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bound and fucked_(1)

2022-08-15 00:00:03

So I decided to reach back into the memory vault and recount another true story.

Here’s my blog: http://singlesexysecrets.blogspot.com.au/

I was dressed for a party. I was a teenager back then. It was a Saturday night. My ordinarily light brown hair was dyed blue-black. The black hair made my green eyes shine brighter than usual. My fifteen centimeter heels made me an enormous 177cm tall. Still not as tall as my boyfriend who was more than 6’ tall.

“Breathe out” he commanded. I exhaled as hard as I could, preparing for the rib-crushing torture as he strapped me into my shiny patent leather corset. He pulled the strings of my lace up corset crushing my size 8 waist, pushing my DD cup breasts up out the top. The corset was hand made by some local designers. One of a kind. The patent leather shoes with ribbon laced through were imports. My tiny red lace panties were pulled tight across my white ass as I held onto the bed post as hard as I could.

He slapped my ass playfully. “There you.” Tying the cords off on my corset. He held my skirt out for me, I stepped into it, and he pulled it up, zipping it straight up at the back. Picture perfect.

We stepped out onto his balcony, shared a cigarette and a few shots of tequila. He kissed me, touched up my lipstick and off we went.

The party was dull. The company was average. After a couple of hours of tiresome conversation, I’d numbed my boredom sufficiently with alcohol. I was toasted. He was sober.

We got in the car and were driving up the freeway, heading home to his place 45 minutes in the car. The alcohol was keeping me buzzed. We joked lightly, heavy metal playing on the stereo. He went silent and looked at me for a moment. He went back to watching the road.

Without looking back at me, he unzipped his pants. He pulled his cock out through the opening made by his zipper. It was soft. Without looking up from the road he reached across and pressed the button on my seatbelt. 100kmh. On a well-lit freeway. Middle lane. His eyes still fixed on the road ahead.

He’d never been a gentle kind of guy, but tonight, something was bothering him. He grabbed me by the hair and dragged my face over to his lap. I squirmed in my seat. The corset and tight skirt made it barely possible to move. As he dragged me over, my breasts fell out of my top exposing my nipples. It would take both hands to tuck them in, and I needed my hands for balance. He pressed my face into his crotch. His soft cock pressed against my cherry red lips. He let go of my hair, leaned and pinched a nipple hard. As I gasped, he pushed his cock between my lips, forcing all of his cock into my mouth. I immediately felt his cock start to harden. Filling my mouth quickly, it pressed against the back of my throat. I’d sucked his cock a hundred times before. Twice before we left the house. His dick was far too long to fit all the way in my mouth. I wanted to cough as it pressed against the back of my throat. He pushed down on the back of my head. Determined I was going to deep throat him. My eyes began to water. My eyeliner dripping onto his pants. He could feel me gagging, struggling to breathe. He eased the pressure, I pulled my face up a little and caught my breath. I was desperate to lean back and ease my sore ribs, the pressure from the corset, the suffocation on his dick, the alcohol… I was getting light headed. As I was about to readjust to sit up, he pushed my head back down. Further and harder. I had nearly all of his rock hard cock in my mouth. “Suck baby, come on” he urged softly. Eyes still fixed on the freeway. Every minute or so he’d back off, give me a second to catch my breath. The whole way home. He wasn’t going to come. I knew that. He just wanted to be ready.

We got into the driveway, he looked at me. “You look like a cheap whore, tits out, smudged make up.” I was speechless. He’d never really spoken to me like that. I didn’t know what his problem was. I raised my eyebrows and started to slowly tuck my breasts away. I didn’t have a car or a license. It was too late for a train. A taxi would be a hundred dollars or more home. As hurt as I was, I didn’t have much of a choice but to suck it up and go inside. Sensing he’d hurt my feelings he leaned over, kissed my collarbone. “You misunderstand. I respect you, I love you, but in bed I want you to be a slut. I know you’re a nice girl, but please just for tonight, let me treat you like a whore.”

I was taken aback. Head pounding. We had sex all the time – we were averaging about 15 times a week. I blew him every day. I didn’t know what he wanted. He was kissing my collarbone. A weak spot of mine. A kiss to the collarbone is enough to get me to agree to most things. “I don’t know what you mean… Can you tell me...” I trailed off. His kissing was getting more intense. He paused. “Come inside. I’ll show you. It will hurt a little, but I think you’ll like it.”

I’d had sex with a couple of guys. I thought I was open minded. I’d had sex in a couple of positions, but that was it. Never used any kind of sex toy or prop, certainly never had rough sex. I’d never had anal sex. I was pretty innocent looking back.

We walked through the gate and up the path into his house. Climbed the staircase up to the second story where his bedroom and private bathroom were. We walked into his bedroom and I set my bag down.
“I’m just going to tidy my make up”
“Don’t. I want you to look like this.”
“But it’s… everywhere. I look like a mess”
“It’ll be worse later.” He slipped behind me. Wrapping his hands around my waist. “You’re beautiful, you know?” and with that he unzipped my skirt. The heavy steel buckles on my skirt caused it to hit the floor immediately. There I was, standing in the middle of his bedroom, patent leather shoes and corset in jet back, my jet black hair in a bun, red lace panties. He pulled the tie out of my bun, letting my well-past shoulder length hair fall down. He inched me towards the foot of his bed.
“Stay still sweetie”
I waited dutifully. I wasn’t sure what he wanted. He let go of me, and pushed me lightly in the middle of the back. I stepped forwards. My knees touching the footboard of his bed. I felt a piece of hard ribbon around my left ankle. And around my right. My brain wondered “Why would he tie my feet together? Seems silly!” Then I realised. Not together… but one to each footboard of his queen sized bed.

My ridiculously big heels were tottery to stand in. With my legs spread as wide as he could get them secured to each footboard, I was barely stable. Certainly my only options were to fall backwards and land on my ass, or lean forwards over the bed.

I did all I could do. Lean forward over the bed. As I did I looked over my shoulder to see him standing behind me holding a black leather whip. He brought it down hard across my ass. I cried out.
“OUCH. Don’t! It hurts!” He smiled.
“Shut up bitch”
Whack. Again. I could feel my ass turning the same colour as my tiny red panties.
Whack. Again. It really hurt. “
“Seriously, STOP IT”
He whispered.
“If you can’t be quiet alone, I’ll help you.”
“No, it hurts, I want you to fuck me, but the whipping hurts babe.”
“I want it to hurt. I want to watch it hurt. Come on, just tonight? Please?”
I hesitated.
“I do love you” he said.
I was sufficiently convinced and manipulated. Amazing what girls will agree to when a man whispers I love yous.
He pulled out a tie. His old school tie. Gagging me with it. I bit down on the tough fabric.
Whack. Whack. Whack.
My knees were shaking
Whack. Whack. Whack.
The leather whip had sent my ass so red, it was excruciating. I was soaking though my panties though, the alcohol made me so horny.
He ran his fingertips under the lace rim of my panties.
“Your ass really does match your panties you know.”
He pulled them roughly down to my thighs. Pushing his way deep into my pussy.
Having his hips press against my raw ass was agony.
I dug my fingers into the bed in front of me as he pounded away. He was having fun.
He leaned forward wrapping his hands around my throat and pulling me up so I couldn’t reach the bed to support myself anymore. His hands, my throat, supporting all my weight.
My corset made my breathing shallow. I became light headed. I couldn’t protest for air through the tie gag. My vision blurred. I was reached with my hands to touch his, but I was too weak and dizzy to communicate.
I passed out.

I don’t know how long I was out for.
A while I guess.
My brain was hazy, my eyes still closed. The throbbing pain in my throat was there. I swallowed. No gag. The soft feeling under my back… I was on the bed. I could feel a cool breeze over the hard lines where the boning in my corset sat. I was naked. I went to run my fingers over the soon-to-be bruises on my throat. A clink as I reached the end of a chain. I wriggled my wrist. Clink clink clink. Steel cuffs clinking against a steel bedframe. I tried my other wrist. I was met with the same clinking.
I opened my eyes. It was black. I felt my long lashes brush against a blindfold.
I was cool, the night air of the beginning of Winter was causing my thighs to get goosebumps. My shaved pussy was certainly feeling the cold.
I tried to pull my knees up. They didn’t move either. The hard feelings around my ankles told me I was cuffed to the foot of the bed. Spread eagle, drunk, blindfolded. Silence in the room around me.
Anxiety was setting in.
The clinking of my wrist cuffs had alerted my boyfriend to my consciousness.
“You fainted sweetie.”
“How long have I been out?”
“Five minutes or so.”
I was settled a little by the sound of his voice.
“I want to play with you some more, are you alright?” he asked thoughtfully. I felt his weight on the bed next to me. Running his tongue over my nipples.
“Yes I’m ok, please don’t make me pass out again, my head hurts”
“Ok honey, I didn’t mean to, I got carried away”
He climbed between my knees. He ran his lips over my shaved pussy. Licking gently inside. I was still wet. He pressed his tongue against my clit. I was desperate for an orgasm. He flicked my clit gently with his tongue tip, and then I felt two wet fingers at the entrance of my pussy.
“Tonight, my little slut, I’m going to make the most of having you all tied up. I’m going to spend all night, and by the end of it, you’ll have had something in every hole.” His voice changed. It was higher, colder. A little less warm than usual. It was authoritarian. Intimidating. It made me want to obey. It made me want to please him.
He pressed his tongue hard against my clit. Forcing two fingers straight into my pussy. He pressed up hard against my g spot. As I started to get close to coming, I felt another wet finger pressed against my asshole. I was nervous, I felt myself closing up. He forced his finger into my ass as I came, it was painful, even though it was just the tip of his finger up to the first knuckle. I was pretty embarrassed. He laughed.
He stopped and climbed up and sat on my chest. He leaned forward and pushed his cock into my mouth. He start to shove his cock in and out of my mouth
“Suck bitch suck.”
I sucked as hard as I could, his big hard cock in my mouth. He fucked my mouth as hard as he possibly could. I was gagging, His 22cm cock was killing my throat.
Without warning he stopped again, climbing off my chest.

He climbed down the bed, and pressed the head of his cock against my pussy. I was wet.
“Can you feel how wet you are slut? Such a tight wet cunt. Tell me it’s all mine.”
“It’s all yours” I rasped through my sore throat
He slapped my face.
“Properly, my little cunt. Say it properly.”
“It’s all yours” I rasped out a little more clearly.
He spat on my cheek, rubbing it into my face.
“That’s right, you’re all mine cunt.”
He slapped my face hard, and grabbed my chin.
“Do you want my cock inside you?” He grabbed his shaft with the other hand and started rubbing my clit with the head of his cock.
“Yes. I do…” I whispered
“I’m not convinced.” He brought the whip down hard between my tits. The leather biting at my nipples. He dropped the whip, on my stomach, and took hold of my right nipple between his thumb and forefinger.
“Now, bitch, how much do you want my cock?” as he asked it he started to twist my nipple. Hard. Pulling it.
“Ow, a lot, a lot!” I exclaimed. My voice was still cracking from him fucking my mouth though.
He let go of my nipple
Another sharp hit from his leather whip.
I felt his cock drift from my clit. Pressed against my pussy. He pushed in. Just a enough that I could feel it. Right at the entrance.
Both his hands grabbed my nipples, twisting hard, pulling my tits out. It hurt so much.
“Beg like the whore we both know you are, and I’ll give you a centimeter more.”
I begged. Like a junkie begging for another hit. I begged him to fuck me. I told him I couldn’t live without his cock inside my cunt. I told him I was his whore, and that I loved his cock inside my pussy. I told him everything I could think of. Every self deprecating word earnt me another little bit of cock. Not for a second did he let the pressure go on my twisted, pulled nipples. He was finally deep inside me. By that stage I’d called myself every dirty word I could think of. I was desperately horny. He was turning me into a wanton slut. I could hear the desperation in my voice.
“Grind.” He ordered, as his cock pressed deep inside my pussy. I moved my hips as best I could, with my ankles still secured to the bed. After a moment or two he released my aching nipples from his vice like grip. Blood went to them immediately, searing pain shot through them. I moaned.
He ordered silence. Stuffing that green tie back inside my mouth.
He started to jeer.
“I know a cunt like you can fuck harder than that”
“Grinder harder. I want you to come.”
“That’s it bitch, it’s not like I can come like this. Your worthless cunt won’t get me there this way”
“Work my cock like a cheap whore.”
I worked as hard as I could. I was desperate to come. As I finally got close he started to pull out, and then push back in. I relaxed, and he fucked my pussy hard. He pushed and pushed into my pussy. Pumping away. I could hear his breathing become ragged. I was close to coming again. Before I could he pulled out, climbed back up so he was sitting on my sore squeezed tits. He pulled the gag out and shoved his cock into my mouth. I started to suck
“That’s it comeslut. Lick your juices of my cock. That’s it. Lick lick”
I did as I was told. Suddenly he pulled his cock out of my mouth and pressed it against my cheek, covering my face with hot sticky come. My first facial.
I heard a click. Then the noise of a camera taking a photograph.
I was too tired to object.
His finger scooped the come up off my face and he grabbed my chin with the other hand, parting my lips. He scooped every drop he could into my mouth.
He was satisfied with his clean up job. He pulled my blindfold off, and started to undo my bonds. My ankles and wrists were bruised, my throat bruised, my breasts and ass whipped. He left me curled up on the bed, wandered to the bathroom and turned on the water in his built for two tub. I heard the water shut off. He scooped me up off the bed, carrying my sore naked body to the tub.
“I love you” he whispered.
“I love you too” I said as he lowered me into the water. He climbed in behind me, massaging my sore shoulders, washing my long black hair.