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Catching Him In The Act

2022-10-12 01:47:41

Let me just start this off by saying that on the outside, I was not a slut. I was a normal, down to earth, semi-attractive teenage girl. People often described me as naive or easy to trick, because I was quiet and shy in public.

But looks can be deceiving.

At that moment, my fingers drowning in my hot cunt as I furiously rubbed my clit, I was anything but shy. It was 11:47 at night, and I was getting off to the sounds of my stepfather giving my mother a good fucking. The head board was smacking against the wall rhythmically, and I could hear the deliciously taboo moans of my whore mother. My stepdad's deep grunts turned me on even more; my pussy was sopping wet, and I was so close to orgasm. I reached up with one hand and roughly grabbed on of my double D tits, fantasizing that it was his hands on me and in me. I murmured an oath and increased my pace, humping my hand.

All too soon I heard the familiar noises of climax coming from the room below mine. I moaned a little, imagining that my cunt was being filled with cum, but it was too late. They had cum and were going to sleep, and I hadn't completely gotten off yet.

I gave a sigh and my fingers wiggled belatedly in my puss. I was still monumentally horny. I sighed and decided that some hardcore porn was in order.

I logged onto my laptop and went to my usual site, searching for anything interesting. The thing about me was, I just couldn't get off to normal sex. I like it when it's rough, taboo, even sometimes with animals- but not normal. There weren't many free porns that exactly fit into this category, so I was sexually frustrated almost all of the time.

I finally came across a dark skull-fucking video, and my hand were instantly busy trying to get a reaction out of my pussy. I imagined that the cock was being shoved into my mouth; that some guy was panting and moaning and using me just to get his rocks off. It turned me on to no end. The man in the video was extremely vocal and I was thankful for it.

"You nasty bitch!" he moaned. "Suck that cock!" And suddenly he stopped, still buried deep in her mouth, and gave a long, feral groan. I started cumming, moaning along with the man as he slipped out of her mouth and started shooting all over her slutty face. My pussy quivered as I watched him reach his completion at the same time that I reached mine.

I laid there panting for a few minutes as the aftershocks tickled my legs. I felt... unsatisfied somehow, almost hornier than before. I did have things to do tomorrow though, and I knew that it would take me forever to work myself up to another climax at this rate. I sighed as I pondered the feeling. Maybe it was because the woman didn’t swallow his baby-gravy, and just took it to the face. It seemed almost like a waste. I wouldn’t have missed a drop of the frothy white goo, but hell, I was a closet nympho.

Or maybe not......

I was still a virgin, so I don’t think you can be addicted to something you’ve never had, However, I was addicted to masterbating. There was no doubt about this. I rubbed my wet little slit several times a day.

I realized suddenly that I really had to pee. After deleting the history from my laptop, I logged off and closed it, then began to pad down the hallway.

I don’t think I would have heard it on a normal night; in fact, even if I had, I might have written it off. Tonight was different though, and as I tested the creaky floorboards as I silently crept to the bathroom, I heard a telltale slapping noise coming from my brother’s room. I knew the noise instantly; after having watched as much porn as I have, it registered in my mind automatically. It was one of my favorite sounds, one of the sexiest. It was the sound of a man pleasuring himself.

It was like I was in a trance. My path suddenly changed, and I was tiptoeing toward my brother's room. As I got closer, the noises got louder and faster, and I heard a muffled groan or two. I reached the door, and stood there stupidly for a few seconds. What the hell was I doing? I couldn’t spy on my own brother masturbating! Listening in was one thing, but my hand was just itching to throw open the door and see my brother with cock in hand.

I stood there for a few minutes, stuck and confused and wetter than hell. I heard the slaps get a bit faster, and heard his moans become completely animalistic, and realized that he was about to come. Without stopping to think, I reached out a hand and opened his door.

The difference was huge. Suddenly I could hear the sound of cock-meat being beaten quite clearly, and his grunts filled my ears. My eyes took longer to digest the scene, but damn, it was worth it.

My brother was at his computer desk, his features dimly lit by the light of the monitor. His hand was tightly wrapped around a large object, and he was pumping for all he was worth; grinding his hips, fucking his fist, the works. The object was, of course, his dick, but it was so huge that at first I refused to believe that it could be real. But as my eyes adjusted, I could clearly see that my brother was jerking his skin-flute.

It took me a considerably longer time to notice the computer, where I saw some type of hardcore porn playing loudly. Wait a minute- I squinted at the screen and blushed. That was the very same dick-devouring bitch I had just finished watching! I felt something dribble onto my thigh and knew without checking that it was my hot pussy juice. I wanted to cum then and there, and I suddenly had a disturbingly realistic vision of me lying on my back in his bed, my legs bobbing in the air while he.... Shit, this was my brother. What was I doing? I couldn’t picture my own goddamn brother shoving his…. pounding his huge, bulging dick into my warm, wet hole-

WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK WAS I THINKING? I shook my head, trying to make the thoughts go away, but my pussy was getting wetter and wetter. I couldn’t take this torture any more.

Slowly, I slipped my hand into my pajama pants- no panties because of the earlier masturbation session. Easy access, fuck yes.

Kirk- that’s my brother’s name, by the way- was moaning and panting, thrusting without any pretense of control, and I got caught up in the moment. I shoved a finger up my tight puss, rubbing my clit to his rhythm.

“Take it, take it, fuck, ohhhh, you nasty little slut,” I heard him murmur, and, my fingers working overtime, I began coming, long and hard. I barely retained my moans, which may have been unnecessary; Kirk, at this point, was grunting loudly, coming to his own climax. His dick jerked as he continued to pound his hand, and spurts of cum splattered the LED screen.

I closed my eyes, overwhelmed and still in the throes of my orgasm. When I opened them back up, Kirk’s eyes were on me.

“Katie, what the hell are you- did you just?” And his dick was hardening again, despite the incredulous look in his eyes. I licked my lips. If I had my way, this was gonna be a long night.

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