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Blackout Massage

2022-10-06 00:10:54

This starts with me becoming a massage therapist and I was volunteered by the teacher and owner of the massage therapy school to man a booth at a local holistic fair. he told me to select a female student to go with me so that when we offered a free 15 minute mini massage, they had their choice of gender.
The space provided us space to make a temporary massage room with the walls made of the white sheets usually use for doing massages after class. We had a booth out front to hand out literature about the school and answer any questions about our school. The young woman I chose was one of the most experienced woman in our class and her name was Nicole. The massage room had a chair for the client to place their clothing as they were required to undress from the waist up and the massage was a 15 minute demo of the neck, back, arms and shoulders using body lotion instead of oil so that they didn't soil their clothes after the massage. The lotion sinks in and the oil stays oily long.
It had been going well and it was my turn to do the next massage if they wanted one. I saw a couple of young women one white and one very dark black woman. I gave them the talk and asked if either one wanted a free demo massage and the lovely black woman jumped at the offer. I led her back to the massage room and pulled the sheet aside to reveal the massage table covered with a white sheet and I told her to strip down to her waist and lay face down with her face in the face holder and then signal me to come in and start your massage. I walked out and waited and soon I heard this voice ring out, "I'm ready!" I slid the sheet back and stepped in and I wasn't ready when I saw her laying on my massage table. I had never had interaction with a black woman and seeing this very black woman half naked on the white sheet and surrounded by a wall of white sheets made her look larger than life and super sexy. I walked over and grabbed the bottle of lotion and poured some in my palm and then rubbed them together and started to apply it to her shoulders. That white lotion on her black skin (that was flawless) was more than my senses could handle and I began her massage. I didn't realize how long I was taking until Nicole came up to the curtain and said, "What are you doing in there? This is supposed to be a 15 minute massage and you have been in there for 25 minutes and there are others waiting for their massage. I snapped back to the real world and quickly finished up the massage and left the room. I went down to the booth to wait for her to get dressed. She came over to me and gave me a big hug and a kiss and then whispered in my ear....."" I would love to get the rest of the massage." I wrote down my address to my apt and told her I would be available to finish her massage if she wanted me to. She told me that she would be there after dark to take me up on my offer. She turned and walked away with her and her white friend talking and giggling as they left, glancing back and smiling at me. I had never seen a naked black woman and she had my interested peaked. I don't remember much of the rest of the day and when we finished I went home and did the clean sweep to my living quarters. I set up my massage table and put the bottle of oil in the bottle warmed and sat down to watch Television until she arrived. For whatever reason she didn't show so I blew out the candles and turned of the television and went to bed. THE END
That night I had a dream! I dreamed that she came to my apt for her massage and I had her get undressed and lay face down on my table and cover herself with a sheet. When she called out that she was ready I went in the candlelit room and grabbed the bottle of oil and began the massage at her neck and worked very slowly down her shoulders, arms and back. When I got to the point where I left off earlier that day, one of the candles flickered and went out. Before I could venture into unchartered waters the other candle went out and plunged us into total darkness. I didn't stop because I was afraid she would stop the massage and I suddenly realized that I could "see" better in the darkness using my sense of touch letting me see her body than in the dim candle light. I woke up and thought about what happened and realized that a blind man would make the best massage therapist. Can you imagine how sensitive he would be using the same fingers that can read braille? I didn't want to poke my eyes out to become the best masseur that I could be so I devised a plan to offer massages in total darkness and I named them "Blackout Massages".
I finally found a woman that was advertising for a masseur to come to her home and give her a massage that goes beyond the rules. I wrote back and explained about the "Blackout Massage" and told her that since it is done in total darkness, there was no need to cover her and no need for clothing on either of us leaving our bodies available to each other during the massage. I explained that when you lose your most powerful sense, your sense of sight, all your other senses have to become more acute to make up for the loss of sight. Your sense of touch allows us to "see" even better and I can feel her muscles, tendons, ligaments etc much clearer. Our sense of hearing is more acute and I can hear the soft moans coming from the inside of her. Our sense of smell allows us to sense our arousal rate. Our sense of taste allows us to taste .....well you get the picture. She really loved the idea of a blackout massage and we set a date to come by at night and perform this massage on her.
I arrived at her home in a gated community. She lived at the end of a cul de sac and had no neighbors and there were no street lights nearby. I rang the doorbell and was greeted by this lovely lady. She told me her name was Julie. She led me inside and right into the living room where I set down my portable massage table and bag-o-tricks and asked her to give me a tour of the house so we could find a suitable place to do her massage. There were several rooms that fit the bill but when she came to her screened in pool area I knew that was the spot. I asked her to turn off all the lights in the house including the pool area. When she did it became totally black....can't see your hand in front of your face black. I told her to turn on the lights and I moved my table and bag to the pool patio exposed to the cool night air. I set up my table and told her to go take a hot shower and come back to the table via candle light. I waited patiently while she showered and dried off. I had a candle on the table next to my massage table. She came in wearing a robe and nothing else. I waited until she was close to the table and I told her to blow out her candle and I pinched mine out and we were submersed in darkness. I heard her robe hit the chair next to where she was standing and then I heard the creaking of the massage table as she climbed on and settled in. I slid off my lucky black silk shorts and was totally naked. It was time to start the massage.
I started by running my hands all over her naked body to get her used to my touch and leaned down and whispered in her ear, "This is going to be a full body massage. If there is any part of your body you don't want me to touch, let me know now so I don't offend you." Total silence told me that it was all good to my touch. I grabbed the bottle of warm oil and started at her neck and worked my way down her body. My cock was hard and sticking straight out and would occasionally poke her side or arm just to let her know just how turned on I was. I managed to work her lovely ass even the crevas between her cheeks and her sensitive hole. I worked my way down her legs, paying special attention to the area behind her knees, a very sensual place on a woman's body. Her response was a low moan and that fueled me on. I moved down her calf to her foot where I administered some foot reflexology to her bare foot. I soon moved to the other foot and did the same. All of a sudden I saw a flash of light and it seemed like someone was outside taking a picture with a flash. I looked all around and it was dark so I couldn't see anything. I never stopped my massage and I began working up her calf to her other knee and there was another flash! WHAT THE HELL WAS GOING ON? I had to keep quiet and continue and as I reached her ass cheeks again I was looking up into the darkness when I saw a flash of light way off in the distance that backlit some clouds. I realized it was lightning from a nearby storm. I didn't want to tell her because I didn't want to spook her and she hadn't seen anything yet with her eyes closed. I knew that I had better tell her soon or she would hear the rolling thunder very soon. I told her that there was a storm heading our way and to not be alarmed if she heard some thunder. She seemed to be even more excited at the thought of getting a massage during a thunder storm, I was more worried about the rain that might be coming so I started to pick up the pace and she told me to slow down and let whatever happens, happen! I settled back down and concentrated on my massaging. It was strange as the storm got closer and the flashes became brighter it was like I was doing a massage under a strobe light flashing on a dance floor. I finished her backside massage with a scalp massage and some hair pulling, something I have found that most women love. I think it is in their DNA from the caveman days when we would bop our women on the head to subdue them and then drag them back to the cave. At first we drug them by their feet but that was bad due to the collection of dirt and pebbles that accumulate in their pussies making it difficult to fuck them. We soon learned that if we drug them by their hair problem solved! After her hair pull it was time for her to turn over. Up to this point she didn't make any effort to touch or hold my hard cock but that changed when she turned over. She soon had my cock in her hand and was letting her fingers do the walking up and down my shaft and her palm running across my sensitive head. It was going to be HARD to continue doing her massage, not to mention her lovely tits and hard nipples.
I started her frontal massage where I left off with some hair pulling to pull her scalp away from her skull. I then went down and gave her a facial (no not that kind) a facial massage! I ran my fingers across her lips and I felt them open and a tongue flick out and soon she was giving my finger a tiny blow job! Now I was getting uncomfortable and I was close to cumming so I backed off a bit until I gained control again. I moved to her shoulders and hands (another very sensitive area of a female body). Next was to work her breasts, being very careful not to touch her nipples, that I was saving for my lips, teeth and tongue to massage. All of a sudden there was a flash and shortly thereafter some thunder could be heard. She also got a good view of my swollen cock in the light and it excited her further and her hand movements increased. It was obvious that the storm was headed our way. I began to work her nipples with my mouth and also worked her abs with my hand down to her Mons Venus and stopped. I moved to her hips and worked down her outer thigh to her knee and on to her foot. I gave her some more foot reflexology and then moved to the other foot to do the same. Another flash and a louder crack of thunder that we could feel rack our bodies.. I moved up her outer thighs and her hip followed by me working her inner thighs and she spread her legs wide apart, giving me full access to her inner thighs and eventually her gaping wet pussy. It was time to lean in and started to massage her clit with my teeth and tongue as I licked, nibbled and sucked on her swollen clit. There was a flash and a band that came together and almost made her cum. She asked me to climb up on the massage table and fuck her before the storm hit. She didn't have to ask me twice and soon I was probing her tight pussy with my thick cock and it wasn't going in as easily as I had expected. There was another flash and BOOM and she jumped, impaling herself on my cock and I was in all the way. I started fucking her for all I was worth, not giving any thought to the aluminum framework just a couple of feet above my head and that aluminum is a very good conductor of electricity. My head on my shoulders was totally oblivious of the danger as my head on my cock took over and soon, we were both cumming all over each other in a wild orgasm including more lightening and soon a pouring rain as we fucked.
We finally got down off the massage table and went inside to sit on the couch and watch the storm go by. We got up and took a shower together and she tried her best to get my cock to get hard again but it didn't and I knew it wouldn't anytime soon. I got dressed and put my things away wet and she walked me to the door and gave me a big wet kiss and said, "let's do this again sometime soon." and I said, "I'll keep my eye on the weather channel and let you know of any approaching storms!" :o) She laughed and closed the door as I went to my car. I was thinking of what she said, "Let's do this again," and I remembered an old saying, "You can never do something again.....but you can do something similar!