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"Cartman Gets an Anal Probe"

2022-09-13 00:45:13

Season 1 Episode 1

"Cartman Gets an Anal Probe"

What Really Happened That Night

Requested by Meg

note to readers done quick to the plot of first episode so not quite sure if this story is ok. Just a bit of fun but please let me know

The first thing Cartman noticed when he woke up was that he was unable to move anything but his arms. He was lying naked on his back strapped down onto a cold metal surface. He couldn't see what was holding him down as his head was being kept in place by a black leather strap which was around his forehead. He could however reach up behind his head but there were no buckles to release the straps that where fixed around his head. They must have been under the cold metal table where he could not reach them.

Feeling his way around with his hands he found that there were two more straps pinning his shoulders to the cold metal surface. It was something similar to a straight jacket harness he thought to himself with another joining strap running across his naked fat belly making the top half of him completely immobile.

His legs were attached with a larger wider black leather strap to the cold steel table which kept them from moving similar to an obstetrician's stirrups. He was able to reach around the back of his legs and feel for the buckles which must have been keeping the straps in place but he could not find anything there.

The harness holding his legs in place aloud him a little bit of movement if he twisted his fat ass but nothing that would allow him to free himself. There was no way he was escaping from his imprisonment on the cold metal table without being intentionally released by whoever put him there in the first place.

He started to wonder how he had gotten here in the first place. One minute he was enjoying a good nights sleep and that is the last thing that he could remember. He was pretty confused and a little scared to end up where he was.

"So you are awake Cartman." said a Alien voice.

If Cartman could have jumped off the table he would have. As it was he pulled violently on the leather straps with the shock of hearing the alien speak.

"Sorry i didn't mean to startle you." the alien voice said.

"Who are you? Where am I?" Cartman said.

"I am the person in charge and you are exactly where we want you." "You'd be well advised not to speak unless you want something horrible to happen to you."

The other aliens where quiet and looked very scary to Cartman. But he could sense the purpose behind their silence and he felt certain that unless he played by their rules he might end up yet another missing person statistic.

"Mmmmm... A quick learner." the Alien voice said. "Well that should make the night go a little smoother for us all."

He was feeling vulnerable very vulnerable not just because he was strapped down and motionless but naked as well, but because he was not able to see the other Aliens behind him. Cartman did not know what the Alien was doing but he could damn well see a lot more of Cartman than he would normally let anyone see of him naked. After a short while Cartman could hear the noise of several sets of feet on the steel floor. It sounded like 3 or four people.

"Not bad for a human." said one of the Aliens. This was different to the first Alien voice. "I think this is going to be as much fun for you as it will be for us" said the new Alien to Cartman."

Cartman was near panicking now just what the fuck was going to happen to him he thought to himself? Whatever it was it wasn't going to be good for him. The first Alien voice spoke again. "Now Cartman my quick learner I'm going to explain some rules of this game to you. And don't you worry, you'll get a chance to influence events so don't get too worried." the Alien said.

The Alien moved around again into Cartmans field of view. From his position Cartman was looking at him upside down as his head was tilted downwards. The first thing Cartman saw apart from the fact that the Alien was naked, but it was his enormous long thick purple glowing cock that caught Cartmans eye.

The cold metal table that he was strapped to was at about the Aliens waist height so his long thick purple glowing cock was at the same level as Cartmans head. The rest of the Alien was pretty ordinary just like the ones he had saw on the X Files about 8 feet high a big head and a long thin gray body. But what a fucking massive long thick purple glowing cock which Cartman knew was destined for his fat arsehole.

Apart from letting his gay dog sparky fuck his arsehole once Cartman had never had anything inserted into his fat arsehole before and he knew that he would suffer some serious damage from something that huge as sparky's dog cock was small compared to the Aliens monster purple cock.

"This is how we make children on our planet Cartman."

How the fuck did this Alien know his first name he thought to himself.

The Alien brought out 2 long thick metal tubes and showed Cartman the two dildos which he knew where dildos as he found his mother dildos last year and asked her what they where and what they where used for. One was about twelve inches long and proportioned like a normal human penis with 2 ball shaped things at the base. The other dildo was almost 2 foot long and 5 inches thick and was a very realistic looking cock shape much like the real thing but bigger and thicker.

Cartman could hear the sounds of more Alien footsteps behind him and could tell the other Aliens were gathering around him and the first Alien. One of the Aliens to his left was breathing quite heavily as he tugged on his Alien cock. Then suddenly both of Cartmans arms were grabbed and twisted down and below the cold metal table. It was not too painful but nothing he could imagine breaking free from it was an awkward position and he just wasn't strong enough to break free from the Aliens grasp.

The big Alien that had been holding the 2 big dildos walked around to between Cartmans legs as the other Alien explained what was going to happen to him. "The smallest dildo is to give you an idea of what you are in for human. And the biggest dildo is for ripping your asshole to pieces if you decide to pull any silly shit before we are finished with you ok!"

Cartman felt the first dildo probe his ass and then start to stretch his arsehole. The Alien was pushing the small dildos into Cartman fat sweaty arsehole and it hurt like fuck but at least it felt like the smaller one to Cartman. Just at that moment Cartmans small fat cock started to go hard he did not know why as he was so scared he thought it would be impossible to get a hard on but as the small dildo was pushed all of the way up into his fat arsehole his little bald cock started to stir for the first time in his life. Then he felt one of the Aliens warm mouth wrap around the head of his small fat cock.

Cartman could feel the Alien use one of his two lips to slide his foreskin back over the head of his cock. Then the Alien took more of Cartmans cock into his mouth moving his outer lips further down towards the base of his small bald cock. That was enough for him to get completely hard. Cartmans cock is about four inches long but much fatter than the average boys cock.

Once the Alien had gotten a little over half of Cartmans cock in his mouth it felt like that was as much as he could get in. But then Cartman felt the Alien take a long deep breath and swallow so he could get Cartmans cock to go even further into his mouth. The feeling to Cartman was incredible as the head of his cock went down into the Aliens throat as the Aliens lips were wrapped around the base of his shaft. This was Cartmans first blow job and the Alien had swallowed his entire cock.

The original Alien captor spoke once again. "Now Cartman here is the point where you get a choice." "Firstly you can choose to cooperate with us. In which case you will be allowed to leave and go back home unharmed once we have finished with you." "But if their is any funny business from you. You will leave in a lot of pain." But that isn't the only choice we will give you." "Listen closely now as i explain the rest too you."

The mouth that was sucking Cartmans cock slowly removed itself and his arms were released. Then three naked Aliens and the Alien that was speaking moved into his view.

"The rules of this particular game are simple." "Each one of us here is allowed to cum once and once only." "Once they achieve this they are out of the game and can no longer take part in fucking you!" "When one of us leaves the game in this way any other Alien still in the game may switch to that position if they choose to." " So your choice tonight is which one of us starts in which position first."

That was about as clear as mud to Cartman as all the fucking Aliens looked the same excpet for one thing all their cocks where glowing different colors. "Sorry? What do you mean i can choose which position?" Cartman said to the first Alien who had the long glowing thick purple cock.

"Well." the Alien said with a slight smile on his face. "There are four positions on the human body. One is fucking your fat arsehole the another is fucking your mouth. The other two positions involve your hands which will have one cock in each hand. If you manage to masturbate one of us to orgasm before either of the two fucking your arsehole and mouth have finished then they no longer get the chance to fuck your arsehole or mouth. Simple?"

"Simple my arse!" Cartman said. But to save his arsehole he had to make a choice.

In the end it was pretty simple. The Alien that was speaking had the biggest cock and one of the other Aliens was also well hung with a largish yellow glowing cock. Cartman didn't want either of those two near his arsehole or mouth so he chosed them to start at his hands. The Alien who was breathing heavily had a smaller thinner green glowing cock and another Alien licking his lips had a tiny red glowing cock. Cartman picked the Alien with the tiny red glowing cock to start on fucking his arsehole and the heavy breather with the green glowing cock to start fucking his mouth.

All four Aliens looked very pleased as they moved into their positions.

Both the Aliens with the big cocks put them in his hands the biggest one the purple glowing cock was put in his right hand and the big thick yellow glowing cock that was just as big as the purple glowing cock in his left hand. Cartman quickly got to work on the two biggest cocks that where in his hands as to getting both of these to cum quickly so he started wanking those cocks for all he was worth. To Cartmans distress the big purple glowing cock started to get even bigger. It felt like he was masturbating an elephants trunk! Cartman started to get worried as he wanted to make this Alien cum and fast as he did not want his big thick purple glowing cock to fuck his small fat arsehole!

He got a little distracted when the Alien with the tiny red glowing cock pulled the small dildo out of his arsehole. But that was nothing compared to his shock when he started sucking on his small hard bald cock. He was now was completely frozen when the heavy breathing Alien slapped his small green glowing cock against his face and simply said "Suck it boy!".

Cartman resumed his stroking of the two Aliens with the large purple and yellow glowing cocks. Cartman opened his mouth which was quickly filled by a very hard green glowing cock. He could taste the Aliens pre cum on his tongue as the big cockhead slid past his lips. The Alien kept on pushing his green glowing cock into Cartmans mouth so far that he started to gag on it.

"Don't choke him!" said the Alien with the big purple glowing Cock. "I'm just starting to enjoy this." he said.

"Well he has to take my whole cock in his mouth then." said the Heavy Breathing Alien in an almost pleading tone. "C'mon Cartman swallow the whole thing or else."

Cartman did his best to get the Aliens green glowing cock further into his mouth but he was still gagging on it occasionally. The heavy breathing Alien then started pushing his green glowing slimey cock in and out of Cartmans mouth each time going further down his throat as far as he could. it definitely started to get a little easier after the first few thrusts as it got wetter and slimeyer. The Alien was now going in as deep as he could his balls banging up against Cartman nose each time.

The Alien was obviously enjoying himself as he started moaning loudly the only one of the four Aliens to actually make any noise.

Cartman focussed back on the two big Alien cocks again. He stated to get worried again as he wanted them to come quickly so as to save his arsehole!

The Alien with the small thin red glowing cock had continued sucking Cartmans cock with his lips and mouth trying to get his cock as far back into his mouth as Cartmans cock would go. Cartman was grateful for the not inconsiderable amount of pleasure he was getting from the Aliens mouth on his cock. But Cartman was getting worried as he knew the more the Alien sucked on his cock the longer it would take for the Alien to cum. Fortunately or unfortunately for Cartman one of the other Aliens noticed this as well.

"Stop sucking his cock and start fucking him" said the Alien with the big thick yellow glowing cock on his left hand side. "I want a bit of that fat arsehole once you are done."

Cartman could feel the Aliens mouth slid almost the whole way off of his hard slimey cock until just the head of his cock was left in the Aliens mouth. Then he suddenly felt something probe at his fat sweaty arsehole. It wasn't the Aliens finger as he could feel both of the Aliens hands which had a strong grip on his hips.

Then Cartman realized it must be the Aliens cock! The Alien had the head of Cartmans cock in his mouth yet he was able to push his small thin red glowing cock up into Cartmans arse.

"Flexible little Alien shit aren't you." said the Alien with the big thick yellow glowing cock standing to the left of Cartman. "If your small thin red glowing cock wasn't so small you'd probably be able to suck yourself off!"

The Alien with the Big thick purple glowing cock standing to his right spoke up. "He can suck himself off. He can fit his entire cock inside his mouth."

Cartman could feel the tiny red glowing cock was in his arsehole to the hilt. It didn't feel like much after the small thick long dildo but he still knew there was a cock inside his arsehole. Once the Aliens cock was in side of Cartmans arsehole the Alien didn't pump away but rather started bobbing his head and rocking slightly. The feeling Cartman was feeling was out of this world and fucking incredible.

Cartman still had the tiny thin green glowing cock pumping away in his mouth and was also wanking away at the big purple glowing cock in his right hand as well as the big thick yellow glowing cock in his left hand but he could feel himself cumming. The Alien with the tiny red glowing cock pulled out of Cartmans arsehole and pushed his mouth back down over his cock once more taking his small cock back into his throat. Cartman couldn't hold back any longer he came like a over flowing river and the Alien sucking his cock let it all run down his throat while sucking on his cock for all he was worth.

Now spent Cartmans cock started to shrink back to it's normal size. The Alien with the tiny red glowing-cock removed his mouth and lips from his spent cock and moved around to behind the Alien that was the heavy-breather. I hope to god that Alien isn't thinking of sticking his tiny cock in my mouth after it's been in my arse. I'd throw up.

But no that isn't what he had in mind.

The heavy breathing Alien stopped at the deepest part of his thrust. His green glowing cock was still in Cartmans throat and Cartman was finding it difficult to breath. He bent forward at the waist slightly.

The Alien with the big yellow glowing cock in his left hand spoke up again this time in a light-hearted way. "I don't think that is the arse you are meant to be fucking".

The Alien with the tiny red glowing cock was now fucking the heavy breathing Aliens arses hole! Cartman could feel the Alien pumping the other Aliens arses by the pressure of heavy breather against his face.

"I'll come quicker this way" the Alien with the the tiny red glowing cock said.

Oh no! Cartman cried as he renewed his efforts on the two big cocks in his hands. He now knew that he had to get them to cum quick otherwise they'd end up fucking his arsehole or his mouth and he wasn't sure he could take either of them in side of his arsehole or mouth.

But oddly everything started to fall into a rhythm as the heavy breathing Alien seemed to like being fucked in the arsehole by the Alien with the tiny red glowing cock as he'd given up thrusting into Cartmans mouth. He'd pulled back a bit so the head of his green glowing cock was at the back of Cartmans tongue and just getting pushed back and forth by the Alien with the Tiny cock who was thrusting is red glowing cock in and out of the other Aliens arsehole.

Being able to breathe easily meant Cartman was now able to concentrate on wanking the Aliens with the two biggest cock. The big yellow glowing cock in his left hand was oozing pre cum and he was using some of it to lubricate his hand. In his right hand was that massive purple glowing cock of the biggest Alien that Cartman wanted to avoid at all costs. Cartman was now pumping his right hand about twice as fast as he was pumping his left hand.

The next thing that happened took Cartman by surprise. He suddenly felt warm cum shooting onto his chest and neck. "Fuck" said the Alien with the big yellow glowing cock standing on his left hand side. Cartman was elated when he felt the Aliens cock pulsing in his left hand. That was one big cock down and just the biggest one to go. Cartman let go of the big yellow cock just as another jet of cum squirted onto his forearm.

Now if he could only get the big purple glowing cock to cum as well he'd be a lot less nervous about his arsehole surviving this game. Cartman kept wanking away at the Alien with the big purple glowing cock with his right hand as fast as he could whilst cradling the Aliens balls with his left.

Then disaster struck as the Alien with the tiny red glowing cock thrust extra hard into the other Aliens arsehole as he cum pushing the heavy breathing Alien deep into Cartmans throat. The Alien with the green glowing cock was moaning to himself "I'm cumming..." Again Cartman gagged. He wasn't ready for the green glowing cock down his throat. He tried to swallow several times to feel better but when he felt the heavy breathing Aliens cock start pulsing. Then it hit him the Alien with the green glowing cock was about to shoot his load down into his mouth!

Cum squirted down Cartman throat spurt after spurt of thick creamy cum. Cartman could feel the jets of semen hit the back of his throat. He could taste it too as some had squirted onto his tongue with one of the Aliens thrusts. The Alien had started thrusting again as he came driving his green glowing cock deeper into Cartmans throat deeper than he had earlier. The Aliens thrusting forced him to keep swallowing so he didn't choke on the Aliens cum. Here he was tied to a cold metal table swallowing some Aliens cum Stan, Kyle and Kenny would never belive him.

The heavy breathing Alien pulled out of his mouth and Cartman got an unwanted look at the Alien with the tiny cocks shit-covered shrunken and spent cock.

"Just me left now" said the Alien with the big purple glowing cock. "Do you want to give me a blow job or should i fuck your arsehole?"

God! What a fucking difficult choice Cartman thought to himself. After feeling and tasting a cock in his mouth he didn't want any more but his big long purple glowing thick cock was way too huge and thick for his no longer virgin arsehole. The small dildo had taken his arseholes cherry and the Alien with the tiny red glowing cock had fucked his arsehole but it really wasn't that big a deal. This big long thick purple glowing cock would do permanent damage to his arsehole!

"In my mouth please" Cartman could hear myself say. He swallowed again to clear the last of the cum in his mouth left by the other Alien. He wanted to spit but he was still a prisoner and wanted to be as obedient as possible in order to get away.

The Alien with the big purple glowing cock moved around to Cartmans head getting ready to fuck his mouth. The Alien moved his long thick cock to about 6 inches away from Cartmans mouth and stopped. Cartman reached forward with his arms to guide that monster purple glowing cock home when his arms were grabbed again. This time they weren't going to be released. His arms were quickly bound at the wrist holding them alongside his body.

"You don't really need those any more" the Alien explained.

As he pushed his long thick purple glowing cock forward the head of it touched the bottom of Cartmans nose and upper lip before it slid into his small mouth. The Alien kept pushing it slowly forward until it completely filled his mouth until his thick purple glowing cock could go no further. The Alien had maybe five inches inside his mouth and about twelve inches outside.

Cartman knew there was no way he was going to be able to push that cock any further into his mouth. So the Alien pulled his cock almost all the way out and then slowly pushed it back again. As he did Cartman tasted the pre cum from the head of his thick purple glowing cock. It tasted better than the heavy breathing Aliens sperm did and Cartmans mouth started producing more saliva making the Aliens thrusts easier.

"Hey that's cheating!" the big Alien said. What the fuck was he talking about? Was Cartman producing saliva seen as cheating?

But he wasn't talking to Cartman.

"You are already out of the game."

"Only just the Alien with the big yellow glowing cock replied" "Well now that you are the winner i thought I'd join in again... any objections?"

The Alien with big purple glowing cock didn't reply. He might have shrugged or shook his head but Cartman didn't see or hear anything. He sure felt something though. The Alien with the big yellow glowing cock was pushing his big thick cock against Cartmans arsehole.

Cartman tried moaning in the negative but the Alien with the big purple glowing cock had chosen that moment to make his move. Well lubricated now as he pushed his cock past the back of Cartmans mouth and deep into his throat. Not into the hilt but Cartman had more cock in his mouth than was outside.
At the same time the Alien with the big thick yellow glowing cock was stretching his arsehole with the head of his thick yellow glowing cock. Cartman didn't think his was as hard or as big as it had been when it was in his hand but fuck it still hurt.

Once the Alien had gotten the head of his thick yellow glowing cock inside of Cartman arsehole Cartman could feel his arsehole tighten around the Aliens thick shaft. The rest of the Aliens thick cock slid inside Cartmans arsehole more easily and he felt completely filled up. Cartman guessed that the Alien he must have used some lubricant or something as the pain of being stretched started subsiding but he still felt a little uncomfortable. More because the Aliens long thick cock was going deep inside his arsehole and it felt a bit weird.

Meanwhile Cartmans mouth and throat were still filled to capacity with a giant unmoving purple glowing cock. He'd been holding his breath for the last twenty seconds but was being to feel faint. The Alien with the big thick purple glowing cock pulled out just enough for Cartman to breath again before shoving his long thick cock back deeper inside Cartmans throat once more.

Being fuck by two huge thick glowing cocks was pretty unreal to Cartman. Even more unreal is that he was getting another hard on again. Cartmans cock was about the only thing that had any freedom as his mouth and arsehole were getting fucked hard while the rest of him was completely immobilized by the leather straps holding him down onto the cold metal table.

The Alien with the long thick big purple glowing cock pulled out of his mouth again. This time he left his purple glowing cock head near the base of Cartmans tongue. So Cartman busied himself with licking and sucking the Aliens cock to stop him from thrusting it back too deep into his throat. Only Cartman didn't realize that this was what the big Alien wanted him to do. The more Cartman licked and sucked on that long thick purple cock the wetter his mouth got both with the Aliens pre cum and saliva. All so he could completely bury his cock deep into Cartmans mouth and throat.

The Alien thrust again this time his long thick cock went completely into his mouth and the Aliens balls pressed up against his nose. If he could breathe he would have smelt his scent as it was Cartman started to choke on the Aliens long thick cock. Cartman gagged again but now he couldn't swallow properly as the Aliens huge purple glowing cock prevented him from doing that. So Cartman started choking on the Aliens huge purple cock. The Alien pulled out again enough for him to recover. No sooner than he had the big Alien thrust just as deep again.

Cartmans eyes were streaming tears from him choking on the Aliens huge cock but this time he was a little more ready for it. He still gagged a little on the huge cock but managed to settle with that huge cock resting in his throat. Then he felt hands on his little bald cock. Someone was putting lubricant onto his little hard bald cock. Eitheir the Alien with the tiny red glowing cock or the one that was the heavy Breather had their hands on his cock and Cartmans bet was it was the Alien with the tiny red glowing cock. After he had finished lubricating Cartmans cock he could feel him climb onto the metal table that he was strapped to and grip hold of Cartmans cock with his hand.

Something pushed against the head of Cartmans little cock enveloping it squeezing it incredibly tightly. Cartmans cock was now going inside someone's arsehole and it felt so good that he arched his hips up thus straining at his bonds in order to get more of his cock inside that tight Alien arsehole. At this point something snapped inside of Cartman. He no longer worried about what was going to happen to him now and he started living in the moment as the sexual lust flowed through him and all he concentrated on were the feelings he was giving and receiving.

Don't get me wrong if he could have chosen a place to be this would have been about the last place on earth he would have picked. But since he was stuck with it he thought he should make the most of it. The Alien with the tiny red glowing cock started riding his cock with his tight little arsehole and Cartman loved every second of it. He was even starting to enjoy the feeling of the big thick yellow glowing cock fucking his own arsehole. The cock in his mouth was still giving him trouble though.

Cartman loved the feeling of his cock in someone else's arsehole and the thought that the Alien with the big thick purple cock was getting those same feelings with it being in his mouth was a bit of a turn on. Cartman wasn't so much enjoying the deep-throating though as it was impossible to breathe when the Aliens cock was all the way inside his mouth. Also he couldn't help but gag occasionally. Swallowing helped that reflex so Cartman did it as much as possible but his throat was starting to feel sore from the abuse it had been getting.

Just at that moment the Alien with the big long thick purple glowing cock chose that moment to push his thick cock back deep inside Cartmans mouth completely filling up his mouth again.
Cartman just managed to take it all in without gagging this time and waited for him to it pull back out so he could breath. The Alien with the tiny red glowing cock was still furiously riding Cartmans cock and he could feel himself building towards another orgasm. Unfortunately Cartman was getting faint from not being able to breath.

Cartman started to gag and swallow then he started moaning in an attempt to get the Alien to pull his big cock out so that he could breath. But it didn't look like the Alien was going to pull his cock out of Cartmans mouth. Cartman was left vainly trying to suck in air around the Aliens big cock but he pushed even harder against Cartmans face his heavy balls pressed against his face. He swallowed rapidly and felt a massive convulsion from the long thick cock in his mouth. Then the Alien pulled out his thick purple cock so that only his head was inside Cartmans mouth and Cartman took a huge breath of air, choking on the Aliens hot sperm as the Aliens cock started squirting cum into his mouth.

The Alien kept his purple cock head just inside of Cartmans mouth as he came his sperm filling up his mouth to overflowing as it ran out past Cartmans lips. A little bit of the Aliens spunk dribbled out and ran down his cheek and past his eye. Cartman swallowed most of it licking his lips and the head of Aliens cock to clean up all of his cum from his huge purple glowing cock.=

Then suddenly Cartman felt another warm jet of cum splatter onto his fat stomach. Now the Alien with the tiny red glowing cock was blowing his load and as he came he rocked his hips backward and forward. It created a nice friction on Cartmans cock that was enough to push him past the point of no return and he unleashed his hot white sperm into the Aliens tight arsehole. The three of them stayed locked together and motionless whilst the other Alien fucking his arsehole with his massive cock. In almost no time at all the other Alien came. Cartman could feel his cock pump sperm into his arsehole until he too was completely spent. Cartman didn't feel the 80-foot satellite dish that the Alien had lodged up his arsehole as it was only small when inside his arsehole and would only grow to 80 feet when out side of his arsehole.

The Alien with the purple glowing cock pulled out of his mouth. He then turned around and reached for something on the table behind him while saying "Thanks for playing so well." "Perhaps we'll have another game sometime Cartman?"

Then he quickly covered Cartmans mouth and nose with a strange-smelling cloth. And that's the last thing Cartman could remember...

...When Cartman woke up he was back in his bedroom in his bed and alone. Then he saw his clothes on the floor and the two dildos were at the bottom of his bed. He quickly washed and dressed then left his room to get ready for school.

He thought he would never tell anyone about what happened and he had mixed feelings about his memories of it. A Part of him enjoyed it and would do it again.

As Kyle, Stan, Kenny, and Cartman wait for the school bus, Cartman tells the boys about a dream he had the previous night about being abducted by aliens. The others try to convince him that the events actually happened, but Cartman refuses to believe them. Chef pulls up in his car and asks if the boys saw the spaceship the previous evening, inadvertently confirming Cartman's "dream", and relays stories of alien anal probes (which throughout the episode Cartman denies he experienced).