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2022-09-20 01:16:15

__It started when I walked up behind my son watching porn on ourcomputer. I stood in the doorway as he didn’t see me. I wanted to see what he was watching. The video showed a girl on her back and the camera was being held by a male sitting on top of her. They were actually boyfriend and girlfriend, but they were doing something called ’role play’. She acted like she was the daughter and he was her daddy. She was wanting her daddy to have sex with her.

I was shocked as I had never seen anything like this before. Apparently she had in real life wanted to have sex with her daddy, and it never happened. Now she could act out what it would have been like. The guy acted like her daddy and was trying not to have sex with his daughter.

After a while she sexy talked to him into it and she took his hardon and slipped it in her pussy as he filmed them fucking wildly.

I backed out of the doorway and my son never saw me. My mind wouldn’t stop thinking about the video. I had those same feelings about my daddy and nothing ever happened. I thought how lucky she was to have a boyfriend to play along with her unfulfilled fantasy of having sex with her daddy.

All that day I couldn’t stop thinking about that video. I was a single mom and to ask a boyfriend to do that was over the top for me and way to embarrassing to get into. I had some question about videos like that and decided to have a talk with my son Jeff. He was pretty young to me to talk about something like that but I got the courage that night to talk with him.

I wondered if he had ’role played’ with any of his girlfriends. As I started to enter his bedroom I heard him talking on hiscell phone, so I stopped to listen. He was talking to his friend Brad about some hot videos they had watched.

Then came the shocker. He talked about a video about a guy and girl only this time the guy had wanted to have sex with his mom….

The girl pretended to be his mom and resisted his wanting to have sex with her. He slowly started feeling his pretend ’mom’ and soon he was laying on top of her and kissing her neck. The pretend mom got all aroused and slowly let him feel her tits. I then heard Jeff say: “Brad, keep this to yourself….but….I wish that was me on my mom. She’s so sexy with nice tits, I would love to fuck her….huh?….you too would love to fuck your mom too? Were sicko’s Brad…..but I bet other guys wish they could fuck their mom’s too….Who?…..no shit!…who told you that?…..the guy himself did?….omg…I would never tell anyone if I did. Have you seen your mom naked before?…..really….your so lucky…did she catch you looking at her?….your mom is a wankers dream, she’s so fuck’in hot in her tight shorts.

I wanked lots of times thinking about my mom being naked and letting me fuck her….you too?…..It’s hot isn’t it….. Gotta go….see ya.”

I quick ducked in my bedroom and closed the door quietly. I was breathing so hard and my pussy was wet from listening to all that.

Jeff quickly became atarget for me to have a little ’role play’ action with. We wouldn’t actually do anything….… but the playing was hot to think about. I knew for sure now he wanked thinking about having sex with me and I had Mr.Zoom.

Mr. Zoom was what my older sister Lena and I called the fake hairbrush that our daddy had given us when we were young. He gave us each one without saying a word. “Mr. Zoom’s Adult Hair brush” it said on it. The handle was shaped like a smooth dick that hit her and my ‘g’ spot perfect. It vibrated with batteries too. Our mom had one too for when daddy was away on long trips. My Mr. Zoom was going to get a workout tonight for sure after hearing Jeff’s conversation.

Now I had to talk to him, so back I went to his room. He was laying on his bed covered up. I started talking about ’role play’ fun. I rambled on about how much fun it could be for a guy and girl. He was embarrassed at first but soon he relaxed and we talked about it. Then I saw the tent under the covers. He was getting a hardon. I knew I had his attention then.

I slowly laid down next to him and ask him if he had ever ’role played’. He paused….then said no, but he would like to with a girl. I asked for details of who he would be and the girl would be. He said he would be the big jock like at school and the girl would be the prettiest girl in school, Bev. She would beg him to have sex with him and he would resist at first, but then ’give in’ and have sex with her.

He just gave me the key I wanted. I would be the hot girl at school and him the stud jock.

I turned out the light and slowly started in on him.

“My name is Bev, and Jeff, I’ve liked you for so long, put your arm around me and kiss me. I’ve dreamed of this for so long.” I pulled his arm around me. He caught on quick and assumed the role of the jock.

“ Bev, I have a lot of girlfriends to choose from, and I’m not sure your one I’d like to do kissing with. I’ll have to test you out and see how it goes. Your like my mom…. and I might feel strange kissing you.”

“Oh please Jeff, pretend I’m the perfect girl for you and test me all you want. Kiss my neck to start with. I think you‘ll like me. I‘m so hot for you, please Jeff. ”

My original plan was to get us both good and horny then leave him to wank, while I went to use Mr. Zoom to get me off.

I knew what he wanted, to fantasize about having sex with me. I wanted him to play my daddy and finally give in to having sex with me.

The part where I stopped and left the role play…..well…that part didn’t exactly turn out that way. When he started kissing my neck in the dark, all reason left me and I want him to be my daddy right now and have sex with me. I knew he wanted to have sex with me, his mom. I got hotter than I had ever remember. It progressed with no resistance at all to his kissing my neck and now my body.

I assumed to role of myself and closed my eyes and called him ’daddy’. He rolled over on top of me and caught on quick that I wanted him to be my daddy.

“Mindy, you have gone to far, and now I have to have you. You’re the hottest daughter any daddy could ask for. I cannot resist your sexy body anymore.”

When he said that….I was a goner…I opened up my robe and let his hardon sink between my legs. His hands came up and for the first time, he felt my tits so good. I said out of breath as myself: “ Jeff…you don’t have to wank thinking about me anymore, just do what you want.”

He made a dive down to my pussy to kiss and lick it. He started in my sensitive clit. “Oh daddy”….came the words out of my mouth. “Daddy….you make me feel so good…I’m gonna cum daddy….your making me cum so good daddy!!!…oh god yes...put it in me now daddy….now!”

He quick slid up on me and I felt his hardon slide in me so slick and wonderful. We played like my daddy was finally having sex with me. Every other thought left but to have him cum in me for the first time.

He was shaking and panting with his dream of having sex with me as it was coming true…”Oh god mom….oh god…your so beautiful…I have to cum, I cant’ hold it back anymore!”

As I held my daddy tight and wrapped my legs around him….I felt the earth move as the hottest blast of cum filled my waiting pussy. We both moaned out of control. Our bodies slapping together until the last thrust…we both shook and it all shot out. Cum came flowing out and soaked us between my legs…we just kept fucking…and fucking….

It was a wonderful night, me holding on to my daddy. He was having hot sex with his mom and us fucking again and again that night….

The jock and pretty girl at school never returned.
I knew Jeff and what he must be thinking…

“Oh my god, I’m having the ultimate, sex with my beautiful mom. I dreamed about feeling her tits so many times, and now I’m doing it. I’m going further and kissing and licking her hot bushed pussy. She’s always talked about her wonderful daddy, so I’ll be her pretend daddy because she likes it. It’s making her so hot and now for the ultimate. I get to fuck her. This is my wanking dream coming true. Her pussy is so wet and warm, I may go crazy right now. My balls are ready to burst….oh my god…I’m going cum mybrains out…..here it cums…”

I was right. As we talked later ‘mom’ and ‘daddy’ were hitting peak of hot sex they never even dreamed of…..
Around the house he was my daddy and I called him ‘daddy’. He called me ‘hot mom’ and we started having sex anytime we wanted to… at any place. The kitchen floor, the living room floor and in every room in the house. He might say: “Hot mom, I need to cum bad….” and I might say: “Daddy, get me naked and let’s just do it right now.”

To this day, we do what we want when he comes over, or I go over to his apartment. Torn off buttons, ripped clothes are part of our passion that we like. I like to take my daddy and make him so hot, he has to have sex with me. Daddy Jeff daddy grabs me and his hands are quickly on my bare tits and then up my dress. He takes me to the floor and rips my dress to get to lick my wet pussy. We make noise and just don’t care who hears us. My daddy knows just how to make me cum hard and Jeff’s mom makes him cum so good he groans and cums hard in my mouth. I never resist, and neither does he…. Except…. when we run naked and chase each other around the house.

Showers are so passion filled as we get weak from the hot soapy water as we get all slick and then cum together….

Tonight he’s coming over and sleep in my big bed. We’ll go 69 and cum so good, over and over.

My sister knew something is making me very happy all the time. She ask me how ’Mr. Zoom’ was treating me. She would have to ask that….

When I just smiled…she went and got him and the batteries were dead. She had me. She knew I was not telling her something.

I finally had to share with my good fortune story with her. I also told her this. I had ask Jeff if there was any woman he want me to be, and I would ’role play’ and be her. He paused. He looked at me with a ornery smile…..finally her said: ”Aunt Lena sure has big tits and a nice ass.” I froze with a smile. He’s had the hots for my sister Lena and I didn’t even know it.

Lena had gained weight and her tits were bigger than mine. I wanted to please Jeff, so I did up my hair like hers and that night played like I was Lena. Jeff got real excited as he sucked on my tits and called me ‘Lena’. I acted like her with giggles telling him he was a naughty boy…soon he began to rip my old dress right off of me. We thrashed like a young couple tongue kissing and it was awesome. I pretended like it was daddy having sex with Lena. She had tried to have sex with our daddy too, and failed.
She’ll be coming over tonight too, to ’really’ share in the good fortune.

Poor Jeff won’t get any sleep tonight as I know Lena and she’ll go crazy playing like she’s having sex with our daddy.

I was right.

I had never been in the same room when my sister had sex with a guy and she really went wild with Jeff. She called him ’daddy’ too and they got into some wild kisses, licking and sucking each other. It made me so horny to watch, I had to join in with Lena. Poor Jeff was attacked by two sisters and we drained all the cum he had out of him. We both sucked his hardon as he licked both our pussy’s. His final cum shot was on our faces. Then we took turns deep throating him to get all the cum he had. He lay content with our wet pussy juices all over his face. He pulled our pussy’s together and got us to trib together until we both had climaxes rubbing our pussy’s together for the first time…. We all lay there panting and moaning that night…..
The best was yet to come. Lena and I still talk about the night Jeff dressed up like our daddy.

He sat on the couch and said all gruff: “You girls come here!” just like our daddy use to. “Hug your daddy and then go shower…together. Wash your bodies real good, then….get in the big bed naked. You’ve both been bad and have to be punished.” Lena and I looked at each other and wondered..WTF is he up to. We got on each side of him as he felt us up and tongue kissed us….wow…that was hot. He then swatted us on our butts as we took off giggling for the shower.

We washed each other real good, which was very arousing having never given each other a shower before. I think because we were sisters there was no embarrassment. For the first time we felt each others tits and fingered our pussy’s. Jeff stood and watched us with his big tent in our daddy old robe.

We ran by him naked and into the big bed. “Get on your tummy’s, girls!” he barked. We giggled and did what he said, all excited. He turned Lena to 69 and had me lay on top of her. My pussy was in her face and her pussy was right in front of mine. “Start licking girls.” he said. We had never did this before and slowly got into licking each other. ’Our daddy’, (Jeff) got naked and began to lay on my back. I soon found out what he was up to.

He slipped his hardon in my pussy as Lena licked my clit and his moving hardon. I began to squirm and moan as he fucked me deep from behind while Lena licked us both.

It was way… beyond awesome…daddy and I both licked Lena’s pussy as we fucked. He then switched. I was on the bottom, and her on top of me. He slipped his hardon in her wet pussy and began to fuck her while they both licked my pussy.

The moans filled the room as we all began to get ready to cum. I couldn’t stop squirming and neither could Lena. It built up to a solid moan from us both as our daddy fucked her hard. My pussy was twitching and pushing up against their tongues. She moaned loud:

“I’m gonna cum daddy! Oh hell yes! YES!” ‘Our daddy’ squeezed our tits firm and pushed his hardon deep in her as far as it would go…he groaned deep… then he let go with his cum blast.

There is nothing like the feeling of hot cum being shot in a pussy. Lena and daddy were licking me as they had my pussy twitching. My pussy was gushing as they both licked me. I had a climax beyond description….

Later we switched and he fucked me from behind while we licked her to the point of becoming a sex crazed woman….
Lena and I take good care of ‘our daddy‘, and he keeps us horny all the time. A three-some with your mom and aunt he says: “can’t be described, but….only felt“….. ...