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The Craigslist Chronicles: Chapter 2

2022-01-19 02:00:03

In this series you will find no incest, rape, drugging, coercion, serious violence, sci-fi, fantasy, bestiality, scat, necrophilia or anything of very offensive nature, including underage sex. The focus of this series is on characters, storylines, humor, and it happens to be set in a sexual environment. Please enjoy it in this context. If you are familiar with my previous work, you are in for more of the same.

The Craigslist Chronicles: Chapter 2

(Ben, 23, medium height, slender build, short brown hair. Ben graduated from college nearly two years ago, works as an engineer, and is very bright. However he has been normally a pretty shy person. In Chapter 1, he met Cynthia on CL looking for a “friends with benefits” situation, but they have started dating. Cynthia is 24, with short curly brown hair, perky large b-cups, skinny.)

Friday night, Cynthia came over as soon as she got off work, she’d been working overtime on this big project and she’s been stressing out constantly. When she got here, I greeted her with a salad and a BLT, about the best cooking I can manage, and a bottle of wine. She looked so beautiful, even through the stress and the work clothes and the tiredness, she was so beautiful. When we finished eating she just wanted to lay down so we went into my bedroom, turned on some quiet music, Feist if you must know, and just laid down on my bed. She laid on one side and I spooned her, just holding her. I put my hand under her blouse, undid her bra, to which she sighed in relief, and started rubbing her back. I rubbed along her spine, up and down her back, then around her neck. Soon she was lying face down topless, and I knelt over her giving her a backrub.
“Why do you make me feel so good?” she moaned.
“I just like you is all.”
“I have a bad day, you drop everything, you cook, you give me a backrub, without any prompting, you just do it. If I didn’t know any better I’d think you were trying to get into my pants, but you already get that.”
“Maybe my brain has a loose wire, that whole, impress the girl so she let’s you do her thing, maybe mine never shuts off and I just keep trying to impress.”
“Well that’s a hell of a nice loose wire.”
“Want a clit massage too?” I asked. She laughed.
“If you’re offering.”
She rolled over and I laid beside her. We kissed and my hands rubbed her breasts, caressed her face, her stomach, teased her thighs, traced lines down her calves, rubbed her feet, etc. I got on top of her, without putting any pressure on her, and slowly kissed my way from her lips down to her feet. I nibbled her ears and neck, sucked her lower lip, her nipples, gentle kisses everywhere. Everywhere except her pussy. After rubbing her feet, kissing them softly, and then moving back up her legs toward her hot wet pussy, she was already in ecstasy. I think this is the main mistake guys make, proper foreplay takes time, and if done right, her lady parts will be cursing at you to get to business…but in a good way. My mouth hovered above her lips, breathing hot breaths on her naked womanhood. Her labia glistened and were so smooth, begging to be licked. My fingers pressed on either side of her pussy, and rubbed up and down, not actually touching her lady parts, but still massaging and putting pressure. I could feel her engorged clit between my fingers and I rubbed up and down around her clit. She moaned and her hips kept moving up at me, pleading for satisfaction. Her pussy dripped before I had even touched it.

I looked at her with a smile as I stuck my tongue out and ever so gently placed it at the opening of her vagina, gently licking her pussy from bottom to top in a slow motion. I repeated this until she arched her back and closed her eyes. I licked up and down, all around, softly. Then I pushed closer to her clit, sucking her pleasure center into my mouth, holding it between my lips. My tongue made quick circles around it, followed by a few up-down, then side-to-side flicks, then back to soft circles. I sucked her clit in and out of my lips as I did this. She had her hands on my head, playing with my hair, pushing down gently.

My hands had been attending to her breasts, squeezing, massaging, rubbing, teasing. I took my left hand, and tapped her stomach with my pointer finger, non-verbally asking if I should start using my finger. She moaned her approval and I brought my left hand down and put my index finger softly at the opening of her pussy. I kept sucking and licking her clit as my index finger teased her vagina before entering her, with slow strokes. Soon I started deep strokes, hitting the A-spot in the back of the vagina. We’d tried to find her g-spot before, but to no avail. Well, we’d found it, but we just couldn’t get it to work with her, and it might have to do with her not overcoming the “having to pee feeling,” but she loved the A-spot. It’s just above the cervix, and when aroused it is very engorged. I make deep penetrations with my finger straight into her and the tip of my finger hits her A-spot. Soon I am holding my finger as far inside her as I can, putting constant pressure on this spot, while moving the tip of the finger around it, and still sucking and licking her clit.

Her hands had gone limp on top of my head, and her moans and heavy breathing were all she could manage. Her whole body was tense and fluttering, spasming. I knew she had been close for some time, but I limited the stimulation to keep her from going off just yet, but I felt it was time. I starting pressing harder and deeper with my finger, and pushed my mouth into her clit, flicking, sucking, licking as hard and fast as I could and she moaned loudly. Her whole body shuddered from pleasure and soon her legs tensed tight around my head and her vagina contracted hard on my finger, and she screamed out while arching her back. I kept up the pressure and stimulation on her a-spot, but lessened the intensity on her clitoris to just gentle licks, as I could feel her body hit the point of “too much” stimulation, and I would dial back what I was doing to stay just below this point. In a moment she could take no stimulation and I gently pulled my finger from her dripping pussy, and laid down beside her.

She hugged me as though she hadn’t seen me in six months, holding me tight and giving me a huge wet kiss.
“That was a big one.”
“Best ever?”
“Top five?”
“yeah,” she said.
“We hit the top five a lot. Man, how big was the biggest one?”
“So big…” she said. She was on the verge of passing out. “You want to do it now?”
“You’re tired, it’s okay, we can do it later.”
“No, I’ll feel guilty cause you didn’t get off.”
“It’ll take too long, you know my peepee,” I said. He takes a long time to get off. It’s nice when you are having a long sexual experience with different positions and such, but actually most of the time it’s kind of a pain in the ass. Blowjobs turn into an ordeal because they take so long, and there is no quickie, if we tried now she’d probably pass out before I finished. Then I’d just feel weird. “You just go to sleep.”
“Why are you so good. Most guys only give oral so they can get some back, you just like doing it.”
“I’m a giver, what can I say,” I shrugged my shoulders.
“Do you really like giving oral that much? Why is it so fun?”
“What’s more fun, I have the power to give so much pleasure, it’s like, I don’t know, like the essence of being alive, like I have this godlike power almost, to make you feel as good as if you’d just shot up heroin, but without all the fuss of being addicted to opiates. You know what I mean though, don’t you like giving bj’s?”
“Yeah it’s fun, but for you it’s like a religious shrine or something,” she said.
“I’m kneeling toward Mecca.”
“Makes sense.”
“That’s the only way muslims are allowed to do it, with the woman kneeling toward Mecca. That’s what they call missionary position.”
“Really?” she asked, nearing unconsciousness.
“No, I just made that up, but it sounds pretty cool. If I ever do a muslim chick, I’ll try to make that happen.”
“Why aren’t there more nice guys like you, all the guys out there are douchebags, and they hate women, and they like dominating woman, and then telling her to get back in the kitchen, you know.”
“Because girls like doing assholes. I don’t get it. The bigger the asshole, the more chicks want to do him. If women only did guys like me, they’re be a lot more nice lickers like me. Then again, nice guys are also prone to not cheating, not fathering as many illegitimate children, etc. So maybe I should just take the initiative and spread my seed to as many women as possible, the future generations of women will thank me.”
I think she passed out somewhere in there. I laid there with her for a few more minutes, but I was far from tired, so I gently got out of her grasp and went over to my desk, just a few feet away, and sat at my computer. After checking my e-mail, Facebook, the news, sports, and all that. I ran out of things to look at. For some reason I thought to check Craigslist, not like I was looking to get some secretly on the side or something, I just felt like looking at the things people put on Craigslist, it’s an endless source of unintentional comedy gold. One of my favorite motifs on CL is the stream of rednecks looking for “jackin buddies,” they claim repeatedly that they “ain’t gay” they just want a guy to jack with. No oral or buttplay, they don’t do that, just jackin buddies, must be discrete.
Well anyway, I search through, find the typical fanfare, the guys looking for two girls for a threesome, the old guys looking for young girls, the young girls looking for “sugar daddies” and so on. Then I saw a strange post.

Casual Encounters
I want a baby, will you be the daddy? – 36

I’m a 36 year old woman, I work at a legal firm. I’ve gotten to this age and just happen to find myself single. I would consider myself very attractive, but won’t go into details. I want a child, and the whole sperm donation thing seems soulless to me. I want a child to be made during an experience between two consenting adults in good spirits and enjoyment of each other. So I would like a man to be a “sperm donor” the natural way. Must be drug and disease free, must be willing to “donate” until I conceive, after that you are free to be as little or as much involved as you like. I will never ask for money or any help, I have the means and will care for a baby without any help, other than a little donation of course. So guys, please e-mail me, tell me your family history with diseases and mental illness, what you do for a living, what your family is like, what your interests, hobbies, qualities, etc. Remember, this is NOT CASUAL SEX. I am looking for a candidate to make a great baby, so sell yourself, but be honest please.

Hope to hear from you.

Damn. I should do it. I wonder what Cynthia would think. Would she let me do it? We’ve been dating a few months, it’s serious, does that preclude me from engaging in sanctioned baby making sex if she’s aware of it. I wonder if she’ll be mad if I ask. Regardless, there’s no harm in responding.

I send an e-mail telling about my scholastic achievements, and how I’m nice and have a girlfriend who can attest to my non-douchebagness, and lack of diseases and good health and yadda yadda.

A few hours later, I’m startled by hands placed on my shoulders while I sit at the computer. I shudder.
“You scared me,”
“I know.”
“Are you still stressed out?”
“Oh yeah,” she said sarcastically.
“Do you need more of my cunning licks?”
“If you want,” she said, sitting down in the chair beside my desk.
“You should see this craigslist ad,” I said, and brought up the relevant ad.
“That’s cool, she sounds nice.”
“I want to do it,” I said with a grin.
“Are you serious,” she asked unsurely.
“Yeah, I think I should do it. Will you write me a letter of recommendation: Dear miss, Ben gives good oral, very very good oral, all boys should be this good, help the future women of the planet, pleasssssse.” She laughed.
“Should I tell her how much of a smart-ass you are?”
“I most certainly am not.” I said in a fake British accent. “I replied already.”
“Did you really?” she asked with shock. I smirked. “Did you?”
“Yeah, I did. Wanna see if she replied?” She nodded and I checked my e-mail.

Dear Sir,

You sound very qualified. The best quality I can see so far is that you didn’t send me a picture of your penis, and especially that you didn’t send me a picture of you having sex with “an ex-girlfriend.” But beyond just not being a creepy weirdo, you also seem very qualified in your achievements and seem pretty cool. I want to wait and get a lot of responses to see who is the best, this is more than just a casual lay kind of thing, so I should really get this right, you understand I’m sure. So I’ll let you know soon if I make my decision and if its you.


“She spelled it’s wrong,” I said.
“This is so weird,” she said.
“But seriously though, would you let me?”
“Let you?”
“Yeah, would you let me, you know, pump this chick full of my man milk.”
“You want my permission?”
“Yeah, we are exclusively dating, you’re not banging some other guy on the side are you? I won’t do it if you don’t want me to.”
“That’s fine, it’s not like you’d be banging some drunk chick or having an affair or something. Isn’t the deception and lying why girls get mad about affairs, the lying more so than the sex, right?”
“I don’t think so. So it’d be okay for me to sleep around if I told you about it before hand. Cause you don’t mind my pen going into lots of different inks.”
“I guess it’s more than just the lying, I don’t want any black ink spoiling my white inkwell,” She said unsurely.
“Yeah that metaphor has gone too far, I think you just expressed a racist hatred of black girls and some sort of white vagina supremacy.”
“Didn’t mean to do that”
“So do you want more oral or not?” I asked with feigned annoyance.
“Ooookay,” she said. She jumped up and leapt onto the bed, then rolled over on her back. I crawled up the bed with just boxers on, my cock growing rapidly and I laid on top of her and kissed her. After a long kiss that started slow and grew more passionate, she suggested, “69?”
I shrugged my shoulders in approval then removed my boxers and laid down. Cynthia climbed on top of me, her knees on either side of my head. In the relative darkness, only the computer screen illuminating the room, her pussy glistened seductively. I felt her mouth take in the end of my cock and suck and slurp as her mouth moved slowly up and down, her hand held my cock in front of her mouth, stroking up and down with her lips. I reached my arms around her and grabbed her ass cheeks, pulling her to me. I reached up with my head a little and tasted her sweet juices. One of my favorite things in the world is to feel how she loses control of her body when I give her particularly good pleasure. I intensify my licking and sucking, my nose is buried in her vagina and my face is getting soaked as I suck and lick her clit, and as I make it more intense, she suddenly loses some control and can’t keep sucking my cock with the same composure. Soon we’re both like this, close to orgasming, losing control, and trying badly to make the other person cum. My cock is buried in her mouth and she is stroking and sucking wildly as I grip her ass and push my tongue and lips against her pussy in one last intense push toward orgasm. She is very close to coming, I can feel it, and I flick my tongue as fast as I can over her clit and it sets her off. Her moaning vibrates from my dick all the way through me. Her hips buck and I can feel every muscle of her body spasming as she is feeling orgasmic ecstasy. The sound of her moans, the feel of her soft tense skin, the flood of juices from her pussy, and the intense way she is desperately trying to make me cum, she wants me to cum in her mouth so badly during her orgasm, all of this sets me off and my balls clench. I moan into her pussy as she moans into my cock and I cum, squirting cum into her mouth but she keeps going just the same, swallowing every last drop. We’re exhausted. I lap at her a few times, she keeps stroking my cock, but we’re tired and we curl up together and go to sleep.

In a few days I received another e-mail from Beth. Basically she’d made the decision, and had picked me, or at least, wanted to meet me first, and go from there. “She made the right choice, that I’m sure of, so she can’t be too weird.”
“Want to go with me to meet her?”
Cynthia just stared at the screen. “This is so weird.”
“It’s not as weird as this ad I saw today. Jewish sisters seek Hitler for Naughty encounter.”
“Shut up,” she said.
“I’m not making it up, two jewish sisters want a Hitler look a-like because they like “naughty things,” I’m dead serious.”
“Do they want him to poop on them?” Cynthia asked sarcastically.
“Well, if they’ve done their homework, they probably want to pee on him. Hitler liked getting peed on by girls.”
“Shut up, where do you come up with this stuff?”
“It’s true, Hitler had his female under-aged cousin get naked and pee on him, I’m serious, I saw this on TV or something.”
“Anyway. I don’t know if I should go or not. It’d be weird.”

After talking it over, she decided she would go. We met Abby at a Starbucks. We arrived early and waited for her. She walked up to us wearing sunglasses and looked like she was a soviet spy or something. She was kinda tall, five ten or so, and had long blonde hair, looked pretty intelligent. She stood next to the table as if unsure if we were the right couple, even though it was really obvious.
“Do you want cream in your coffee?” I asked her in a British spy voice.
“Yeah, I guess I do,” She said with a weird smile and then sat down.
“So you want to go in the bathroom and do this,” I said intensely while making the “rock out” hand gesture.
“He’s kidding,” Cynthia said.

After a little ice breaking conversation we went back to Abby’s place. She seemed quite hippyish, I bet in college she had dreadlocks and wore sandals all the time. She fixed some alcoholic drinks and we relaxed and sat around talking.
“Do you want to be there when we do it?” Abby asked.
“I don’t know. I don’t know if I’d want to watch.”
“Watch?” Abby asked.
“Yeah, think you get to just watch, you have to help.You’re the fluffer,” I said sarcastically.
“I don’t know, I’m not really interested in,” Cynthia’s hands did the “and so on,” thing, yadda yadda yadda, kind of thing.
“Interested in what? Girls? You don’t want to do something with a girl?” Abby asked.
“I’ve been trying for years to get her in a threesome,” I said frustratedly.
“We’ve been dating for four months,” Cynthia protested.
“I guess it just seems like years,” I said.
“I should punch you,” Cynthia said with a bit of a smile. “No I’m not interested in girls like that. I just can’t imagine licking a vagina, they gross me out.”
“See, you say that, and I’ve heard a lot of girls say that, but something tells me, that if you were in a situation with a girl you really liked, not a best friend of years, cause if it goes weird then you lose a best friend, but someone you now a little, get a long with, get a few drinks in you, and you want to have an experience, you want to have some fun, I bet you would get down and dirty with her if you were turned on enough.”
“Typical guy attitude,” Cynthia said.
“It is a typical guy attitude, but he’s really right, I was always like you. It just seems so gross and weird and kinda wrong, but I tried it once and it really changed my mind. I’ve only ever been with a girl like five or six times, with just this one girl, and they are always fun times. I think it takes a very specific and uncommon relationship with someone to pull it off,” Abby said.
“I don’t know, maybe for some people, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong about it, I’m just not attracted to girl parts.”
“Imagine you’re lying back, getting eaten out,” Abby described, “and it’s the most intense licking you’ve ever gotten, ten times better than anything a man has ever given you. She knows every little thing, she knows exactly how you’re feeling what everything does to you, she knows exactly what you’re going through and it’s just like the perfect oral sex. And you come, and it’s just so intense and you’re just oozing, you’re glowing, you’re a ball of energy, and she kisses her way up to your face, you’re tingling all over, and her thigh goes between your legs, gives you a little rub down there. She whispers in your ear,” Abby leaned toward Cynthia as we sat on the couch and literally whispered in her ear, “Our bodies become one, we share energy, and our physical love bonds our souls, you taste like heaven. Then she spins around and lays on top of you in a sixty-nine and with no pressure, her pussy hangs up in the air above your face, inches away, but not aggressive, not intrusive like a dick. She is down there giving little licks and flicks and making you feel good all over again, and still, no pressure, you don’t have to touch her if you don’t want to. Soon you get both curious and desiring, you want to hold her, you want to return the feelings, you want her to feel as good as you feel, and you reach out and grab her torso, and your tongue sticks out and tastes her, and it’s not what you expected at all, and it’s interesting, and new, and every little thing you do gives her tingles. And you realize what it’s like to lick a pussy, and you want to make her feel so good, just as she does to you,” Abby continues as I take another drink of rum and coke and take it all in.
I put my hand on Cynthia’s and hold it, I can feel that she’s a little tense, a little sweaty, a little aroused. “You have this pussy in front of you, just like yours, almost, and you can give her oral like you’d want oral, all those men had fumbled around and fucked up and given you oral based on the phallic model of oral sex, they think of it like a blowjob, but it’s not, and you know, the women know it’s a pussy and pussies like different things than dicks, and you have the opportunity to make love to this pussy like you wish men had done to yours, like this woman is doing to you right now. And all the inhibitions and the bullshit about lesbians and the shit just disappears and the next thing you know, you feel her hot breath as she moans in ecstasy as she cums from your tongue, you did that, and you feel like a sex goddess, a couple of sex goddesses. You feel like this,” She said, with her hands mashed together with fingers interlocking tightly.

“I wish I was a lesbian, cause that’s the hottest fucking thing I’ve ever heard,” I said.
“Hey, I’m not a lesbian, I like men more than women, but I’m just saying.”
“That does sound nice, but seriously, that sounds kinda like you’ve gotten inferior oral from guys, the dichotomy of the terrible male oral and the incredible female oral might make this profound experience for you and many girls, but I think I might be spoiled by a guy that’s as good as a girl at oral, seriously he’s good.”
I smiled widely. “I’m a lesbian trapped in a man’s body.”
“Who said that?” Abby asked.
“Do you mean originally or are you confusing our voices?” I asked sarcastically. Abby rolled her eyes.
“Eddie Izzard maybe. Or was it Woody Allen?” I thought out loud.
“It sounds to me like it’s this lovey-dovey, rainbows and hearts and that kind of frilly girly, fuzzy, feel-good thing, lesbian sex. How in comparison to regular sex it’s so non-aggressive, non-dominating, non-intrusive, without the guy bullshit and the porn clich?and expectations. But I think I already get that with him.” Cynthia said.
“Then I’ve definitely found the right donor,” Abby said. “But there’s also the non-judgemental aspect, how you are with someone that you know is compassionate and empathetic and certainly isn’t judging your cellulite or your sagging breasts or something stupid like that, with a woman those things disappear. It’s very liberating.”
“Well yeah I don’t liberate you that way. I’m always reminding her that she does in fact look fat in those jeans.” I said sarcastically. “Whenever I hear stuff like this about guy-bullshit, and how women are great, I have this urge to fight against it and say, well, not all guys, and defend my kind, but really. I wish I could just join the other team and keep my penis, cause I think most guys are assholes.”
“So do you want to do this or what?” Abby asked.
“The donor thing? Sure,” I said. “As long as you’re okay with it,” I said to Cynthia.
“Yeah, I don’t have a problem with it. It’d be fun, we could babysit sometimes.”
“Just tell the little snowflake that I’m his or her crazy uncle or something,” I said. “Do you think I should tell my parents that they have a grandkid?”
“Are they cool, hip people?” Abby asked.
“They’re my parents,” I said with a cringed face. I looked at Cynthia.
“Don’t look at me for approval, I haven’t met them,” Cynthia said.
“So you are sure you want to do this?” Abby asked.
I looked at Cynthia and then turned to Abby and said “Yeah.”
“Follow me,” Abby said getting up.
“Do you mean right now?” I asked.
Abby shrugged her shoulders. “Why not.”
“Okay,” I said exaggeratedly.

I followed Abby to her bedroom with Cynthia in tow. Abby had a large bed, it was made and neat and looked expensive with probably a really high thread count. There were several sex toys on her night stand, all stood up and ready and clean and at attention. They were certainly prepared for tonight, and probably weren’t out like that normally.
Abby waited for us to enter and the shut the door behind us. “I think we should all take a shower first,” she said with a smirk. “I want clean energy, and to start connections for love energy to move between us.”
We stood there a bit awkwardly, not knowing what to do. Abby put her hands on both of our arms, and she slowly moved toward me and gave me a soft kiss on the lips and then did the same to Cynthia. Abby grabbed each of us by one hand and led us to her bathroom. She had a really nice apartment and the bathroom attached to the master bedroom was large and had a really big shower. Abby just pulled her shirt off and removed her bra almost instantly, tossing them on the flour. Her breasts were just out in the open all of the sudden. They were C’s I think, big C’s. They sagged some, but not more than you would expect from a woman in her late 30’s. She was very white, no fake tanning here. I turned to Cynthia, put my hands on her cheeks, and gave her a passionate kiss. Then I took my shirt off. Abby reached into the shower and turned the water on. Then she took the rest of her clothes off and put her hair up. She wasn’t shaved or trimmed much down there, quite a bush. Soon we were all naked, and my cock was quite excited.

Abby stepped into the shower first and adjusted a little, I encouraged Cynthia to go in next and I followed her. The water was quite hot. Abby soaped up a luffa and we soaped each other up. Abby soaped up my crotch and seemed to enjoy it. She grabbed my balls and said “there’s my baby,” in a baby voice. I laughed. We washed each other thoroughly and then toweled off. Abby insisted that we hold hands as we walked into the bedroom naked. We sat Indian style on her bed in a circle, holding hands and closing our eyes. She leaned forward and asked us to lean forward also. Abby asked us to kiss each other as we would normally, but leaning out like this, so we started making out, and then Abby’s tongue found it’s way into the picture and we were having a three-way kiss. She insisted we keep holding hands.
She instructed us to lie on our sides, and we all did, in a triangle. “Now, we will all engage in a triangle of oral sex. The love and energy we give to the next person will be absorbed by them, and then passed on to the next person, and they will absorb and pass it back on to you. If we do it right, we will reach the love resonance frequency and reach a group orgasm.” She should be a sex guru or something. Cynthia started first, having the most accessible appendage in front of her, sucking my cock. I scooted forward and rested my head on the inside of Abby’s thigh, she spread her legs open herself, and I moved toward her pussy. Abby had to nearly pry Cynthia’s legs apart, she was pretty nervous. Once she was in position though, she was very very gently and warmed Cynthia up to it. To Cynthia it wasn’t much different from a regular sixty-nine, a mouth on her pussy, a cock in her mouth, and so she wasn’t too weirded out. After several minutes and growing moans and excitement, Cynthia pulled away from my cock and said “Do you want him to come, during this?”
“Maybe you can snowball it into her pussy,” I said. They both laughed.
“We don’t have to impregnate me on the first orgasm, this is important to building a bond, so let’s just go with the flow.”
We went back to the oral sex and the moaning grew and grew. Abby came first, and her moans I heard muffled in Cynthia’s vagina. Cynthia grew close to orgasm, I could feel it in the way she would lose control and coordination in sucking me. Abby moved away from me, I guess I was being a little too rough with her sensitive post-orgasm pussy. She got me to lie on my back, and her and Cynthia shared my cock between them, licking it from both sides, and taking turns taking it into their mouths. I was close to orgasm and Cynthia grabbed my cock and sucked me as hard and fast as she could. I came and she pulled away, still jerking hard, but letting my seed shoot free, and her and Abby both caught some jizz in their mouths and started making out around my cock. They then moved up and laid slightly on top of me, on either side of me, and each kissed me. We laid like this for some time, recovering.
“Did you like my tongue, or do you like male tongues more?” Abby asked.
“Yours is quite good, actually, it was a little better than Ben’s, a little, not that much though,” Cynthia said.
“Yeah Ben, I was pretty surprised how well you did that, even with the hype, I was still surprised. You are a little too intense with her at times though, I’d say err on the side of softer more.”
“Actually, I’d always done that before, but Cynthia has taught me to err on the side of harder,” I defended myself.
“It’s true, he was too gentle, I like pressure a lot,” Cynthia said. “I’m surprised you went with the whole let him cum on our faces thing. I know it’s kind of a porn stereotype thing, I figured you’d say that was male domination or something.”
“It usually is a domination thing in porn, but actually, I find it very sensual, very erotic. I don’t care where, cum on me is very natural and great feeling. His essence poured out of his body, his excitement explodes on to me, I feel the heat, the energy, it’s very sensual,” Abby said. “Are you ready for the first attempt at impreganation?”
“This second? No, he needs more recovery time.”
“In that case, Cynthia, would you like to help me revive Mr. penis?”
“Howe so?” Cynthia asked.
“By giving him something to watch,” Abby said. Abby climbed over me and on top of Cynthia, making out. They kissed slowly and passionately. They kissed openly, with their tongues in full view. They sucked on each other’s neck and nibbled and their hands wandered around the other’s body. Then Abby moved around until she was on-top in sixty-nine. Just as she had described earlier, her pussy glistened and seduced Cynthia as Abby began licking. I laid right next to her watching as Cynthia almost didn’t hesitate at all, reaching around and gripping her ass, and diving right in. I reached over and played with Cynthia’s breasts as this went on.
“How do you like it?” I asked. Cynthia pulled away for a moment.
“It tastes good, I thought it would be gross, but it isn’t, it’s different, but not gross.” Her fingers teased the clit as she talked and she immediately dove back in. The two of them got more and more intense with their moans and soon my cock was rising back to life.
“Whenever he’s ready, put him in,” Abby said before diving back in. I got up and behind Abby. Cynthia was licking her clit and pussy and I put my hard cock up against her pussy, asking Cynthia to guide him in. She grasped at my shaft and pushed my cock toward Abby’s dripping slit, and helping me slowly penetrate her. I put my hands on Abby’s back, rubbing up and down almost just like a back rub while I slowly moved my cock in and out of her tight wet pussy. Cynthia went right back to licking her clit. I felt the occasional tickle of her tongue on my shaft. Abby moaned deeply as I penetrated her. But it was Cynthia that came first, her moans reverberated through Abby’s pussy and into my cock.
“Oh, cum in me, please,” Abby moaned. She begged for me to cum with her moaning and her hips pushed back at me. I gripped her hips and fucked her hard until she started to scream and cum loudly. “Cum in me!” she moaned. I wanted to cum badly, to fill her up with my jizz, to have Cynthia lick it up as it leaked from Abby’s pussy, but alas, I wasn’t even close. It was my long-lasting penis rearing his ugly side again.
“He’s not close,” I said. Abby was fine with that, and we moved into a new position. This time I was still doing Abby from behind, but now Cynthia was underneath her face-to-face. They made our, grabbed at each other’s breasts, and shoved hands down between each other’s legs while I made love to Abby’s pussy.
“Jesus, how can he last this long,” Abby moaned. “Just fuck me Ben, Fuck me how you want, I want your cum in me, please, cum in me Ben.”
That was hot, but this was hotter, “Cum in her, please Ben, Cum inside her,” Cynthia moaned. I pulled out of Abby, and moved down, put my cock against Cynthia’s pussy, and pushed in. With Abby between us, pussy’s grinding, hands playing, I fucked Cynthia. When Cynthia came, her pussy squeezed my cock hard, milking me. her moans and soft noises were too much and I knew I would come soon.
“I’m close,” I moaned and quickly pulled out and rammed back into Abby’s pussy that had only grown wetter, tighter, and hotter in my absence. “Cum inside me!” Abby moaned loudly as my cock rammed her hard. I came hard, filling her up. I leaned forward, lying against her back, and my hips tried to keep pumping but the pleasure kept me from doing too much and I collapsed on top of her and the three of us lay in a pile, naked, exhausted, loving, playful, excited, ecstatic, connected, completely connected.
“It isn’t even conceived yet and you already have to beg to get it to do anything,” Cynthia said quietly.
“Cum here boy, come on, get in mommy, time to conceive,” I said in baby talk. “too creepy?”
Cynthia shook her head and rolled her eyes. “Your bed is soaking wet.”
“Yeah, isn’t it great. I hate to think of those people who have sex for five minutes and then clean up afterward. How can you not enjoy lying in a puddle of love juices? How can you not just love it?” Abby said.
We drifted off to sleep, and since it was Saturday there was no hurry. The next day we woke up, showered together, drank some coffee, ate a light lunch, and did it all over again. I’m crossing my fingers that she never gets pregnant and we just keep doing this forever.