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A housewife or a whore_(1)

2023-01-13 00:47:06

This is a story about a married lady who explored the kinky virtual world to get out of the day to day boredom.

Rekha, 23, was what one could call a perfect marriage partner. She could pass for a model any given day. She used to be slightly slim then what she was now but the extra kilos had added more to her charm and looks. The extra kilos were gained at the right places.

Anupam, 26, her husband was a land shark. He could make money out of sand. His obsession was to increase his land bank and become one of the top land bank owners of India. With the boom in the land business, he was in alignment with his obsession.

Anupam and Rekha met at a social function. Anupam was particularly impressed with her looks and the way she handled herself otherwise as well. Anupam was a rich, nice and a handsome guy. Rekha had the looks, warmth and character. The only thought that came seeing them together was -- Made for each other.

Anupam was now travelling all over the country to look for newer places, newer markets to increase his land bank. At times, he would travel for 20 odd days at a stretch as well. Rekha would accompany him some time but she got bored as she had to stay alone the whole day in the hotels. She stopped travelling with him in the times to come. Anupam loved her much and spent a lot of time with her when he was in town. He provided her with all the luxuries possible.

Rekha was bored to death and sometimes would almost feel depressed seeing the day just drag by. She joined a few ladies clubs. Rekha slowly started to know about the ladies in the group and their life. All of them had more or less the same story of having too much time at hand and nothing much to do. The ladies there were more interested in bitching then friendship. Some six months later, she made the inference that every lady was bored but one. That one lady happened to be her best friend as well.

Her friend was always chirping, perky, smiling, content and busy texting on her mobile. It intrigued Rekha much cause she had a life similar to hers and yet the contrast. She asked for the reason but never got a definite answer. As some more time passed, Rekha could see that the more her friend texted - the happier she would be. So one thing was for sure, her texting was the thing that kept her ticking. Now what's, why's and how's of texting were a thing that eluded her.

The more her friend denied the details, the more it intrigued Rekha. Rekha was now obsessed to know the reason for her friend's happiness. She finally came up with a solution. She bought the exact model of mobile as her friend. Rekha never knew that she would have the opportunity to switch the mobiles so very soon.

It happened while Rekha offered her friend to drop her home. Her friend had texted something on her phone and got lost in her dreamy world. Rekha had to gather a lot of courage to put up her mobile next to hers. She felt as if her heart would explode doing such a thing. She was sweating but thankfully her friend was so much lost in her own imaginations that she did not see all this. She had switched the phones and was now praying that her friend's phone did not ring or make any sounds. Her friend was too lost and almost rushed out of the car as her home arrived.

Rekha recollected herself as the car made way towards her house now. She nervously opened the other ladies mobile. She gets the first sample of virtual world by an Instant Message "My darling whore, I am missing fucking your whore cunt."

Rekha went red reading the message. She rushed to her wash room. She had gone totally wet reading the message. It was a revelation to her. Rekha never knew she had a liking for such thoughts.

Rekha knew what kept her friend busy and chirping. The problem now was to return her mobile. She rung her mobile number and told her friend that they had swapped each other's mobiles in the car. Rekha was shocked to see feel herself getting wet again. She had used the word "swap" and it made her wet. Her mind was on a spree of its own.

Her friend was blushing hard as she came to collect her phone. Rekha greeted her with a casual remark "Hi whore".

Rekha could see her friend getting nervous. Rekha casually told her about the message. Her friend knew that there was no point hiding things from Rekha anymore. She told her all about her various accounts, chats, photo sharing and web cam's. It was another revelation for Rekha. She acted as if all this was not her cup of tea but her wetness conveyed it quite clearly to her that she was desperate to try one and all the stuff her friend just told.

Rekha was a sharp girl and tech savvy as well. She tried every single thing her friend had told but with her level of comforts. She was a quick learner and a safe player as well. She soon learned how to tackle the cheap crowd of the virtual world. After spending some three months in the virtual world - She shared chats, showed herself on web cameras, voiced and shared pictures (blurred ones). She realized over a period of time that her kink was chatting.

She was hooked to chats. She got herself some smooth players who kept her quite satisfied. She was pretty content with life now, little did she know of the storm that would change her forever.

Another three months had gone when her chat friend, Amit, asked her why she loved becoming a classy, erotic whore in majority of her roleplays. She felt odd at this realization but she also knew internally that it was an idea she loved much.

Alone at home, she contemplated more on the idea. The more she thought, the hornier she felt inside. She wanted to pursue this idea further but was afraid of the implications. Her husband was a famous man in the city now and she could not afford a scandal of any nature. However, something inside her wanted to explore the idea further. She confided the same to Amit one day during a chat, in a casual way.

Amit, being a decent guy, just heard her out but did not suggest anything on his own. He did not want to force anything on her, yet.

The next week was spent role playing on a single idea. Rekha enacting herself as a upper class whore. The role play acted like a drug to her. She was on a different "high" throughout the week. This clearly reflected in her real and virtual world. Her chats were getting hotter and her orgasms were becoming stronger.

Amit decided to take the roleplays to next level. He decided to make her the whore, in every sense possible that she so desperately wanted to become but in a safe way.

Amit discussed the idea of meeting Rekha for real and discuss the idea further. Rekha was slightly hesitant about the meeting for real thing but decided to go ahead.

She chose a place which made her feel safe. The cafe was situated in the heart of the city and was a busy one as well. They had decided to meet on a Tuesday. The crowd would be thin and the restaurant would be relatively empty. It would mean that they would have enough privacy, even a slightly loud conversation would not be overheard by strangers on the next table. Amit was already waiting on the table when Rekha joined him. She knew she was being observed and she loved it.

Amit: "Hi. Do we know each other?"

Rekha pondered a few seconds before answering. She could not risk anything at all.

Rekha: "Hi. I am Rekha, your chat friend."

Amit: "Please don't mind but I am waiting for a whore friend of mine. Her name is Rekha as well. Are you that very whore?"

Rekha went red hearing the word. Her legs felt as if they were filled with jelly. She did not know what was with the word but every time she heard it, there was an effect on her body which she could not explain ever.

Rekha: "Yes, I am that very friend of yours."

Amit: "Sorry, we had never met before so how was I supposed to recognize you. Besides you look more like a sexy housewife and not a whore. Pardon me for the confusion."

Rekha was taken aback by this bold approach of his. She had always loved being guided.

Rekha: "Can you tell me your chat id? I need to be sure before I commit."

Amit (telling his chat id with a naughty smile): "Nice move. Are you sure now?"

They both just smiled as Rekha settled herself in the chair next to Amit. They both were checking each other out. Neither was dissatisfied, the reality for both was far better than what they had imagined it be.

Amit: "I can see that you quite love being a whore Rekha. You will certainly make a classy one too. You have such looks that you won't pass for a cheap whore."

Rekha felt heat emit from her cheeks hearing Amit. The words made her feel much embarrassed and excited at the same time.

Amit decided to lighten up the topic. He started to tell her about himself and his interests. Rekha too told him things about her. Rekha felt alive after so many years. She was in male company and a good one after so many months. She felt quite nice being appreciated as well. Rekha started to like Amit's company almost instantly. He had the attributes she loved much. He was a person who took control, was caring, humorous besides having the looks of a hunk.

They shared their real lives over lunch. The conversation turned to their virtual lives as they sipped hot coffee, post lunch. Rekha told him the absolute truth and it forced Amit to tell the truth as well.

Amit: "You are a person of such integrity and beauty Rekha that it confuses me when you say that you want to become a whore. Why do you want to become a whore?"

Rekha: "Thanks for all the compliments Amit. I know that I am beautiful. Are the classy whores not beautiful?"

Amit could clearly see that she had the attitude to carry the role through.

Amit: "They do have the appeal, charm and looks that you possess. You would fit perfectly. It still makes me wonder though - why do you want to become a whore of all the persons?"

Rekha kept silent and did not reply.

Amit: "What is the kink for you in becoming a whore? Do you like the idea of being paid for sex?"

Rekha (contemplated before replying): "It never crossed my mind."

Rekha had a sinful smile on her face which confused Amit a lot. He was the one contemplating as to what made her smile.

Amit: "Does the idea appeal to you because of its sinful appeal?"

Rekha (smiling some more): "Yes, you can say it is a sinful appealing idea. The whole taboo makes it so much more appealing."

Amit pondered some more before asking her the next question. It was a role play happening but for real.

Amit: "I think you are trying to confuse me with your answers. Are you some kind of control freak? Is that your kink for becoming a whore?"

Every time Amit used the word "whore", Rekha felts it effect in her body. She had not thought about it in such details. She was floored flat by his gross understanding of the subject.

Rekha: "No, I am not a control freak. I believe in giving and receiving."

Amit: "Spoken so nicely but does a whore has the choice to receive? She is supposed to perform the given task."

Rekha could clearly see herself melting slowly and surely in a pond of lust, a lust beyond her control. She could feel a certain wetness starting to happen between her legs.

Rekha: "Amit, I am not those cheap kinds of whores. I am a queen who is there to love and to be loved as well."

Amit clearly chocked on Rekha's response. He had to divert the topic

Amit: "Queen, are you open to performing anything you are asked for?"

The sarcasm clearly made Rekha blush harder.

Rekha: "Amit, please don't be sarcastic. I am answering you as truly as possible. I am open to everything a man can want."

Amit: "Rekha, A man can want many things which a lovely lady like you may not be even aware of. I am telling you such things so you don't land yourself in trouble when you are with a real customer."

Rekha felt so whorish hearing Amit tell about a customer. The whole idea of being with a customer made her wet, some more. Her panties were drenched with her own juices.

Rekha: "I am new to this line. It seems you have much experience of this world."

The sarcasm hit Amit where it was intended. It made him smile too. He knew it clearly that she had the brains to use the words when it mattered most.

Amit: "I have done my research and want to know what kind of services you offer. Only then can a client fix a price for you."

Rekha: "Amit, you are deliberately doing all this. I am feeling very embarrassed. Please stop."

Amit was savoring her innocence and yet was being intrigued more and more by her mysterious need for acting / becoming a whore.

Amit: "I will tell this to you the last time Rekha. You cannot handle becoming a whore so please stop this facade."

Rekha knew he was irking her to retaliate back at him. A part of her felt embarrassed but a bigger part of her wanted to prove him wrong. The bigger part won and it started to reflect in her actions. She changed her chairs and shifted on to the chair next to Amit. Amit loved the change of attitude in her. He took her hands into his as he continued his talks further.

Amit: "My imaginations have gone haywire Rekha. The touch of your skin feels so sexy, smooth and awesome that I am forced to imagine the skin at other parts of your body."

Rekha was burning in her own hell of desires - literally and really as well.

Amit: "I think we have played a lot of cat and mouse games. I think we should first decide whether you still want to go for it or not?"

Rekha pondered, considered and thought for a while before just nodding her head to show her confirmation.

Amit: "Good. Now that you want to become a whore, let's see if you understand the intricacies involved with the profession."

Rekha just listened like an eager student. Amit's face lit up as an idea sprung up.

Amit: "Rekha, I know you are short on time and that you have to return home. We can discuss the intricacies over the chat or when we meet next."

She had never experienced such a rush of hormones and wanted to continue the meeting for long. She decided otherwise as she was the one who was very pertinent about the time issue (over the chat). Rekha felt nice to notice that he cared for things she wanted.

Amit: "Rekha, what I am going to ask you next is a simple thing to do. Our next meeting totally depends on the way you perform what I ask you next."

Rekha was all ears.

Amit: "Come here, sit next to me."

Rekha moved to the chair next to Amit.

Amit: "You smell good."

Rekha felt as if she would die out of embarrassment. The smell Amit meant here was obviously her sex smell.

Amit: "Don't be embarrassed Rekha. It is fine. You don't know how exciting it is to know that the whore sitting next to you has soggy panties."

Rekha found herself choking for expressions, air too.

Amit: "Rekha, now that I know you smell nice. I would like to know how you taste as well."

Rekha did not understand what he meant. Innocently, she stuck her finger out for him to taste.

Amit: "You are such an innocent lady. I still wonder how you got this idea of becoming a whore."

Rekha could not understand what he meant. She had questioning looks on her face. Rekha felt her heartbeat starting to go bonkers as Amit came close to her. She thought he was going to kiss her. She was caught in the dilemma of whether to allow him to kiss her or not. Before she could realize and decide, Amit whispered something in her ears and straightened up. It was a relief for her that he did not kiss her but what he whispered in her ears made her goes crazier. Amit had told her to wet her fingers with her overflowing cunt juices so he could know how she tasted as well.

Amit shifted his posture so that he did not miss even a second of the action. Rekha had never ever felt so shy and horny at the same time, not even during her first night. She was experiencing a terrible new high.

Rekha felt too shy as she slid her hands inside her designer sarree. She felt so whorish. Amit's constant gaze on her action was adding to her ever increasing need for release. She stopped to have a look around in the restaurant (if anyone was around or approaching) and to gather her breath as well. She sucked her tummy inside as she let her hands slide further inside. She slipped her finger inside her panties. Her hands had crossed her mound and went to rest next to her throbbing clitoris. Rekha knew she would have to do it fast. She was already so excited that if she slid her fingers for a few times, she would cum. She dreaded at the thought of doing so right now since she was what people called.... a screamer. Her shoulders tensed as she circled her fingers around her clitoris. She was so very desperate for a release. Her eyes closed at the sheer thought of a release, in front of a stranger and that to in a public place. The whole idea made her ever more desperate for doing it.

However, she knew she would not be able to restrain her screams and decided otherwise. She carefully brought out her fingers, smeared with her love juices. She felt too shy to stick her finger out to the stranger and make him taste her most intimate juices. She was burning in her own hell of lust. Amit lowered his mouth on to her finger. He stuck his tongue out and started to lick it slowly. Rekha was confused why her body was betraying her. She would have never ever dreamt of doing such a thing and yet here she was, not only doing it but desiring much more as well. Amit played and toyed with her fingers for quite some time with his tongue. Her imagination was making it harder for her.

Amit: "Rekha, you taste so sweet. I am quite desperate to lick your clitoris just like I licked your finger."

Rekha chocked for air hearing his words. She shifted her chair next to his, as close as she could. Her eyes clearly conveyed that she wanted it to go further.

Amit: "Rekha, our time is up today. You want to become a whore and so shall you become. We have to discuss a lot of things. We will do so over phone or chat, as convenient."

He kissed her cheeks as they got up. He could clearly feel the heat emitting from every single pore of her cheeks. He gave a small laugh and patted her hips. She felt the subtle vibrations in her crotch. One could say she was feeling everything in her crotch.

Amit made his way out and so did Rekha. Rekha sat in her car and was recollecting everything that had happened in the restaurant. She was once again desperate for a release and this time she wanted it bad. She was glad that she brought one of her large purses today. She placed her purse directly over her crotch and put her hands underneath it. She knew it would take only a few rubs. She closed her eyes and started to replay the whole scene that had happened in the restaurant. There she was, slumped in the backseat of the car. All relaxed and smiling (ear to ear). She was so lost in her thoughts that she never realized that her home had arrived.

Driver: "Ma'am, we are here. Is everything alright?"

Rekha: "Yes. Why? What makes you think otherwise?"

Driver: "Ma'am, you made some noise when we were coming home. I asked but you did not reply. Your eyes were closed as well. It made me wonder if your health is fine."

Rekha (stuttering): "Yes, everything is fine."

Every servant became curious seeing her looks. She somehow made her way into her room. Her own needs became so demanding that she started to rub herself in her sarree itself. She was at the peak of her desires and she heard the ring. It was her husband on the other side.

He was concerned for her health (the driver had told him about the noise in car). She was talking to him and fingering herself at the same time. His words fell on a deaf ear as she experienced another mind shattering release. She somehow recollected herself and started to talk. The release was so intense that her words wavered and made her husband think twice for her health. He conveyed to her that he was coming home taking the next available flight. Rekha felt disappointed hearing the arrival of her husband for the first time. She experienced guilt for the first time as well.

She connected her chat messenger and was disappointed not to see Amit online. She conveyed her feelings to Amit about what had happened in the restaurant, what had happened in the car and the call of her husband as well. She connected late at night once again. Amit was not there once more but had left an off liner for her.

"It is nice to know your husband is coming to town. He can help me somewhat in making you a proper whore. Go shopping with him for some classy dress and sexy sets of lingerie. You will need to pose for the photographs which I plan to take later. The classy whores have to upload their pictures on websites."

Rekha's fingers instinctively knew what to do next.

Rekha was quite puzzled as she received a string of emails from Amit. He had told her the specific type of lingerie and dress to shop for. He had even mentioned the shops where she would get them. He had also attached pictures in the emails to guide her properly. She was much excited by the whole idea of going shopping.

After many orgasms and thinking, Rekha was forced to ponder - How did Amit have such deep knowledge of this stuff? Did he plant this idea into her mind and was using her? Was it right to explore the idea further?

Anupam had come home for he was bothered about her health. Rekha had to go for a full body check up to convince him that she was absolutely normal. She loved his concern for her. The full body check up took a few days time and it meant that Rekha and Amit would spend a lot of time together.

In these moments of togetherness and love making, Rekha felt enveloped with guilt. She was surprised to see that after the initial 2-3 days of togetherness, the idea of becoming a whore once again had got the better off her. She started to imagine herself as a classy whore even when she was in bed with her husband. The sheer imagination took the love making to many different levels and Anupam thought she had missed her much.

The results were back soon and Rekha was declared normal. It only meant that Anupam would have to go back to his trips once again. Rekha did not want him to go. She had really enjoyed being his personal whore for the last 3-4 days, in her mind at least. Rekha and Amit had both enjoyed the time they had spent together. They both would miss each other's company. In these days spent together, Rekha did not login once in her virtual world. She was forced to think once again whether this virtual life was worth it or not.

Rekha got a sms from Amit which made her remember that she had to go shopping. Going shopping with Amit meant a normal, natural thing. It would rather be an adventure of its own as Anupam had a thing for lingerie. It would not put her in any kind of a spot of bother. At least, this is what she felt.

Anupam was more than excited to go lingerie shopping with Rekha. They went to this new mall which flaunted a whole range of imported brands like Victoria's Secret, La Perla, Ravage and so on. The lingerie boutique was suggested to Rekha by her best friend, the very same friend who had introduced her to the virtual world.

The lingerie boutique was quite an experience in itself besides the articles at display. The place was for elite people with elite taste and bulky wallets too. Every faint detail was taken care of by the owners of this boutique. The ambience, light effect, pipe music being played, a hint of an erotic perfume all around the store added to the charms of the boutique.

At all times, a person from the store would be there to assist the customers in deciding and finalizing their choice of product. The prime function of the assistant was to ensure two things - the products were not stolen (the store did not have any anti security tags on the clothing due to the class of clientele they were handling) and they were not soiled in any way.

Anupam and Rekha were assigned a cute looking boy, as an assistant, the moment they entered the boutique. The assistant was helping them settle down and trying to get a feel of their requirements. Once they communicated their vague outline of likings, they were shown into a room. Anupam settled himself onto the plush sofa. He could see that the cubicle was meant to change and the mirrors, outside the cubicle, on the walls were there to help her decide about the looks, fittings and such issues. He imagined himself sitting while Rekha would go inside, change and come out to check herself to his viewing pleasure. The sheer thought stirred his penis beyond his control.

Rekha felt too shy discussing her intimate desires, in front of that cute looking assistant. She had never ever done such kind of a thing before. Though she felt excited inside but how could she display the same on her face. She chocked as the assistant asked her measurements. The more she blushed, the hornier Anupam was feeling.

Anupam and Rekha held hands as they skimmed through the various catalogs. Refreshments were served as they settled in. The effort of the boutique owners was to give the customers such services that they would not think of going out of the boutique without buying anything. The cute looking assistant excused himself for a moment to let the couple browse through the different styles, patterns available.

The solitude gave the couple the moments of intimacy they required. She felt quite horny seeing the various patterns. In fact, she was taunting Anupam that he was going to be sorry for bringing her to this boutique. She kept on teasing Anupam by making him imagine her in the various lingerie products, without them as well. One could safely say that the room was definitely infused with a hint of musky smells.

The assistant came in after 20 odd minutes. He unconsciously smiled (a naughty one) as he could get the faint hint of a musky smell. He knew the couple was more than ready. He waited on the customers to make a decision. He was intimated by Anupam the designs and patterns which interested them.

The assistant then gave them a general talk on how a person unconsciously purchases ill fitting undergarments. He gave them the few brief indicators which could clearly indicate an ill fitting undergarment. Rekha was surprised to find that she was wearing an ill fitting one as well. She was glad that she came to this boutique.

A random thought came into her mind "perfect lingerie for the perfect whore."

The cute looking assistant received a call on his mobile. He informed Anupam and Rekha that he had some urgency at his home to attend to. He also intimated them that someone else will be with them in a few minutes. He quite politely excused himself.

Rekha went white seeing Amit make his way into the room. He introduced himself as the store owner. It came as quite a shock to her to see him especially with Anupam around. All her salacious thoughts had vanished away in a second. She recalled all the emails and the pictures sent by Amit. She wondered why he had not mentioned his place in the email. She felt her apprehensions about Amit were wrong. Had he been not the decent guy, he would have given the address to his store only.

Amit addressed both Anupam and Rekha as he continued the information on ill fitting under garments. He looked more into Rekha's eyes than Anupam's.

Amit: "If Ma'am is comfortable to stand in her undergarments, I can practically demonstrate what I mean by ill fitting under garments. I will only do this when Sir is present here. It is our store policy. We have a reputation to live up to."

The ball was in the court of Anupam and Rekha.

Amit: "If you feel uncomfortable then I will provide you with the articles you require to try out. I suggested the same as it will give you a deep insight to choose the right product in the future."

Rekha rejected the idea of being used as a dummy for some dumb demonstration. She would have agreed it on first instance if she was all alone. Anupam's presence made her feel odd. Anupam just hushed her as he rung a number. Anupam was talking to the owner's of the mall, he had sold them this piece of land on which the mall stood. He wanted to know how reliable the owner of this lingerie boutique was. He thanked the owners and disconnected. Almost immediately Anupam received a call, from the owners. Anupam was supposed to take special care of these customers. He already had intended to take special care of them.

Anupam: "The owners of this mall are personal golf buddy of mine. I sold them this piece of land as well on which the mall stands. He speaks quite high about your place."

Amit: "Please don't mind Sir but we have a certain reputation about my place and I plan to keep it that way. We cater to exclusive clients like you and ma'am here. We know the exact do's and don'ts we have to follow."

Rekha was just a silent witness to everything that was happening around. Rekha could clearly see both the men desiring her. Anupam was going wild with the thought of seeing her in different lingerie etc. Amit was going wild imagining the things he had planned to do today.

Anupam: "Rekha, I think this gentleman here has a point. You should have proper knowledge of things you are buying. Do you mind?"

Rekha looked into his eyes. She could see him almost pleading to go for a demonstration. Rekha did not say a word. She looked into Amit's eyes. Amit's look made hear miss a heartbeat. She was perplexed as to what he was going to do and that too in front of her husband.

She went into the cubicle to change. She was feeling too frisky as she undressed. She took a moment and checked herself in the mirror before coming out. She cursed herself for wearing a light color panty. She could already feel getting wet between her legs in anticipation of things. If the wetness between her legs increased, she would stand exposed to the fact in front of the love of her life and the lust of her life. Her eyes fell on the pile of towels in the corner. She thanked Amit for planning everything so intricately. The idea that he was an intricate planner excited her further (with the things to come). She slid down her panties and rubbed her cunt dry. The effect was electric. She gasped as the soft towel rubbed across her cunt. The effect made her squeal out in pleasure. She just wished that the sound did not go outside. She controlled her desire to rub herself more. The controlling made her feel so much hornier. Rekha was totally surprised at the new desire.

She shyly made her way out of the cubicle. She tried her best to act confident as she walked out but her walk clearly conveyed otherwise. Anupam's eyes were fixed on her body and so was Amit's. The only difference was Amit was watching her in the glass and Anupam was watching her directly.

Amit: "Ma'am, there was no need to remove all your clothes. It is the bra which is normally ill fitting. Panties are generally okay. Do you mind if I take a closer look to determine the problem areas?"

It was not a question. It was more like a statement. Amit was amazed at the beautiful lady standing in front of him.

Amit: "Sir, I must say you are a very lucky man. How many beauty contests has ma'am won?."

Amit's word had the ring of truthfulness to it. Anupam felt proud besides raging erection. Rekha felt nervous as she could feel herself getting wet again. Amit slowly moved around Rekha, a full circle, to evaluate the fitting issues. His eyes had such intensity that Rekha could feel heat rising in her body. In that very moment, she remembered their meeting at the restaurant and she gulped as she could feel her moistening up much.

Amit: "Ma'am, if you observe the straps on your shoulder are loose and not giving you the support they should give."

Rekha went red from embarrassment. Amit's comment did not affect the colors. The colors rushed to her cheek because of his touch against her back. Amit adjusted the clips on her bra strap. Amit's look did not give away his monstrous raging buildup, after all he had touched Rekha's skin on her back for the first time.

Amit: "Ma'am, despite tightening the clips as much as I could, you can see that the straps are loose."

Rekha just nodded and accepted the fact. Anupam was impressed with Amit's knowledge. Amit did not consider Anupam to be in the room as he talked to Rekha. He was totally concentrated on Rekha and her body. He was subtly getting her into a certain mindset.

Amit: "Ma'am, what do you feel is wrong with your brassiere? Are you comfortable in this bra of yours?"

Her cheeks retained colors as Amit kept on questioning her. Anupam was lost in his own torrent of thoughts and imaginations.

Rekha: "I am quite comfortable with this one. I have been wearing it for long."

Amit: "Ma'am, have you gained weight recently? I know it is not courteous on my part to ask such personal questions but, believe me, I am asking it for a reason."

Rekha: "No, I have not gained any weight for the last year."

Amit: "I had asked for one simple reason ma'am. Sir, if you can observe, her bra is tight at her back. It is so tight that despite being hooked on the last hook, the strap reverses. It clearly means that the bra is tight. Besides this strap reversing, you can also observe that a bit of your lower breast is being pinched by the bra."

Amit was freely enjoying touching Rekha here and there. Rekha was gasping for breath and so was Anupam. She was going from slightly wet, between her thighs, to more than slightly wet. It would be only a matter of time when it would start to reflect on her panties. All she wanted at this moment was the towel in the changing cubicle.

Amit: "Ma'am, look closely in the mirror. You will observe that a bit of your lower breasts are visible below the lower end of the bra."

Anupam: "Can you show me the way to the washroom please?"

Rekha giggled hearing it. Amit could not afford to giggle but he certainly escorted Amit towards the washroom. This was the break Rekha was looking for. She rushed into the cubicle and wiped herself dry once more. She could not control but rub herself a little. However, she stopped since she knew she was a screamer. She did want to enjoy controlling herself until she got into the car with her husband. However, serious doubts started to rise in her minds. The doubts rose cause of the way Amit was touching her.

Amit: "Ma'am, these are the only two problems with your bra. There can be many other types of problems. I will give you a proper booklet on how to take care of it when buying the next products."

Rekha wondered if he had a booklet, why he demonstrated it on me. Whatever it was, Rekha loved it and so did Anupam.

Amit: "Sir, hope you did not mind the small demonstrations. I can tell all about it but it would kill much of your precious time. I am sure you are busy man. I need to ask something about ma'am. Should I address you or ma'am, Sir?"

Amit was indeed a trickster with words. His words touched their heart, his fingers touched their minds.

Anupam: "You should surely address her. Is that fine with you Rekha?"

Rekha did not know what to answer. She just nodded her approval.

Amit: "Ma'am, I am sure you both must have chosen a basic range of products which appeal to your eyes. I would like to give an opinion of mine, if you permit."

Rekha was melting hearing his words.

Rekha: "Please do."

Amit: "We know our products are pretty expensive. We want to deliver the full value of it. I cannot refuse what you desire but I can certainly guide if it will be a product which is right for you."

Anupam was surprised to feel a stirring is his pants again. He had just jacked off in washroom and not much time had passed since. Rekha did not feel uncomfortable anymore to stand in her undergarments and discuss openly as well. She sat next to Anupam as the conversation went on.

Rekha: "Yes, we have marked the products that interest us at first glance. Tell us, what do you feel about them?"

Amit carefully looked at their choice of products. He duly appreciated them at their classy choice as well. The couple felt absolutely comfortable with him. They could now discuss any and everything with him.

Amit: "Sir, the choice of color depends on one's personal likes but one must choose colors which compliment the skin tone. In madam's case, any color will suit her because of her fair skin tone."

Rekha knew she would not have to bother for her lingerie shopping anymore, in this life time at least.

Amit: "Sir, the choice of product though must be carefully done. Not all products will suit her. Her shape and curves would need something specific to add to her beauty."

Anupam was all ears to every single word Amit said. Rekha was already gloating hearing the praises.

Amit: "Sir, ma'am is one of the most beautiful girls I have come across. I cannot help but say it. However, I would like to ask you what kind of a shape she has and what needs to be done to increase her sexual appeal?"

Anupam went into pondering mode.

Anupam: "Well, she has the right curves at the right places. We need some special lingerie for those special moments. So anything different from normal wear should add to her sexual appeal."

Amit: "Sir, you are very right about the curves. Ma'am certainly has the perfect curves. She has an hourglass figure, as we term it. I hope you get the clue what I mean by hourglass."

Rekha was blushing hard once again. Amit instinctively knew that he had to take control now.

Amit: "Ma'am, do you mind coming here. Please stand with your back towards Sir."

The anticipation of what Amit would do next excited her beyond her imaginations. She followed his command.

Rekha stood there with her back towards Anupam. Amit squatted down, in front of her. His face was good six inches away from her crotch but he could smell her quite nicely.

Amit: "If you see the shape of her hips Sir, you will observe that she has the perfect ass a man can desire. Pardon my words. I am trying my best to express what I feel about her in a good way. I don't intend to be cheap. If you feel odd about anything I am doing or saying, please tell me so."

Rekha was biting her lower lips to stop herself from moaning. She felt so slutty from inside.

Amit: "Sir, she can wear any kind of a panty. Her hips are so shapely that they will look beautiful with any kind of a panty. Even a cotton panty will look exotic on such a shapely, beautiful ass. I must compliment you on your efforts to keep the shape of your body ma'am."

Anupam was gulping hard. He was once again desperate to use the washroom.

Amit: "Thongs, lacy panties, g-strings, boy shorts, cotton panties - either will suit her, Sir."

Amit spoke while squatting close to her waist. Anupam was busy hearing his words. Rekha came to her senses as she felt Amit's finger slide 2-3 times on her panties, between her labia. Rekha was surprised once again at Amit. Amit was in total control of himself. His speech did not shake even a bit as he was gently fingering her vulva and talking to Anupam at the same time. Anupam's facial expressions also did not give away that he was doing something of this kinds.

To her utter shock, Amit stood up and placed his hands on her shoulder. Rekha felt her legs go utterly weak as he did so. He just smiled and turned her to face Anupam. Rekha was surprised to see Anupam's eyes fixed totally on her crotch. She went the deepest shades of red as she realized that she had a wet patch on her panties. Anupam had moaned seeing it and Amit fingering had made her panties stick to her overflowing juices inside. Her camel toe was clearly visible. She felt so cheap, sluttish and whorish. Her cunt oozed another round of juices. Rekha was gasping for air. She had never felt such an extreme need to cum.

Amit: "Something smells fishy. Let me look at the fresh air issues in the room, excuse me please."

The comment left Anupam and Rekha reeling under the belt, literally and really. Rekha was too embarrassed to face Anupam. Anupam was too excited to see anything but her crotch.

Amit: "Sir, you both have chosen padded bra's for ma'am. The padded bras will not add to her beauty. She has rather full breasts. The bra has to be decided according to the occasion you plan to wear it on. Do you have any specific occasion in mind to wear them ma'am?"

Rekha was too embarrassed to say anything.

Amit: "Indians generally wear the special lingerie in bed only. In more than 80 % of the cases, the couples involved are not able to experience the real beauty as they keeps the lights turned off. Don't you want to wear them at your social outing as well ma'am? I am asking so because I have specific thing in mind for your private and social outings."

Anupam came in to her rescue.

Anupam: "You can suggest products for both kinds of outings."

Amit: "Sir, the prime function of lingerie is to make the woman feel special. If it is for personal outing, the thing has to be kept in mind that the partner too should feel the effects. Same cannot be said for social gatherings."

Amit's balance of words hurt both Anupam and Rekha in their crotches. They both were like putty in his hands.

Amit: "Sir, I will bring you some patterns which I feel will suit ma'am best. You can see them and get a feel."

It was an odd moment as they all waited for the lingerie's to arrive. Amit took the lead once again.

Amit: "Ma'am, please don't mind but I see you are terribly excited. It is normal but I rarely see many ladies in such a soggy state. Since your panties are already soggy beyond limit, do you mind wearing a very sheer under panties as you try the fresh products? If the fresh stock gets soggy with your juices, you will have to buy them ma'am. It is store policy. I hope you don't mind my conveying the same to you."

Anupam: "We will buy the products which get soggy. Don't worry."

Amit first gave them the lingerie's which would be best for their social outing. Rekha tried every single piece. She had never ever felt that a certain kind of lingerie could make her feel so special from inside. Anupam just eyed every single piece she wore. He could not tell which one to keep and which one to leave. They decided to buy the pieces Amit had shown them till now.

Next in line were the products for personal outings.

Amit: "Sir, I think I should go out for a while. Some of the products are quite sheer besides being provocative as well. It would be bad on my part to stay inside the room. You can ring me anytime you want me."

Anupam and Rekha both formed the impression of him being the perfect gentleman, hearing his words.

Rekha tried every single piece of lingerie. Rekha wanted Anupam to touch her and feel her in the various products but he could not muster enough courage to do so. Every new design she tried, left him more excited. Her nipples were poking all the time. Every panty she tried had a soggy patch left behind. Both of them were in such a state that a touch would trigger the deepest release either had experienced ever. Rekha chose to wear the cup less bra and crotch less panties last. She did not give Anupam a look though. She would wear them later tonight.

Rekha and Anupam brought every single piece that Amit had given them.

The discussion thereafter turned to general topics as billing was being handled.

Amit: "I am so glad to get in touch with such a lovely couple. If at all I can be of any other service, please do let me know Sir."

Amit went all the way to the gates to see them off. The couple was in more than a rush to get into the car and reach home.

Rekha and Anupam were lost in a torrent of thoughts as they settled into the car. It was an experience they would never forget. Rekha could see, looking at Anupam, what the term having blue balls meant. She was too excited herself and wanted to get naughty. She remembered the first time when she had used her purse as a hiding aid in the car to masturbate. She had carry bags today.

Anupam could not get a clue as she place the carry bags on his knees. He had never seen his wife in such kind of lingeries, neither had he seen such looks on her face as well. Almost forgot to mention, he had never seen her so soggy down below as well. Her hands gently slid his zipper down. Anupam was gasping for air now. He wondered whether this was happening for real. He looked and tried to stop her but his eyes begged her to go on further. A few strokes and Anupam was spurting inside his underwear's like never before. He was glad that he had managed to make no noise. the driver would have heard it. Instinctively he started to rub Rekha's crotch. Rekha could not control herself anymore. She experienced one of the strongest orgasms ever. She put her head on Anupam's shoulder as she felt herself being lost in a wide range of emotions. The most felt emotion was intimacy. They both did not utter a word but clung on to each other as their home arrived.

Rekha made her way inside. The driver stopped Anupam and told him "Sir, is everything with ma'am? The sound that she made today was the same as the one she made the other day. I had told you about it as well." Anupam pondered on the driver's words as he made his way inside. He could not imagine Rekha masturbating in the car hence he dismissed the thought all together.

Anupam and Rekha had the most ecstasic weekend. Lots and lots of lovemaking in different lingeries, at different places and at different times. The only thing that was constant was a thought. A thought that she was a high class whore giving company to an ultra rich client, Anupam.

With such increased levels of intimacy, Anupam cursed the trip ahead. Rekha felt quite lonely as he left for airport.

Rekha unconciously turned on her laptop to check her emails. Her eyes sparkled up as she was an email from Anupam.

"Darling, I want you to take various pictures in the lingerie's we bought. I want you to expose yourself for me. Please send them as soon as possible. I am too desperate. Love."

Rekha's fingers ,once again, instinctively knew what to do next.

Rekha was lost in a land of imaginations as she donned new lingerie every day. She promptly clicked a few pictures in her undergarments, a few without them as well, and kept on sending them to Anupam.

Anupam started to get more demanding just like his business trip. Rekha tried her best to cope with his demands for newer pictures every day. About a week later, Rekha got irritated with Anupam's request for a new angle. She did not know that her irritation was about to open up a box of possibilities. She sent him an email, telling him to hire a professional photographer if he wanted new angles.

Anupam sent an email, almost immediately, back to her "Do you know anyone reliable?"

Rekha went wet almost instantly reading the email. The whole idea made her feel so whorish.

She was confused as well. Anupam was pretty open to what happened in the lingerie boutique and now he was asking her for pictures. Many questions crossed her mind. Was there some part of Anupam which she did not know at all? How come he was so open to the concept of his wife being felt and touched by an absolute stranger?

Her life had taken a turn which would leave her excited and confused at the same time. This paradox was almost prevalent since she came to know about the existence of the virtual world. Fortunately she did not have to ponder much to come to a decision. Universe, it seems, had already taken a decision for her.

Rekha was intimated by one of the servants that a person had come to meet her. Half way down the stairs, her legs almost gave away as she was Amit waiting for her. She did not have any smile on her face. How did he get her residential address? She was a bundle of all negative emotions as she made her way down. Amit just gave her a print out of an email, also showed her the sms that Anupam had sent. In the email, Anupam had requested Amit to go to Rekha and discuss the issue of photographs and photographer. Anupam had clearly stated in the email that he had total faith on Amit since the visit to his lingerie boutique. Their address was also mentioned. Rekha felt a relief as she understood how Amit got their address.

Rekha: "Would you like to have something?"

Amit was sporting a very mischievous smile as she asked her.

Amit: "Anything hot, warm and juicy is fine with me."

Rekha was relieved that her servant did not understand any language other than Hindi. Amit's words made her feel hot, warm and juicy at just the exact place he had intended. Rekha told the servant to serve them black coffee with dark chocolate cookies.

Rekha: "Do you mind discussing what you have in mind?"

Amit: "I don't have anything in mind Rekha. Your husband asked me to arrange for a photographer who could take some suggestive pictures of yours. He also wanted that someone to be safe and secure kinds so here I am. What do you have in mind?"

The ball was in Rekha's court. The paradox of being uncomfortably excited was tearing her apart. She decided to play it slow. Rekha undid the pin on her pleat of sarree and let it loose, eyeing Amit all the time. She never knew that she was a vixen too.

Rekha: "I never say no to anything that Anupam wants. Tell me Amit, have you planned anything?"

Her looks were having the exact effect on Amit that she wanted. The crunching of cookies and sipping of coffee went on for quite some time and so did the tease as well.

Amit: "Well, I was planning to strike two birds with a stone. I will take pictures for your husband and his need for something different. I will also take a few pictures for the website I had told you about. I should be able to manage both as long as you are okay with it. Which dresses and lingerie do you have in mind for the pictures?"

Rekha felt a familiar feeling of wetness starting to happen between her legs as she spent more time with Amit. She felt herself melting as she listened to him talk and take control of the situation.

Rekha: "My husband has shown trust in you for the pictures. I have shown trust in you as a whore. It would be best if you decided those dress and lingerie issues."

Amit savored her words for a bit. She looked so innocent and naive as she spoke. How could she ask a total stranger to decide a dress and lingerie? Rekha would realize this but only when she could do nothing about it.

Rekha received a sms from her husband which made her go wet even more. It said "Darling, I await many, many pictures from you. I miss you so much."

Rekha pondered - did he know about Amit was here or was it pure timing?

Amit: "Can we check your wardrobe for the dress and lingerie?"

Rekha realized it for the first time then that she had unconsciously invited him into her bedroom. The whole idea had such a ring of being a big time taboo but it made it even kinkier for her. She was gushing juices between her legs.

She had such a spring in her steps as she went towards her room. She had never found herself so vulnerable, so desiring and so open to a stranger. She knew it well that her walk must be giving Amit the living nightmares. She wanted to tease him more. Amit asked her something on the stairs which swept her off her feet, literally.

Amit: "Rekha, do you think what you are doing is right? You are taking a total stranger to your room. What if he finds you too hot and cannot control himself? What if he rapes you? What will your servants think when you take this stranger to your personal bedroom? What will your husband think when you tell him this?"

His questions struck her heart, fair and square. His words had such a genuine ring to them.

Rekha: "I never thought so much Amit. Please seat yourself in the drawing room. I will join you in ten minutes. Is there anything specific that you want me to wear?"

Amit: "Don't worry. I don't intend to do anything that I told you. Let's go and decide the dress and lingerie for the photo session. I would be requiring 3-4 dresses for the session. You can decide about the change of lingerie. You will have to consider what Anupam would like to see you in."

Rekha felt a shade jittery taking him inside the room.

Amit: "Rekha, you certainly have some taste when it comes to interiors."

The way he looked at Rekha's curves, she got the double entendre meant quite nicely.

Amit: "Well, I meant it in reference to your room."

Amit looked quite naughty as he toyed with her gently.

She had an impressive collection of both dresses and lingerie's. It took some time and effort to finalize them. Rekha had never thought of Amit as a photographer but the skill with which he chose the dresses and lingerie, surprised her. Amit was quite a skilled person when it came to handling Rekha.

Rekha collected the dresses and made her way towards the box room. Amit stopped her. He told her to change in front of him. She had never done such a thing ever. This had only happened in her imaginations. It seemed Amit came into her life to clear her paradoxes of life. She felt nervous at the sheer thought of changing in front of him and yet a larger part of her wanted it as well. Ever since her first meeting with Amit - her life was full of sweet paradoxes.

Amit had taken out his camera and started to take a few clicks vaguely.

Rekha: "Amit, I am quite sure that you will ensure the safety of the pictures you are about to take. I don't think there is any need to tell you the importance of it."

Amit assured her that he will take care of same. He put the camera on burst mode as he clicked a few pictures. Rekha started to undo her sarree. Amit's camera came alive. He checked the pictures for lighting etc. The lighting in the room was a shade low or had Rekha deliberately kept it that way. Amit was totally floored to see Rekha, stand in front of him, in a blouse and sarree. Her back towards him made it even more exciting for him. He was an ass man but Rekha did not know of this yet.

Rekha was not able to face him for another reason. She was cursing on her decision of choice of lingerie for the day. She had chosen to wear the crotch less panties with the cup less bra. The paradox was killing her once again. She wanted to turn and show him her jewels but felt shy at the same time as well. She felt as if her legs would give away. She pulled a settee and sat down. Amit offered her a glass of water. She smiled and took a few sips. The small things that he took care of always made her feel go all mushy inside.

Amit eyed her as she slowly sipped the water. He stopped her as she was about to take a sip. He stepped back and then told her to go on. As if he instinctively knew that a few drops will leak her lips and make their way down to the cleavage. He was much thankful that the camera was on burst mode. He adjusted his raging hard on as he looked at the pictures captured.

Rekha blushed some more at the realisation of what she had just done and the shots that might have been captured in the camera. She looked into the huge mirror in front of her. The water had made the blouse stick to her skin. She dreaded wearing the seamless bra. Her erect dark chocolate nipples did not make it any easier. They poked out like erect pebbles.

Rekha came to senses as she felt something brush against her blouse. Amit had cupped her boobs and was kneading them firmly but quite slowly. Rekha did not know what to do, how to react, should she move away or should she get closer. Her thought process had gone numb. The only thing active in her body was her cunt. It churned out juices like anything. She felt so kinky to realize that her crotch less panties would not soak her juices today. Her face gleamed as she imagined what might happen. She placed her hands on to his, which cupped her breasts, and removed them slowly away.

Amit could not decide what to do - whether to take her pictures from a distance or to feel her up close. He felt a paradox for the first time after meeting her. A few deep breaths and there was clarity in his head. He would enjoy his paradox and Rekha as well.

Rekha undid her blouse hooks slowly and started to peel of her blouse. It was Amit's turn to choke for air to see Rekha go through the whole process of undressing. He could not afford to lose the opportunity to click such an awesome setup. His body ached to touch her but only his eyes could do the same at the moment.

Her young supple breasts resting on the seam of the bra, the contrast of her dark chocolate nipples against her fair skin and her overall posture made her look nothing less than a goddess. Amit wanted to worship her for long but his camera kept him busy.

Rekha loosened the cord of petticoat. She felt too shy to stand up and remove the petticoat. The whore inside her made her turn and face Amit as she stood up. She let her petticoat fall to the ground. She stood in front of him.

Amit could not control himself much.

Amit: "Statue."

He gave a very naughty smile. Rekha smiled back. She stood there like a statue - wanting to be worshipped. Her heart skipped many beats to see him coming closer to her. Her whole being was tingling in anticipation as he opened his mouth and got closer to her hurting nipples. His warm breath on the skin only added more to her torture. Amit was totally mesmerized seeing Rekha in her sexy basics.

Looking at her, he knew that her body was on an overflow of hormones. Her mind accepted all that was happening but he could clearly see a few shades of hesitation as well. It could happen due to many things but knowing her well enough, he knew that it was happening due to the idea of her cheating on her husband. Amit knew it was time to turn on the heat a shade more.

Amit was observing her carefully as he let his tongue out. A smile happened as he looked deep into her eyes. All the hesitation had vanished and she was nothing but a big time whore now. He gently put his tongue on the outer circle of the areola. Rekha's eyes closed in reflex action and the same could be said for the moan. Amit judged her carefully once more before her started to move his tongue all around the areola. Rekha had started to shake with excitement. Her eyes were closed and her mind was going bonkers. She did not know when she took his hand and guided it on to her throbbing clitoris.

Amit smiled as he said "You are such a horny whore, sexy as well."

Rekha bit her lower lips hearing the words. She knew she was at a point of no return. Amit kept on circling his tongue around her areolas. Her nipples also stuck out as if telling Amit that they were quite desperate to be felt as well. Instinctively, he took her full areola and nipple into his mouth. The warmth, his tongue, lips and her mind made it impossible for her to hold back anymore. She put her hands on top of his and guided it to the exact spot she wanted to be stimulated - her clitoris. A few strokes and she convulsed on his fingers. She felt quite embarrassed to see herself in such a situation but the fact was that she wanted more of it. She had never felt so slutty before.

Neither of them said a word. Rekha got up and went on to change her dress. Her body was on fire. The simple touch of different material of her dress, her undergarments was making her desire more. Amit got busy clicking pictures from different angles.

He slowly realized that she was a natural when it came to posing for camera. She instinctively knew which pose would accentuate her figure best. Amit loved the confidence with which she went on.

Amit: "You are quite a natural Rekha when it comes to posing for camera."

Rekha smiled and gave another heartwarming pose.

Amit: "You really need to learn how to pose as a whore though."

Rekha flushed hearing his words.

Rekha: "I am all yours. You can use me as you want."

Amit croaked visually. The words she had just said had so much more meaning to it.

Amit carefully chose the next dress as he kept on pondering what she had meant when she said that she was all her and that he could use her as he wanted. Did she mean about the photography session? Did she mean about her body? Was she just teasing him?

He chose a short nightie and a set of very lacy lingerie for the next set of photographs. He could see that she was gleaming like never before. She was quite a naughty girl.

Amit: "Rekha, do you think Anupam will like a picture of yours in this short nightie?"

Rekha: "I think he would like me very much without them."

Rekha was getting verbally bold and Amit was getting physically excited. Was she doing this deliberately? Amit inhaled a few deep breaths and carried on.

Amit: "There is a fine line between a cheap whore and a classy whore. What do you want to portray yourself as?"

Rekha: "What makes you think I would like to pose like a whore for Anupam?"

Amit: "I love the way you react. If he had wanted normal, natural pictures of yours - he would not have asked me. It is quite obvious that he wants you in something special, in some special poses. Do normal girls pose like that?"

Rekha: "Do whores only pose like that? I think people with healthy kinks also pose like that."

Amit wanted her in a slightly aggressive mood and his words incited Rekha just enough as she reacted.

Amit: "You are absolutely right. I think my terminology is slightly wrong but I used those words keeping you in mind. Are you not a classy whore?"

Rekha did not know what to say. She felt a slight irritation being addressed like that.

Amit: "Now look into the mirror as you pose. I want you to brush your hairs as you look into the mirror."

Rekha: "So much for acting like a classy whore."

Amit smiled as he clearly felt the sarcasm. He knew what he was doing exactly, Rekha would realize it later.

Amit kept on clicking her pictures as she started to comb her hairs. He corrected her posture a few times. He spent another 10-20 minutes taking her pictures in the short nightie.

He transferred the pictures on to his laptop and put them on slide show mode for Rekha to see. Rekha blushed as she was the pictures. The short nightie had gone up quite a way up as she brushed her hairs. A few shots showed her silky thighs exposed nicely. A few shots accentuated the shape of her breasts as she brushed her hairs. A few shots exposed the side of her panties as the nightie went quite a way up. The whole combination of shots made her feel so beautiful. She had never seen herself in this light. She understood it that Amit clearly had more knowledge than her.

Amit: "If you had smiled a shade, it would have added so much to your beauty."

Rekha understood what he meant. All she needed was a clue. She was smart enough to take care of the rest. She loved being guided. The change was clearly visible in the next set of pictures. Amit was not so glad because he had unleashed an animal. She was a tease queen at the moment and Amit was the one suffering.

Rekha gasped as she looked at the total set of pictures on her laptop. She had never felt so classy ever. She was so thankful to Amit and Anupam both for the same. She had the class in whatever ways one saw her. She looked an absolute goddess in her normal pictures. She looked more than a goddess in her not so normal pictures as well.

Rekha: "You transferred all the pictures you took on to my laptop. Won't you need them to put it up on the website you had in mind?"

Rekha blushed quite hard as she spoke the words. She was kind of forced to say them because Amit showed no clues of the same.

Amit: "Does anything in this world happen for free?"

Rekha went redder hearing his word. She had no clue what he had in mind but she was a sport for anything he wanted. As a matter of fact, she was desperate for anything and everything that could happen.

Rekha: "I gave you the pose for the pictures. I showed you my body in all its glory. What more do you want?"

Rekha could clearly see that there was no conviction in what she said.

Amit sent a text to Anupam "Your wife has all the pictures."

Rekha almost immediately received a text from Anupam asking for a picture. She loved the extra attention she was getting from her husband.

Rekha: "Why do you tease me like this Amit? You know it well that I want the website up and running. What do you want in return?"

Amit: "My darling whore, I have a lot of wishes. I want to see what you are comfortable with."

Rekha knew she was being teased. She knew it precisely that he was prying her open, her fantasy world too.

Rekha: "You only said that whores don't have a choice when it comes to customers. I will do what you exactly wish."

The answer was smart and Amit loved it.

Amit: "Let's kiss and see where we go from there."

Amit, intuitively, knew that she would refuse him. Rekha refused and understood what Amit meant by knowing her limits. She was thankful to him for understanding her. Rekha felt kissing was the most intimate thing and she simply could not share it with anyone other than the person she loved most (her husband). Kinks were a different thing and love was something absolutely different.

Rekha looked at Amit. She was amazed that she was developing feelings for him which were more than just a virtual friend. The way he cared for her, the way he was helping her blossom, melted her heart. She wanted to give him all of her but the kiss. She felt someone special in his presence.

Rekha put a finger on his chest and forced him down on her bed. It was Amit's turn to be surprised. Her eyes conveyed clearly to him that he was going to have the time of his life. She used her foot to guide his legs apart. Looking into his eyes, she sat between his legs and placed her hands on his thighs.

Rekha: "We have quite a big problem indeed."

Amit found it impossible to control himself. Her pun did not help it either. Amit's breath went short in anticipation of her move. She let her hands move in his inner thighs region. Every time she came close to his crotch, Amit would widen his legs in anticipation of her touch. Amit was like putty in her hands now. Rekha was absolutely enjoying the new found control.

Amit: "You are worth every bit one spends on you. You will be such a hit with your customers."

Rekha felt a fire burn hard in her crotch hearing his words. Amit could clearly see shades of aggression in her eyes. Her hands sunk into his thighs and went up all the way to his crotch. She looked into his eyes as she lightened her pressure of hands and let them travel all the way up to his balls. She cupped them gently. Her warm hands around his balls made him squirm like never before. He had never ever been teased so much. He loved the teasing but wanted much more.

Rekha: "Will my customers love to feel their balls in my hand?"

Amit: "Your classy seductive skills, your cheap talks, your openness to trying new things, your kink to become a whore will make you the most famous whore in the circle of elite's. You are a dream whore Rekha."

Amit knew the exact buttons to press to get Rekha going. Rekha let her hand move up on to his shaft. Amit stopped breathing in anticipation. She stuck her tongue out, bent between his legs, and licked his balls (through his pants). She giggled as she felt his shaft tighten further in her hands.

Rekha: "One can surely say we have quite a hard and a big problem. I think I know how to take care of it. How do you think we should handle it?"

Amit was absolutely speechless. His eyes closed as she let her hands move on his shaft a few times.

Amit: "The customers who hire you by the shots will be the biggest losers. You can make anyone shoot in a matter of minutes."

Rekha blushed and blushed hard hearing his words. Her hands tightened on his shaft which made him squirm further. Her hands gently massaged his balls. He could feel his blood and semen rushing up his shaft.

Rekha: "How would you hire me - by the shot, by the hour, by the days?"

Her talks had a sense of taboo to it. Amit was enjoying it much more than her touches. The talks kept him on the brink.

Amit: "You are a pearl which I cannot afford. If I had it my way, I would not let you go ever."

Rekha felt so complete hearing his words. She gently undid his zippers, looking into his eyes all the time. His underwear was totally spoilt by all the overflowing precum. She felt herself blushing beyond control as she assessed his size. She was too intrigued doing so - was it the angle which made it look "quite" big or was it really that big.

Amit: "I think you like what you see. At least, your facial expressions convey so. Wouldn't you want to unwrap and see it for real?"

Rekha was clearly gasping for air. She had never talked such stuff with anyone, not even in her college days. These kinds of talks were giving her a thrill beyond her wildest imaginations.

Rekha: "Do whores have a choice to make decisions what they want or not?"

Amit: "They do have a choice but only if they specify it in the starting. From what I understand, the only limit you have specified is not being kissed on lips. Am I right?"

Rekha felt a deeper connection with Amit as he spoke. He did understand her quite nicely. Instead of replying Amit, she slowly put her hands on his underwear and started to peel it away. Another though struck her and she left his underwear and instead returned to slowly tease him. This time though she parted his underwear enough to expose his balls. Seeing her head go closer to his exposed balls, Amit was the one gasping for some control.

Amit: "Lady, I will not be able to control myself much if you go on teasing me like this."

His words made Rekha tease him some more.

Rekha: "A whore knows how to help her customer with control issues."

She gently pinched his skin on the testicles and pulled. The pressure on the skin was not painful. She asked him to take a few deep breaths. Amit found himself dumfounded to see his penis relaxing.

Amit: "What is it that you did just now Rekha?"

Rekha: "I just manipulated the blood flow to your other brain."

Rekha felt excited yet nervous as Amit pulled her up close to him.

Amit: "I just wished you had not put the limit of no kissing. You are such a teasing whore that guys will not be able to resist you. I just wish no one forcibly kisses you."

Rekha just did not know what to do, how to react. She could not find any place to hide herself from his stares. She hugged him to save herself. Her touch on his body again ignited a huge supply of blood to his other brain (his balls).

Amit: "Seems I need a bit of manipulation of blood once more."

Rekha obliged immediately. She pushed him back on the bed once more and pulled gently at his skin (of balls). Within seconds, he found himself shrinking.

He did not know what to do as he felt Rekha slowly fondling his shaved balls in her hand. Amit wondered if she had a fetish to play with male genitalia. He could not think further on the subject as he felt something wet and warm on his balls. Rekha was licking his balls with her lips and tongue. Amit was super erect in a matter of seconds.

Rekha: "I cannot reduce the blood flow many times as it will give you a gentle pain in your testicles. It can only be done 2-3 times."

Amit did not know what to say as Rekha stopped licking and instead had started to sniff his balls. He felt a mild pang of jealousy imagining that she does all this to Anupam all the time. Once again his imaginations could not go further as he felt her hands working on his pants. She had lowered his pants down to his thighs.

Rekha: "Please don't moan so loudly. My servants will think otherwise."

Amit: "Rekha, believe me you are asking trouble yourself. If a whore teases her customers so much, they might rape her someday."

Rekha did not know how to react. Her face was red and hot hearing the word rape. She instead lowered herself on to his balls. The kissing and licking became a shade voracious than before. Her hands had also made way inside his underwear. All the precum was spoiling her fingers badly. The more precum spoiled her fingers, the more Rekha was getting happier. She felt great to see a man getting so excited for her.

Rekha: "Do you want anything me to do anything special?"

She asked Amit as she knew that he was just a few strokes away from cumming hard.

Amit: "I want to feel my juices mixed with yours."

Amit thought he had quite clearly specified that he wanted to penetrate and cum inside her. He heard Rekha giggle. He knew it that he was going to have the time of his life.

Rekha: "Your command is my wish."

Amit had put a few pillows under his bed so that he could look at the action happening down below. He saw Rekha wiggle her lower body. A smile came up on his face as he could make out that she was removing her panties. His penis stood even more erect in anticipation of penetrating her.

She stood up and her panties were still on. Amit was anticipating much to see her without the panties. His disappointment was quite clear. Rekha could see it reflect on his face but all she did was look at him and giggle once more. She closed the tube lights and turned up a night lamp in the corner of her room.

Rekha: "If you had specified as a customer to see my body first and then let our juices mingle, I would not have turned off the lights."

Amit was amazed at her playfulness.

Amit: "Sex can be bought at a cost. A playful company like yours along with sex is priceless. You are a rare whore indeed."

Amit was quite disappointed to see Rekha close the lights of the room.

Amit: "A customer likes to see the whore's body - her curves, her shape, her reactions and everything. Why did you close the light?"

Rekha (giggling once again): "I feel a bit shy today. I will turn the night lamp on if and only if I feel comfortable."

Amit was feeling like he would cum (hearing her words). Her words had such a ring of tease to them. He could listen to the subtle sounds of her undressing in the pitch darkness. His mind went berserk as he felt her coming close to him.

She came and sat next to him. Her hands once again started to fondle his thighs. Amit felt his heart would sink as he felt her hands on the elastic band of his underwear. She lowered his underwear in one smooth action, all the way down to his knees (next to his pants). Amit's penis throbbed in anticipation. He felt her hands on his balls, slowly moving all the way up to the head of his penis. She felt him really slow and nice. His throbbing dick added much to her excitement. She could feel each and every vein on his shaft quite clearly. Amit found himself going short on breath as he felt his penis being enveloped by something smooth and soft. He was going berserk in anticipation.

Amit felt the same soft and smooth feel on his entire shaft as Rekha started to move her hands on the entire length. He could feel the touch of lace on his balls. He got the idea suddenly. Rekha had wrapped one of her sexy satin lingerie on his dick and was teasing him. The realisation made him ooze a lot of precum.

Amit: "You will be the most demanded whore Rekha. You have certain body part which no one can possess. It makes you quite unique."

Rekha blushed but could quite relate which body part Amit was referring to. She got intrigued and wanted to show him a bit of her skin up close to him. She switched on the night lamp to give him a view of her curves at least.

Amit adjusted to the sudden glare of night lamp. Before her could adjust, Rekha was sitting next to him and continuing to fondle his entire shaft with her panties. It was some sight to see her sitting next to him wearing her bra only. He got a better view of her.

Rekha: "Well, I have put the light on so you could see a bit of my other body parts as well. With lights on, you can be at least sure of the most unique body part I possess."

Amit: "The most unique part of your body will always be your kinky brain."

Amit's hand instinctively reached for ass cheeks. He started to gently play with them. Rekha knew it would only be a matter of time before she would be the desperate one. She increased the force of her grip on his shaft. Amit was in heaven. He knew he was close and Rekha's titillation was not helping him control much.

Rekha (cupping his balls): "I have done what you had exactly asked for. My juices are already mingled with yours."

Amit: "You need to understand that my juices are not out yet. This is only my precum that you have rubbed your panties with. So technically you have yet to mingle my juices with yours."

Rekha knew that she would be quite out of control once he ejaculated. She had never told him about her obsession to see a male ejaculate. The more sperm that he would ejaculate, the more out of control she would be. She did not want him to know of this fact, yet.

Amit's hands were under his head as he was enjoying the tease from Rekha. Rekha knew it nicely that Amit was more than close. His leg muscles, especially hip muscles, were tightening a lot faster than they were before. She tightened her grip a shade more and then let it loose all together. Her panties next to his skin and the light touch of her hand was almost torturing him.

Rekha: "Can I make you cum now?"

It was more of intimation than a request. Her nails raked gently on one of his protruding veins. She pulled gently at his scrotum to reduce the blood flow, one last time. Amit's penis relaxed a shade. Rekha then gripped his penis firmly in her hands and started to rhythmically pump it. She started it slowly and gathered pace as time went by. Rekha judged Amit's reactions perfectly to pace the rhythm. Amit was moaning like a man lost. His precum was flowing more like a stream now. Her panties were totally soiled with his precum. Her hands moved smoothly over the panties. The only thing she ensured was that the crotch of her panties was, at all times, on his knob. She could sense that he was going to convulse very soon. Every single muscle in his body went tight and then came the downpour. She felt him convulse in her palms. She was shocked at the amount of semen he had ejaculated. Her palm, her panties and his crotch were all filled with his semen. Rekha was lost in her own world of fantasies and so was Amit.

Amit: "You will be quite a whore when you go out on your own."

Her cunt was, as it is, on fire. His comments ignited her further.

Rekha: "As a customer, are you satisfied?"

Amit: "No one can ever be satisfied of you. You are one such cunt. If you want to know how I felt, it was the best thing that has happened to me ever."

It satisfied Rekha much to know this fact. Amit did not know what to say or ask. He felt waves of bliss as she stroked his flaccid cock in her hands.

Amit: "You have still not done what I had asked you."

Rekha: "Did our juices not mingle with each other?"

Amit told her that he had seen her change panties when she had gone to switch the light off. Rekha blushed to know the fact that he had observed her so much.

Rekha: "I always keep my promise. You are right. I will mingle the juices now."

Rekha looked at him deeply, almost thanking him for observing it (the change of panties). Amit had just provided her with a perfect way out to masturbate. God only knew how badly she needed it.

Rekha took a towel and spread, cum filled, panties on it. She, literally, dipped her tip of finger into Amit's semen and gently rubbed it onto her vulva. She was looking at Amit all the time. She hoped that her obsession for semen was not quite visible to Amit. She did not care anymore if he could look through her or not. She took her panties and started to rub it nicely on to her crotch. Her crotch was totally covered with his semen. She closed her eyes as she felt the first wave of bliss dousing her.

Rekha was enveloped in spasms like never before. She was in state of total blankness and bliss at the same time. She just did not know how much time had gone by since she had experienced the orgasms. She turned her head to find Amit, all dressed up, sitting on the sofa.

Amit: "It has been some time since you and I had the time of our lives. It would be improper for your servants to come in and see you in a state of nudity. You have all the night to decide the pictures for your website. You can email them to me and we will discuss the details later."

He paused, for a few seconds, as he started to make his way out. He knew it would be impossible to control if he stopped now. Amit opened the door to make his way out.

Rekha: "Can I expect repeat business from you?"

Rekha after many attempts finalized and emailed the pictures she wanted to be published on the website. She also inquired with Amit as to when the website would be up and running. She felt pretty frustrated not to receive any email from Amit till late evening. Wish she knew how much time and effort it took to design a website.

She got a sms - "I need some basic details to get the website running. Should I come to your house or will you come to my shop?"

She felt an increased flow of blood to her vital organs as she read the message.

She replied back "My place, around 3 p.m. Servants would have gone to take rest by then."

Amit smiled and wondered what had he done to deserve such a horny whore.

Rekha could feel butterflies in her stomach to hear the bell ring on her door. Servants had already gone to rest so she opened the door and got the shock of her life. Amit started to almost grope her ass as soon as she opened the door. It was something she had never anticipated. She loved it too much though. She tried to break free but her effort did not have the conviction.

Amit: "What is your rate whore?"

Rekha (blushing): "What do you mean and why do you ask?"

Her words broke as she spoke.

Amit: "You will have to specify your rates so I can put up the same on the website."

Rekha's face went crimson red as she tried to think of an answer.

Rekha: "Are the rate's not dependent on the services a customer asks for?"

Amit grabbed her from behind and cupped her boobs delicately.

Amit: "Spoken like a true whore but there are many customers who don't pay for a job. They just pay by the hour and do whatever they want."

Rekha experienced a much known feeling of wetness between her legs.

Rekha: "What if a customer wants to do something which I won't do at all."

Amit: "Is there anything you don't want to do cunt?"

Rekha bit her lips hearing his words. Her body instinctively rushed into his, wanting more attention. Amit was already busy kissing her neck.

Rekha: "Well, that depends on my mood. I love the ones who are like you, a mixture of good and bad."

Rekha yelped out in pleasure to feel Amit's lips and hands increasing pressure on her body. His lips dug nicely on her neck and his hands groping her boobs quite hard. Rekha gasped as she realized that his fingers had started to undo her hooks on the front of her blouse. Her hips pushed into his hard rod.

Amit: "I love whores like you who know their likes and dislikes."

Rekha: "I love guys like you who know how to take charge."

She knew it would trigger an even increased response from him and that was exactly what she got from him. She never had imagined that she would do anything of such kinds. She knew it would only be a matter of time before her blouse would fall from her body. Her sarree was already done away with. Amit broke away from her body and turned the laptop on. He started to make a note of what she had just told. It would help him define her likes and dislikes. Amit could not spot Rekha once he was done with the noting. She was midways on the stairs (towards her room).

Rekha: "Please bring your laptop and other belongings into my bedroom."

Amit was more than happy to hear the word "bedroom".

Once inside the bedroom, he locked the door and placed his laptop on the side table. Rekha stood like a doll, awaiting his next move. She moaned out loudly as he pushed her on to the bed. He slowly took her legs into his hand and started to caress them. He knew what he was doing and the effects were being enjoyed by Rekha.

Amit: "There has to be a rate structure for clients otherwise you won't get customers from the website."

Rekha: "What if I am already busy with someone?"

Amit: "You will need to maintain an appointment diary so you don't mess things up."

Rekha: "Can't I hire someone to maintain my appointments?"

Amit smiled as he looked deep into her eyes.

Amit: "Suppose you have hired me as your secretary, how will you tell me about your appointments?"

Rekha had never thought about the intricacies involved.

Rekha: "If I had a secretary like you, I would be really lucky. I know you can take care of my accounts too."

He parted her legs and was now caressing her milky calves and continued the discussion.

Amit: "It would be my pleasure to be your secretary. What would be my salary?"

Rekha: "What would you like it to be?"

Amit straightened her legs and let his hands slide down all the way to her panties. She could not help but close her eyes and enjoy his explorations.

Amit: "Besides your body, a certain percentage of your total income."

Rekha: "You are greedy fellow indeed. You only told that my body is priceless and yet you want a cut in my income as well."

Amit: "I will obviously provide you with my valuable services in return to your money."

He placed her legs on his shoulder. He parted her panties to get a feel of how wet she was. She lay there like a whore, wanting more.

Rekha: "What other services could I possibly need?"

Amit (erotically feeling her vulva): "There are many issues involved in handling your career."

Rekha gasped and moaned. His strokes were making it impossible for her to reply. Her lower back arched up towards his fingers to give him proper access to the places she wanted him to explore.

Rekha: "What more issues? You just want my money."

Amit knew she was teasing him. He just played along her lines.

Amit: "I think you would like a certain basic filtering of your clients. I can do that for you."

Rekha: "You are quite right. I never thought of it. I feel so dumb. What percentage of my income do you want? I am sure you will be worth every penny to me."

Rekha felt a rush of air into her privates as she felt his fingers parting her vulva and stretching it a bit as well. It was something she had never experienced. Her hot cunt experiencing cold air conditioned air into her tunnel of love. She was glad that he knew how to handle her. She felt so very shy at being exposed like this.

Amit: "I would be your pimp for 20% of your income."

Rekha pushed her crotch onto his fingers as she heard the word pimp. She felt an ever increased need to masturbate. She kept on pushing her crotch towards his finger while he quite cleverly moved his fingers away from her privates. She opened her eyes to see what was happening. In that very moment, as their eyes locked, he started to churn her vulva with his fingers (just like taking lemon juice out of a lemon). His fingers were totally smeared with her overflowing juices. Her eyes closed as she found herself enveloped in streams of pleasure. Amit stopped. She understood that he wanted her to open her eyes to continue further.

Rekha: "It is a deal then. 20% of my income will be yours. Are pimps not supposed to protect their whore's as well?"

Amit inserted a finger inside her overflowing cunt. He placed a thumb on top of her clitoris and started to rub her vulva with the fingers of his other hand. Rekha could do nothing but push her crotch more towards him. She knew it well that a mind shattering orgasm was only a few rubs away. Despite knowing this fact, Amit once again stopped stimulating her.

Amit: "I will protect you from many things which you have yet to envisage."

Amit now lowered himself on to her exquisite naval. Rekha could not quite understand what was happening to her but everything he did was giving her pleasure beyond her wildest imaginations. She was forced to remember whether Anupam had ever made love to her in these ways. Amit started to play with her belly button. He teased the outer part of her naval with his inquisitive tongue. He then started to go deep inside her belly button. Her mind was already wild with so many imaginations. The first thing that came to her mind was his penis inside her cunt and it made her moan once again. Amit then leisurely started to kiss her lower naval area. He ultimately reached her pubic bone area. Rekha had never been so desperate ever for a release.

Rekha: "Do you think not letting me cum is some form of protection? I am almost there. Please lick me to ecstasy."

Amit: "Your expressions are such that most of your customers will be far more desperate than you to cum. It is next to impossible to control for me even."

Rekha burnt with a renewed desire as she saw him undoing his pants.

Amit: "Don't you dare touch yourself. I will be the one doing everything."

Rekha was mesmerized listening to his words. His words had a ring of authority to it. She could not do anything but wait for him to make his next move. Amit's precum had pretty much soiled his underwear. He came and stood near her face.

Amit: "Do the magic that you do. I will cum if you overdo your magic."

Rekha: "Do I have to take your permission for everything? I will do what I want. Even a whore has her own needs."

Amit: "You have such a kinky brain that guys can cum hearing you talk to them. "

Rekha cursed Amit for not letting her do anything. The fact was that the more authoritative he became, the more she loved it. He stood between her legs and parted them roughly. Rekha was lost in her own dirty world of imaginations. She was moaning in anticipation of his next move. Amit quite roughly removed her panties. Rekha lifted her hips to help him remove it fast. She wondered why his rough handling was giving her more pleasure.

Amit: "Seems someone is in heat."

Rekha loved to be at the receiving end of the tease. She blushed harder to accept the fact that she was the one who was so very desperate.

Amit: "Close your eyes and don't open until I cum."

Rekha: "Oh fuck. I will not open it. Please give me your monster in its full glory."

Amit gave her a fleeting glance of his penis before he told her to close her eyes. He then placed his hand on her thighs. She parted it as much as she could. Amit pulled her roughly to the edge of the bed. Rekha once again wondered why she was enjoying being roughly handled. Amit then slowly fondled her vulva with his fingers. Rekha could do nothing but try to keep her eyes closed and let her imaginations take her on a wilder ride.

Amit: "Do you mind holding your legs for me? It would give me a better view of your whore cunt."

She felt his fingers smearing her juices on to her swollen vulva.

Rekha: "Please give me the real deal. I am too close."

Amit: "Be patient."

She could smell his sex smells. She felt a range of emotions ranging from shyness to kinky in a matter of few seconds.

Amit: "I want your whore cunt to be wet enough before I do anything with my penis."

Rekha could only moan and convey her feelings. Her hips and thighs were constantly gyrating in anticipation. Rekha experienced something she had never done before. Amit spat on her cunt and then started to smear his spit on her vulva and around. She remembered all those porn movies and the spitting. It made her feel so very whorish. It was simply perfect for her.

Amit then placed his knob on to her clitoris. Rekha could feel her breath stopping in anticipation. She parted her legs as wide as she could. She felt his knob pressing into her privates. She then felt him guide his knob from the top to the bottom of her vulva. Her cunt opened up nicely in anticipation of his entry but it did not happen. What happened was an ever increasing need to be penetrated. Amit guided his penis up and down on her vulva. He knew what he was doing but it was a mystery for Rekha.

Amit: "You are such a beautiful whore that I want to enjoy you forever but my current state of excitement in such that I cannot hold for more than a minute. I will penetrate you afterwards today."

Rekha gasped hearing his words. The way his knob was sliding on her vulva with her juices, his juices and his spit was making her wilder than she imagined. Her lower back arched more and more with every rub. She was pleasantly surprised to find herself getting over horny. Her cunt and hips had started to rhythmically tighten around his knob. He felt as if her cunt would suck up his knob and take it deep inside her hungry cunt. Both of them knew they were only a shade away from cumming hard.

Rekha: "Rub it faster please. I am going to cum."

Amit gently placed his free hand on her boobs. Rekha felt she could control no more. The extra sensations were making it impossible for her to hold back.

Amit: "What is stopping you whore? Cum like never before."

His loud moans forced her to open her eyes and take a look at the raw expressions on his face. His eyes closed as he released spurts of his warm semen on her clitoris. It triggered an orgasm so deep that she felt that she might pass away. She felt the sensations deep in every single cell of her. Amit could not help but huddle down on her body. He felt pleasures like never before. They lay in each other's arms for what seemed an eternity.

Amit: "Wash yourself Rekha. What if a single cell of my sperm makes its way deep into your ovaries? I hope you understand what I mean by I will protect you."

Rekha (kissing his arms): "I am on pill so I am already protected dear."

Amit: "You are indeed a customer's dream whore."

He kissed her back on her shoulders and hugged her. He then used the washroom and cleaned himself up. He sat on the laptop and started to work on completing the website.

Amit: "The only limitations I have written is that you don't like to be kissed on lips."

Rekha was surprised to realize that she was roaming around nude (with lights on) after sex for the first time in her life. It gave her a sense of freedom, a sense of liberation as well. A sense of getting in touch with things she liked.

She just nodded her approval. Her eyes were busy enjoying the other nude body in front of her.

Amit: "I have blurred the face of the pictures that I have put up."

Rekha just listened.

Amit smiled back at her. They also discussed other issues like protection from venereal diseases, how to screen the customers etc. Rekha was glad that she would not have to bother about such important issues. Amit would take care of them.

Amit: "You need to clarify one more thing. There are clients who have special requests. How do you propose to handle them?"

Rekha: "What kind of special requests do you mean?"

Amit could clearly make out that she had not envisaged anything of this kind.

Amit: "Different people have different kinks. Some client might request for a threesome. Some people like being watched, some people love watching and so on."

Rekha: "You can write that it depends on me if I agree for the special requests or not. Please also mention that special requests will attract special rates as well."

Amit: "Rekha, you will give every whore a run for their money."

Rekha blushed, grabbed his arms and sunk into his chest to move away from his constant stares. Rekha had brought nuts and juices while Amit worked.

Rekha: "Have some nuts and juices."

Amit: "Why?"

Rekha: "Proteins and liquids help you rejuvenate for second round."

Amit: "Second round of what?"

Rekha clearly whimpered as she answered his question.

Rekha: "Sex."

Amit did not seem to be in any kind of a hurry as he talked to her. Rekha did not look so patient though. Amit shifted his stares to the laptop and started working once again. He was almost done with minor details. His basic material was ready to be uploaded. He needed to finalize a name for her website. His penis dangled beautifully as he walked towards her. Rekha stood, absolutely mesmerized. A flash happened where she saw herself on the floor, giving him a blowjob. She felt so very whorish. She snapped out of her imaginations feelings Amit's hands on her body. Amit guided her back towards the bed.

Amit: "I want a name for the website. Which name comes first to your mind?"

Rekha was visibly chocking. She felt a renewed surge of hormones in her privates. She could not ever think that she would be doing this.

Rekha: "You are the pimp, you decide."

Amit took her hands and made her cup his balls. That was all the inspiration she needed. She could not muster enough courage to look into his eyes and she, once again, sunk into his chest while her hands fondled his testicles and not so limp penis.

Amit: "It is your kink and you have to decide it."

Her hands were not so gentle now as she felt the veins engorging with the fresh flow of blood (in his penis). She grasped his shaft quite hard but the movements she made were quite slow. It was something which Amit had never experienced. Rekha suggested a name.

Amit: "It sounds like some Chinese company trying to prove that they are number one."

Rekha: "Am I not number one in what I do?"

He did not say anything at all. He, instead, looked in the direction of her hands working on his privates.

Amit: "You certainly deliver something one has never experienced. Maybe you can suggest a name based on that."

Amit never knew what he had said but the result was something which made him yelp in pleasure. The only thing that changed places was her hand - her mouth took the place of her hands. The friction on his penis was equal if not more. He was rock hard within seconds. Had he not ejaculated before, he would have been spilling his beans into her mouth this very instant. Her hands worked on his testicles and thighs as her mouth gobbled his penis. Rekha felt quite irritated as Amit told her to stop what she was doing.

Amit: "I stopped you as I need a name from you. You better move away from me and think of a name fast."

His precum was oozing from the side of her lips as she stood inspecting her reflection in the mirror. She was still missing the fullness in her mouth, a shade more than fullness actually. It was more like stretching her jaws but she was still missing his penis inside her mouth.

Amit: "The name has to be such that people should find it easily."

She nibbled at his ear lobes. She later whispered a name (for the website) which came to her mind. Amit pondered and found the name to be perfect. He just smiled and nodded his agreement to the name. He registered the domain name and awaited the approval. He knew he had some time at hand now and he wanted to make the most of it. He turned to face Rekha.

Before she could assess what he was up to, he was all over her. His hands, lips and fingers were wrecking havoc on her body. She could do nothing but lay back and enjoy being swept away to ecstasy by the expert lover. She had experienced his soft and smooth skills till now. Today, it seemed, was the day of rough love. His fingers had an urgency with which they moved. They had a certain uncaring attitude to the way they moved. The rough movements were giving her a sensation that never existed in her mind. Her body was not only loving it but also responding likewise. The more her body responded, the rougher he got. Amit stopped doing everything all together and instead looked directly into her eyes.

Rekha: "What?"

Amit: "Nothing."

He started to move his fingers away. Rekha's pussy squeezed on his fingers and did not let it move out.

Rekha: "What?"

Amit: "Tell me what you want."

Amit felt a new wave of juices on his fingers. He smiled and kept on looking at her.

Rekha: "Don't stop now please. Do anything, everything that you want. Just make me cum."

Rekha did not know how the words came out of her mouth but they did. Amit asked her to relax her thighs to let his fingers move a bit. Rekha blushed quite hard to realize that her thighs were clasping hard on his hands. She relaxed her grip on his hands. Amit started to slowly torture her once again. Within a matter of seconds, he found her most sensitive spots and Rekha knew that she would soon convulse once again on his fingers.

The roughness with which he had felt her made her feel a shade sore inside. The effect of the mildly rough love though left her desiring for more. She opened her eyes to look into his. She could do nothing but moan as she felt his fingers gently sliding in and around her clitoris. She was so very desperate once again. His lips were only a few millimeters away. She knew he was teasing her, making her test her limits. In that awkward moment, she let her lips get close to his and started to kiss him. She kissed every single spot on his face but his lips. Her wet kisses made him moan and his finger around her clitoris made her moan. She opened her eyes to look into his but could not keep them open as her animal instincts told her that she was going to convulse yet again. She went short of breath as she climaxed.

Her eyes opened as she felt his erotic kisses around her neckline. She felt shy to realize that she was making love to an absolute, almost absolute, stranger on the very same bed where she made love to her husband. The thought vanished equally fast as she felt his dick prodding at her vulva. She promptly adjusted her posture to give him proper access to her cunt. She knew instinctively that he would tease her some more.

Rekha: "Don't you dare tease me anymore. I want that cock of yours deep inside me, buried to the hilt."

Amit stopped everything that he was doing. He looked at her sexy face and could clearly see that he was losing control. His left hand pushed her hard into the bed as his right hand start to roughly feel her boobs once again. He pinched her nipples with his right hands. Rekha too did the same back to him. Amit growled in pain.

Rekha: "What happened? You could not take some pain yourself."

She wanted the animal inside Amit to come out in open and so it did. Whether it was for good or bad, would be answered later.

Amit: "Your tight little cunt will tear if I put my monster inside. If I rip it in the way you want it, you will have nothing but tears rolling down your cheeks."

Amit did not know himself what made his say all this. Rekha did not know how to react but she knew she wanted more of this raw passion from him. Her cunt, mind and brain were on total fire. There was no turning back now and this fact was more than clear to both Amit and Rekha.

Rekha did not realize the kind of physical power Amit possessed. He pinned her down properly under his body. Despite her best efforts, she was not able to move much. It gave Amit the extra ego boost of who was in control. It gave Rekha a renewed trickle of juices between her legs.

Amit: "Whore, you don't look so classy anymore. Are you as classy as you had imagined yourself to be?"

Rekha had a smile which confused Amit all together. She looked so mysterious. The intrigue brought out more aggression in him. He wanted to fuck the hell out of her.

Amit placed his knob on the top of her clitoris and let it leak his oozing precum for a few minutes before her went further. Rekha was burning with lust beyond her own control. His aggression was helping her some more. Amit used his finger to rub the precum all around her clitoris. He felt as if he had gained control as Rekha started to moan once again. He rubbed her vulva with his penis (just like he had done before). Once he was satisfied that she is lubricated enough, he gently lowered his knob into her cunt. Rekha whimpered in anticipation of taking his manhood into her privates.

Amit: "Don't rush like a whore that you are. Get used to the thickness of the knob first."

Rekha was visibly shaken by the use of his words. She blushed and closed her eyes. Amit could not help but stroke her cheeks in admiration. Rekha never felt hornier. Amit pushed in an inch more of his dick. Rekha put a hand on his hips, coaxing him to penetrate her further.

Rekha: "If you stop now, I will surely scratch you like a tigress. Just fuck my brains out Amit."

It was sweet music to his ears but he knew if he rushed things, he would hurt her.

Amit stopped (and asked her): "Let's see if you are a tigress or not."

Rekha: "Please don't tease me. I cannot take it anymore. Fuck my tight cunt please."

He pushed his penis another inch. It felt so good to see her adjust to his girth in such a sporting way. There was clear reflection of pain on her face along with lust.

Amit: "Your cunt tells me that you cannot take it anymore. If I insert more, you might start to cry."

Rekha: "I will not cry and nor will my cunt. If you cannot do it, tell me. I have enough toys to help myself. I need a fuck very badly."

Amit: "Suits yourself. Don't blame me afterwards."

Rekha had put a hand on his chest as he inserted some more. Amit knew the clues nicely and he was not going to rush it.

Amit: "You have had enough or want some more?"

Rekha: "Oh my god. I feel so full already. My cunt feels so full, so stretched. I won't say no, you don't stop. Just fuck my brains out. Please, please, please."

Amit stopped all together and took his penis out. Her vagina felt a fresh gush of air go deep inside. Rekha gave the most pleading look she could. Before her expressions completed, she felt him inserting once more. She could not understand what he was doing but it felt heavenly. She did not know what made her stretch her labia, using her fingers, and wait for him to insert. She felt so desperate. Amit could not help but smile as he saw her doing so. His penis was overflowing with sensations besides blood. It was a sight he had never envisaged. He held his penis and inserted. The force with which he inserted made her yelp with pleasure. The rhythm not only made her experience newer sensations but also helped her cunt adapt to his thickness. Amit inserted his penis inside, removed his hand, and in one single smooth motion started to go in further. He clearly saw Rekha going short of breath. He could also see shades of pleasure along with pain on her face.

Amit: "Have you ever had an orgasm by the friction of a penis?"

Rekha was adjusting to the new sensations of pain mixed with pleasure. She was forced to adjust her posture to accommodate him totally. She could feel her cunt being ripped apart with every single push and she loved it. She was glad to see that Amit had some basic sense. Her hands on his chest were clearly guiding him about her pain and pleasure zone. He took the cues perfectly.

Rekha: "No."

Amit: "Does your husband have the problem of premature ejaculation? Anyone will ejaculate prematurely being a whore like you."

Rekha: "It is a mix of things. He never wants to do it the second time. He has his guilt trips after cumming once besides the problem of cumming early. Do you think you can hold enough to make me cum?"

Amit did not respond. He, instead, let his penis move all the way inside. Rekha felt her heart would come out of her mouth. She was in loads of pain.

Rekha: "Don't you take it out now. It hurts a lot but let me adjust to the pain."

Amit: "You will have to get used to it. Let your whore cunt get used to it. It will be okay soon."

Amit started to grind his hips in a slow, circular motion. It made Rekha moan out. She could not understand whether it was a moan of pleasure or a yelp out of pain. She placed her hands on his chest and pulled him up close to her. She tugged on his strong arms as he kept on with his circular motions.

Amit: "Have the feelings of pain been taken over by the feelings of pleasure?"

Rekha: "Don't talk. Don't just stop please."

Amit took his out penis all together. Rekha felt a certain degree of emptiness in her privates but she knew she would be filled up soon. Amit could not decide whether to go slow with her or pound her hard. Her mixed signals were confusing her. He decided to go for rhythm and then decide later as things happened.

Amit: "I need something to lubricate your whore cunt."

Rekha felt damn shy as she got up to get baby oil from her washroom. She felt gently sore in her privates as she walked. She was back within minutes. She felt quite whorish as she handed him the bottle of oil and lay down next to him. Amit poured enough oil in both his and her palms. The room filled up with the smell of oil and the renewed sex smells. Rekha was floored to oil up his privates. She was totally mesmerized by his penis. She simply did not want to let it go. Amit ensured that he oiled up her vulva, labia and vaginal walls properly. The more he rubbed, the more she was losing control. Amit was much thankful to her for making him cum once else he would have not been able to control himself.

Amit stopped her and looked back into her eyes. She knew what he wanted exactly. Rekha parted her legs to accommodate him. She soon experienced the known feeling of being filled to the hilt. The smoothness with which he went inside added more to her sensual pleasures.

Amit: "Which sensation was better - feeling filled up without lubrication or with lubrication?"

She knew he was teasing her cunt. Her cunt duly obliged and released a fresh round of her own juices. These kinds of pleasures were absolutely alien to her in the past. Her labia slipped on his oiled penis as he started to move rhythmically inside her. She could feel her labia slipping on his strong, hard shaft. It added sensations like never before. Every thrust was like an earthquake of pleasure. She never knew such feelings existed. He could clearly feel her vaginal muscles grinding nice and tight. It became clear to Amit that she was getting over with the painful part. She would experience soreness in the morning but she would experience pleasures for now.

Amit: "It seems your whore cunt is quite ready. Are you ready whore?"

Rekha did not reply. Her face quite clearly conveyed what she wanted besides her fingers. She was erotically feeling his hands with her nails. She dug a nail into his arms as he rhythmically moved in and out of her. The feelings that happened were too much for her to control. She had never chartered these territories before in her life. Amit went in all the way and stopped. He started to once again grind in circular motions. The motion stimulated her clitoris quite indirectly. The feeling of having him all the way inside her and the added tease of her clitoris was making it impossible for her to control her emotions.

Rekha: "Is that all that you know - going in and out, moving in circular motions and teasing a poor little girl?"

Amit: "You called it yourself. Don't blame me for the pain that might happen now."

His monstrous cock was already buried deep inside her and she was over the threshold of pain. She could not quite understand how her pain would increase further. He rolled over and Rekha was on top of him. Her being on top made her quite shy. She was not accustomed to being on top. Once could say safely that she was used to being done in missionary position only. He asked her to push her hips up an inch and let her hands on his chest. She had no clues as to what he was doing. She got the idea with a few minutes as he started to rhythmically pound her. His smooth rhythm was making her cry out in pleasure. Amit increased the speed at which he was pounding her. She could feel the raw strength with which he was fucking her. Amit had started to sweat as he continued. Rekha could not quite understand how he was able to hold back for so long. She on the other hand did not know what was happening to her. She felt she was about to orgasm and yet something was not letting it happen. Amit slowed down.

Amit: "It is time for you to fuck me with your cunt whore."

She knew what was missing as she started to move her hips up and down on his thick shaft. She started slowly and tried to build up a speed greater than Amit but failed as she was not quite used to it.

Amit: "Whore, you don't have that experience so don't worry. Go slow. I love it when you slowly move up and down on my shaft. Do look in my eyes as you do so."

Her nails sunk into his chest instinctively as her primal instincts told her that she was going to explode. Her vaginal muscles gripped his shaft as she tried to seduce him. The effect troubled her more than him.

Rekha: "Fuck me like never before and make me your whore Amit. Please fuck me hard. I am so close. I want to cum."

The sounds of her body slapping against his and their sex smells filled up the room. Rekha felt shy looking into his eyes as he went on. She had to close them in between as it got too much to bear the pleasures her body was experiencing. A drop of tear started to roll down her cheeks as she found it too much to bear anymore.

Rekha: "Oh fuck. Please, please, please."

Amit: "Please what?"

He increased his speed a shade more. It was getting impossible for him to move his penis. Her vaginal muscles did not let him move that easily. He was forced to slow down. He instead started to move slow and deep inside her. Rekha collapsed on his body as he did so. A few deep strokes and she was convulsing on his penis. Her body was hit with the first wave of orgasm. Tears rolled down her cheek. She felt totally cleansed from inside. Her body tingled and surprisingly started to crave for more. Amit held her as she lied on top of him. His penis had gone a shade limp.

Rekha: "I cannot tell how it feels. I feel so complete. I was lost in the worlds of my pleasure. Have you also cum?"

Amit: "No. If I had cum, you would have known."

Rekha (looked questioningly at him): "How?"

Amit: "You will soon understand how. Are you sure you want me to continue? Some ladies get all sensitive inside and want some gap before they ask to start again."

Rekha (quite innocently): "It is the first time I have experienced an orgasm being fucked like this. I would always have to do the honors myself after my husband would cum. Please fuck me more, now."

Her whole being tingled as he continued his movements. She wished she could record this session and sees it later in details. The thought triggered her imaginations and it started to reflect on her body. Her cunt was giving his penis the tightest grip and he kept on pushing inside her. He rolled her over and pinned her down under him. The force of his pounding had increased and so was the depth of his penetration. Rekha was totally exhausted and yet she desired more. She put her legs up on his back and locked it around his waist.

Rekha: "Now what will you do?"

Amit stopped, smiled and wondered about the different shades of her character. He decided to go for shallow penetration and increased speed. Rekha groaned, moaned and shrieked as she experienced orgasms, waves of orgasm actually (one after another). She pulled his up close and hugged him for giving her such an experience. She felt so complete, so womanly and so whorish. She felt as if she had experienced everything. She was enveloped in such emotions that she almost kissed his lips. She kissed him as close to his lips as she could. She might have kissed his outer lips probably. She found herself melting in his arms. She regained senses as he started to move once again.

Rekha: "You are such a beast. Wish I was not married."

Amit knew what she exactly meant. It only fueled the animal inside him. He now worked up a pace like never before. The friction warmed up her crotch. She could feel every single muscle in his body tightening up. His looks too had started to change. For the first time, she saw him closing his eyes. She knew he was close. She felt like doing something naughty. She took a finger and let it slowly love his cheeks. Amit loved it and responded likewise. His pace increased further.

Rekha: "Fuck me like a whore darling. Fuck me like you have not fucked anyone."

The words triggered an equally monstrous experience for both. Amit roared like an animal as he sprayed his semen deep inside her. Rekha never knew passions of such kinds existed. Anupam (her husband) had never ever done anything close to what she just experienced. Amit could not quite control his body anymore. His hands were not able to support him, he let go of his hands. Rekha came to her senses as she felt being crushed by his weight. She was surprised to feel the amount of semen he had just sprayed inside her.

Amit rolled over as soon as he realized that she was being crushed under his weight. Rekha's privates and her bed were totally smeared with his love juices. They both looked at each other, holding each other, basking in the afterglow of their deep orgasms. The eye contact was quite magnetic, Rekha once again started to kiss his outer lips.

Rekha: "Now that I you know what kind of services I provide. What do you think my rate should be?"

He looked at her, puzzled by her once again. He contemplated a lot before he replied.

Amit: "Priceless."

They spent a few moments, which felt like an eternity, caressing each other. Rekha whispered into his ears.

Rekha: "It is time for you to go now. Servants will be back in 15 minutes. You cannot be seen inside my room."

Amit changed and left before the servants came in.

Rekha became quite irritated because of silence from Amit's end, besides all the soreness in her lower abdominal region.

She was beaming as soon as she read her emails later at night. The website was up and running. She was glad that it was classier than she had imagined it to be. Amit had put in a lot of effort to design it so. He would be rewarded amply too, but later. She re-read every single word and got lost (yet again) in a torrent of thoughts.

Rekha could not help but close her eyes as her fingers instinctively got busy, again.

Rekha's next week went fulfilling her social commitments. Her days just flew by doing the social work. It was the lonely nights which irritated her much. It was too much of a risk to call Amit home since servants were around during the evenings.

She was about to drift into sleep, one night, when she received a call from Amit. He teased her for some time before he came to the matter at hand. The website had generated a few responses. He intimated her that he had already rejected two people as he found them to be shady characters.

Amit: "Can you spend the night away from your home?"

Rekha was caught off guard. She never anticipated a situation of such kind, so soon.

Rekha: "I would prefer an early morning to late night assignment. I would avoid night outs for now but I am open to the idea."

It was time for Amit to be shocked. She spoke like a profession whore.

Amit: "I am forwarding you an email. It is an inquiry. We will discuss the details after you have gone through it."

Rekha: "You are the pimp. Don't you have to filter it first?"

Amit: "I already have filtered it. He has requested something which you have to okay first."

Rekha was buzzing like a bee hearing the words. She read the email. The timing suited her perfectly. The request too was nothing out of the way. She wondered why Amit sent her the email.

Rekha: "Amit, it seems you are not as good as you claimed to be. What is there to think upon in the email? The client suits me perfectly."

Amit: "I knew that the customer suits you perfectly. I just wanted to hear it from your mouth. If you were not serious, you would have had second thoughts."

Rekha was once again floored by Amit's concern and care. She quite desperately wished that he was her in person to discuss the details.

Amit: "Do the arrangements suit you and the dates?"

Rekha (with a quivering voice): "Yes."

Amit: "Is your voice shaking due to nervousness or excitement? Do you really want to go ahead with this plan?"

Rekha could observe that her body was shaking more than her voice.

Rekha: "Yes, I want to go ahead."

Rekha and Amit talked for a few more minutes discussing the details. Amit quite patiently told her about all the intricacies involved. Once he was confident that he had told her everything possible, he changed the topic to them. The more they discussed each other, the more the sparks flew. In short, they ended up doing a sex talk on phone. Both of them experienced the much needed orgasms.

Rekha replied back to the anonymous client conveying that she was quite okay with meeting him to discuss the possibility of being with him for another 2-3 days. She forwarded a copy of the same to Amit as well.

Amit knew that the client would call in other ladies too. He would finalise after meeting them in person. The only question that came to his mind was - if someone else was finalised, would she be able to handle the rejection?

Amit mellowed down his doubts and conveyed the same to Rekha. Rekha apparently had no issues with it since she was more than confident that she would be able to hook up the client.

The day finally arrived. She got an email about the time and place she was to meet with the client. She was quite surprised to observe that she was neither feeling any anxiety nor was she having any doubts about the whole thing. On the contrary, she felt a buzz of excitement inside her mind and body.

Amit picked her up and together they went to meet the client. Amit was totally stunned to see her in a transparent sarree. The client had desired that she looked like a high profile socialite. Rekha looked every bit of it.

Amit could see that Rekha was in a totally different zone. She looked confident and relaxed. He decided not to pass on his anxieties on to her. It took them good 30 minutes to reach the place. It was on the outskirts of the city. The place was like a resort in itself.

Both Amit and Rekha took a few minutes to admire the maintenance of this place. The place made quite an impression. The greenery of grass and tree was perfectly balanced with a fountain in one corner. The flowers added a vibration which would stop any person to stop and cherish the view. Both of them would have loved to savor some more moments here but they were here for some other work.

Once inside, they were shown into the waiting area. A few more girls were already sitting there. It was a relief that there were no known faces. Rekha knew they were here for the very reason that she was here for. The sheer idea brought a smile on her face. The smile made the other girls tense. Rekha was looking gorgeous already and the smile added more to her beauty. The other girls tried their best to do away with their jealous, anxious looks but could not hide it. Amit, after seeing the competition, was now confident that Rekha was going to nail it.

Rekha realized that she would be the last one to go inside. All the girls went in one by one. She observed that only two girls were asked to sit. The man had taste because the girls who sat back were good.

She could get a sense of the man inside seeing the girls. Her confidence was sky high since she knew that she was better than them (the girls sitting) any given day. She was definitely much better in the looks department. The only question was - why did he require the girls to look like high class socialites? The only problem would be if he asked her to do something that she would not like to do. It made her go once more into contemplation mode. Were her limits really worth considering?

Her trance was broken by Amit. He informed her that she was being called inside.

It was the stepping stone for Rekha (Amit as well). Her heart was beating so fast that she wondered if people around could feel it as well. The heart beat faster due to excitement, not nervousness. She was totally comfortable with the idea now. There was no paradox anymore. She desired to become a whore and here she was.

She had imagined this particular scene, of meeting her first client, a thousand times in her head. Here it was, for real. The client did not disappoint her one bit. The look on the client's face quite clearly conveyed to her that she would not be a virgin whore any more. The first love is always special. Rekha came to know that the client's name was Vinod.

The atmosphere was getting more and more charged with every passing moment. The client was quite cool. It was Rekha who was getting charged.

Vinod: "Make yourself comfortable Rekha. You are hired. I need to convey the same to other girls, give me a moment."

She sent a text to Amit conveying him the same. Vinod was back in a jiffy.

Rekha: "Do you mind if I ask you a few things Mr. Vinod."

Vinod: "Address me as Vinod. No need to be so formal. We both are professionals here. Let's clarify each other's doubts."

Rekha was conscious of his looks for the first time, especially his eyes. She loved the way his eyes lingered on her curves. He did not hide the fact which made it even hornier for her.

Rekha: "You did not ask me about anything and yet you finalised me. Why?"

Vinod: "I wonder how a sexy girl like you is into this trade. I think you should suit my needs perfectly."

Rekha: "What are your needs?"

Vinod: "Company of a sexy lady is all I need."

Rekha could quite clearly get that he was flirting mildly with her. She also knew that there was more to what he had just told.

Rekha: "You require my services from 11 in the morning to 11 in the night. Is it just company you seek or something else as well?"

Vinod loved her frankness.

Vinod (laughing): "I need diversions. I am having a few very important clients coming to stay with me. We will be discussing business all the time. I need you around so they don't go stale in their minds."

Rekha tried to understand why her services were required.

Vinod: "Seeing you in appropriate clothes and without them, any man would forget what he was doing. That is what I want you here for. I would require you to come here for the next 3 days."

Rekha: "Is there any physical action involved? You must have gone through my website. I don't do everything."

Vinod: "I required a high class socialite looking girl for a reason. I have many girls who can satisfy their physical needs but I don't have one who can divert them cleverly."

Rekha felt nice hearing the praises. Her cheeks acknowledged the same as blood rushed up her cheeks.

Rekha: "In short, you want me to tease them, seduce them. Am I right?"

Vinod: "A seductress should know which moment is for what. There might be a moment when holding hands is required, there might be a time when a look is enough and there might be a time when some skin is to be exposed. One needs to assess that. It won't be hard as I will be around to guide you. Keep your mobile handy please."

Rekha felt she was cut out for this job.

Rekha: "Why did you require a whore for this job? A simple girl with a naughty mind could have sufficed."

Vinod: "Let's say that girls of such kinds don't exist. Once they tease, they want to get pleased. I hope you are getting what I mean."

Rekha: "You mean to say that you want to keep your customers on the edge. It is more like keeping them high and dry."

Vinod just nodded for an answer.

Vinod: "I observe that you want to know what is it that you are required to do. You never asked about your payment. Why? In this trade, the ladies or their pimps want to always negotiate their payments first."

Rekha's leg went weak. She felt quite embarrassed to imagine what Vinod might think of her if he got the hint of her sex smells.

Rekha: "I believe my secretary has already discussed the basics with you. Besides, I am sure you are a gentleman. If I deliver what I am supposed to, I am sure I will get what I deserve."

Vinod was quite stunned listening to her answer. One thing was clear to him - she was not into this for money. The whole idea excited him much.

Vinod: "My driver will drop you off to your home later. By the way, have you brought the extra dresses that I had requested?"

She went out to fetch her small suitcase trolley. Amit wanted to know much more but he knew he would have to wait until Rekha got free. He wished her luck and made his way back.

Vinod and Rekha settled next to the pool to take the discussion further.

Vinod: "Rekha, please remove your sarree for now. You look so sexy that I am not able to control my surging hormones anymore. Don't worry, I will get you sarree ironed and ready before the guests arrive."

Rekha went red, deep shade of red, on being told to remove her sarree. She felt strange to undo her sarree but a part of her was more than excited to go ahead too. The paradox was enveloping her judgment.

The lusty look in Vinod's eye definitely helped her decide. She undid her sarree carefully and kept it aside. Rekha was clearly sweating. It was up to Vinod to assess whether she was nervous or excited. He could not take the risk of getting her nervous as he was saving her for his customers. He decided to cool it off. He took her inside the room, next to swimming pool, to continue the discussions. They settled onto the sofa, next to each other, and continued. She came to know about the services his company was offering. He came to know more about her curves.

Vinod let his fingers deliberately go into an exploration mode as he told her more about the nature of his work. The idea of being with her first customer was making her go berserk from inside. His gentle touches were nothing less than a pleasurable torture to her. Vinod crossed his fingers as he put his palm on her boobs (through her blouse). He felt them for quite some time. It was getting harder for Rekha to control her primal urges.

A few things became clear to her. Vinod was into real estate promotion business. His job was to develop small townships and sell them later when the prices soared. The profits would be shared between partners in direct proportion to their investment. The crash in world economy and the elevated prices of raw materials had left him reeling for cash. In short, he was desperate for money. He was using her as diversion to get cash from the prospective clients as he was planning to build a major township. All the travelling with her husband, besides coming from a business family herself (from her father's side), helped her understand the job quite easily.

In the mean time, Vinod had undone the hooks of her blouse. He loosened the cord of her petticoat as well. Rekha absolutely loved it. The more his eyes worshiped her beauty, the more amorous she was feeling from within. He asked her to stand up. Her petticoat fell onto the ground. He asked her to remove her blouse as well. The way Vinod commanded her was exciting Rekha much. It was stripping in front of a stranger and in broad daylight. She knew he would be more than hard by now. Rekha's bra strap had slid onto her shoulders unknowingly. She walked back towards him and bent down to whisper something into his ears. Vinod got the perfect view of her cleavage besides the desperate look in her eyes. He put a hand onto her cleavage. Rekha could do nothing but moan and close her eyes. Vinod peeled off one cup of her bra. He had the most beautiful lady in front of him. He was not able to control himself anymore. He put his lips on her bare boobs and let his tongue do whatever his mind wanted. One by one he played with the cupped and bare boobs. Rekha slid into her imaginary world. Vinod quite strongly pushed her down on floor, between his legs. She knew what was coming next. Vinod undid his zipper and let his penis loose. He was about to experience the ultimate titillation of his life. He had yet to meet a whore who would enjoy giving a blowjob like Rekha did. Rekha used every single part of her body to stimulate his cock. He put one of his legs on the table. Rekha instinctively knew what he wanted.

Vinod: "Don't use your hands now."

Rekha settled under his legs and started to tease his balls. His balls were quite huge. She loved the musky smell and taste of his balls. She licked, sucked his balls and inner thighs for a bit. She slowly shifted her position and went onto lick his throbbing dick.

Vinod: "If there is anything you don't like, tell me now. I am so very excited that I want to ejaculate now."

Rekha: "You must have read the things I don't like on my website. I am quite okay with the rest of things. Is there anything specific you want me to do?"

Vinod moaned hearing her sultry words. His precum was smeared all over her cheeks, lips and tongue. Her face glistened as she spoke.

Vinod: "I will do many things with you. Right now, I want you to make me cum."

Rekha: "Can I use my hands now?"

The tone of her voice was damn teasing. She did not wait for his permission. She lovingly enveloped his dick in her palms and started to gently push the foreskin up and down. He was oozing precum with every single stroke. She used her other hand's fingers to smear it back on the head of his cock. The sensations were like never before. She continued it for a minute, and then cupped his ball in her palm. The warmth of her hands on his balls had an effect that Vinod did not know existed. She brought her face close to his penis. She stopped for a few seconds to smell his sex smells. She loved the pungent smell much. She took his knob into her mouth first and started to suck it like a lollipop. The sucking made him ooze a lot of precum into her mouth. She loved the taste of his precum. Vinod did not what was happening to him. His legs were shaking beyond his control. Rekha knew it well that he was going to shoot his load into her mouth.

Rekha: "Do you want me to swallow or you want to cum somewhere specific on my body?"

Vinod took his dick from her mouth and placed it between her boobs. He started to frantically push his dick between her breasts. Rekha pushed her boobs, against his penis, to give his penis the much needed friction. She lowered her head and let her tongue out so she could lick his knob when it came close to her mouth. Vinod started to moan as he felt the softness of her boobs gripping his penis. The idea made him go violent with lust. Vinod gave out a loud groan and shot his load all over her cleavage. Rekha relaxed her grip as he convulsed. He shot 8-10 strong streams of hot wad. The amount of cum was so much that it started to drip down to her boobs. She started to fondle his penis. She took his penis into her mouth and cleaned it up. The sensations were beyond his imaginations. Vinod then put his hands on to her boobs and started to massage her boobs with his cum. The sight was something he had always fantasized but had never become a reality for him.

Vinod asked her to come up and lie down on the glass table. The touch of cold glass against her warm skin made her quiver. Vinod asked her to masturbate. He sat down on the sofa to watch. Rekha was already feeling quite frisky and the idea of being watched like this added more fire to her imaginations. She knew Vinod must be much desperate by now to see her cunt. Her mind was always in a tease mode. She started to play with herself without removing her panties. She exposed a bit of her labia, nothing more. Vinod's eyes poked out in anticipation of seeing her cunt but it was not to be.

Rekha made an internal note to bring extra sets of undergarments as well from the next day.

The prospective customers arrived around lunch time. It was a surprise for Rekha to see a lady being one of the four customers. She was dressed quite sharply but nowhere near Rekha. Rekha felt as if her body was blushing, feeling all the stares on her curves. The male customers did cozy up with Rekha to get an idea who she represented. Within minutes it was clear to her that they were not just interested in knowing her professional details. She chuckled as a though came to her mind - "wish they knew my real profession." It only made her hornier.

After a bit of relaxing, they all grouped for the evening tea and a basic discussion on the project. The very basics of area, rates and prospects were discussed. The basic details were then broken further into minute details. It was dark soon. The best part was that no one realized that it was dark already. Vinod was a proficient talker and he ensured that the interest in project was maintained.

Rekha realized for the first time that she had done a wrong thing by agreeing to Vinod getting her dropped home. If he did so, he would come to know about her home and she could not afford such a risk. She sent him a text message and asked if he could pick her up. Unfortunately, he was busy with his own clients and was stuck at the moment. He sent her back a text conveying that he could make it after an hour. Since she had an hour to kill, she decided to make the most of it. With a wicked smile on her face, she made her way towards the dinner table.

One of the guys was puffing on his cigar. Rekha could not help but pass a comment - "It has been a while since I had a cigar in my mouth." It left the whole group hurting. The look on Rekha's face clearly conveyed what she meant by the word cigar. Her eyes actually trailed every single crotch as she spoke the words. Before anyone could react, she added "My husband is on a trip. I miss his cigar much. Which brand do you smoke?"

The faces were red and dry. Neither was able to react and say a word. Vinod was grateful to Rekha for coming in to save him. One of the customers was questioning him regarding the risen prices of raw material. He knew that the discussion would be lost, for now at least.

Amit came to pick Rekha up. She rushed out with her suitcase. She was quite bubbling to share the events that happened during the day. Unfortunately for her, he was busy with his calls through the trip.

She had her dinner and went back to her room. She wanted to take a shower before she finally called it a day. The outing with her first client had made her super horny, mixed with the effect of warm water on her smooth body - her fingers became frantically busy.

The next day was reserved for site visit. After much contemplation, she decided to wear hip hugging denim with a matching top. She wore thongs which promptly would show when she wanted them to. She drove the car to the client's place today.

She knew she was late but she had to do it deliberately. Vinod had asked her to come late. He was projecting her as a VIP client who also had loads of tantrums. The idea was to hurt their egos so they could invest more than her. At the end, it would inevitably all come down to money.

About 90 minutes later, they reached the site. The weather was perfect. The dark clouds, cold breeze and the greenery around gave a very romantic look. Everybody loved the fresh juices and cookies that were served as soon as they reached the site. Guys were having much more fun, the reason obviously being Rekha. She sipped at her glass rather suggestively. A few brief glances were also exchanged in between the suggestive sips. She was blushing as they checked her curves out. She was every guys dream at the moment. Despite dressing quite loosely, the other lady in the group was not getting any male attention today as well. Vinod tried his best to give her some company.

Rekha: "Mr. Vinod, the place looks nice. Can you please enlighten us with the basic layout you have in mind?"

Vinod was simply enchanted with Rekha's way. She could change the topic whenever she wanted.

The discussion went on for quite some time. The other lady in the group was sincerely shocked to see that Rekha had a better understanding of the topic than anyone else. She had scratched their ego's just enough. The only thing required was to balm their ego's at a proper moment. At the moment, he wanted to scratch their egos a bit more.

Rekha: "Fellow investors please don't mind what I am just going to say. Vinod, is it necessary that you call in so many investors on this project?"

Vinod went nervous hearing her words.

Vinod: "Ma'am, it is the first time that I will have the pleasure of doing business with you. I have done business with every single person present here in the past. I think they have the first call when it comes to investing in this project. I am businessman though and I have an open mind to anything you have to say."

His words relaxed the rest of the lot. Their participation physically increased as they discussed the minute details and layouts.

Rekha: "Mr. Vinod, do you mind taking me for a physical ride now? I love physical rides in natural surroundings like here, especially with such a sexy weather."

Everybody was gulping hard. Rekha obviously meant to take her on a physical tour of the land. It was her eyes which left people thinking otherwise. The rest of the group became unsecured once again. They could not let Rekha go alone with Vinod. Rekha was extra chirpy throughout the trip. Vinod was more than glad that she was so, after all she was delivering the clients to him in the exact frame of mind that he wanted them to be.

Rekha: "The vibrations of your land make me vibrate with joy beyond words. I would like to visit your land along with my energy consultants, if that is okay with you?"

She was openly flirting with Vinod and did not hide this fact from others too.

It was a tiring day which soon came to an end. Rekha decided not to wait and drove herself back to her home. Retiring into her bed, she could not help but appreciate herself on the accomplishments of the day. She drifted into sleep plotting the strategies for the coming day.

Vinod called Rekha early so he could discuss their final actions. Rekha knew he would do more than just discuss the plan. The idea made her wet like never before. After all it would be the first fuck as a whore. She wondered what if Vinod did not initiate to go into anything physical - should she tease him or should she take it further. Lost in these thoughts, she drove to his place. She was dressed in a very elegant yet simple salwar-kurta. The dress covered her more than nicely but hugged her perfectly to accentuate her curves.

Vinod was waiting in the very same room by the pool where they had their little bit of fun. The memories of the little encounter made her mind and body betray her. She could not convey the same to Vinod but made it a point to coax him to take it up from where they had left.

Vinod sat in his casual. The discussion started but their minds were totally diverted. They both knew what was required to let their minds settle down first. Vinod took the lead. He took her hands into his and guided her onto the table. He wanted to do a thousand things to her but at the moment all he wanted was to see her in her birthday suit. He told her so as well. Rekha visually blushed at being instructed to do so. She was getting to know herself so much more. For instance, it was a discovery for her that she loved being instructed.

She was quite prepared for it. She stripped down to her lingerie and looked at Vinod. Vinod's eyes were almost making love to her curves. He was already stroking his dick beneath the pants. He did not say anything but wait for her to strip more. She had such a look that anyone could not resist her. Her actions did not help her much.

She turned her back towards him, unhooked her bra and let it slide. She heard the sound of his zipper being undone. She giggled imagining what he was feeling as she started to slide her panties down. He could not bear the sight of her bare body standing in front of him. Vinod came in close to her and started to feel her right away. He smoothly maneuvered her to turn around. Rekha knew he wanted to see her cunt quite desperately. She covered her cunt with her hands to make it harder for him. Vinod was in mood for a game of tease. He forcibly took her hands away from her cunt and gently let his finger slide in between her labia. Her overflowing juices helped him move his finger. He guided her to lie down on the table. Rekha was like a doll in his hands. She lay on the table, letting her legs go wide so he could have a proper view of her burning cunt. It was Vinod who got the idea to tease the hell out of her. He undid his pant and underwear in one smooth motion. His penis stood jerking with excitement in front of her eyes.

She was badly anticipating her first fuck as a whore. She was to be deprived of that, for now at least. He put his knob on her labia and smothered her privates with his precum. Every stroke was making Rekha moan. She widened her legs to invite him all the way in, Vinod instead let slid his finger in. Rekha did not know what to do or say. Whatever he did was making her feel sluttier. His fingers started to move in a rhythm, slowly gathering pace. The faster he went, the more she felt she was going out of breath. Her whole body started to tighten up. She knew it quite clearly that it was just a matter of few strokes. Her eyes closed in anticipation. She felt pretty irritated as he stopped the movement of his fingers all together. She opened her eyes to see what was happening. He slid his fingers out of her cunt and at the same time forced his throbbing penis inside her warm, overflowing cunt. She was totally overwhelmed by the suddenness of his actions. She put his legs around his back and locked him up. Vinod's movements had a raw feel to it - very passionate and animal like. The force with which he was going in and out was bringing out the real slut inside her. Her labia clung to his penis like her hands clung to his hands - begging for harder pounding. Her eyes had that expression which he had never seen before. His body responded and so did hers. Vinod increased his pounding. Rekha felt a strange sense of burning in her whole body. The sudden thought of her being a whore and he being her client made her tighten her legs around his waist. Vinod could not control the added pleasure of her naughtiness and convulsed quite hard inside her. It was the first time she had experienced such a raw fuck. Vinod did not stop after cumming. He kept moving slowly inside her. Rekha closed her eyes and begged him to keep on moving. The soft movements after the raw fuck were taking her to newer heights of pleasure. She came within minutes of his ejaculation. The next moment was that of awkwardness as their eyes meet. The need to kiss and get more intimate overwhelmed both but her personal limits stopped them from doing it.

They both suddenly started to laugh as they remembered that had come here to discuss the strategy for the meeting. They both dressed up and started with their discussion on the strategy. Their minds were totally diverted but the need of the moment was something else. They both moved to the central hall were the meeting would take place.

The other prospective investors came on time. A round of gossip happened over breakfast. Everyone could feel a certain sense of tension to see Rekha hanging loosely around Vinod. The moment of truth finally dawned upon Vinod. The meeting started. It was the final session and he was quite desperate for the money to flow in.

Rekha: "Mr. Vinod, I was really impressed with your skills this morning."

A smile came up on Vinod's face remembering the eventful morning. He could see she was subtly pricking the egos of the rest of them present.

Vinod: "I could not help but discuss the details with you. You were so persuasive. It is our first time together. I hope we will have many such discussions in the coming future."

Rekha: "You have my number. I am available any time you want to pay me up."

Vinod's face went white listening to her word. She was going to spoil the whole thing.

Rekha: "I obviously meant doubling up my investment when I use the word payment."

He relaxed hearing the words. The effect was otherwise on the rest of the people present. Their looks conveyed jealousy, insecurities and lust as well.

Rekha: "Mr. Vinod, I will have to take your leave now."

She handed him an envelope saying so.

Rekha: "I understand your loyalty towards your old partners. I quite sincerely hope that one or all of them don't invest in your product. That would make a way in for me. My company's cheque is in there. I will keep my fingers crossed that you will not return a blank cheque."

She smiled at the rest of them, exchanged basic pleasantries and made her way out. Vinod could not quite make out the need for such a rushed exit. Looking at the rest of them, he saw that the effect was exactly what he wished for. He smiled internally. After 2-3 hours of hectic discussions, he got more investment than he had planned originally. Vinod wished Rekha was here to celebrate the victory. He sent a text message to Rekha conveying the same.

Rekha was feeling damn horny. She was not a virgin whore anymore. The client had achieved what he had planned to achieve through her. She felt too lonely. She too needed to celebrate her achievements. She replied back to Vinod's text.

"I am professionally employed by you for the day. Do you want to meet up? If you do, come to room by the swimming pool."

Vinod was quite shocked, pleasantly, to read her sms. He rushed to the room. No need to mention they engaged in a serious session of love making with loads of tease.

Rekha drove back to her home, lost in a torrent of thoughts. She had an early dinner and decided to soak herself up in the Jacuzzi. Midways she got a text from Amit.

"I hope everything went fine with your first client. I am dying to meet up with you. Do check your email. We have another kinky query from a customer. Please reply / talk when you can."

Rekha was literally shocked reading the email from the new client. She decided to let her body decide if she wanted to go ahead with this client or not. She contemplated his request over and over again. The more she contemplated, the more color rushed up her cheek. It was finalised that she was going to take the new job. After all she was always a game for any kind of a challenge.

She re-read the email, trying to make heads and tails of the request.

It read - "You only get paid, if you are the better whore. I will respect your limits."

It obviously meant that she would not be the only one present, she would be compared with other(s) and she would have to do things, maybe beyond her comfort level even, to prove she was the best.

She replied to his email - "If I am proved to be the bigger whore than whom so ever you are comparing me with, what will be my payment?"

She felt damn horny typing the reply. She knew it, internally, that she was going for the job but still wanted to see what he replied.

The reply read like this - "I have quite a whore with me. If you prove her to be a worthless one, I will write you a blank cheque."

The whole idea made her tingle with excitement. She had always loved a healthy competition.

Rekha replied back - "When, where and for how many days do we meet?"

She received an email, along with a cyber ticket and details of the trip. She was impressed with his meticulous planning.

She sat down on the internet to know all the details about place, weather etc at this time of the year. She could not afford to leave anything to chance. Only two things were left now. One was to pack her luggage. The other one was a bit of a typical thing, it was to convey an excuse to her husband for being away from home for three days. She decided not to get too entangled in the web of lies so she just told him that she was going away for 3-4 days. He replied back that he was happy for her and that she should take this break. Not just take the break but the make the most of it as well. A smile lit up her face reading his message. She definitely planned to make more than most of it.

The day finally arrived. She took the flight to Goa. She was mildly disappointed as she had thought that she would meet the prospective customer at the airport or during the flight to Goa. She was picked up at the Goa airport and duly dropped off at a grand villa.

The villa was located in South Goa, famous for its white sand beaches. The beach was only 20 meters away from the villa. One could clearly see that the villa had a Portuguese influence to its construction style. There was no population around the villa. On inquiring with the staff, she came to know that the land was owned by their master. The whole place had a certain aura to it. The place was tastefully decorated and was carefully designed as well. You could say that the guy had an eye for beauty. Rekha was much impressed.

To get a better idea of the place, she went all the way to the top of the roof. A smile came up her beautiful face as the attendant told her about the servant quarters. It was quite a distance away from the main building. It seems this place was regularly used for the needs of the physical kind. She was impressed to see a very well maintained swimming pool. The deck next to the pool served as a step over to the beach. In short, it was a place any person would simply love who liked privacy, seclusion and relaxing. She bunched her hairs into a bun as she faced the sea. The breeze was quite strong. The sea looked rough but very beautiful at the same time. She was totally mesmerized by the view her eyes were savoring.

She could not help but go close to the sea. The attendant warned her not to venture into the sea as it was quite rough and the currents would be very strong. She just wanted to feel the sea waves splashing against her feet. The attendant maintained his distance but did not let her out of his eye sight.

Everything about this place oozed a certain class. A thing she always loved and desired. Her mind was anticipating much to meet this guy and her so called competitor(s).

Within a matter of minutes, a relaxing pool chair was setup for her alongwith fresh juices and fruits. She felt like a queen being taken care of. She wanted to know when she would have the company of the owner of the house but refrained from asking as it would give an otherwise impression of her. She was supposed to be here for 3 days but was tempted to stay here for a life time. Lost in her thoughts, she drifted into sleep.

She awoke to a feeling that someone was stroking her hairs. Was it a dream or happening for real?

Certain laziness had swept over her. Laziness would be a wrong term. The correct term would be deep relaxation. She was sure it must have been a dream. She giggled like a young, small girl as she stretched. Her stretching was cut short as she saw a silhouette of a person standing next to her. The sun had set and it was next to impossible to make out his features. She strained her eyes a lot but she still could not.

She could not help but notice the lights in the background. The whole place looked like heaven, nothing less. She lazily made her way up and stood in front of the stranger.

Rekha: "Hi, I am Rekha."

He offered her his hands, said "John here."

The voice was deep. It made her go into a small flashback. She remembered the good old school days when she would get lost in her world of fantasies imagining the new teacher (who had a very deep voice). She had spent so many nights imagining him. A smile came up her face imagining spending the next 3 days with this deep voiced stud.

He took her hands into his and walked towards the sea shore. The strong breeze, sound of rough waves lashing, her hands in hand with a stranger with a deep voice and an element of surprise made it the most worthwhile place to be. She grasped his hands tighter as their feet embraced the waters from the sea. Her body was simply responding to the situations nature was throwing at her.

She felt a deep surge from within to kiss the stranger but decided to control it for the moment. The settings so happened that nothing mattered to her at the moment, not even her so called limits. She felt his hands leaving hers and slide onto her waist. She reciprocated likewise. His hands gently felt her waist. The feelings were absolutely beyond her control. The need to kiss overwhelmed her. She kissed his shoulder. Her heart beat like a boom box as she felt his hands slide a shade down on to her ass cheeks. She was like putty in his hands, waiting to be given a shape.

He undid his shirt and guided her hands on to his chest. She was totally out of control to feel his well toned body - a rare specimen which only existed in fantasies. She just hoped that he had equally hot looks to his face as well. However, at the moment, she did not care about anything else but what was happening between them. He pulled her up close to his chest so she faced him. Even in the night of the new moon, she felt shy to face him. She hid her face in his chest. His masculine smells overwhelmed her with such deep feelings that she found herself desiring more. She could make out quite clearly that he had strong arms. Maybe he was one of those bodybuilding kinds of guy.

She found herself being strangely attracted to this guy. She could not help but kiss his chest. One thing led to another and she was licking his nipples in no time. His strong hands felt her back and ass as she licked his nipples. She playfully bit his nipples which unleashed an animal in him.

She understood, for the first time, what kind of an animal he was. She heard him unzip his pants. Her body was on fire already and the unzipping did nothing but add more fuel to it. He took her in his arms and pulled her up in his arms as if she weighed nothing. In that motion, he brought her close and whispered in her ears "part your panties for me whore". Rekha was so glad for the darkness around. His deep voice hit her cunt, almost. Before she could realize what was happening, she felt the head on his penis touching the lips of her cunt. She could not help but moan out loud. It was an awkward moment for her when she became aware that she was moaning so loudly. She stopped moaning suddenly.

John, holding her in his powerful arms, brought her up close to his ears and said "Rekha, moan my name out loud as I fuck you."

Rekha's cunt released fresh round of juices on his dick. John could not help but lower her on to the beach. His penis was still inside her, waves now lashing against their bodies. His pelvic motions were strong and got stronger when waves lashed against their feet. He was in rhythm with the sea waves. Rekha could not help but moan out loud his name. He became quite an animal hearing her guttural moans. He started to tear her cunt apart with his fast, well paced strokes. Rekha felt her body shivering with passions like never before.

John: "Rekha, I am so glad I chose you."

Rekha was totally lost hearing his words. He increased his pace as he felt her fingers tighten around his wrist. He was a dream lover indeed. Rekha moaned out his name endlessly as she felt her body getting close to a mind shattering orgasm. The more she took his name, the harder his strokes became. She just hoped and wished that he continued his raw stroking for just a few minutes more. She felt her cunt was on a fire like never before. Was it her desires or the effect salt water from the sea?

John: "Rekha, I want you on top now."

He did not ask for her permission. He just rolled her over. Rekha was sitting on top of his penis. Her hands instinctively went back to cup his testicles as she slid down on his throbbing dick. It was John's turn to moan her name wildly. The more he took her name, the harder her cunt grasped his penis. The harder her cunt stroked his penis, the more he took her name. It was a cyclic thing to happen. But again, no one was complaining. Rekha's legs shivered as she was about to explode. John just held her legs firm so she went through with it smoothly. Rekha took his dick all the way in and started to move her hips rhythmically. John knew it was just a matter of seconds. She gently went all the way out. His dick throbbed in anticipation. A wave lashed at that very moment into them. Unleashing renewed passions. She let his dick inside her cunt but only about 2 inches into her. She started to move in and out slow in that position. She loved it much when the knob simulated her cunt. Rekha placed her hands on his chest for support. She could not help but dig her nails into his chest as she felt his warm jets of semen fill her cunt up. They both lay down side by side besides each other as waves after waves lashed their bodies.

Rekha recollected the events that had just happened. Something was not right.

Rekha: "John, who is Jaya?"

John was amused that he had not told her the details relating to Jaya. How could she know about it?

Rekha: "It seems you desire her much. You took her name while making love to me."

John told her the details. Rekha was a bit disturbed hearing the details. Jaya fitted the details of her best friend, the very same friend who was responsible for her adventures into the virtual world and then on to becoming a whore. She was her best friend as well. It would be very embarrassing to face her in a situation like this.

She could not help but giggle. If she was the very same Jaya then both the best friends would be once again competing against each other. It was so very much like college days were they would always, inevitably, be pitted against each other. It never mattered to them as long as either one of them won. Academics, extracurricular activities, sports, dance shows, beauty pageant competitions, inter college competitions - one would find both of them competing to win. Rekha hoped that their spirits remained the same now as well. Today she was competition and Rekha always loved a healthy competition. She had to forcibly stop herself from over thinking. It could very well be that the girl in discussion was not her friend as well.

Rekha: "John, How will you define who is a better whore? Is there any parameter in your mind?"

John: "I guess it will be clear when these 3 days are over. Just be your natural self and let's see how things go."

The night was suddenly filled with the faint, sweet sound of anklet bells. A part of her was looking forward to the competitor and a part was mildly anxious as well. After all, the question was that of reputation. What if she lost to the other whore(s)? Rekha took a few deep breaths and decided that she was not going to stoop down to win. Even if she lost, she did not want to lose her self-image besides a stay in this paradise for 3 days would be enough for her payment. So it was basically a win-win situation for her.

Jaya called out for John, asking for directions. His property was way too big and the new moon night was not helping her much. Rekha recognized the voice instantly. It was her best friend indeed. She was laughing internally imagining Jaya's reaction when she would come to know about her.

Rekha stopped herself for a moment and tried to recollect every single thing about Jaya. People do change over a period of time but she knew her ins and outs in the college days. People, their husbands as well, who knew them would never be able to imagine such big changes in both the girls.

Rekha was absolutely confident since she knew that Jaya was her so called competition. The only two sounds that were audible in the night were that of the rough sea waves lashing onto the shore and Jaya's anklet bells.

John got up to meet her. Rekha just turned to her side to see the two of them meet. They met more like lovers lost. The new sounds of them kissing, gentle moans and feeling each other could be heard, besides the sound of the rough waves. Rekha's eyes gleamed as an idea came to her mind.

Rekha quite patiently waited to execute the plan which had just sprung into her naughty mind. She was waiting for a perfect time to make her entry. Rekha got up at the very moment, Jaya went down on her knees (do I need to tell why she got down on her knees?). They both were lost in their world of lust as Rekha joined them.

Knowing John and his sex appetite, Jaya knew that he would have had an intercourse with the other whore. John had told Jaya about the competition and payment arrangements with the other whore. Jaya needed to bring her top game on to get him back on to her side. She slowly started to kiss his legs. As if he was a king who was being honored, taken care of and made love to. The foreplay was important as his limp dick would require a lot of attention to spring back to erection. Jaya had spent a lot of time with him and knew all about his soft spots. She stimulated them quite easily. She suddenly sensed the presence of the other girl around them.

Rekha let her fingers linger on his toned back and let her finger go down all the way to his hips. She felt him quite leisurely while Jaya was giving him the blowjob. John had never been in such a position before. Rekha peeled off her top and stuck her bare breasts on his back - her nipples poking on his back but how would he know that. She teased him a lot with her bare boobs. John was confused whom to give more attention. He loved the blowjob Jaya was giving. Rekha's teasing was taking it to a whole new level. He wanted both of them at exactly the position they were in. Knowing Jaya more than nicely, Rekha knew that Jaya would not let him cum inside her mouth and she planned to take advantage of that. Rekha knew about it from her college gossips and hoped that she had not changed. Jaya, indeed, had not changed. She took out his penis and was now giving him a hand job instead.

Rekha, quite naughtily, whispered into his ears: "Better switch her position with me if you want to experience something new."

John did not know what to do. He pulled up Jaya behind his back and asked her to do what Rekha was doing. Rekha was now kneeling in front of him. Her knees dug into the sand, her hands taking support on his thighs. He started to move his penis slowly in and out of her mouth. The night was now filled with a whole new level of moans and groans as Rekha let John cum inside her mouth. Not only did she let him cum inside her mouth but also swallowed every bit of it. John had never experienced such fuzzy feelings before. He was simply overwhelmed as he pulled her up to kiss her. He did not feel one drop of his cum inside her mouth as they French kissed. He did not know the reason but he was feeling like a king to know that she had swallowed his cum, all of it. After all, it was every man's dream.

They started making their way back to the cottage. It was quite evident that round one had gone to Rekha. John clung on more to Rekha, kissed her more as well while going back towards the villa. For once, he had forgotten that Jaya existed. Jaya got busy working out various permutations and combinations to beat her competitor.

Rekha's mind was buzzing with happiness. Ideas after ideas were flowing to her mind. Her identity would be exposed to Jaya as soon as they reached the deck of the swimming pool. There were enough lights around that place. She wanted to surprise Jaya further. Rekha knew it well that once her face was exposed to Jaya, the game would go to different levels (just like the college days). Rekha wanted to keep the advantage with her for as long as possible. She could make out from the sound of the steps that Jaya was a bit behind them. She leaned into John and discussed an idea which had just stuck her mind. John was seriously astonished listening to what she just told him. He slowed down and joined Jaya while Rekha rushed herself back to the relaxing chair.

John: "Hey Jaya, I had told u about this new whore. She is your competitor. She just drank all my cum. Will you not like to drink it too and prove that you are a better whore?"

Jaya was totally taken aback hearing his words. John knew that she did not like to do it but still he was asking her to do so. His tone was such that she felt that he cared for her and did not want to see her lagging behind the new girl. She liked the care in how voice and agreed. There is always a first time for everything. He felt quite happy to see her eagerness to prove that she was the best. He kissed her deep and hard. Their moans could be heard by Rekha quite clearly.

Jaya: "John, you just came back there on the beach for 2 times. I think you should take some rest else you will hurt yourself. I would not like that."

John was overwhelmed by her genuine concern for his health. Rekha almost chuckled out loud imaging Jaya's disappointment when John would tell her to lick her cunt to clean the rest of the semen.

John: "I had just fucked the other whore. I am sure much of it must have leaked down on to her clothes by now but a bit of it must still be inside her cunt. Why don't you lick, whatever is left inside her cunt?"

Jaya was quite stunned to hear what John just said. She was sucked back to the memories of her college days. She remembered her best friend wanting the very same thing. Her own self imposed limits, however, did not permit her to do so then. She could not say no to John and at the same time did not want to go down on anyone's cunt.

A few more steps and they were on the deck of the swimming pool. Jaya wanted to see who the other girl was. What did she look like? Her head instinctively turned towards the relaxing chair as the other girl addressed her. She felt a knot in her tummy hearing the words and the tone of the voice. Something was off.

Rekha: "Hi Whore."

Rekha and Jaya's eyes locked for the first time as whores. Rekha had the looks of a bitch on her face. Jaya sported more of a shocked and embarrassed look. John was kind of confused seeing the expressions on either ones face. He was looking forward for some action but instead backed out seeing the hostile looks on their faces. He was more of a third party in the whole scenario.

Jaya knew she had to come up with something and fast. She moved towards the relaxing chair and in those few seconds her mind did give her a clue of the way out.

Jaya: "John, why don't you finger this slut and I will quite gladly lick your fingers clean."

Rekha's face could not hide the look of disappointment. Jaya knew John and his kinks more than her. John had always told Jaya about this particular fantasy of her. Rekha could understand it clearly - seeing the expression on John's face.

John rushed in towards the relaxing chair. He parted her panties once more and let his finger slide in. Rekha gave angry looks to Jaya. Jaya just laughed and now had the looks of a bitch on her face. John observed the shift of looks on their faces but he was kind of busy to question them at the moment.

Jaya: "John, be careful. The salt from the sea will scratch her tender skin."

John: "So true Jaya. I wonder what I would do without you. I should have thought of that before. Rekha, I think Jaya has a point. Maybe we will do it some other day."

Rekha felt defeated clearly. She covered herself awaiting her next move. Knowing Jaya nicely, Rekha knew the bitch was surely cooking something in her naughty mind.

Jaya: "John, why don't you finger my cunt and make her lick my juices?."

John: "Jaya, you are the best."

It was Rekha's turn to squirm.

Jaya smiled and sexily walked towards the relaxing chair. She took John's hand into hers and kissed every finger.

John: "Be gentle please."

John smiled. He knew it well that she was coaxing him into her trap.

John inserted his finger deep into her cunt. He was sure his fingers would melt. Her cunt had never felt so hot from inside ever before. He was the one who had the looks of shock on his face at the moment. He was forced to ponder what excited Jaya so much. Was it him or the new whore?

Whatever it was, he was not complaining at all. John asked Rekha to come and sit next to him.

Jaya: "Why don't you sit on the floor? It will be convenient for John to make you suck from that angle."

Rekha had no option but to sit on the floor. The thing was logical. Rekha knew it nicely that Jaya had won the second round and by a very big margin. John had no clues what was happening but he was enjoying it like hell - a girl gyrating on his fingers and another one licking it clean. The skyline this time was filled with Jaya's raw, uncontrolled moans.

Jaya looked down towards Rekha. She felt pity for her but competition was competition. She had a few tricks up her sleeve now that it was clear to her that her competitor was Rekha.

Jaya (gasping as John fingered her): "John, it was bad on my part not to tell you something. The girl sitting down there happens to be my best friend from the college days."

John was absolutely shocked hearing it.

Jaya: "We had quite a game going on between us then."

John: "You mean you both were in relation kinds?"

Jaya (laughing, almost cruelly): "No, I mean we were the best of friends and competitors then."

John had the looks of a man who was totally puzzled.

Jaya: "What an irony. We still are the best of friends and now we have once again turned into competitors as well."

Rekha: "You should be thankful to her actually. I was just a bored housewife. Had it been not for her, I would not have turned into a whore."

It was Jaya's turn to be puzzled. If the competition was on, it was very unlike Rekha to accept otherwise. The competition vanished for that moment.

Jaya:" Rekha, stand up. Support my body with your body. John has such an effect on me that I almost convulse as he fingers me."

Rekha could see that competition was back on. Jaya had won this round with flying colors. John's finger went ballistic.

Jaya (slowly whispered in Rekha's ears): "The game is on whore."

Jaya crushed John's fingers with her intense orgasm. The orgasmic bliss clearly reflected on Jaya's face. Winning the second round also contributed to the added glow. Rekha knew she had lost but she had to take it graciously. She would have to think her way out of it.

Rekha (saying loudly):" The game is on whore. John will certainly have the time of his life in the process."

Saying this, Rekha made her way towards the shower to wash off the sand and cool down as well. John was left pondering what all was going to happen to him.

They met once again at the dinner table. The dinner went quite smoothly. Rekha observed the things Jaya was doing to get John's attention. Rekha could see that she had not changed a bit. Her limitations were the very same and so were her tricks to win. Rekha was confident that Jaya might win an occasional round in between but Rekha would win it inevitably.

The one thing that Rekha had in mind was to break a few of Jaya's limits. That would be her biggest victory. Her eyes brightened as desserts were being served.

She texted John: "Order the servants to retire for the night, if you want to experience something special. If you are comfortable with them around doing something special, I don't mind." John had her full attention. The text made his mind buzz with ideas. He looked at her carefully to assess what she had in mind. His servants had witnessed many things in the past but he did not want them to be around today. He told them to retire. Jaya knew it was very unlike John to tell the servants to retire. She knew it well that he loved to have snacks after a torrid session of love making at night. She wondered what was happening. A look towards Rekha made it clear to her that something was cooking in her mind. Rekha walked casually walked herself towards Jaya - her hands on her shoulder, gently massaging them. Rekha knew it well that it was a weakness of Jaya. She wanted Jaya to be lost with the sensations on her shoulder so she could put her point through without resistance.

Rekha: "John, which one of us you like more?"

Jaya did not care what she was talking about as long as Rekha was giving her the neck rub.

John: "It is hard to choose anyone at the moment."

Rekha: "Just for the heck of it, if you have to choose - who will it be?"

John: "Jaya, for the very simple reason that I have spent much time with her. She never disappoints."

John felt relieved to see that Rekha did not take it the other way around. Rekha was smiling instead. Jaya felt a sense of relief too hearing John's words.

Rekha: "I cannot agree more. Has she ever served you dessert in a special way?"

Rekha moved to the chair next to John. Jaya was still reeling under the sensations of the back rub.

John: "She has done many a things with me but she has never served desserts in any special way. Is there any secret I need to know?"

Rekha just smiled. Her eyes were alive with activity.

Rekha: "Jaya, John can eat the dessert directly from your body. I always find it so kinky to do such a thing. Your heavenly body smell, juices along with a few serving of desserts can be something really special for John. Have you never done it with John? If memory does not fail me, you really wanted to do try this in the college days."

Jaya had a very low tolerance to bear cold. Rekha knew this fact and was manipulating the situation deliberately. Jaya shuddered at the thought that ice cream would be served on her body and eaten directly. She got lost in thoughts when she had tried ice with one of her lovers and how badly her body had reacted to the feelings of cold.

She tried to give John one of her most pleading look, to dissuade him. He, however, had a more pleading look (than her) on his face. She knew she was totally done. She started to strip her clothes and position herself on the table for the ordeal.

Rekha: "John, where would you like the serving to begin - her lips, armpits, breasts, nipples, tummy, belly button, cunt, her back or her asshole?

Jaya was going more and more into her shell listening to Rekha's word. Her body was simply shutting down.

Before John could react or say anything, Rekha got a good look at her friend and her helplessness. She came to her senses in that very moment. It would be bad on her part to make her friend suffer just because they were competitors.

Rekha: "John, I have something else in mind. Do you trust me?"

John was getting more anxious by the passing moments.

John: "I do trust you. Can you tell me why you changed your original idea?"

Rekha: "It is just that my friend has a low tolerance for cold things being done or served on her body. We are best of friends and we know our weaknesses quite nicely."

Jaya was totally bowled over. The spirit of competition did not exist anymore between them. Jaya was bowled over too.

John: "What about the competition between you both? Does it not require that you win by any means?"

Jaya: "I guess it must be clear to you by now that we are friends first and competitors later."

Rekha: "We always used to compete in a healthy way but never at the cost of our friendship."

John could not say a word further.

Rekha: "She will have to compete with me but in a different way."

Jaya was listening.

Rekha: "Jaya, what will you do to avoid ice cream being served on your body?"

Jaya: "Anything you say, anything."

John had a certain sparkle in his eyes hearing the words. He knew that Rekha was going to tell her something which would take him to newer heights of ecstasy.

Rekha: "John would you like her to do anything special or should I tell her what I feel like?"

Jaya waited eagerly.

John: "Rekha let it be your call."

Rekha: "Jaya, I know the choice will be hard to make but take your time and consider which option you would like to explore. You can either serve ice cream on your body or give John a blowjob and eat his cream. The choice is yours. Either ways a limit of yours will finish forever today."

Rekha felt weirdly powerful at the moment and Jaya felt the exact opposite. Jaya was lost contemplating her limits. She had to take a decision and soon.

Rekha: "I personally feel you can choose the later one. All you have to do is gulp down his cream."

John was anticipating Jaya's decision. It was his turn to feel all powerful. Seeing Jaya slowly crawl on all her fours towards John, it was more than clear what task she had chosen. Given the choices, she chose to give him a blowjob. She was hurting inside as her limit was being pushed and hard. Jaya decide to give John the time of his life. Rekha would regret it (in a friendly manner). Rekha could clearly see that Jaya was in "the" zone.

Jaya stopped in front of him and sat back on her heels. Her fingers gently worked on the fly of his denim and her other hands palm gently rubbing his dick to full erection. She helped John out of the misery called clothes. He and his pulsating dick stood in its full naked glory for Rekha and Jaya to enjoy. Rekha was seeing his nude body for the first time (under lights). Rekha found herself desiring to switch places with Jaya. She could not help but sit besides Jaya and watch her do whatever she did. Seeing them both sit like whores in front of him, hungry for his dick, made him feel like the most important person in the whole world. He cherished the feelings. He put either of his hand on their heads, gently guiding them to his legs.

Knowing John made it easier for Jaya. She started to lick his toes and slowly made her way towards his dick. Rekha was totally confused as she had never done something like this. For some weird reason, she felt it was so very slave like to do such stuff. Rekha instead licked his calves and spent much time giving love bites on his athletic thighs. John was having two different sensations on two different legs. He was simply not able to decide which one was better. If Jaya was licking his toes to ecstasy, Rekha's love bites on his thighs made him reel under the sensations. His dick was totally hurting and wanted some attention.

Jaya saw the need in his eyes and cupped his balls to give him the much needed warmth in his groins. Rekha reached for the base of his penis. John told Rekha to make him monstrously hard for Jaya to eat. Rekha was literally worshiping his body as she rubbed his entire length of cock time after time. He had an average sized cock. John simply loved the way his cock grew to an amazing length in her hands. The way it twitched, bulged and grew made him want to get a fucking hand job from Rekha that very moment. He never remembered his dick looking so big ever.

He looked towards Jaya and told her "suck it".

Jaya started to lick the knob for quite some time. Rekha observed that every time Jaya licked the base of the knob, where it connected to the shaft, John would not be able to control himself. Jaya was quite expertly working on the entire length of his dick and balls for quite some time before she started to increase her pace.

Rekha felt insecure seeing John like this. If Jaya overcame her limit of gulping down his semen, she would win the game by flying colors. The friend inside Rekha wanted her to win but the whore inside Rekha wanted to stop her from winning it.

Rekha: "Don't you like gagging a girl John?"

Jaya stopped to listen to what Rekha was telling. It gave Rekha the opportunity to take John's dick inside her mouth in entirety. John had never felt such warm sensations on his dick. He guided Jaya to one side and instead held Rekha's hair and started to gag Rekha deeply. Tears flew down her left eyes but Rekha just kept on asking him to gag her more. Her hands pulled on his hips as if she loved being gagged. His precum was overflowing like a small stream.

Rekha: "bring it on whore."

Saying this she moved aside for Jaya to emulate her. Her eyes almost dared Jaya to try this. Jaya's smile totally confused Rekha.

Jaya: "John, my darling, fuck my mouth as you wish. Treat it as my cunt or my asshole. I can't hold it any more darling. Whatever you do, make it fast please."

Rekha knew she had lost the competition yet again. The effect of the words would be enough to make him cum inside her mouth. Rekha for the first time regretted giving him the deep gags. His penis must have been totally stimulated by now. The words of Jaya and her warm mouth would be enough to make him cum in a matter of minutes.

John: "Jaya, my favorite whore, can I fuck your heavenly mouth now? Are you ready baby?"

Rekha knew she had lost it totally. She had to find some leverage to turn the game in her favor. She got up and walked behind John. She sat on the table which John held for support. John was now holding Rekha for support. As a matter of fact, the touch of her bare body on his back made it even heavenlier for him.

Jaya: "Fuck me baby."

John was in another world. A girl was kissing his neck and another one was waiting for his cock. What more could a man want.

Jaya was a slut indeed. She had put two fingers inside her cunt and was taking out her juices and smearing it on his dick. Rekha could just smile as she could see herself losing to Jaya once again. The way Jaya smeared her cunt juices on his dick made John moan like an animal. He was almost crying out of pleasure.

John:" I'm going to cum baby. Take me to ecstasy."

John held her head and started to rhythmically fuck her mouth. His knob was vanishing and coming out of her mouth. His precum was drooling down on to her chest. Rekha had never seen a man ooze so much of precum. It felt as if a porn movie was being relived. Jaya was not making it any easier for John. She started to draw an eight on his testicles. The way his balls tightened with every stroke and the way his pace increased - she knew it was just a matter of seconds for him to cum.

John did not know who was doing what, he did not care either. His eyes were shut, his mind was totally blank.

Rekha whispered into his ears: "John, slow down your pace now. Imagine yourself fucking my cunt."

Hearing the words, John shrieked out Jaya's name out loud and came like an animal.

Rekha: "John, why don't you open your eyes and see how your darling whore drinks away all your semen."

Rekha was calculating every word she was saying. The effort was to excite him to a point beyond control. The effort was to make him forget about Jaya and making him remember her words.

John: "Oh Rekha, please don't."

He was not able to say a word more. He held Jaya's head and started to shoot his load deep into her mouth. His eyes were open, just as Rekha had said, and watched Jaya gulp down his semen. He could see that she was totally above herself imposed limit of drinking cum. In fact, she was quite the opposite. She was even collecting the semen that was dribbling from the corner of her mouth and licking it away. It was a sight he would cherish forever. He was not clear whom to thank for this out of the world experience - Jaya for the physical experience or Rekha for coaxing Jaya into this.

The three days passed away in a jiffy. It was time for them to depart back. Rekha and Jaya were notoriously curious as to whom John would make the payment. After all, that was his criteria to begin with. John disappointed them both as he handed them two individual checks. It was impossible for him to decide who the better one was.

Since both of them were to return using the same flight, the co-passengers would have some torrid time hearing their discussions. Jaya and Rekha had a lot to discuss between the two of them. Jaya told Rekha that she would drop her home. Her husband was coming to get her.

They collected their baggage and made their way out towards the parking. It was quite a shock to see Amit walk towards them. She could calculate that if he introduced himself as Rekha's pimp, it would not be a problem for her. After all Jaya was a whore too. Within seconds, she was back in control of herself.

Jaya: "Rekha, meet my husband Amit."

Now this was something she had not anticipated. She just gave a naughty look to Amit as she sat down in the car. Jaya felt embarrassed as Amit bent to kiss her. Jaya thought what the hell. Rekha had already seen her doing much more than a kiss. She bent and gave him a small kiss. Jaya was back to her normal sitting posture. She was quite shocked to see Rekha bend towards the driver seat and kiss her husband, much more deeply than her.

Rekha: "Jaya, meet my pimp."

Rekha was surprised how easily her so called limit was gone. It left her blushing to realize that she was not only kissing someone besides her husband, she was doing it in a public place and that too in front of her friend. It was too much of a realisation for Rekha to digest. Jaya tried to strike a conversation but Rekha avoided it all together. The person in the oddest position was Amit. He decided it was best to stay silent. He just drove all the way to his home.

Rekha was trying to understand the new feelings which ignited her mind with endless combinations of thoughts and ideas. Once she got inside the house, she realized it was not her home. It was too late by then.

Jaya's face glowed as she asked Rekha: "He is so amazing, isn't he?"

Rekha was totally confused what to reply. Amit indeed was the best guy. Rekha was weighing up the words before she spoke.

Rekha: "I am really happy for you."

Jaya: "Are you only happy for me?"

Jaya was clearly teasing Rekha. Jaya's openness confused Rekha much. Was it known to Jaya that Amit had a relation with her? Many such questions were making her tummy growl.

"Don't be tensed Rekha," Jaya smiled, "I know everything that happened between you and him, every minute detail. We have a very open relation."

Rekha was short on words. She was clearly choking on words to keep the conversation going.

Jaya: "He is absolutely insatiable. I think you clearly know what I mean by him being insatiable or should I explain it to you?"

Rekha realized that she had crossed so many of her so called limits in this hour of her life. She had kissed someone besides her husband and now she was discussing her friend's sex life, something she had never entertained before. She was feeling quite curious and wanted to ask Jaya what all he did with her. She wondered if she had not experienced something that Jaya had experienced.

"I know you have many questions creeping up your mind," Jaya teased Rekha, "Ask them."

Rekha: "Since you know the minutest details of what happened between him and me, what is it that I have not experienced yet?"

Jaya was now reeling by the new frankness with Rekha. Jaya did not say a word and instead fixed her gaze on Rekha's face, this made Rekha blush some more.

Rekha: "Will you tell me or should I ask him? I think he will be more than eager to reply."

The game between the two friends had started yet again. Neither one felt bad about it. There was a certain spark in the air, beside their brains and bodies.

Jaya: "You are like a school girl who has just enrolled in a college to graduate. Be limitless and you will be a graduate in one night is all that I can promise."

Just the thought of spending the night with Amit made her heart gallop multifold. Rekha was wondering what fun had she missed out on. In her personal view, she had almost explored all the angles that her mind could perceive.

Jaya: "Rekha, leash the horses which run in your mind. Don't try to envisage what you have missed because it is beyond your wildest dreams."

Rekha knew it well that Jaya was coaxing her to spend the night with them. Rekha too wanted to spend the night with them but she just wondered what it that she had missed out on is, what Jaya meant by being limitless etc.

Rekha could see the extra sparkle in Jaya's eyes. She knew she was in trouble already. Rekha got up and sat up close with Jaya - after all she wanted to know everything she had been missing out on. She told Jaya that she would spend a night with them and will not impose any limits on both of them but first Jaya would have to tell her what all she was missing out on.

"Ass?" Jaya said.

It was something which Rekha always thought of as a one way lane. Rekha was the one having the looks of question in her eyes. The atmosphere was all bitchy, as it is supposed to be between two close friends. Jaya told Rekha about Amit's obsession for ass. Jaya continued telling her all the small details - how it started, how she adjusted, how he cared for her, the hygiene issues and how it all happened.

Jaya: "Do you know that I cum the hardest when he is ass fucking me? Wait until he reams your sexy ass."

Rekha could not quite imagine Amit reaming her ass but Jaya's word made her wet between the legs instantly.

Rekha: "Look what you have become Jaya, a slut. A dirty ass fucking slut but if it is that which makes you happy - who am I to object. How do you take his huge dick in your tiny little ass?"

The tension had dissolved between them. It just felt like college days when they would sit together and bitch for hours. All the travelling had left them tired, Jaya got themselves something to eat and drink. The discussion went on for another hour. Rekha wanted to freshen up (in anticipation of things to come).

"Rekha, wear something which gives ready access to the ass, my man dreams of." Jaya said quite naughtily.

Rekha was blushing like a girl being introduced to sex for the first time. Her skin radiated heat knowing that Amit had conveyed to Jaya about his fantasy to ream her ass. To her utter surprise, Rekha was no more disgusted with the idea of being reamed. One could say that Rekha was nervously excited.

Rekha said something which made her look like the bigger slut of the two. She asked Jaya "Does he exhaust fast?"

Jaya naughtily replied "You know the answer already but you have yet to experience how many times he can go for you in a night when he is in the mood."

Rekha avoided further conversation on those lines.

Rekha: "Why don't you choose the dress for me?"

Jaya: "I would leave that to you. Let's see what kind of a slut you are."

Rekha took a while to decide what to wear. The feelings were absolutely the same as her first night. The shyness, the excitement, the anticipation were exactly the same. The only change was the dress. She chose to wear a long t-shirt. Rekha checked herself in the mirror for umpteenth time before making her way out.

Jaya's eyes teased Rekha as she made her way out. Jaya whistled as Rekha made way towards the sofa.

Jaya: "You look so much sexier than the college days."

Rekha could just blush in response. Jaya giggled as Rekha tried to cover as much of her leg as possible, while she sat on the sofa.

Jaya: "Why are you trying to act so nice types? Are you not a whore who exposes herself to anyone who pays?"

Once again, the word "whore" made Rekha squeeze her legs. Wish she knew why this word had such an effect on her.

Rekha: "Did you pay?"

Jaya was taken aback at Rekha's bold move.

Jaya: "Would you like to be paid?"

It was Rekha's turn to be at the receiving end. Rekha refrained from answering.

Jaya: "Let's see if have really left away your self-imposed limits or you are still carrying them around?"

Jaya shifted a lot closer to Rekha and looked into her eyes. She could clearly see that Rekha had indeed left away her self-imposed limits. The question was whether she had put them away totally or removed a few of them. Jaya put her hand on Rekha's exposed thighs and let her fingers move up. Rekha did not resist Jaya's advances. She instead positioned herself in such a way that Jaya got easy access to her body.

Jaya was taken aback by this bold move. She was busy imagining what had made Rekha change so much. Jaya ultimately decided that it hardly mattered how it happened, as long as it was happening - it was fine. Jaya was getting naughtier by the passing minute and Rekha was opening up by the passing seconds.

Jaya: "Burgundy color compliments your skin perfectly, a nice contrast to your fair skin. Nice choice"

Rekha just listened. She was wearing a white color long t-shirt. She wondered what made Jaya think she was wearing the color burgundy. A thought crossed her mind - was Jaya color blind? She then adjusted the shoulder of her t-shirt and realized that her bra strap was showing. Rekha swore at Jaya for being such a minx. Jaya just giggled. Their conversation was cut short as they saw Amit entering the room.

Jaya: "Amit, isn't she looking hot in this t-shirt?"

Amit stopped and looked at Rekha pretty nicely.

Amit: "Yes, she is. I think we both know how she looks with and without her clothes."

Rekha could feel her cheeks burning red with passion.

Amit: "Rekha, believe me, I am the luckiest guy on this whole wide world. To have you without limits, alongwith my wife, is something which I never could even think of in my wildest of fantasies."

Amit came and sat next to Rekha. Rekha was in between both of them. Her body and mind were on a rollercoaster ride thinking of everything that was going to happen between her and Amit, wish she knew the role Jaya would play.

Rekha deliberately faced Amit. She did not want to give him access to her ass, so soon.

Rekha: "You suddenly went missing. Were you upto something mischievous?"

Amit: "I sometimes wonder how close you two would be as friends if you knew each other's kinks as well."

Amit's word bombarded Rekha's imaginations with a thousand new thoughts. She wondered what he really meant. Jaya's giggles confused her further.

Amit: "Jaya, I got you everything that you wanted. It is in my backpack in the bedroom."

Jaya did not say a word, just giggled, and made her way to get the backpack. It was a moment of awkwardness for Rekha to be all alone with Amit. She pondered what is it that was making this moment so odd, after all she had spent much time with him -- with clothes and without clothes too. Maybe her mind was on an overdrive, she just needed to take relax.

Rekha's stream of thoughts got the much required jolt. Amit grabbed the back of her neck and pulled her up for a kiss. The kiss was soft but his tongue clearly conveyed his desires and urgency. He grabbed her ass cheeks with his other free hand. Rekha felt a renewed surge of passion to see his state of desire, for her. She shyly let him do all he wished.

Amit (whispered in her ears): "I am dying to ream you to ecstasy."

Jaya entered carrying the backpack. She had changed into a long t-shirt herself. One could clearly see her boobs shaking left to right. It was more than clear that she was not wearing a bra anymore.

Jaya: "Amit, is it fair that I am without a bra and Rekha gets to wear one?"

Rekha felt so very shy, imagining undressing herself for him.

Amit: "What is the rush Jaya? I want to take things slow, real slow. I really do want to compare the two of you. I want you both to undress piece by piece."

Rekha looked at Jaya questioningly. Only she knew that that it was one of her (Rekha's) biggest fantasies where a guy tells her to undress along with one of her friends and makes love to both of them. Jaya scanned Rekha quite lustfully as she walked up close to her and sat on Amit's lap. Rekha once again felt his hand, on the back of her neck, as he pulled her up for a kiss. The only difference this time was that it was Jaya who was kissing Rekha. Rekha felt every cell of her blistering for a release. She had never experienced such soft, warm and horny feelings before. Rekha felt quite embarrassed as her body forced her to revert back to Jaya with equal effort, if not more, in the battle of their tongue and lips.

Jaya: "Gosh! Rekha you kiss so nicely. You even taste sweet."

Rekha could not look at Jaya or Amit in their eyes. She was feeling too shy.

Jaya: "Don't feel so shy, be normal dear."

Amit: "I must say that if you keep acting so shy, you might end up being roughed up by us. You look so much sexier."

Rekha's head dug into her chest out of shyness.

What happened next was something which was something out of control. Amit pulled her head up firmly and started to kiss her, Jaya jumped in between. Jaya's addition made it so very spicy that all the three were lost in their own respective world of fantasies. All that happened was some hot kissing with loads of saliva licking, mini battle of tongues and shortness of breath. The three of them ended up laughing as no one wanted the kissing to stop and their lungs forced them to stop for the much needed oxygen break.

Jaya and Rekha both were squirming as they felt their crotch area being fondled by Amit at the same time. The idea that both of them were being felt at the same time had some uniqueness in the minds of the respective girls and it did trigger some heavy moaning.

Amit: "Whores, a man cannot just dream of anything more than you two. You are the sexiest ones indeed."

Rekha was once again out of control hearing the word "whore". It felt as if something always took over her hearing the word, some kind of a whore spirit. Overtaken by her desire for an orgasm, she got aggressive. She stood in front of Amit, took his hand and guided to the place which craved attention. She felt his other hand on her body too. Some part of her was happy that he had left Jaya and was giving her all the attention. Amit quite easily, with Rekha's assistance, found his way to her clitoris. The lighter his rub was on her clitoris, the more she moaned and screamed out of pleasure. At one point, she had to bend and put her hands on his shoulders for support.

Jaya could see that Rekha had reached a point of no return and decided to make her move. She slid her hand into Rekha's panties from the back side. Jaya slid her finger all the way to her anus. She gently let it lay there, for Jaya to get used to it. Amit stopped the movement of his fingers and Jaya took over.

Amit: "Rekha, what is it you feel?"

Rekha felt cheap, felt whorish and felt in another realm - experiencing the pangs of sensation from the endless nerves of her anus which was being stimulated by Jaya. She was short on words. She took his hands and pleaded him to continue what he was doing. The reason for pleading him was also due to the fact that she was in no mood to answer any of his questions. Jaya placed a finger on her anus and moved it gently in circular motion. Rekha could not help but moan with every move Jaya and Amit's fingers made.

Rekha's heart sunk as she felt Jaya's finger trying to intrude inside her anus. She tightened her anus to stop Jaya from doing so. What Rekha did not know was that she unknowingly increasing the intensity of her own orgasm. Jaya understood Rekha's apprehension. She did not insert her finger into Rekha's anus. She kept on moving her finger and feeling every bit of Rekha's anus.

It took only a few minutes before Rekha got hit by one of the most intense orgasms of her life. Her legs felt like jelly bean as she experienced the first wave of orgasm. Her head felt dizzy and she was forced to sit on Amit's lap for support. Rekha was totally lost in sensations of the different kind. She bit her lips as she realized that it had been a while since she had cum and she was still sitting in his lap while her ass was being fondled by Jaya.

Amit (whispered into her ears): "I think it is about time you lost your panties."

Shyness once again enveloped her as she felt Amit's fingers lowering her panties.

Jaya: "I think Amit you should swap places with me. Wouldn't you like to lick her ass? After all, you have fantasized about it so much."

Rekha visibly chocked. Some part of her felt damn dirty, deep inside. She was like a robot in their hands, not that she felt bad about it. By the time she realized what was happening, she was sitting in the lap of Jaya. Rekha could not help but hug Jaya. She was feeling too shy and did not want Jaya to look at her when Amit licked her ass. Amit was sitting on the floor, worshiping the ass he had dreamt of so badly. He cherished the sight in front of him. He felt her toned, flawless ass for some time with his fingers, caressing her ass would be a better word. Rekha was glad that she had dropped her so called limits.

Rekha was in different realm. Everything was exciting her. Amit's touch was as it is exciting, even being embraced by Jaya was exciting her. To add fuel to her fire, she felt Amit's kiss on her ass. The sensations were something she had not felt before. She hugged Jaya tighter. Jaya just laughed and put her hand on her back. She pulled up Rekha's t-shirt and unhooked her bra. Rekha moaned in response. Jaya made Rekha lean back so her t-shirt and bra could be removed. Amit was not only cherishing kissing her ass, his finger was gently feeling her over flowing cunt. One could safely say that the only smell in the room was sex smells.

Jaya removed Rekha's t-shirt and bra. She removed her long t-shirt as well. She positioned Rekha's nipples on hers and hugged her with all her warmth. It was a sight which was too much for Amit to bear. He put out his taught tongue on to the quivering anus and let it rip havoc on Rekha. The warmth of Jaya's embrace and the out of world licking down below were making her feel so very hot. Amit's tongue delivered some expert flicks and licks to her ass. His fingers were gently massaging her clitoris and her over wet cunt. Seeing her state of over excitement, Amit understood she was quite close to another orgasm of the extraordinary kinds.

Rekha felt so very submissive in the expert hands of Amit and Jaya. She simply surrendered herself to their handling and her own desires. Amit had moved his hand away from Rekha's cunt onto Jaya's cunt. After all, she too deserved attention.

Rekha (whispered in Jaya's ears): "Please rub my clitoris. Please, please, please."

Jaya gave her trade mark naughty giggle and slid her fingers on to Rekha's clitoris. Rekha had never been so horribly excited before. Rekha never knew that her anus was going to give her pleasures of such kinds. She had touched her anus before but the way Amit handled her was making her experience nothing less than heaven.

Jaya: "Amit, don't you dare make her cum before me."

Her words made one and all moan. His hands started to work furiously on Jaya and his tongue started to wreck havoc on her anus.

Jaya: "Rekha, kiss me to bliss darling."

Rekha reciprocated. Her own body was already on fire. They both cummed in each other's arms, with Amit's assistance obviously. They spent some time in each other's arms, Amit joined them. Jaya left Rekha and was now kissing Amit.

Jaya: "Her ass tastes good on your mouth. I wonder how it will taste on your dick."

Rekha was shocked, literally shocked, to hear Jaya saying such words. They had a ring of cheapness to them and damn exciting at the same time. Amit was totally lost with Jaya, kissing each other. Rekha felt jealous and wanted some part to do with Amit. She unzipped his shorts and released his cock. It was glistening with a lot of precum. Precum was oozing like a small flow of stream kinds. Rekha made her trademark move and started to rub his overflowing precum on to his knob. Amit's whole body quivered as Rekha expertly went on. Jaya's kissing shifted from his lips to his dick. Rekha also wanted some part of the action and she too went down. Both of them started to clean his dick together. Amit oozed another mini stream of precum seeing them licking him together.

Amit: "You both better give me full access to your respective ass and asshole."

Rekha and Jaya adjusted their positions so Amit could do what he wanted.

Jaya: "Ready for something bigger and harder Rekha?"

Rekha just nodded her head to convey her consent.

Amit placed each of his hand on Rekha's and Jaya's ass and started to massage them. His fingers made way to their asshole as they were licking his dick and balls to ecstasy. Amit told Rekha to lick his balls so she would have to bend more and it would give him proper access to her asshole. Jaya was slowly working his dick. She knew it well that too much of stimulation would make him cum in seconds.

Rekha was taken over by the musky smell of his balls. She kept on licking it. She could see Jaya teasing his dick at the same time. Her ass was on fire, besides her body. His fingers started to prod at the gateway of her asshole, slowly pushing it in. Rekha felt odd, a bit of pain as an inch of his finger was inside. Her muscles were not letting his fingers move much. He told her to relax by taking a few deep breaths and let go of her apprehension. She complied and within seconds she felt another inch of his finger invade her virgin ass. The way her ass muscles clamped his fingers was making her damn excited within. She felt something strange for the first time, she felt as if an orgasm was building up. It was something she had never experienced. Amit now started to slow move his finger in and out. Every movement was making her shriek in excitement. The effect of his fingering was being felt by his balls. She gave his balls a bit of her teeth but in a very teasing way. Jaya knew that Amit was beyond control now and she took his cock all the way into her mouth. Amit pushed his finger all the way into Rekha's ass as he released his warm seed in Jaya's mouth. He let his finger stay deep in her ass. It felt as if his finger had been baked in an oven. To add to Rekha's woes, Jaya got up and spat out his cum on to her asshole.

Jaya: "Now that you have the lubricant, finger her to ecstasy my love."

It was just the trigger Amit wanted. Rekha was the one repenting. His fingering was rough and deep and so was her orgasm. She thanked God for inspiring her to have shed her limits. She was already calculating how his dick would invade her ass.

Jaya: "It is time we shift our action to the bedroom. Before that, Rekha you need to be prepared for something bigger."

Jaya unzipped the backpack and took out a small toy. It was a butt plug. She also ripped open a small sachet. The whole room filled up with the smell of strawberry. She told Rekha to go doggie style so her asshole could be lubricated. She lubricated the butt plug with the lubricant as well. Rekha felt so cheap and whorish once again, as she complied.

Jaya: "You might feel a pinching sensation at the muscles of your rim as the butt plug goes in. You also might feel cold because of the metallic thing but it will only last for a few minutes. I like the cold feel against my hot skin."

Rekha: "Aaah. A bit slowly please."

Rekha's cursed Jaya as she inserted the butt plug into her ass. Besides pain, she felt damn full inside. Amit and Jaya started to make way to their room. Rekha followed, walking with the butt plug was giving her odd but funny sensations. The friction, as she walked, was making her damn horny.

Jaya (inside the room): "Rekha, get into the doggie pose again."

Rekha felt quite cheap inside as she followed her friend's orders. Before Rekha could understand what Jaya would do, Jaya replaced the butt plug with her finger. Rekha enjoyed the new sensations so very much that she could help but scream out like a slut in heat. The screams of ecstasy turned to painful kinds as Jaya started to work with two fingers on her asshole. Jaya kept on working both her fingers for some time before she took out another butt plug from her backpack. The new butt plug was thicker and longer than the one before. Rekha got the idea quite clearly that Jaya was preparing her ass for Amit's dick. Rekha took some time and lots of deep breaths to get adjusted to the new butt plug.

Amit and Jaya started to eat each other out on the bed. Rekha was mesmerized to see them doing sixty-nine. He was eating her out with a passion like never before and she was going all soft on him. The flow was perfect, the sync was perfect and so was the titillation. Rekha could not just sit and watch them. Her eyes were gleaming with passion and ideas. Amit's face was towards her, he took his fingers out of Jaya's ass - as if he was telling Rekha that she could finger Jaya. Rekha wanted to experience everything related to reaming and eagerly joined in. Rekha lubricated her finger with Amit's saliva which was overflowing from her cunt. She placed her finger on her anus and played with her anus for some time.

Jaya: "Rekha, are you nails sharp?"

The dialogue made Rekha blush further as she understood the intricacy of the dialogue. She checked her nails before she inserted it a bit into her asshole. Rekha was mesmerized at the way her finger was being churned by Jaya's rim muscles. The heat inside was almost burning her finger. Rekha took it as a positive sign and let her finger travel deeper into her ass. The whole room was filled with the guttural moans of Jaya as soon as Rekha started to rhythmically move her finger in and out of her ass. Amit's licking had gone soft. Amit stooped licking for a second and told Rekha to introduce another finger into her puckered up asshole. Rekha added another finger. Rekha was surprised at how easily her two fingers were now inside Jaya's asshole. Jaya's ass and cunt were on fire. Her build up could be clearly understood seeing the fastened rhythm of her hip movements. In the next few minutes, she collapsed on the bed as endless waves of orgasm hit her.

Amit now shifted places and removed the butt plug from Rekha's ass.

Rekha: "Plunder my ass Amit. Fuck me hard please."

Amit: "Not so fast. You will have it in good time. What is the rush?"

Amit inserted his finger into her gaping asshole. Rekha was yelping out of pleasure feeling his tongue work its magic.

Rekha: "Please Amit, I need a hard fuck. Please fuck me now."

The pleading in her voice had its proper effect on him. Jaya wanted to watch this for so long. He placed his knob on her asshole and started to force it gently inside her asshole.

Jaya: "Rekha, relax and take deep breaths. If you don't do so, it will be painful for you only."

Rekha was perspiring in anticipation.

Jaya lied down close to her face and told her "Eat me. It will reduce your anticipation."

Rekha was lost for words. It was the first time she was eating a girl's cunt. The sex smells were so heavenly. The whole idea was not a taboo anymore. Being a lady herself, she knew the right places to stimulate. Amit knew that Jaya would experience orgasm with minutes. After all, Jaya had fantasized about it since her college days. He was right.

Rekha had been so focused on Jaya that she had forgotten all about her ass. She came to her sense as she felt her ass being torn by something very big. Amit was trying to insert his knob into her asshole. His mushroom head was having its own problem going in. In a little, out a little. She adjusted her hips so she could give him proper access to go in all the way. Each push of his dick was taking her ass virginity away. Each push made her feel dirty inside. The dirtier she felt inside, the hornier she was getting all over.

She was so tight inside. The major problem of getting his knob into her asshole had been solved. Her rectum muscles were not making it easier for his cock to go all the way in. They gripped his dick as if they won't let his cock go in, even an inch. After much push and pull, Amit's cock was all the way in. Rekha was already giving out moans of the different kinds. Amit tried to establish a rhythm but her tight rectum muscles were giving much resistance. He adjusted her position so that when he was totally inside her ass, his balls would be nestled against her puffy vaginal lips.

Each thrust made Rekha moan sharply. He had to hold to the side of her hips to make proper movements. She was totally confused. The deep thrusts gave her pain but the movement of his cock gave her sensations like never before. Every time she tried to move away from his hard cock, he would pull her back all the way in.

They soon struck a rhythm. He ass cheeks swayed with the rhythm. The whole scene had energy of its own. Amit was finding it hard to contain his orgasm. Her asshole was totally stretched and so were her imaginations. She had totally adapted to the idea of his huge cocking reaming her to seventh heaven. The powerful sensations, as Amit reamed her hard, were unlike anything she had experienced before. She knew she was almost there. Amit reached down and rubbed her clitoris. The whole idea that she was being fucked in her ass while her pussy was being rubbed made her buck in anticipation of a never ending orgasm.

Rekha: "Make me your whore for life and fuck the hell out of my brains. Please."

It was the last words they both heard from each other as orgasms happened for both of them. Neither knew what had happened and for how long Amit had been spooning Rekha. Jaya's voice brought them back to their senses.

Jaya: "Rekha, congratulations. You are not an ass virgin anymore."

Rekha felt quite shy hearing it, she shrunk some more into Amit.

Amit: "Rekha, did I hurt you much?"

Jaya: "Just look at her face. Does it convey at all that you hurt her? It absolutely conveys otherwise.

Rekha was still reeling with the new sensations in her body. The pain was definitely their but was intermingled with more of pleasurable sensations.

Amit (kissing her): "That was absolutely unbelievable."

Rekha's face glowed hearing his words.

Rekha: "You were the one changed my opinion."

Jaya (clearing her throat): "Bitch, it was me who got you intrigued in the first place."

They all huddled into loving embrace together.

Jaya: "Amit, Rekha wanted to know how many times you can go for her in a night. Are you ready yet?"

Rekha cursed herself for asking Jaya such a question. Amit just laughed a bit and walked towards Jaya with his semi-erect dick dangling left and right. Rekha was mesmerized the way Jaya expertly handled his cock. In a matter of minutes, he was not only hard - he was pounding Jaya's cunt like an animal. Rekha found it hard to breathe - seeing the two of them making love. It was so primal, so natural and so raw.

Jaya: "Amit, it is time you give my cunt what is long overdue. Get me off please."

Rekha felt quite electric inside seeing the use of words.

Amit: "Now go doggie style whore and I will fuck you like you have been never fucked before."

Rekha: "Why don't you fuck her cheap ass Amit?"

Rekha's word added a whole new ball game to the scenario. Jaya bit her lips as Amit quite forcefully entered her ass.

Jaya: "Fuck me like a cheap whore that I am."

Amit slapped her ass as he started to move in and out of her. The sting of the slap could be heard and felt quite nicely by Jaya. Jaya moaned out of pain and ecstasy.

Rekha: "She has been trained quite nicely by you Amit. You have already cum once inside me. Going by what Jaya told me before, it seems you have quite a lot of holding power. Please fuck her cheap ass until she screams and begs you to stop."

The selection of word had the precise effect they were supposed to have. Rekha moved in next to Jaya's face. She parted her legs and did not say anything further. Jaya knew what to do.

Rekha: "Is it not what you had always wanted and dreamt of? What is stopping you cunt, go ahead eat me nicely as Amit fucks your cheap ass?"

Amit was lost in his own world of fantasies, seeing what was happening in front of him. A dream comes true at last. Rekha was lost in her own world. She did not know what to do. She wanted to watch them but at the same time Jaya's licking was making it impossible for her to watch them. The room was once again filled with the sounds of people experiencing volcanic orgasms. The three of them passed out in each other's arms.

They got up hungry and horny.

Rekha: "I am famishing, whore. I need to eat something beyond your cunt and his dick."

The three of them laughed and went down to eat something. Refreshed, revitalized and ready, they came back to the room.

Rekha and Amit were kissing and getting into the groove once again.

Rekha: "Amit, has your ass been ever licked by some cheap whore?"

The shock was quite clearly evident on Amit and Jaya's face. More Jaya than Amit, he was cherishing it. Jaya thought that Rekha was going to lick his ass.

Rekha: "Amit, between me and Jaya - who is the cheaper whore?"

Jaya did not wait for an answer. Amit had put one of his legs on the bed while standing, exposing his puckered up asshole for Jaya.

Rekha: "That's like a good whore. Now eat his ass nicely."

Amit's dick was hurting because of his raging erection. Rekha quite promptly took it into her mouth to give the much needed relief Amit wanted. Amit felt as if he might cum already. Jaya kept penetrating her tongue as far as she could in his ass while Jaya took his dick all the way in. Both of them were massaging his balls at the same time. The tightness of his balls clearly conveyed that he was absolutely ready to cum. Rekha gestured Jaya to stop and come back next to her.

Rekha: "Amit, spray both our faces with hot wads of your cum."

Those words were just the perfect trigger for Amit to cum like a monster. He did not know whether he filled their faces with his cum or what he did. All he knew was that he was totally exhausted. He lied down on the bed. After some time, he turned to look what the two of them were doing.

He could just smile as he saw them licking away his cum from each other's face, chance by chance - exchanging girlie talk in between. Their constant giggling as they licked each other's faces made him inquisitive enough to get up and listen to what they were saying.

Rekha: "Whore."

Jaya: "Slut."

Rekha: "Cheap whore."

Jaya: "Cheap ass slut"

Amit, watching them cleaning each other's face, knew he was in a much bigger trouble than he had anticipated.

Jaya's mobile beeped.

Rekha: "Who is it?"

Jaya: "My pimp."

Rekha was stunned, shocked rather, to know that Amit was not her pimp. She looked at Jaya in anticipation of the pimp's name.

Jaya: "What's the hurry bitch? I will not tell you his name today. I will make him meet you someday - face to face."

Jaya and Rekha simultaneously looked quite hungrily towards Amit. Amit knew it well that the night was far from over.