hand in her panties, and Max stroking his penis.

Busted big time! Their mom shrieked and the terrified kids ran back to their rooms.

I’m sure most parents would've been horrified and thought all that wrong on so many levels. More importantly that experience could’ve been a type of trauma that might have altered the entire family structure. Many parents would have responded with anger and placed accusations that would have induced guilt and shame. These parents did not. After what Jenny believes must have been a serious long discussion on how to handle this, they called the kids back into their bedroom.

[The fact that the kids would even come back tells me something about the quality of their parenting.]

Right then. Right there. They got “the talk.” No one got yelled at for peeking in the room. In fact, the first thing they gave them was an apology for overlooking them in the middle of their “marital throes” and for not yet talking to them about sex. No shame was placed on anything they saw. If fact... “the talk” became really a form of “show and tell” sex education. Mom and dad chose to remain naked the entire time.

According to Jenny, they talked about everything... penises, how they worked and what the white stuff was vs pee. They talked about vaginas and the clitoris and how that all worked and how very soon Jenny would probably start her menstrual cycle and what that would be like. They talked about how babies are made, literally and in very great detail and without embarrassment.

And more than that... they explained how pleasurable sex was for both of them, how normal and healthy it is even when they weren’t trying to make a baby. And especially how it is never something that should make you “feel dirty” or deserve shame.

The parents asked how much their children had seen at the door; how many nights they had been watching; how they felt with what they saw; and how much they had explored what they had seen, with each other.

Jenny said the talk lasted at least two hours. Every little thing they had seen their parents do was discussed, dozens of questions (mostly Jenny’s) were answered, until how and why each sex act they had witnessed was understood.

Since the parents remained nude during the talk, I asked Jenny how much sex was demonstrated by their parents. She didn’t want to discuss it initially but eventually confided the following...

“Anything we wanted to see... they would do it again when I asked...and this time we got to watch up close. Mom showed me how to make a flaccid cock rigid with her hands and then with her mouth. We talked about cum and what it tasted like and if it was clean enough to have in my mouth. She showed me how sucking on dad’s cock made her vagina wet, what that looked like, smelt like, tasted like, and how being wet made it so much easy for dad’s cock to go in. She showed us how important it was for a woman to get excited and ready before a man did that. She explained how dad would caress her vulva and clit with his fingers and with his tongue before he ever did anything with his cock and she even got dad to suck on her pussy for both of us to watch. My mom asked us both to come real close and see exactly how dad would suck and lick on her entire vulva, while he placed his fingers inside her vagina massaging her spongy G-Spot. He then asked Max to stick his middle finger into mom’s vagina, with his own, so he could guide both fingers directly to the correct spot. Not wanting to be left out, I leaned over and sucked on mom’s nipples and we all continued until she started shaking and quivering in an orgasm. After that dad climbed up between her legs and while we both sat on either side of mom, we watched him slide his penis into her pussy. After watching him push it in and out for quite awhile, he pulled it out stroking it until semen squirted all over mom’s belly and boobs. Mom then scooped some of it up with her fingers and licked them off while smiling at me...and never breaking eye contact, she dipped one of her fingers in the pool of cum again and held it out to me. She must have sensed how badly I wanted to taste it. So I leaned forward and sucked her finger clean. There has never been a moment that I felt as close to her as I did when she did that. I loved her for it.”

Jenny told me what she learned in those moments was easier to convey than how she felt in those moments.

“It was incredibly exciting but curiosity was my dominant feeling. I just wanted to know everything. Mom and dad made the whole talk seem so calm and peaceful. Watching sex so close like that became the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I credit those two hours as permanently laying a healthy and knowledgable view of what real sex was like.”

“The talk” ended with a complete and honest confession of how far Jenny and Max had explored sex together and how much they loved sleeping together.

“I pleaded with them to not make us stop!”

“So with that they explained how easily I could get pregnant and made an agreement that we would see their Dr soon about getting me on some type of birth control. They explicitly give us permission to continue sleeping together any time we wished with the agreement that from now on the family would talk about sex, nudity, relationships, dating other people at school, how even though we were only stepchildren we needed to understand society would still view this as incest, and as a family we all needed to agree on what was and was not appropriate to share with others and the implications of doing so. Our dinner conversations from that point on were very robust and probably helped both Max and me sail right through what was typically difficult HS years for our friends.”


I had to ask...(and this answer took even longer for Jenny to share with me),

“Did the two of you ever have sex with your parents?”

What she and Max eventually told me, still to this day seems so private, I hesitate sharing it with you. I don’t think any one else besides the two kids, their parents, spouses and me have ever heard the stories.

I will tell you what they did and how it affected them but I’m not going into much detail.


In short... yes they did. Literally hundreds of times. Sex between the four of them didn’t occur very quickly. It took about six months to finally start and only then when Jenny and Max schemed to make it happen.

How?... by Max and Jenny deciding to have sex when and where their parents might see them; by increasing their own sexual sound effects; by continually asking provocative questions like “can we watch you two again?”; by increasingly touching, hugging and kissing their parents in more intimate ways... until one day their parents sat them down and said...

“What’s going on? Are you two trying to seduce us?” Max and Jenny both shouted YES! which made all four of them laugh.

Their parents exclaimed... “Well then... why didn’t you both just ask us if we would let you?”

They soon came to love their parents in ways that few of us could understand or even want to hear about. Jenny’s mom taught Max things very few men come to know or ever perform. Max’s dad did the same for Jenny. The four of them remained sexual all the way through HS, through college, and into their marriages when their family intimacy was extended to their new spouses. The respect and care they all shared for each other was simply exemplary and I have never known such a familiar, yet well adjusted family. To know them is to have any prejudices you might have had with incest or group sex challenged. They all were well respected leaders in their communities and churches and no one ever knew what they shared behind closed doors.


I believe incest is quite prevalent in our society but we rarely if ever hear the successful or healthy stories. Because of our deep societal judgements, most stories must never be shared. You might even know people like this and have no clue about what’s really going on with them sexually.

I remain to this day glad they were able live that lifestyle freely yet privately and it reminds me very much of the secret lives of the 3-400 people in our club... Mostly professionals, entrepreneurs, and outstanding citizens, walking around with sexual lives undetected by society all the while “with smiles on their faces.”


According to Jenny, even though she and Max both dated numerous people growing up, the only friends that ever knew they had regular sex with themselves and their parents were the two people they eventually married.

Sexual freedom was a stipulation that both spouses accepted going into a marriage with Jenny and Max. I guess it was quite obvious that it simply wasn’t going to work any other way. Jenny said it never was a big issue with either of their spouses because they both selected non-possessive partners. Eventually the spouses were invited to join in and all six of them came to alternate their sexual experiences within their little group.

I’ve often marveled at the depth of bonding honest sexuality seems to afford, but these six people “set the standard.”


In Conclusion

I have to ask myself again... where was the harm here?

Certainly one place could be in the court of public opinion should it ever get there. Living outside cultural norms can carry a heavy penalty and for many people, reputation is too important to ever “venture off the reservation.” Let me put that another way... For most people, what they perceive other people MIGHT POSSIBLY think of them is extremely important and as with many other beliefs, that implicit fear can become very self-limiting.

That was not true for Jenny and Max. They grew up not caring about any of that. Maybe that’s an important part of why they became leaders in nearly all their pursuits. At least... I find it easy to make that argument.

I confess I’ve read many incest stories on this site and generally find them to be pretty damn hot. I’ve often wondered why that is when the mere thought of incest with my siblings or especially my children seems utterly repulsive. Maybe deep inside us all there is a repressed place from our childhood that longed to have sex with the first people we came to love and have meaningful relationships with...our families. I’ve talked with a notable sexual anthropologist who claimed many cultures outside our own have included sex with extended family members as an acceptable form of sex education. Maybe such a responsible form of incest is a more natural way to learn “the skill.” I’m not sure the back seat of some car is more appropriate, nor is figuring it all out from the internet void of adult guidance.


In the end... No one ever knew about the family’s secret life. Jenny and Max seemed to have no need to tell anyone and were not in the least bothered with keeping their shared secrets. Instead, they grew up realizing how privileged they were to have each other, the type of spouses they attracted, and especially having the parents they shared. When asked why they didn’t just marry each other since they were only step related... They exclaimed “we do consider ourselves married! We just both enjoy having another spouse along with our sexy parents! It’s like ‘having our cake and eating it too!’”

Where did that take the four of them and their new young families? Golly... that’s a whole other story and the significant impetus to my other storyline... “Swapping Fathers.”

Yes... “the talk” Max and Jenny had with their parents and the permissive sex they continued to have right up until the time I knew them was by far the most unusual story I had ever heard... By a country mile far!

However, Jenny and Max were also not the only sexually and socially “well adjusted young people you would ever meet”.... So were their spouses. How do I know? Well, there was this club where people met and did stuff together! You know... the one I’ve been telling you about.

I’ve got one more incest story along with some further insights on keeping secrets that I’m saving for another story.

I might get into it if more of you start voting! Voting you know... is a way of saying thank you for the hard effort a writer puts into their craft!