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Control Freak. Part one

2022-05-16 00:00:03

This is the story of how I somehow unlocked an incredible power and descended into madness. This is the story of my redemption and also a confession. All I can say is this life is a learning process.
I will start with a little back story   However this series of accounts will focus mainly upon my power hungry days. I don't care much for my youth or the days before I got my power. Everything changed for me the day I hit my head while working at a disgrace of a restaurant. You know the type of the fast variety. 

Before I get too far ahead of myself, I had been working at this shit hole for minimum wage for the last 6 months. I had bills piling up and money going out before it came in. I wasn't a very motivated guy and spent much of my time masturbating over the girls I was too lazy to try and fuck. Needless to say I was going nowhere fast. 

So one sunny day I was trapped inside the hell I called work. I wasn't too upset because I was the only male on the crew that day. The GM of the store Monique was a tall and skinny woman in her early 30s. She had a rather professional but still unavoidably caring and personal demeanor. Her body was nice from what I could tell then. Through her button up manager shirt, tight slacks and non slip crock type work shoes. I always enjoyed watching her thick butt walk by. 
Mo had a bit of an early nineties thing about her. Her slacks stopped a bit above her ankle and she always wore thick black socks. Although she spoke of tanning and beach going Mo always looked a bit pale to me in those days. This matched nicely with her dirty blonde hair, brown eyes and small b cup tits.

The second girl who was working that day was Amanda. A 18 year old Italian girl. Amanda was about 5'2 with shoulder length brunette hair b cup tits and a fat ass. She had these nice thick lips that seemed to be meant to suck a man off. She wore skin tight black dickies pants that made men drool over her ass. Amanda was a shift manager but acted like your typical 18 year old girl. She was always getting in trouble for refusing to wear non slip shoes and always wore a canvas type of vans, almost like a chuck Taylor type shoe. Amanda had a boyfriend named Austin whom she would always bitch about or text during work. 

The third girl was an 18 year old light skin Puerto Rican girl named Christina. She had no accent and couldn't even speak Spanish. She was as tall as Amanda but a bit of a wider frame with curly black hair just past her shoulders. Christina had large b cup tits and a thick ass. 
I believe she wore the same black pants as Christina that squeezed her fat cheeks together in a mesmerizing package. Christina wore non slip shoes and her pants would fall just before her shoes. I would always notice that I could never see socks. I would wonder if he wore no show socks or if she went barefoot. I had a foot fetish and loved to smell girls stinky feet. My cock would always pulse when I thought about her never wearing socks and what her feet must smell like. Christina had a boyfriend named Joey, who she would talk about how controlling and jealous he was. 

So now that you know a bit about these fine women I had the pleasure of eye fucking all this day I will move along the story a bit. 
 It was about 11 am and the store was painfully slow. Our district manager was an Italian guy named Ed who clearly enjoyed the money and power that came with his job. He commanded his employees with an almost sense of joy and drove a brand new SUV.
Ed was always dressed with a nice expensive button up shirt and slacks. Something about his demeanor just let you know he had a huge cock. He didn't have anything to prove, he just clearly loved to be in control.  
    Due to the fact that it was slow we where all standing around talking when Ed walked in. He was furious and Mo cowered like an abused puppy. Me and the two younger girls quickly made ourselves busy as Mo was dragged to the back to be reprimanded for wasting company time. In my haste I slipped on the wet floor and fell straight on my head. I'm not sure how long I was out, but it wasn't long. Amanda stood over me asking if I was ok. I didn't want to make any waves so I shook it off and got up. Luckily Ed was too busy verbally humiliating Mo in the office to notice. 
    My head was throbbing but I needed to hold this job and Ed was on the warpath so I just sucked it up. I didn't notice anything different until Ed was about to leave. He came up to me and told me to take out the trash. I thought to myself "why don't you do it you twat?" 

 Shockingly Ed said "You know what, why don't I take out the trash. I'm no twat."      Me and the three ladies stood in shock as Ed grabbed the trash and took it out. 

 The day went by without further incident and I went home. I sat on my dirty couch in my dirty little apartment thinking back on earlier in the day. Had Ed heard my thoughts and somehow agreed with them? Had I commanded him to take out the trash with my thoughts? No, that's crazy. Everyone has a nice side In them...right? I fell asleep that night wondering.  

   I woke up with a boner and jerked off thinking about Amanda and Christina. I really wanted to taste those two. I sleepily shaved and got dressed, before I knew it I was back at work. Happily it was me and my three sexy co workers again. I decided to try an experiment. I was fairly sure I was crazy so I didn't want to be too risky with my tests,but I couldn't discount the pure weirdness of what happened the day before. I thought long and hard that morning about what I would try and how. I started out small and worked my way up. Long story short to my amazement I had the ability to control people with my thoughts. I found I was able to suggest things in my head and people would follow them. I found that I could instruct and people would obey. Without fail and no matter how ridiculous or out of character it was for the person. 

   So there I was doing my tests. I decided to hold what I began to call a confessional. I ordered the girls one by one into the office. I told the two up front at the time to cover for us in the office and not notice anything odd. First I brought Christina in the office. 

 I told her to sit in a chair across from me in the small office. She complied. I told her to feel very relaxed and at ease with me. I told her to answer every question I have with complete honesty, no matter how humiliating. I commanded her to obey my every order. Christina did not resist one bit and sat across from me smiling and twirling her hair. My mind was racing and my heart was pounding. I couldn't believe what was happening. I wasn't sure what was real but my cock wasn't letting me care very much. 

   I asked Christina my first question the one I had been dying to know about her. I asked her if she was wearing socks and if she ever did. 

 She laughed like your average teenager but quickly and casually responded 
"No, I can't stand the feeling of socks with shoes." 

 My cock twitched and I followed it up with "doesn't it make your feet sweat and stink?" 

 Christina giggled again and said "yeah, Joey hates it he always complains that my feet stink. He makes me wash them as soon as I take off my shoes."  

 I was so horny at this point all I wanted to do was smell her feet. 
I told her to take off her left shoe. 

 She obeyed and as soon as she pulled off her shoe a strong cheesy smell filled the office. I grabbed Christina's ankle and pulled her foot to my face inhaling deeply. Her foot was sticky with sweat and the smell grew stronger as the sweat dried. 
Despite a hatred of socks Christina had gorgeous feet. Every toe fell in line perfectly with the next. There was not a mark or scar on her foot. 
 I told her to put the left back on and  remove the right and she did. 
 Again I inhaled her scent and studied her foot. Christina just sat there giggling and looking a slight bit embarrassed. I reminded her that she was to be completely at ease with me. 

 I gave her back her foot and told her to put her shoe back on. I had taken out my cock and was stroking it. A little precum was on my finger, so I put my finger to Christina's lips and rubbed it on like Chap stick. Christina licked her lips and giggled.  Now I wanted to know all her intimate details. I asked her how many boys she kissed,touched,blew and finally fucked. The answer was one! Her controlling boyfriend Joey! 
 I asked her about her first time and how she liked it. I asked her about his cock and she said it was big, but didn't know how big. She said it was bigger than mine. I asked her about how he fucks her and what turns her on. She was surprisingly boring in bed, however her boyfriend loved to dominate her. Christina basically serves him like a slave. Doing literally anything he asks. Including fucking her 18 year old asshole. Joey keeps her on a tight leash, telling her what she is allowed to do and wear. Who her friends are allowed to be. He even fucks other girls and she knows it! Christina tells me that he wants to get Amanda drunk and have a threesome! Christina says she doesn't think Amanda's boyfriend would be up for it, but Joey doesn't care he wants to anyway. 

 I'm still stroking my cock as I demand Christina to tell me her most guarded secrets. I decide I know enough for now and tell her to stand up and walk towards me. I unbutton her pants and undo her belt. I pull her shirt up and her bra down. She has nice tits a bit more than a handful and some really cute and perky nipples. I pinch them and they both become instantly hard. Christina squirms and her knees become a little weak. I pull down her pants to her knees, revealing a Lacey stringy thong. I pull the fabric aside and get my first look at Christina's shaven pussy. It looked perfect. I can't describe her pussy any better than that. Smooth and pink. I put my nose to her pussy lips as she stood before me. Almost no scent except for a light and quite arousing feminine odor. 
    I command her to turn around and to put one of her hands on each of her ass cheeks and spread. She obeys and I pull her thong aside. Revealing a perfect tight little butt hole. Spreading as far as possible and still no gape. I asked her how many times she had been fucked up the ass and she said 3, but her boyfriend likes to finger it and use a small toy in it. I replace her hands with mine and give her cheeks a nice slap. This makes a little bit of moisture become visible through her pussy lips. I spread her open as far as possible and lick her from her clit to her asshole. She tastes wonderful.  

    Just as I was about to ram my swollen cock into her wet pussy the door flew open. I turned and seen Ed standing in the door way looking furious. I quickly commanded him to enter and shut the door behind him. I told him that I was now his boss and there was nothing weird going on. I told him to obey me without question no matter what. He agreed and I told him to take out his cock. 

  Without hesitation Ed unzipped and pulled out his cock. He was eye fucking Christina who was still Standing bent over with her pants around her knees. I am not exaggerating when I say Eds cock was huge. It was half hard and already about ten inches. I asked him how big it is hard and he said about 11 and a half. It was pretty thick as well. I told him to get it hard and he began to stroke his monster. It quickly grew and was standing at full attention. 
   I wanted to save innocent Christina for something more fun so I sent her out and told her to send Mo back. 

 While we waited I asked Ed what he thought if Mo. He said she was a great worker and an asset to the company. I said "No! What do you want to do to her? Would you fuck her?"   Without missing a beat Ed said that he had fucked her. I laughed and demanded details. He told me about how the safe was short by 200 dollars one day. Mo was responsible for the store so it fell on her. Ed said that Mo begged him not to fire her. Ed said that he told her she had to prove her worth to the company. He made her pay for a Hotel room and met her there. He told me that he fucked her for 4 hours and then left her tied to the bed and gagged with her dirty panties. He said he called her husband to go get her. 

 I was shocked, I knew he was an evil prick, but that takes the cake. Hearing that made me harder than I had ever been. Something about seeing innocent and professional Mo being sexually abused and dominated turned me on more so than anything to that point. 

 Mo finally came to the door of her own office to find me and Ed in there both stroking our cocks waiting for her.  I decided that with this new revelation of Ed basically owning Mo via blackmail I wouldn't even need to control Mo. However Ed was to be my puppet. 
I silently commanded Ed to inform Mo that I was in control and that everyone would now do as I said. Mo instantly agreed all without my influence. I told Ed that he was very mad at Mo and that she had to pay for it. I told him to not hold back, I told him to make her sorry. I told him to dehumanize and abuse Mo. I told him that the only limit was that she must be alive and able to recover when he is done. I told him to destroy the bitch. 
   I felt bad, I really liked Mo. She was a good girl and a great manager. However this was a new world and it was all for my pleasure. 

  Mo stood before me and Ed in her office with a pitiful and terrified expression on her face. Ed removes his belt and tightens it around Mos long skinny neck. His pants drop to his ankles leaving his enormous cock swaying in the air. Ed barks at Mo to grab it, Mo reaches out and begins to stroke Eds giant boner. Tears begin to stream down her face as Ed slowly unbuttons her manager shirt and let's it drop to the ground. Mo has really small tits for a woman her stature and as Ed rips off her bra I comment on the nice petite size of her nipples. As Ed begins to fondle with her belt I reach out and give a hard pinch to each of her nipples, making them stand at attention. Mo whimpers as I twist and pull hard on her nips. Ed smacks her as hard as he can with the palm of his hand across her face. He commands her to enjoy everything we do, without mind control. Mo obliges as her pants fall to her ankles.  
  She stands before us in a plain white pair of full butt underwear and nothing else but Eds belt pulled tightly around her throat. Mo is whimpering and still tugging on Eds cock. He yanks the belt tighter and pulls her face to his so he can shove his tongue down her throat. I get bored so I kneel down behind Mo and yank her panties down revealing a pale but thick ass. I reach out and spread open her cheeks. It seems to have been awhile since Mo has shaved long tufts of fur grow from her around her asshole and twat. The hair makes her feminine smell a little sharper and stronger as I press my face in her cunt. Mo whimpers and bucks her hips grinding her gash on my face. I can taste her getting wet, the dirty bitch must secretly be enjoying this. I take a step back and swat Mo hard on the ass. She whimpers into Eds mouth as he releases her. Ed is about to split her open when he realizes that she has a pretty big bush going on. 
  "What the fuck is this shit!? Don't we ever shave before coming in to work?"  
   Mo looked at the floor in shame. 
I start laughing and suggest that Mo take the razor and shaving cream she keeps to make the men shave their face when they forget and go shave. 
Ed laughs and agrees with me as he removes her pants and underwear from around her ankles. 
 He tells her to go shave her twat in the men's room. Mo frowns as tears stream down her face. She bends down to reach for her clothes only to be punched in the side of the head by Ed. He grabs her by the hair and throws her out of the office naked. Unable to catch her balance she skids across the floor. Me and Ed laugh as we toss her the shaving cream and razor. Mo humiliated, makes her way to the bathroom. The only customers in the store where several old men, who I'm sure only come in to fantasize about the young girls that work here. They all stare dumbfounded as Mo walks by in nothing but her non slip crocs and black knee socks. I see a few of the old men get up for a better view as Mo shamefully enters the men's room.  

 Ed slumps into a chair in the office with a hand stroking his huge cock. I sit with my butt on Mo's desk stroking my cock. I decide to call for Amanda. 

" Oh mi gawd!"  Amanda squawks as she sees us sitting in the office waiting for a piece of meat. Ed grabs her by the back of her head and forces her to her knees before us. 
I quickly tell her that she will do whatever she is told and will enjoy it. Her face transforms from horror to a smirk very quickly as her hand reaches up for Eds cock. Ed puts his hand in the back of her head and pushes his huge cock in her mouth. Amanda's small mouth seems to stretch to the max, She happily tries to fit as much of it as she can in her mouth. She can barely take half the length but vigorously begins to stroke the base in unison. Ed puts one hand on either side of her head and pulls her back off his cock, he lifts his balls up and shoves Amanda's face under them, dropping them back down on her cheek. She gingerly flicks her tongue on his taint and licks his humongous balls. She playfully sucks each one into her mouth as she strokes the length of his shaft with her fist. Ed leans his head back and moans in pleasure as 19 year old Amanda's tiny mouth and pouty lips work his giant man meat.  I command them both to continue this and for Ed not to cum.  I then leave to investigate Mo. As I walk by I notice the dining room is now empty. The handful of old men have all left. Christina sits on the front counter texting. I stop and ask her who she is talking to. She responds that it is her boyfriend Joey. I tell her to ask him to come up here and to pick up Amanda's boyfriend on the way. 
     I continue to the bathroom and am a little shocked by what I see. 
Four old men are standing around Mo furiously beating off and groping her entire body. One old man is on his knees before her shaving her pussy very thoroughly. Mo is sobbing but just going with it. Maybe she is hoping that Ed will take it easy on her if she plays a long. The old man shaving her finishes her front and bends her over to shave the back. I help him by spreading open her cheeks. The man quickly finishes and I inspect. It looks perfect! So I spit on her asshole and shove my middle finger up her puckered asshole. She whimpers and adjusts her hips so I can more easily get up there. I fuck her asshole with my finger hard and fast and then pull it out. I signal for the old men to have their way with her. I take out my phone and film every second as all five old men fuck all her holes in every position. They wear her out and after About an hour all 5 men have dumped their loads in or in her. I tell the old men to get more food and wait in the lobby. The best was yet to come. I drag a bloodied and cum glazed Mo back to the office. I round the corner and see Ed and Amanda still in the office. Ed is now standing and face fucking Amanda furiously. I am quite shocked at how much of his cock is sliding down her throat with each thrust. Precum and drool cover Amanda's hands, face and shirt. I ask Ed if he is ready to cum and he groans yes. I tell him to hold it for another second as I go to see if the girls boyfriends have arrived. 

    I tell Mo to squat in the corner facing the wall with her hands behind her head. I tell her that if she moves she will be punished. Ed laughs and tries to hold on as he works his cock down sweet young Amanda's throat. Amanda as told is happily slurping it down. Slightly gagging and drooling uncontrollably, yet still having fun. Her neck and jaw will be sore, and were just getting started. 
      I walk out to the front and see Christina sitting out in the lobby talking with Joey and Austin. 

 Joey was a built 18 year old Puerto Rican guy, about 5'2 but muscular. 
He watched every move that Christina made and watched every guy in the place with a cautious eye. Even Austin felt afraid to look at Christina for too long in Joeys presence. 
    Austin was also 18, he was a tall and gangly white boy who let his pants sag a bit too low and always seemed like he just woke up. Amanda was not only in another league, but a whole different sport entirely. I always wondered why sexy little Amanda chose to be with such a nerd. I would find out shortly in Amanda's confessional. 

   I walk up to the table and greet the boys. Austin smiles and looks down shyly, but Joey sneers back at me. I let the situation play out naturally. Joey asks why they where invited up here and I just shrug. I ask Austin to follow me. He climbs out of the booth and I ask Joey and Christina to wait there. I tell Christina to lock the doors and to go wait the tables of the old men. 
 Joey asked when we started waiting on tables, but everyone ignored him. Before I went to the back I told Joey not to move for any reason. 

   I asked Austin to follow me and without any suggestions he did. As we rounded the corner I told him he would not get violent, I also told him that he would always be 100% honest of his feelings. 
    As we rounded the corner Austin froze. Just a few feet in front of him was his sweet little girlfriend Amanda all covered in spit and precum on her knees sucking down Eds gigantic cock.  I stood next to Austin and asked him how it made him feel to witness this. He didn't take his eyes off of his tight little gf as he answered "shocked, a little. I always wanted to see Amanda with other guys. I am way to scared to tell her. I also sort of like guys." 

 " what do you mean sort of?" 

" well I always wondered what cocks taste like and cum. I always think about Amanda cheating on me with hot guys. I know I'm not the hottest. I don't know if my dick is enough for her. She says it is, but I secretly hope it isn't" 

 I ask him to pull out his cock, it's already hard. I look down at it smirk and say "it isn't." I tap him on the shoulder and tell Ed it's time for him to cum. Instantly he pulls his cock out of Amanda's mouth and begins to furiously beat his monster cock. He tilts his head back and groans loudly as spirt after spirt of hot jizz covers Amanda's face and fills her mouth. I look over and notice Austin has begun to jerk off. 

    Ed finally finishes cumming and slumps back in his chair. I tell Austin that he can go lick all of the cum and dick spit off of Amanda and lick Eds cock clean. He tells me that he really wants to and I tell him to go for it. I stood in the door way rubbing myself and watching Austin methodically lick Amanda clean. I told Amanda to swallow what was in her mouth and made them kiss. When Austin finished I told him to lick Eds cock clean. I made sure to leave him free to refuse, just for my own curiosity. Austin went straight for it and licked ever inch if Eds softening cock and balls clean. 

  By this point my cock was ready to explode. It was even starting to hurt a little.  I told Ed to get dressed and leave. He was to take Austin and Amanda back to his house and shower them both off. I told him to sponge and scrub every inch of them. He was to take them to the mall and buy them the nicest clothes to go out. They where all to be perfectly groomed and ready to go out by 9 pm.  

 He nodded at me and the three if them left in his brand new SUV. Mo was still squatting in the corner. She had started to shake awhile ago but I just ignore her. I told her to get dressed, but to leave her bra and panties in the desk drawer. She sobbed and asked why I would do this. I smacked her hard across the face and told her to shut up. She whimpered and asked what she was to tell her husband. I told her I didn't care but she was not to clean herself before she got home. 
   I smacked her again busting her lip and told her to go. She sobbed as she got dressed and left. 

   I walked out to the lobby to find a hilarious scene playing itself out. 
    Naive and innocent Christina was sitting in the lap of one of the dirty old fucks. Joey was stuck to a booth facing the other way. He cursed loudly as the old men made comments and groped Christina. 

 I had to cum soon, my cock was really starting to hurt now. I told all the dirty old men to leave. As they shuffled out I Made sure they would all come back tomorrow. 
       I decided it was time for Joeys confessional. I didn't care very much to hear from him but the things I wanted to know would be enough to send me over the edge. 
   Christina was my special prize, I wouldn't degrade her as bad as the others. She was my little doll, so as to savor her flavor I decided I would just play with her feet while Joey confessed. I told her to sit on the table Joey was at and I sat down across from him. I told her to remove her shoes and hold her feet up off the table. Christina happily complied and immediately her cheesy sweaty foot smell filled the air. I asked Joey what his biggest turn ons where. I demanded he be 100% honest. 

 In an angry tone he began to confess. " my fantasy is to see Christina with another girl." 
 "That's it? A threesome? How many girls have you been with?" 


Christina chimed in with something about him lying to her. I shushed her and grabbed both her ankles. Pulling her toes up to my nose. They smelled so sharp and strong the way you would expect working all day without socks can make them smell. 

 I asked Joey why he is so controlling over Christina and why he is so jealous. 

"Because I don't want any other guys to look at her." 

 "Why? What are you so scared of?" 

"Losing her." 

"Then why do you cheat?" 

"Because...I don't know, I get horny." 

"Dude, just look at this fine piece you have here. Why isn't this enough? I seen that pussy earlier, it's so sweet." 

"You what?" 

 I laughed in his face and told him to shut up. I was close, Christina's sweaty feet where sending me over the edge. I began breathing deep and inhaling her deeper and deeper. Her feet would bounce off of my lips with the motion of my beating off. Each time they touched they would stick just a bit and leave their scent behind. I was so close I told Christina to bring her face to me and open her mouth. I told her not to swallow and I began to shoot load after load in her sweet young mouth. She made a face at the taste but like a good girl she held every drop in her mouth. I released so hard, it had been building for hours. Truthfully I had been waiting for her feet for months. I groaned loudly and fell back into the booth. I told Christina to kneel next to Joey and without swallowing, kiss him. Joey begins to freak out but I tell him to be calm and swallow my load. I have them make out for a few minutes while I recover. 

 I tell Joey that we are going to get groomed and ready to go out tonight. I tell him to take Christina home and wash every inch of her sweet body. I instruct Christina to do the same to Joey. I tell Joey to buy them both nice outfits and be at Eds house  by 9. I tell them to go and give Christina a nice spank on her thick ass. 

 I look at my watch and it's already 6. I need a good plan for tonight. I finally begin to think with my brain instead if my cock and feel a bit guilty. That only lasted a moment until I realized I had 5 pristine bodies to enjoy and another two waiting in the wings. I began to plan my night and my fantasies.

I decided to show up at Eds house early. 

       I was feeling a bit superhuman. I had only tasted what would be possible and I was well on my path to a full on god complex. My thoughts where racing and I began to lose focus. It was only 8 pm, if they had followed orders they should be about to start scrubbing down or at least almost finished.  I was pretty clear to Ed that he was to clean and groom every inch of Austin and Amanda. I still wasn't sure what my power was able to do. It could have worn off with distance or time by now. So I approached Eds house with caution. He was the regional manager and I did still need my job. 
    I walked up and rang the door bell, it was dead silent on the first floor of Eds McMansion. I felt suddenly cocky and reached for the door knob. It opened and I stepped inside. Eds house was nice, everything seemed top of the line and brand new. I saw pictures of happy people spread all about, but it looked like it was just Ed living here. I would have to question Ed later In his confessional. As I walked in I noticed Amanda's work uniform in a trail up the stairs. Off to the side was a pile of Austin's clothes. Good boy, Ed made them strip at the door. As I got closer to the stairs I could hear the shower running. For now I wanted a different sort of confessional from Ed. I began to search through his house. I wasn't interested in money or anything like that. I was purely curious to see what Ed chose to hide. 

      I fired up his laptop and flipped through his DVDs. The first floor was nice, it had a home theater room, a large kitchen, a pool/bar room, a huge patio area with a hot tub.  All of this would be fun in the future, for now this all bored me to death. 
    I made my way up the steps. I stopped briefly to sniff and inspect Amanda's panties and socks. Both where oh so sweet as expected. I could see the light on in the bathroom. I hear shower sounds and Ed grumbling too low for me to hear. I walk into Eds bedroom, it is nice. It looks like a show room. There wasn't an out of place hair or bit of fuzz anywhere. Ed was a very regimented fellow. I lived alone and couldn't bother to do my dishes, let alone make my bed. 
    Among my discoveries where some bondage magazines featuring females and males being dominated by males. Nice, he really is a creep. Just like I always wanted to be. I found some dildos and wondered if they where for his ass. When I thought I had found it all I found a small trunk. In it where various snm outfits including a gimp suit. Also in the trunk where stacks of photos of one girl. The photos ranged from cute pictures to downright nasty. This girl did it all. She wasn't bad, I wouldn't throw her to the wolves. 
   Beneath that was a stack of DVDs each one was labeled Abby and then a number. I assumed the girl in the photos was Abby and these videos where just like the photos. 
   This will be fun for later, maybe we could track down Abby one day. 

       I decided to see what my 3 friends where up to. It was already after 8. They had better be ready by 9. I approached the door and flung it open. Amanda stood naked in front of the big mirror applying makeup and messing with her hair. Ed was in the process of doing a scrub down of Austin. Who stood in the shower with his arms above his head. He appeared to be fresh shaven. Ed had a sponge and soaped up Austin's cock. Making it rise to attention. Ed roughly cleaned Austin vigorously. Ed went around behind Austin and sponged between Austin's skinny cheeks. Ed laughed and made jokes about the noises Austin made as Ed used the enema wand on him. I asked how Amanda liked it and Ed just smiled. 
    I told Ed to finish Austin and be downstairs and dressed by 9. 
 I told Amanda to walk with me and brought her down stairs. There was a pile of designer shopping bags by the door. I told Amanda to bring me her selections and I would pick what she put on. She stood before me naked and clapped her hands with excitement. Either she was still following my orders to enjoy or this bitch really loved new clothes. 
  Amanda pranced off and returned quickly with a few out fits. I dressed her in a tight dress that ended mid way down her thighs. When she bent over it left nothing to the imagination. I picked a thong that resembled two shoelaces fashioned into underwear. I decided on a pair of black ballet flats. I always loved the way they made a girls feet sweat and stink. I instructed Amanda on how to keep her feet for me. I told her to never touch them to the ground without shoes. She listened as I told her I liked my girls feet to stink and how I enjoy sniffing them. I told her to tell Christina as soon as she seen her. 

   I all of a sudden realized that I had a full on hard on. I told Amanda to strip and get down on all fours. I for the first time got to examine her. I pressed my palm just above her ass crack so she would arch her back. Sweet little Amanda proudly displayed her tight asshole and pussy. I examined her smooth freshly shaven mound. I ran my finger from her clit to her ass crack and she shivered. I knelt down and kissed her clean feet as I positioned my face between her fat ass cheeks. Amanda was a skinny girl. I could easily wrap my hand around her calf and her arms are even thinner. However her ass was the size of a girl much larger. Amanda had an olive oil completion all over, even between her cheeks. 
    I put a hand on each side and spread her open. I licked her from her clit to her cute little puckered asshole. Amanda cooed and gently rocked her hips back onto my face. I could taste her sweet juices already as I push my tongue into her pussy and flick it around.  I pull it out and suck on her tiny bean of a clit. Amanda had a cute little pussy a bit meaty but nice small thin lips and a tiny clit. 
  I pulled back to get another view of Amanda's dripping twat on display before me. My cock was about to burst so I quickly unzipped and without much resistance shoved my cock in to the hilt. 
  Amanda moaned in ecstasy as my balls smacked into her clit. My cock touching places that haven't been touched in some time. The blonde hairs on Amanda's back began to stand up as I began to pick up pace. I slammed Amanda's face into the floor over and over as she begged me to fuck her harder. I smacked her ass and demanded she yelled for Austin to hear. I reached up and yanked Amanda's head back by her hair. The slapping and moaning from Amanda echoed through the silent first floor of Eds spacious house. I started to double time it as I began to feel my balls tighten. I put a finger in either side of Amanda's mouth and pulled her cheeks open as I slammed into her from behind. Amanda bucked and seemed to be cumming as I slammed in one last time and my cock began to spasm deep inside her. I felt Amanda shiver as blast after blast of my cum coated her insides. 
    I pulled my cock out of Amanda's gushing snatch and sat back on Eds nice leather couch. Amanda collapsed on the floor trying to catch her breath. I yelled at her to go clean up again and to bring her shoes with her. Amanda cheerfully grabbed her flats and ran upstairs. 
  I grabbed a beer out of Eds fridge and while I waited I searched Eds laptop. I found some more bondage porn, but nothing too raunchy. 

 It was just 9 pm as I finished my beer. My 3 toys made their way down the stairs. Austin and Ed looked great in fresh looking dress clothes. Amanda had a real designer slut thing going. 
 Just when I began to wonder the door bell rings. I answer it to find Joey and Christina on the other side. Joey fits in with the guys in a nice shirt and slacks. Christina is a sight, wearing a tight red dress that comes down just a bit further than Amanda's. Christina's shoes are a bright red pair of closed toe heels. Not my first choice, but I wasn't specific so it's my fault. 

 I tell everyone to climb into Eds SUV. Ed knew he was the driver, but Joey and Austin thought I would allow them to sit with their ladies. I had to correct them and make them lap in the front seat as I climbed in between the girls. 
I made Joey sit in Austin's lap and hoped Austin would pop wood. Just to make Joey uncomfortable. I think later we would all sisify Joey and put him in some of that bondage gear, 
But For now... We are going dancing!!!